Dyro the Dragon

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Dyro the Dragon
Dyro as seen in Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures.
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Health Sparky is Yellow
Status Video Game Character
Occupation Hero
Friends Sparky the Dragonfly
Archetype Protagonist

Dyro the Dragon is a popular video game character. Dyro started out as a minor comic character in the popular Frankish comic series: Les Chroniques de dragon by Pierre Ducreaux. He first appeared in Les Chroniques de dragon on June 1, 1974. When the comic series had a spinoff video game, Dyro became a very popular character in the game. Eventually Dyro became a very popular video game character across Antarctica, and appeared in more video games. His latest video game was Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures, where Dyro was made to appeal to the newer generation. The rights to the entire Dyro franchise is currently owned by Acting Vision.

Franchise History[edit]

Original Comic Series[edit]

In Les Chroniques de dragon, Dyro was a minor character. Pierre Ducreaux admitted that he had not planned for Dyro to become a popular character. In Les Chroniques de dragon, Dyro was portrayed as a homeless young dragon, who aided the Dragon de des Héros (the main characters in the comic series). When the Les Chroniques de dragon video game, Le Joyau Perdu, was created in 1989, Dyro became a playable character in the game. However, this was only possible in certain levels. Dyro's personality and physical looks fascinated many players, and Dyro soon became very popular. In April 1900, Pierre Ducreaux wrote the first comic in the Les Chroniques de dragon series to have Dyro as the main character. Through the comic, Pierre was able to complete Dyro's personality, and discovered that Dyro could be used for so much more. The next month, Pierre wrote a comic that described Dyro's history and why he is homeless. Eventually, Les Chroniques de dragon became more about Dyro than the other dragons. Pierre decided to end the comic series with a big finally, and start writing a comic series based on Dyro only. But before Pierre started work on the new comic series, a massive drop in comic book sales happened in Frankterre. Fearing the worst, Pierre stopped writing comic books. Instead he went to work with Antarctican Interactive Studios to turn Dyro into a video game franchise.

Original Game Series[edit]

Dyro appeared in several of his own games. The first one was Dyro the Dragon (Game). The Dyro game franchise was originally owned by Antarctican Interactive Studios. They were also originally developed by Waken Games who now make the Ricter and Bolt series. They then made a sequel Dyro 2: Rhino's Rage, which was one of the fear video games which featured a species not located in Antarctica. It received better reception than the original game; so they made a spinoff of Dyro 2, Dyro 3: Time of the Dragon (the best game in the franchise). Waken Games stopped working on the Dyro games and started to make the Ricter and Bolt franchise, however; leaving AIS to hire a different studio to make the games. Dyro: Within the Dragonfly was developed by Dragons & Flies Gaming Studio, and its graphics were much different from the older games. It was not as good as the original games and received negative reception. A group of developers from the Ninja Archipelago created a game called Dyro: A Protagonist's Tail (with permission from AIS, of course), in which the player can play as 5 characters including Dyro. The final game of the original series was made for an older version of the Snowtendo DS called Dyro: Final Legacy. After the game was created, a reboot of the Spyro series was created called The Legend of Dyro.

The Legend of Dyro[edit]

Unlike the original series, The Legend Of Dyro is focused on Dyro's life, with entirely new characters. An exception is Sparky, apart from him having an actual voice. The first game in the series is The Legend of Dyro: A New Hatching which was created by Chrome Studios and published by Mountainous Entertainment. The game received mixed reviews. The sequel called The Legend of Dyro: Forever a Night, received more negative reviews. The final game of the series, unlike the previous two, was developed by a Frank game company, and published by Acting Vision. The final game is The Legend of Dyro: Dusk of the Dragon. It received more positive reviews, and then the series rebooted years later, making the Airlanders series.

Shortly after Dusk of the Dragon was released, the creator of Dyro, Pierre Ducreaux, died of a heart attack on August 7, 1998. After Pierre died, the rights to the Dyro franchise were passed onto Mountainous Entertainment. Mountainous Entertainment soon went bankrupt, and sold the rights to Acting Vision in late 2008.


On September 7th, 2011, Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures was released in the United States of Antarctica. Airlanders was a revolutionary new game developed by Treats For Don, and published by Acting Vision. The game had been in production since May, and producers wanted the Dyro fans to purchase the game. Despite having his name in the title, Dyro is only one of many play-able characters in the game. He is also considered the weakest character amongst the others, which has angered some Dyro fans. Airlanders received mix reviews, and was mostly disliked by old Dyro fans. The game, however, excited gamers new to Dyro. Airlanders was also the first videogame to actually have a connection with toys (which were needed to play the game). Along with Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures, an online version, Airlanders: Dyro's World, was created. Production on a sequel had also started.

Currently Acting Vision owns the rights to the Dyro and Airlanders franchise, but has Treats For Don make all the games and merchandise. The second Airlanders game, Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes, was announced on February 18, 2012. Jerry Whites, CEO of Treats For Don, has mentioned that Dyro would play a slight role in the storyline of the next game. Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes was released on December 18, 2012, was a big hit to Dyro and Airlanders fans. The game received mixed reviews, however, because many players think the storyline was too short, or that the game was too easy. Treats For Don shortly announced after the release of Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes that they were currently brainstorming another Airlanders game.


Dyro's appearances throughout video games and other medias has rarely changed. In Les Chroniques de dragon, Dyro appeared as a small, spunky dragon. He had purple scales, orange wings with purple flaps, and a orange spike on the tip of his tale. He also had a line of orange scales from the top of his head, down to the beginning of his tail. In other medias he appeared with no spike on the end of his tail, and has been giving an orange belly patch.

In Airlanders, Dyro appears with white claws, bat-like wings, and large, golden horns. The spike on his tail is also shaped more like a spear, and is larger. Many original Dyro fans do not like the new look Treats For Don gave Dyro, even though there is little to no change.




Dyro has been shown, in nearly all the games, to be a young dragon with a hyper and exciting attitude. In some games, he has appeared to be slightly rude, and be somewhat of a punk. Many Dyro fans dislike his punk-life attitude in many of the games, and prefer that Dyro have a kinder attitude. In Airlanders, Dyro appears to be an intelligent leader (despite being so young); he's also a very rushing, and easily angered dragon.


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