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Captain Of The TechMoTear
Pickle Mountain and Epicness
Reign TerraUnited
Coronation November 27, 1995
Full name DustyOS.Blizzard.Unix
Titles Programmer, Graphics designer ect...
Born November 27, 1995, 3:45 AM
Birthplace Waffleland

DustyOS is an intelligent Wafflelandese penguin with a warm personality and excellent computing skills. He used to assist his mother in working at Micro Hard and Soft on advanced Doors projects, but in his young innocence, he couldn't help but talk about the secrets within, even after his parents tried to prevent it. As such, he and the company are in rather bad standing.

He loves to lead, in this manner, to be a pirate, and is one of the most outstanding pirate impersonators of all time. Dusty is a master seaman, able to drive most any boat that can float (and some that don't). He currently owns a ship called the TechMotear, and he is her captain. He is looking for a crew at the moment.


DustyOS hatched in Waffle Land, on November 27th of 1995. His parents chose the modern method of incubating, so not to drop their chick into the snow. He hatched in Waffleland's biggest hospital. Microcoft General. Though DustyOS is not fond ( AT ALL ) of this fact he mentions it once in a wile. It was a rather big hospital and VERY fancy. DustyOS was giftedly born with the ability to code and program, and exhibited this not too long after hatching.Contrasting with Waffleland peers, DustyOS was a very bright penguin, mostly because he mother taught him a lot. While his mother is still with him, his father served as a Wafflelandese firefighter, and heroically sacrificed his life for many others in a mighty conflagration. His mother works for Micro Hard and Soft, she knows a lot about a lot of different things.

DustyOS was one for tech and gadgets. DustyOS loved to lead and sail. Though he was not fond of sailing because he heard, from his dad, that his great great grand dad was eaten by a seal! From then on DustyOS was afraid of the waters. It was always DustyOS's dream to become a pirate but he knew that this could not happen because he was afraid of the seas. One day, wile looking fondly from the Waffleland sea shore, at night, saw a shooting star in the sky. DustyOS had never seen a shooting star for it was rare to see them on Waffleland. He then, in shock, thought of exploring the galaxy's and planets in it. He then thought some more and came up with an idea so delirious he him self thought he was crazy. His idea was to become a space pirate. This was a perfect match for DustyOS because he loved sailing and thought the idea of exploring the galaxy was neat. A good some of years went by and DustyOS became the captain of the TechMotear.


DustyOS has a very plain and simple look to him. Nothing to weird or strange. Although, even though he is a middle age penguin he is trying to grow, what he think is, a pirate beard.


DustyOS is a very well known penguin to Micro Hard and Soft. Micro Hard and Soft is not to fond of DustyOS because he told some of their secrets for an upcoming Doors project. He has also tried to blow up there general computer cause they stored most there media,files,programs, and beta programs. He wasn't trying to sabotage the company (his mother worked there, after all). DustyOS started to REALLY dislike Micro hard and soft, mostly cause of there greed for more power over the people. In years to come he watched the massivr company grow. DustyOS was getting furious with there want of power, which they gained when ever they wanted to. He later switched to Penguin OS when he was ostracized by them. DustyOS then discovered some ways on how to bring down doors and Micro hard and soft. He would later then send huge, computer killing viruses, to who ever used doors. DustyOS has tried the gaming experience and enjoyed it. But he would rather program or go zooming into space by taping him self to a toilet then setting TNT around him. Above all this DustyOS loved to sail, in space. He wished he had a space ship but it was to early for that. So made a toilet rocket and uses that to get to random planets.


DustyOS is not in any company nor works for any. He works for himself trying to improve Penguin OS and at times work on Dustbuntu. DustyOS has nothing against Micro Hard and Soft, but he likes Penguin OS distributions better. This being said, he has a mighty abhorence for Bill Gate$ since he is the founder of Micro Hard and Soft.DustyOS is a regular contributor to the open source community; he has worked on a web browser which he hasn't yet named, he's a regular contributor to Icebuntu as well as Penguin OS. He is a great supporter of open source however he doesn't oppose using freeware (free software with copyrights) or even propierity software.DustyOS is involved with more then just computer programming and is more then just a computer nerd (Linux Nerd). DustyOS, has become over time, and known to people, a penguin that wanted to lead in what DustyOS wanted, a space ship. DustyOS is the captain of the TechMoTear and is very proud of it. Though, DustyOS, wants to make many upgrades to it in the, not so fare future. DustyOS has only had one astounding privilege of adventuring out into space. This adventure takes place back when DustyOS was just elected captain after HumpDeDumpDe had his little tragic incident. DustyOS was then elected captain of the TechMoTear and right away, with out any thought of HumpDeDumpDe blasted off into space and, not knowing where he was, landed on a planet. DustyOS and his crew went off to see this, what they thought, undiscovered planet. Little did they know it was swarmed with little micro texts. These text where so small they could not been seen what so ever. These micro texts where very bad to in hail because they where mostly mad from acid gases. DustyOS thought he would stay behind wile his crew would wonder off to see if there was any life. DustyOS choice to stay behind because some repair in the mother board needed to be manually re-booted and put into safe mode. Once this was finished he was starting to wonder if his crew had discovered anything. So he thought he would contact his crew through the ship to them. He did but had no responses. DustyOS became to be a bit worried and thought he would go and see for him self. But as he was about to open the door to go out side he saw a massive ball of acid coming at his ship! He then quickly started his ship and blasted off. DustyOS latter then thought that he crew was killed by this massive acid ball. This was a great loss for many people and to the captain. DustyOS has been crew less ever since. DustyOS is looking for a ship now but has had no success. The reason mostly is cause penguins have heard this story and fear some problem may go wrong. Which of course DustyOS does not object to. DustyOS hopes some day, he may fine some crazy people to join his crew.


  • He thinks he is a super hero. He's not.
  • He is disgusted by mushrooms.
  • He has a little problem when he see's Bill Gate$ or Micro Soft and Hard. Frankly, he starts to feel sea sick and starts to puke.
  • He has a great sense of humor and loves to share it with his best friends, like XTUX.
  • He loves pickles.

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