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EDFan, circa 2009
Born February 16, 1989 (1989-02-16) (age 31)
Sudentor, Ed Island
Species Viking Penguin
Gender Male
Residence Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
Citizenship Ed Islandian
Ethnicity Ed Islandian
Hierarch of Ed Island
2008 – Present
Prince of Sudentor
2003 – Present
Dynasty House of Sudentor
Military Service
Allegiance Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
Branch Reichswehr
Years Served 2007 - Present
Rank Reichsmarschall
Alma Mater University of Dinsmarck
Awarded Ed Island Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
Ed Island Wounded Medal in Silver
Ed Island Pilot's Badge
Ed Island "Edsland" Cuff Title
Shops Island Honorary Citizenship (2018)
Achadia "Cool Guy" award (2019)
EDFan12345's signature

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Not to be confused with the User of the same name, or The Ed.

EDFan12345 (1989 - ) is the current Hierarch of Ed Island and Prince of Sudentor. He became the Prince of Sudentor in 2003 upon the deletion of his father, and was elected as Hierarch by the High Council of Ed Island in 2008. He speaks fluent German and English.

Personal Life[edit]

From a young age, EDFan was interested in technology, and the innovations of his time. He was raised as the Hereditary Prince of Sudentor and taught to lead, which also gave him a strong sense of patriotism and loyalty to Ed Island.

The unexpected assassination of EDFan's father in 2003 made him the Prince of Sudentor. In 2007 he joined the Ed Island Reichswehr, where he flew as a pilot and was wounded during his service. In 2008, EDFan was chosen to be the new Heirarch by the High Council, after the previous Hierarch abdicated due to numerous scandals. He was chosen instead of the King of Acher, the Prince of Arlon, or the Duke of Waldreich. After he took the throne, EDFan began getting personally involved with Ed Laboratories, helping to come up with new projects and overseeing them, including some "projects" that were seemingly excuses for him to make random inventions.

Later, he would attend and graduate from the University of Dinsmarck.

Despite advocating for Antarctic peace and unity in the past, EDFan is not naive, and has no sympathy for enemies of Ed Island. He led his country to victory in the Ed-Snowinn War, and used his diplomatic skills to form strong alliances through the Axle Powers shortly after.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Despite not being physically adept, EDFan is a decent fighter, and is an exceptionally good wielder of Energy Keysabers. Other than weapons, he also relies on machinery and inventions to aid him in battles. EDFan is also known to be a bright thinker and skilled tactician.


  • Brant Esser-
  • Captain Yolo-
  • Chad Thunderbeak- In his free time, EDFan enjoys watching his favorite hockey team, the Ed Island Electric Shocktopi. Being a lifelong fan of the Electric Shocktopi, he also sees "Hockey Manlet" as an inspiration and hero of Ed Island. EDFan gave Thunderbeak Ed Island's Hero of the Nation award, and would later become a "Cool Guy" in Achadia after receiving praise for his "tubular leadership" of Ed Island.
  • Joseph Yslenski-
  • Kermit-
  • Lavender-
  • Robert Smith-


  • EDFan is dangerously allergic to Ditto B, while no other type affects this condition.
  • His hair is real, a known trait of Viking Penguins.


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