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E-114 Sigma
Yes... his last name is Sigma
Title E-114
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Pengolian Thieves
Health Good
Level Normal
Status Rushing
Location Who knows?
E-114 Hoverboard. He never leaves home without it.

E-114 is a speedy penguin (Via his Rollerblades and Xtreme Gear). He was born in Club Penguin Island in 1995 with one of his best friends, Tsunami. He was young when he got his Roller Blades (Which he almost never takes off, even when in Xtreme Gear race armor). He is the leader on the Pengolian Thieves, and has been called a hero for saving a penguins life when he crashed his hoverboard


He was born on December 25th, 1995, and the first item he ever saw were Roller Blade 1000, G's machine to increase speed. They were his first item and wears them everyday since then, upgrading them, the most recent update is the Roller Blader-Atron 3000. He knows Card-Jistu because he was taught it by Sensei when he was 5. As he grew up, he made 2 friends Tsunami and Hurricane (Though Tsunami was always his friend.) They made there own group known as the Pengolian Thieves (But for whatever reason, they don't steal anything and they don't live in Pengolia). He then became the teams leader and finally got his own Xtreme Gear when he was 13.


E-114 is one of Antarcticas most experienced Xtreme Gear racers. He participates in every single race so he can get into the year championships and for enjoyment. He lives in an airship (which never docks and it runs on air, so it is in no threat of exploding) with his team and tends to make the decisions for the group. While he is sometimes selfish and stubborn, he can have a heart...


  • He doesn't like oil after an Xtreme Gear accident...
  • He, obviously, is a parody of Jet the Hawk.
  • Because he spends so much time going so fast, he never has learned to swim and cannot stand water.
  • He is an X-Virus enemy, though he caught it and created X-114.
  • He has a extreme rivalry with Tails6000 ever since he entered a race and Tails beat him.
  • His hoverboard is almost always with him, and he is always working on it.

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