Dynamic Trio

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Dynamic Trio
Name Dynamic Trio
Type Agents
Foundation Tropicalis
Location Anywhere
Job Saving Antarctica
Ideology N/A
Members Cheddarbox
William Lagois
Kenny Lagois
Headquarters Undecided

The Dynamic Trio are three penguin relatives from the Lagois Family who often work with the Elite Penguin Force or the Venturous Three to stop threats around Antarctica, namely S.H.A.R.K. Despite not going on their own adventures and missions without the EPF and/or Venturous Three that often, the trio are known for their perseverance and valor.


  • Cheddarbox - The most immature of the three, Cheddar often keeps the spirits of the trio up with his jokes, pranks and optimistic attitude. Cheddar's pranks often come in handy and surprise victims where they least expect it.
  • William Lagois - William is quick-witted and a perfect shot with a pistol. Almost all of the time, William absolutely refuses to give up, always insisting to complete the task at hand.
  • Kenny Lagois - An acrobatic ninja who specializes in infiltration, Kenny's vigilance and speed often play an important role in the trio's adventures.

Honorary Members[edit]

  • Alayne Stark - The wife of William, Alayne has occasionally joined the Dynamic Trio outside of their adventures and missions with the EPF as an honorary member of the three. Alayne has always been there for the three whenever her help is needed, whether it be dangling off the side of a tall skyscraper or being held hostage by enemies.



The team's headquarters are currently undecided, they usually hold meetings in either Cheddarbox or Kenny's igloo, in Club Penguin, in Tropicalis, in William and Alayne's castle or mansion, or whenever they meet each other. They sometimes come to the Eye Are See Channels to chat with each other privately to discuss plans, discover new places, etc.


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