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Elite Penguin Force
EPF Logo.png
The Flag
Agency; Special Police Force overview
Formed 2008
Preceding Agency; Special Police Force Penguin Secret Agency
Superseding agency Penguin Secret Agency
Jurisdiction All of the USA (legally) and covert international affairs (yeah...)
Headquarters Command Room, Club Penguin.
Agency; Special Police Force executives Director of the PSA, Director of the PSA
Scientist; Commander, Gary the Gadget Guy
Parent Agency; Special Police Force Penguin Secret Agency
Child agencies Antarctic Investigation Authority
Criminal Nautical Investigation Corps

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The Elite Penguin Force, commonly abbreviated as the EPF, is the main intelligence agency of Club Penguin and Antarctica. It at one time was a branch of the PSA until the PSA was destroyed by Herbert's popcorn bomb. The Director could be found in this force's HQ. The force has helped out on advanced missions like Professer Shroomsky's Wild Escapede and such others. Some notable members of the Elite Force include: Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, Dave Hochstadt, C, Dot, I and Agent T. After Herbert's successful bombing of the Sport Shop in 2010, the PSA was dissolved, and the EPF became the main Agency of the island. It is now noted that unlike the PSA, the EPF is publicly known and they encourage citizens to recruit, which makes it now an ever growing Agency.


PSA's higher order[edit]

Established in 2008 as a higher order of the finest PSA agents, the EPF was the sister agency of the PSA. Their headquarters was directly adjacent to the PSA's, but it nonetheless has its own seperate intranet. If the PSA's network was to fail, the EPF would still be online. (This proved invaluable after the Herbert bombing attempts.) EPF Agents were part of the greater espionage community, and though considered part of the PSA, they are in fact superior to them. The other agencies, in reality, answer to the EPF, even though, in communications, they would say "PSA".

The EPF was intially tasked with higher priority missions that could damage the integrity of Club Penguin and Antarctica itself. Giant robots, heat waves, wraiths, and international affairs all relate to them over the PSA (although the PSA horribly failed in the wraith incident).

Dissolution of the PSA[edit]

When Herbert P. Bear successfully bombed the PSA's headquarters, immediately following a hacking spree and a near-breach of security, the PSA was dissolved and absorbed into the EPF. This merger immediately promoted everyone to Elite Agent, though they were not allowed to gain the clearances that true Elitists were granted. A new headquarters was built in the new area that is know area known as the "Everyday Phoning Facility".


The regional branches of the EPF are:


Role in Club Penguin[edit]

  • EPF Agents have special Elite Penguin Force Missions.
  • They constantly keep the island safe using Field Ops.
  • Secret Agents of the PSA have minor missions, compared to that of EPF Agents.
  • EPF Agents have access to secret places around Club Penguin besides the ones listed.

Role abroad and in the USA[edit]

  • The EPF is allowed to handle international affairs and large-scale domestic missions, too. They also protect certain Free Republics as well.
  • The EPF is superior to the PSA; the latter was eventually dissolved and absorbed into the Agency.

List of Countries Served by the EPF[edit]

A number of other countries outside of US jurisdiction have EPF branches which were requested by the nations, including many Free Republics. Free Republics may request EPF bases in their nation to help protect it, or in some cases are forced to accept EPF branches (such as East Pengolia).

Several countries, including Shops Island, Margate and Culldrome Isles, have partnerships with the EPF, in which all three have their own secret agencies , but are influenced by the EPF.


The current, main headquarters of the EPF is the Command Room and it is secretly hidden inside the Everyday Phoning Facility building in Club Penguin. Agents constantly receive Field Op missions every week, dealing with small missions on the island. The EPF also takes care of international affairs as well. The Command Room has many extensive rooms, ranging from Virtual Reality rooms to storage rooms.

Ranks and Clearances[edit]

Although all EPF Agents automatically have PWNSOME Classification, they get promoted to different clearances in their service, sometimes referenced to as sub-classifications, which decreases their restriction to certain items which require a certain clearance. Here's a list of clearances. A number of 'secret' clearances also exists in addition to the ones listed below, although a known secret by EPF Agents is that a Director's Classification exists.

  • PSA Merger Clearance
    • PMCs, as they are called, are unable to promote themselves until they prove their worth. This rank was created following the PSA's dissolution and merger and was given to low-level PSA Agents.
  • High Level Clearance
  • Super High Level Clearance
  • Super Duper High Level Clearance
  • Ultra Super Amazing High Level Clearance
  • Unbelieveably Over-The-Top High Level Clearance

A rank structure also exists in addition to clearances. Whilst classifications are designed to restrict information, ranks simply indicate the hierarchy and chain of command. A higher rank may often not have a high clearance (Rookie is a good example), while lower ranked Agents may have a high level clearance.

  • Recruit
  • Agent (this rank is held by any PMC)
  • Elitist (the default rank for non-PMCs)
  • Specialist Elitist
  • Elitist First Class
  • Master Elitist
  • Ensign
  • Officer
  • Officer First Class
  • Master Officer
  • Commander
  • Commander in Chief
  • Director

Special Jobs[edit]

Some EPF agents have special jobs that come along with their agent jobs. Here are a list of some of them:

  • Standard Agent - The most common type of EPF job, every member of the EPF is this.
  • Tactical Agent - Tactical agents are very skilled and agile, which make them good at espionage.
  • Comms Agent - The Comms Agent is responsible with communicating with other agents, usually during missions. The Comms agent also handles and operates communication machinery.
  • Tech Agent - The Tech agent is responsible with repairing, maintaining, and operating machinery and technology.
  • Elite Puffle- A very special division of the EPF that is designed for Puffles. PH trains and designates each puffle their own special ability.

Classification Code[edit]

Division Class[edit]

EPF Agents are divided into several divisions. They are Antarctican Division 1, Antarctican Division 2, Elite Agent Division, International Affairs Division, Anti-Terrorism Division and the Weaponry Development Division. Normal Agents are placed in the two Antarctican Divisions, the best of the best are placed in the Elite Agent Division, agents with other nationalities are placed in the IAD, special agents and agents specially chosen by the general herself are placed in the ATD, and agents who excel in weaponry and tech are placed in the WDD.

Top 10 Most Wanted[edit]

EPF Most Wanted.png

Here is a list of the EPF's most wanted, including the crimes they have committed:

  1. Herbert P. Bear, Esquire (along with the other members of Legion of Extremely Evil Polar Bears) - Acts of Terrorism, theft, attempted murder, property vandalism, destruction of the PSA, Enemy of the state
  2. Nightmare - acts of terrorism, multiple accounts of murder, illegal use of chemical substances, Enemy of the state
  3. Darktan II - Acts of terrorism, multiple accounts of murder, warlord, Enemy of the state
  4. Bugzy - Fraud, smuggling of illegal substances (Doom Weed), several accounts of armed robbery, racketeering, destructive PWNage, Being the head of an Organized Crime Mafia
  5. Amigopen - Acts of terrorism, theft, attempts of nuclear bombing, murder.
  6. King of Sorrow - major amounts of assault and mass destruction.
  7. FredX - child abuse, acts of torture, assault, conspiring against the USA government, Illegal use of chemical substances
  8. Swiss Ninja Hochstadt - acts of terrorism, multiple accounts of murder, arson, assault, treating his citizens unethically as a dictator, warlord, Enemy of the state
  9. Austin8310 - acts of terrorism, assault, property vandalism, murder, henchman of Swiss Ninja
  10. XTUX Hun - acts of terrorism, assault, property vandalism, murder, henchman of Swiss Ninja

Lesser Wanted[edit]

  1. Alfred - Acts of disturbance in the neighborhood, causing a disturbance to chicks, being against Penghis Khan (yes, he added that in.), constantly firing OxiPies at other penguins, ect
  2. Two Slapping Penguins - Causing several penguins to become annoyed, causing a disturbance at night time (sounds of ice breaking at night can make a penguin paranoid!), making an act that looks like a tit-for-tat battle temping the Jerks to come and jerk other penguins.
  3. Norbert G. Bear, Esquire - Doing evil stuff. Here's an example.


At first, the EPF was a major secret, a super secret agency that many PSA agents didn't even know about. It wasn't until the dissolvulation of the PSA until the EPF became known. In fact, the EPF now encourages citizens to recruit to the EPF. It is now confirmed that the public knows of the EPF's existence, as seen from the Penguin Times issue shown below.

EPF Exposed.png

So, anyone is encouraged to join the EPF, even you. We don't know why the EPF wants to be more publicly known than the PSA, but it might have to do with a certain penguin.


  • EPF Agents work much closer with the Director than PSA Secret Agents.
  • EPF Agents have access to the new rooms such as the Puffle Training Room, the Mine Tunnels, and the Tool Shed in the game.
  • G, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, C, D, and Agent T are EPF Agents.
  • EPF Agents were not extremely common. Until the dissolution, as few as every 1 out of 30 PSA goons were actually EPF agents.
    • However, now that the PSA had dissolved, the EPF largely grew. The EPF also highly encourages agents to recruit citizens, so the EPF is thriving with many new agents.
  • The PSA was dissolved and absorbed by the EPF.
  • Amigopen was trying to think of plans to destroy the EPF, but due to his time at the Fanon Character Gang, he, along with his destructive schemes, have noticeably calmed down.
  • Giant Ninja is the EPF's 11th most wanted.
  • A famous training school of the EPF is The Academy, though agents can be trained in many other secret locations around the Antarctic.