EPF Agents 2:The Rogue State

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EPF Agents 2: The Rogue State
EPF Agents 2 Title.png
The title cover image
Start April 2013
Prerequisites EPF Agents Dave and Clovis
Level International
Location Castilla, North Joseon, Club Penguin, Frankterre, Snowzerland, Alemania
EPF Agents I, Gottfried's Tale Great Snowzerland War VI, EPF Agents III

EPF Agents 2:The Rogue State is the sequel to the original EPF Agents Dave and Clovis and a continuation of Gottfried's Tale. Clovis Hochstadt and Leonardo di Tremezzo pair up again to search for Gottfried's girlfriend, Gerda, and gather intel in Antarctica's most secretive state- North Joseon.


Gottfried Toledo.png

Gottfried Hochstadt, sat at the edge of the river in the Castillan city of Toledo alone. He had been in Castilla for a few weeks after being rescued from Swiss Ninja's trap in his home island, Alemania. Now, Gottfried had accustomed to the new way of life that Castilla had promoted. He was happy to at least be with his friends, Gerwin, Clovis, Jock, Piper, and Leonardo- all of whom except Gerwin called Castilla home. Gottfried kept to solitude, looking back at the good times he had with his girlfriend, Gerda. He wondered if she was still alive.

Clovis Hochstadt, in his vibrant jester outfit, walked to Gottfried with his yellow puffle friend, Leonardo di Tremezzo. They could tell that Gottfried was still sad about Gerda's capture.

Clovis:"Hey Gottfried. Listen, I know you're upset about Gerda. I have come up with some good news."

Gottfried:"She's alive?!?"

Clovis:"Well...I can't confirm that. But...."

Gottfried:"But, what?"

Clovis whispered:"As an agent, I can help to bring this case to the Director. I am sure he wouldn't mind opening the case to investigation."

Gottfried:"Clovis, you are a good true friend and cousin! What joy fills my knightly heart to hear that there is hope for me to reunite with my one true love in life."

Clovis:"Well, don't bet everything that she's alive. But knowing my brother, he isn't the kind to kill women. At worst of a punishment, she'd end up in his Harem."


Clovis:"Oh wait, nevermind. I shouldn't have told you. I...uh...made that up..."

Gottfried:"Well then, don't make dirty jokes like that. It isn't funny. It's quite rude, actually."

Clovis:"Sorry. Anyways, I will introduce this issue to the Director. However, please do be in mind that this isn't a major situation, so it isn't top priority. I WILL be subject to take more important calls first."

Gottfried:"Oh, of course. What's more important to the general public's safety comes first."

Clovis:"Meanwhile, I want you to party. Have a sangria with your apprentice Gerwin or something. Go dancing with the flamenco girls at the local restaurant. They like it if you give them tips."

Gottfried:"Oh, I sure will. This is great news. Thanks a million, Clovis."

Leonardo:"We'll do our best, Gottfried!"

EPF Agents Clovis Briefing.png

Clovis and Leonardo arrived at Toledo's EPF Branch station. They turned on the large television screen to talk to the Director.


Clovis:"Greetings, Director. This is Agent Clovis Hochstadt, sir."

Director:"Greetings Clovis. What is the reason that you contacted me?"

Clovis:"I have a case that I would like to propose and investigate."

Director:"Please elaborate further."

Clovis:"My cousin, Gottfried Hochstadt, recently had his girlfriend kidnapped by Swiss Ninja. He threatened to murder her. Her name is Gerda. Gerda von Volkmar."

Director:"Oh yes. She has been reported missing by her parents. We have some more information. Was this information a first hand account from Gottfried?"

Clovis:"Yes, sir."

Director:"Ok. You do realize that this is a top priority case, right?"

Clovis:"Yes sir. I am only doing this to help my cousin. He wishes for her safe return."

Director:"Fine. You may be assigned to help track down Gerda. Do what you must. But remember that you will have to postpone this mission if anything more urgent pops up. Is that clear?"

Clovis:"Yes, sir."


Director:"Yes, Leonardo?"

Leonardo:"Can I come too?"

Director:"Sure thing. Both of you are given permission to use all the tools the EPF has possible to find out where Gerda is. Good luck, agents."

The television turned off automatically.

Clovis and Leonardo made their way back into Toledo's narrow cobblestone streets and were able to find Gottfried at the bar that the restaurant they recommended him to go to. Gottfried was drinking a sangria and having a few tapas with Gerwin. The pretty flamenco dancers, in their flurry colorful dresses, were dancing vibrantly as they usually were. One of them winked at Clovis as they walked in. Gottfried, unlike Gerwin, was not watching them. He kept to his own business by focusing on his food.

Clovis:"Hey Gottfried. We need to talk to you."

Gottfried:"Aw, well I just got here!"

Leonardo:"Do you want us to help you find Gerda, or not?"

Gottfried:"Oh, that. Sure then. Where should we go?"

Clovis:"Come with me. I live not far from here."

Clovis took Gottfried to his house. Leonardo came along. Clovis had Gottfried sit down at his table.

Clovis:"Leonardo, can you please take some notes while I do the interviewing?"

Leonardo:"You can count on me."

Leonardo took out a pen and a notepad reserved for his EPF job.

Clovis:"So Gottfried, do you remember how Gerda was abducted? And where?"

Gottfried:"Yes. Gerda was abducted by Snoss Soldiers directly under Swiss Ninja's command at the Boorlin City Palace in Boorlin, Alemania."

Clovis:"Ok. What happened then?"

Gottfried:"They took her outside and threw her into...."

Clovis:"I don't want to be rude, but I must ask- how many entrances does the building have?"

Gottfried:"Two. One east and one west. They took her out of the eastern exit."

Clovis:"Ok. Did you get that Leonardo?"


Clovis:"So then what happened, as you were saying?"

Gottfried:"They threw her into a black van. I pursued them, and then they drove through a rose garden and then onto the street."

Clovis:"Ok. So...do you remember which way the van turned?"

Gottfried:"Yes. They turned right."

Clovis:"So then what?"

Gottfried:"I got caught in the rose bushes. I couldn't pursue them anymore. They kept driving straight down that road, deeper into the city, until I couldn't see them anymore."

Clovis:"Ok. So that's it? Do you have any extra information to add? That we didn't catch? Like, what the soldiers looked like, the van's licence plate number? Anything?"

Gottfried:"Sorry. I'm afraid not."

Clovis:"All right then. Do you have a photo of Gerda?"

Gottfried:"I am madly in love with her, but I do not carry a photo of her with me everywhere I go."

Clovis:"Ok. Can you at least give me a detailed description?"

Gottfried:"Well, she's blond, maybe about three centimeters shorter than me....She is peach colored. When she was abducted, she was wearing her favorite light blue dress."

Clovis:"Hmm. Ok. And her full name is Gerda von Volkmar, yes?"


Clovis:"That's all I need to know."

Clovis led Gottfried outside, and the knight went back to the restaurant.

Clovis:"All right Leonardo. Let's get our gear ready. We're leaving immediately.

Chapter 1:Intriguing Investigation[edit]

At the Boorlin International Airport in Boorlin, Alemania, a Pacifica Airlines aircraft landed on the runway, arriving from Castilla. The airplane, carrying both passengers and cargo, parked at a gate. A worker penguin drove up in his small cargo car with the empty carousels, and with the help of his comrades, unloaded several suitcases and two cardboard boxes, one large, one small, onto one of the carousels. The worker then drove with the carosels back to the terminal. Several other workers were yelling at each other in German as they sorted out the aircraft's payload. They sent the two cardboard boxes onto a separate conveyor belt than the suitcases because they had seen the same address printed on the boxes.

The two boxes made their way to a delivery penguin, who carried the two heavy boxes with a dolly to his truck. The delivery penguin, with all his might, loaded the two boxes into the truck. However, he did not close the back door of the truck because he saw movement from the larger box. The delivery penguin, puzzled at what he saw, stared at the box for a minute.

Suddenly, a flipper broke out of the box, and Clovis jumped out, while Leonardo jumped out of the small box. Clovis pulled out a pistol and shot the penguin with a sleep-inducing dart.

Clovis:"Sweet dreams, Hans."

Leonardo:"Ok...time to drag the sleeping penguin into the truck?"


Clovis tossed the unconscious penguin into the back. He took his keys and closed the back of the truck as soon as Leonardo jumped out. Clovis unlocked the truck and stepped inside the driver's seat. Leonardo sat right beside him in the passenger's seat. They drove out of the airport pick up area and towards downtown Boorlin.

Clovis:"Heh. I'm glad the flight only took two hours. I would have died if the flight was to East Pengolia or Zhou..."

Leonardo:"Yeah. I brought some food with me though."

Clovis:"Good thinking."

Leonardo:"So, what now? Where is this place that we need to go to?"

Clovis:"The Boorlin City Palace. Do you still have that address I told you to write down in your notepad before we left?"

Leonardo:"Oh yes, I have it."

Leonardo took out his notepad and read the address: "140 Lenestrasse, Boorlin, Alemania, Imperial Empire of Snowzerland."

Clovis:"Ok. Here, take this GPS that's on my EPF spy phone. Can you please get the directions?"


Leonardo typed in the address and found directions to the location. Clovis followed Leonardo's directions and arrived at the scene. Clovis was impressed at the pretty ballroom building.

Clovis:"Typical Swiss Ninja. Always wasting money building some useless pretty ballroom building just to show off."

Leonardo:"I thought it was a City Palace."

Clovis:"When they mean 'City Palace' they mean it's a palace for the city's citizens. It's basically a large ballroom where there are dances, formal and informal, that are open to it's citizens for the most part."

Clovis parked the truck in front of the building.

Leonardo:"It doesn't seem like there are any parties going on."

Clovis:"Let's make sure."

Clovis and Leonardo walked into the grand, two door western entrance of the building to find the ballroom completely empty with the exception of a few caterers sweeping up the floor.

Caterer:"Guten tag!"

Clovis:"Guten tag....Sprechen Sie Englisch?"

Caterer:"Yes, I speak English. Decently. What do you want, good sir?"

Clovis:"Nothing. I am a tourist. Just visiting this place. Just curious."

Caterer:"Oh ok. Do not mind me, I am cleaning up from a party from yesterday..."

Clovis:"Ok. Nice meeting you. Good bye."

Caterer:"Good bye."

Clovis and Leonardo left the building. They decide to walk to the other side, where the abduction scene happened.

Leonardo:"I didn't know you could speak German, Clovis?"

Clovis:"I don't. I just only know how to say that. It helps to know some important phrases when you're in a foreign country that speaks a different language."

Clovis and Leonardo arrived at the scene to see some visible traces of the kidnapping. The rose bushes that had been destroyed by the black van had been pulled out, and there was only brown dirt where they used to be. Clovis approached the scene further to see skid marks turning to the right onto the street, as Gottfried said.

Clovis:"This is where Gottfried stopped. I can't really tell where the van is going, but it seems like it is going deeper into downtown."

Leonardo:"Hey, I see a security camera over there, looking at us!"

Clovis:"Jackpot! Let's get that thing down."

Clovis and Leonardo walked towards the camera, which was attached to the building.

Clovis:"All right, Leonardo. Climb up to the camera and bring it down. Or, well, at least the tape."

Leonardo:"Well, I can't climb a flat surface, so I have a better idea."

Leonardo took out a long rope, made a lasso out of it, and hooked it around the camera by tossing it. Leonardo climbed his way up and ejected the tape from the camera. He climbed down and gave Clovis the tape. He undid the lasso and put the rope away.

Clovis:"Hey Leonardo, do you have my laptop?"

Leonardo:"Yes. I can keep a lot of stuff in my hyperspace."

Leonardo gave Clovis his laptop. The two of them walked back to the delivery truck. Clovis took out a special tape recorder from his inventory and connected it to the laptop. He placed the video tape into the tape recorder when he had set everything up.

Clovis:"Wow. This tape seems like it can hold a good three months of footage. Now, we need to find the day the kidnapping happened...."

Leonardo:"It was only a few weeks ago, wasn't it?"

Clovis:"Yes. I still remember the date...Ok....here, I think this is it."

Clovis pointed at the laptop computer screen.

Leonardo:"Hey, the guests are arriving. It looks like we rewinded a bit too far?"

Clovis:"No, this is good for now. I'll fast forward a little bit. Let's see if anything strange occurs before we see the event."

Several minutes later, Clovis and Leonardo saw the black van show up. Swiss Ninja and several Snoss soldiers walked into the building after the party had started. Clovis and Leonardo waited intently until they saw several Snoss soldiers dragging a screaming young female out of the building and into the van. She was blond, was peach colored, and was wearing a light blue dress as Gottfried had said.

Clovis:"Yep. That's her."

Leonardo:"Let's zoom in on the van's licence plate...."

Clovis:"All right."

Clovis paused the footage and zoomed in on the licence plate to see the numbers more clearly.

Clovis:"Leonardo, write this down in your notepad..."

Leonardo took out his notepad and clicked his pen, ready to write.

Clovis:"It is BR-003-RGE"

Leonardo:"Ok. Do you think that means anything?"

Clovis:"I'm sure. Let's go back to the scene for a moment. I want to see something..."

Clovis and Leonardo went back to the scene. Still with the laptop in his flipper, Clovis watched the van recklessly drive through the rose bushes and turn right onto the street. He saw Gottfried chase after them moments later.

Clovis:"I can't tell where this van is heading for. The camera doesn't have a broad enough view of the area. All I can tell is that it's making a right turn."

Leonardo:"Say, should we run the licence plate of the van?"

Clovis:"Good idea."

Clovis ran the black van's licence plate on the EPF's secure and classified website of international licence plate data.

Leonardo:"So, what is it?"

Clovis:"The data says it is a Government owned vehicle. It belongs directly to the Boorlin City Hall, and that's exactly where we're going to go."

Clovis and Leonardo ran back to their truck to see a piece of pink paper on it. Clovis ripped it off windshield to find out that it was a parking violation ticket.

Clovis:"Wow, really? How did we not see that? Thankfully this isn't our truck."

Clovis and Leonardo hopped into the truck and drove away. Little did they know that an SSS soldier had been stalking them in one of the trees....

Clovis and Leonardo parked in front of the Boorlin City Hall, only meters away from the main entrance. Clovis put on the delivery penguin's uniform over his clothes prior to arrival. Before he left the car, he covered his jester hat with the delivery company's baseball cap.

Clovis:"All right. Hey, Leonardo, put on this company baseball camp so you look official with me."

Leonardo put on the baseball cap that Clovis gave him. Clovis then took a large box while Leonardo took a small box out of the truck. They left their vehicle unlocked and entered the building. They were greeted at the Front Desk.

Secretary:"Guten Tag!"

Clovis:"''Guten Tag...Englisch?"

Secretary:"Yes. I speak English. May I help you?"

Clovis:"Yes, sorry. I am new here. An immigrant. We have a package delivery for the mayor."

Secretary:"Oh, ok. Please leave the packages with me, I'll send someone down here to bring them up to him...."

Clovis:"Sorry ma'am, but we were ordered to give it to him ourselves."

The Secretary stopped typing on the computer and looked at Clovis and Leonardo.

Secretary:"Well...I guess so. Wait a minute. We'll send someone to escort you to the Mayor's office. Are the packages important?"


Clovis and Leonardo waited for a few moments before a Snoss soldier arrived. He approached the Secretary. She pointed at Clovis and Leonardo.

Snoss Soldier:"Follow me."


The Snoss Soldier led Clovis and Leonardo into an elevator. They rose to the top floor.

Snoss Soldier:"What are in those boxes?"

Clovis:"How would I know? I'm just the delivery penguin!"

Leonardo:"And delivery penguin..."

Clovis:"We aren't informed on what was inside. Only that it was classified."

Snoss Soldier:"Very well."

Once the elevator opened, the Snoss soldier led them down a hall that lead to a large door guarded by two Snoss soldiers. The guide Snoss soldier nodded at the two other soldiers, who opened the door for the two penguins and puffle. The mayor, a middle aged penguin who had a moustache and thin, messy, brown hair, was sitting at his desk, writing something.

Snoss Soldier:"We have guests, sir."

The Mayor of Boorlin looked up at Clovis and Leonardo.

Mayor:"May I help you?"

Clovis:"We are here to deliver a special classified package."

Mayor:"From whom?"

Clovis:"Swiss Ninja. He wanted us to directly give it to you to ensure the packages' safety."

Mayor:"Well, how nice. And how strange. He has never done this before with important things."

Clovis:"This time is different. Can we have the door closed and locked? This is of utmost important."

Mayor:"We'll close the door, but I'm not prepared to lock it."

The mayor motioned the Snoss soldier to close the door. The Snoss soldier stayed in the room and approached the two boxes.

Clovis:"Sir, you may have the honor of opening the large package first."

Mayor:"Very well."

The mayor took out a knicicle and cut open the box. He opened it, and screamed. A flurry of tear gas was ejected into the room, and Clovis and Leonardo looked away as they quickly put on their gas masks. Clovis took out a pistol and blindly shot at the Snoss Soldier who had nothing but tears in his eyes from the burning sensation of the tear gas. Clovis kicked open the room and immediately took out the two Snoss guards, who were also caught off guard and were succumbed to Clovis's pistol and the searing sting of the tear gas.

Clovis slammed the door shut and locked it. He opened the window, and the tear gas exited the room. Leonardo turned on the air conditioning and an electrical fan he found in the closet.

Leonardo:"Hey, Clovis, where's the mayor?"

Clovis suddenly became frantic for a moment after noticing that the Mayor was gone. Clovis ran behind his desk to see him hiding with his own gas mask on. Since the room had cleared up rather quickly, Clovis and Leonardo took off their gas masks and ripped the gas mask off the mayor. Clovis grabbed him by his hair, yanked him up to his feet, and slammed him against the wall.


Mayor:"Who are you crazy creatures? Listen, if you're the SSS, I didn't do anything wrong! I paid my taxes last month!"

Clovis:"Oh, right, I'm in this uniform still."

Clovis ripped off his uniform to reveal his regular clothing. His baseball cap flew off as his jester hat popped back up to it's natural position.

Leonardo:"I love it when your jester hat does that. It's so springy!"

Clovis:"Indeed! We are the EPF, and we're here for..."

Mayor:"Fine! There's a safe in the bottom left drawer over there, just take it and leave!"

Clovis shook him violently, who was still pinned to the wall with his shirt.

Clovis:"We're not here for the money, we're here to find someone!"


Clovis:"You know who! We're looking for Gerda von Volkmar! The girl that was kidnapped a few weeks ago during the Kaiser's Party?"

Mayor:"I don't know what you're talking about! I was at the party, but I didn't kidnap anyone!"

Clovis:"Oh, if you did, then didn't you see that Knight and a pretty blonde dancing with each other?"

Mayor:"Well yes, I do remember them now, but I didn't kidnap her, I swear!"

Clovis slapped him.

Clovis:"Then why was one of your vans used to kidnap her?"

Mayor:"I don't know! I don't know anything!"


Clovis slapped the mayor again. Clovis took out his pistol.



The Snoss soldier, who was not completely dead, overheard the conversation and laughed.


Snoss Soldier:"He's telling the truth. He wasn't involved in the kidnapping. I was."

Clovis threw the mayor against a file cabinet, who collapsed on the floor and passed out.

Clovis pulled the Snoss soldier up to his feet and slammed him against the wall.


Snoss Soldier:"Never."

Clovis slapped him.

Clovis:"Talk, or I'll make sure that you don't survive to see another day!"

Snoss Soldier:"I'll take my secret to the grave."

Clovis:"Oh fine, I'll buy you a free keg of Cream Soda at the nearest Cream Soda bar if you help me."

Snoss Soldier:"Sure, I'll tell! We handed her over to other Snoss military personnel at the Boorlin International Airport. She was going to be transported to some secret Government facility in Zurich, Snowzerland."

Clovis:"Ok. So then she's not on this island anymore?"

Snoss Soldier:"Afraid not."

Clovis:"Well, can you please be more specific on what secret Government facility she was being transferred to?"

Snoss soldier:"It was some sort of secret SSS detainment center. It is disguised by a different name and not as a detainment center but as a fake private company."

Clovis:"Do you care to tell me the name of the fake private company?"

Snoss soldier:"I don't feel like it."

Clovis:"Fine. I'll buy you dinner too. Happy?"

Snoss soldier:"Now I am. The company's name is Kinderkorp Corporation."


Snoss soldier:"You're....welcome..."

Clovis:"What's the matter?"

The Snoss soldier began to stutter; the pain from the gun wound had overwhelmed him, and in second he was dead.

Leonardo:"Aww. He died. Looks like we aren't going to buy him dinner anymore."

Clovis:"I don't think we have time...."

Leonardo and Clovis saw the Mayor, who had woken up from unconsciousness, open up a drawer and slam his flipper on a big red button.

Leonardo:"Uh oh...we better run!"

Clovis:"You can say that again!"

Boorlin City Hall escape.png

Despite the window being already open, Clovis smashed the glass, grabbed Leonardo, and jumped out of the room. Clovis deployed his parachute and landed on the sidewalk before Snoss soldiers had arrived at the Mayor's destroyed office.

Clovis and Leonardo ran back to the Delivery truck to find another parking ticket on it. Clovis snatched it off the windshield, crumpled it up, and threw it away.

Clovis:"Well, it's not my truck. I have a feeling that we're being followed. Let's leave immediately."

Clovis and Leonardo jumped into the truck and drove away.

Leonardo:"Where to, now?"

Clovis:"We need to go back to the international airport. We need to catch a flight to Snowzerland..."

The faint sound of sirens could be heard. Leonardo peeked at his side mirror on the passenger's side.

Leonardo:"Hey Clovis, does Polizei mean Police in German?"

Clovis:"It sure does. Why?"

Leonardo:"Well, there are a bunch of Polizei cars approaching us right now, and they're flashing their lights and sirens!"

Clovis looked at his side mirror to see the Alemanian police cars approaching them.

Clovis:"Let's step this up a notch."

Clovis slammed on the accelerator and blasted through the streets. Cars swiveled violently away from the reckless speeding delivery truck. As Clovis were making speed, so were the police cars, which were soon growing in number.

Clovis:"Leonardo, go open the back of the truck, we've got to take weight off this truck to go faster, and we need a distraction to stop the police cars..."

Suddenly, gunshots could be heard.

Clovis:"Quickly, Leonardo! Time is of the essence!"

Leonardo, using the door that was behind where they were sitting, entered the truck's storage area and opened the back of the truck. Now, Leonardo could clearly see the police cars approaching him. He immediately grabbed the nearest box he could find and tossed it onto the streets. The police cars immediately rammed through them as if they weren't even there.

Then, to Leonardo's surprise, the unconscious Delivery Penguin began to wake up. Though Leonardo felt conflicted about pushing the penguin to his death in front a bunch of police cars, he knew that it would be more distracting than the boxes he tried to throw. Hence, Leonardo threw a box at the Delivery penguin, who immediately stumbled off the truck and onto the street.

Immediately, the closest police car swerved in time to spare the penguin's life, causing a huge chain reaction of crashes among several other nearby police cars that did not expect the sudden stop. For a moment, Leonardo thought that the job was done....until several motorcycles mounted by Snoss soldiers appeared. They immediately open fired at the van, and Leonardo quickly duck for cover behind a box.

Leonardo:"Oh shoot, we're doomed!"

Clovis:"Don't worry, I have a solution!"

Leonardo:"Clovis! What are you doing here?!? Who is driving the truck??"


Leonardo's eyes grew big.

Clovis:"I have a better plan. Besides, we already have two flat tires. We need to get off this thing quickly."

Chapter 2:The Search Continues[edit]

As the motorcycles neared the unguided truck, Clovis put Leonardo on his shoulder while they were still hiding behind the boxes. Then, Clovis ran out of his hiding spot, held onto Leonardo, and jumped out of the van and right onto the nearest Snoss soldier on a motorcycle. In a matter of seconds, Clovis had punched the soldier off his bike and had stolen it for himself. Clovis then sped faster, took out his pistol, and shot the truck's last functional tire, which made the truck turn and collapse right on another Snoss motorcyclist.

Clovis and Leonardo then drove their way to the Boorlin Airport, where they saw a Zurich Airlines aircraft taxiing to the runway for takeoff.

Clovis:"That must be the 4:30 flight to Zurich! We're going to make that flight?"

Leonardo:"How? We didn't get buy any tickets yet!"

Clovis:"We don't need to!"

Clovis drove up a ramp and jumped over the barbed chain link fence that marked the boundaries of the airport. Clovis quickly sped up towards the airplane, which was only seconds away from taking off. More police cars had arrived at the scene, and they were rushing towards them. Then, the airplane began to take off, and Clovis and Leonardo were only meters away from it.

Leonardo:"We're not going to make it!"

Clovis:"Yes we are! I've got one last thing up my sleeve!"

Clovis pulled out a grappling hook out of his sleeve. He shot it at a protruding metal piece on the airplane's wing and jumped into the air as the aircraft flew into the sky.


Clovis:"Just hold on, Leonardo, I'll pull ourselves closer to the plane!"

Clovis retracted the grappling hook and the two were able to grab onto the airplane's left wing. The wind blew fiercely in their faces, but Clovis held onto the aircraft at all times and Leonardo decided to hide under Clovis's hat. Clovis looked down to see that they had left Alemania and were making their way across the sea to Snowzerland. Clovis pulled Leonardo out of his hat and placed him on his shoulder; Leonardo clenched onto his tunic, still afraid of the heights. Though Leonardo isn't afraid to ride airplanes, he didn't feel safe in such a position where at any moment, Clovis could fall off.

Then, Leonardo looked behind himself and saw one of the emergency doors of the airplane open violently. A Snoss soldier with a rifle came out.


Clovis turned around and pulled out his pistol and pointed it at the Snoss soldier. The Snoss soldier ripped off his uniform to uncover a bunch of dynamite strapped to his chest. Several of the passangers in the plane began screaming and were banging on the airplane. They seem to be telling Clovis to leave.

Clovis decided to react quickly by shooting at the Snoss soldier. The Snoss soldier dodged the shot as it hit the open emergency door. The soldier open fired his rifle at Clovis. Clovis danced back uneasily as the bullets flew near his feet. Then, suddenly, Clovis lost his balance and fell off the plane with Leonardo.


Leonardo gripped tightly to Clovis's uniform as Clovis and him fell into the sky. Clovis could see the Snoss military jets and helicopters approaching the aircraft, probably arriving to arrest him, thus he made a pose that made him appear that he was going to dive into the ocean, though he was not. Clovis and Leonardo were speeding down towards earth like a meteor, and the sparkling sea quickly approached them.

Then, when they were only 120 meters away from the ocean, Clovis deployed his parachute, and the two landed safely into the ocean. Clovis quickly gathered up his parachute back into the backpack and took out a snorkeling mask for Leonardo and special high tech swimming goggles for himself.

Clovis:"Quickly! Put this on so we don't get caught!"

Leonardo obeyed Clovis and put on the snorkeling mask. Both of them dove underwater to hide from the Snoss aircraft above them. They swam secretly towards Snowzerland, which was not far away.

Clovis at Sea.png

A few hours later, Clovis and Leonardo resurfaced from the ocean as if they were submarines. They found themselves facing right at the entrance of the Zurich Bay, in Snowzerland.

Clovis:"Feast your eyes, Leonardo."

Leonardo:"Feasting? I think my eyes want to throw up just looking at all the danger we're going to get into!"

Clovis:"Nevermind that. I mean feast your eyes on our final destination. We need to swim more towards the city of Zurich. We should take the sewers, which has an entrance from the bay. From there, we'll travel towards that fake business building. I'll be using the GPS on my EPF Phone once we get in the sewers."

Clovis and Leonardo dove again and swam to the city of Zurich, which was not far away. They saw several large concrete tubes from the sewers flushing cleaned water back into the bay. One of the concrete tubes had no water coming out of it, and Clovis and Leonardo jumped inside of it. Clovis took out his EPF Phone and turned on the GPS system.

Leonardo:"Where are we right now?"

Clovis:"In the sewers. We're making our way through downtown Zurich right now."

Leonardo:"Are we approaching one of the main sewer channels right now?"


Clovis and Leonardo reached the end of the sewer tunnel to find themselves at a small channel of green waste water. On both sides of the channel were small sidewalk pathways and several other pipes. Clovis pointed to his left.

Clovis:"This way."

Leonardo:"I don't like it here. It's eerie."

Clovis:"Do you think I like being here either? It smells terrible. But we should be safe..."


Clovis and Leonardo turned behind themselves to see an Snoss Soldier behind them.

Clovis:"Oh, come on! Who makes their soldiers guard the sewers?"

Snoss Soldier:"Kaiser Swiss Ninja."

Clovis pulled out his deletion pistol and zapped the soldier instantly into the CyberVoid.

Clovis:"Pathetic. Let's get moving before reinforcements show up..."

Clovis put Leonardo back on his shoulder and they ran through the sewers, doing their best to evade any other Snoss soldier they saw. They finally reached the location near their destination, and Clovis climbed up a ladder and broke open a manhole. Leonardo jumped out and took a nice deep breath of air- he was happy that he didn't have to smell the stench of the sewers. Clovis did the same.

Clovis:Leonardo, where's your air freshener?"

Leonardo:"Oh yeah, I forgot I brought it with me..."

Leonardo took a full can of air freshener out of hyperspace and gave it to Clovis. Clovis sprayed himself with it, and then he did the same to Leonardo.

Clovis:"Look, Kinderkorp Corperation is right down the street. All we need is a disguise..."

Leonardo:"I don't think so. Let's just go in there and see if they have job applications. We can sneak in that way..."

Clovis:"Ok then..."

Clovis and Leonardo walked to the Kinderkorp building and entered the lobby. They were immediately surrounded by several Snoss Soldiers and SSS Agents.


Clovis:"Rats. We're surrounded. Coming in with plainclothes was definitely not a good idea."

Leonardo:"I'm Sorry."

Clovis:"There's nothing to be sorry about. We'd get caught anyways."

A Snoss commander approached the two penguins with his pistol pointing at them.

Commander:"Surrender, traitors! Flippers in the air where I can see them!"

Leonardo:"But I don't have any flippers!"

Commander:"Don't play stupid, puffle! You know what..."

Clovis suddenly lunged to the side and somersaulted behind a Snoss soldier. He immediately kicked him against another Snoss soldier, and a sudden explosion of firing rifles and pistols began. The trap had turned into a chaos as Clovis and Leonardo used other soldiers as shields against their enemies. They pulled out their own deletion pistols and shot at the soldiers until they were all gone or retreated.

Clovis:"Quickly! We don't have much time left..."

Clovis ran towards the reception desk and found the receptionist hiding under the desk.

Clovis:"Hey, you! Where's the jail warden?"

Receptionist:"I won't say anything!"

Clovis pointed his deletion pistol at her so that she could see it.


Receptionist:"Fine! Third floor, first door to your right!"

Clovis:"Is this the truth?"

Receptionist:"Yes! Yes! Please don't shoot!"

Clovis:"Fine. Leonardo, let's roll!"

Clovis and Leonardo ran to the elevator and punched in the number to go to the third floor. As the elevator doors opened, Clovis and Leonardo immediately open fired on the two clueless Snoss prison guards in front of the Jail Warden's office. Clovis and Leonardo stormed into the room. The Jail Warden already had his pistol pointing at them.

Jail Warden:"Don't move."

Clovis:"We only want information."

Jail Warden:"I'm not saying anything."

Clovis:"Your sock is untied."

Jail Warden:"You can't trick me! I'm not even wearing shoes!"

Clovis:"Darn. Oh well. I should say that you have a smudge on your beak. Looks like it's from pasta sauce or something."

Jail Warden:"Well, that's embarrassing!"

The Jail Warden looked down for a moment to take out his hankerchief, but before he could take it out, he was slammed against the wall by Clovis. His pistol fell to the floor.

Clovis:"Listen! We've had enough playing games here, Jail Warden. We're looking for a girl named Gerda von Volkmar. She was arrested in Alemania but they said that she was here."

Jail Warden:"Well fine, you two are wasting your time! She only stayed for a few days. She's not here anymore."

Clovis became furious and grabbed the Jail warden by the neck.


Jail Warden:"Let go! Let go! I'll elaborate!"

Clovis let go of his neck, but he still kept him against the wall.


Jail Warden:"We sold her, all right? The Kaiser didn't want her here anymore. We sold her off to a slave trafficking group in Frankterre!"

Clovis:"Slave Trafficking? In Frankterre? That's illegal! Slavery is illegal in all parts of Antarctica!"

Jail Warden:"Maybe so, but the Snoss government does not knowledge it. We typically sell prisoners that are physically weak, like her, to this underground organization."

Clovis:"That is Frankterran?"

Jail Warden:"Well no, actually it's a West Pengolian group, as far as I know. But they're illegal there too. We sell our weak prisoners to their branch in Frankterre."

Clovis:"Where in Frankterre, exactly?"

Jail Warden:"Parie..."

Clovis:"Must be in the bad neighborhoods....Leonardo, are you writing this down?"

Leonardo looked up from his notepad.

Leonardo:"Yes. You know I always do."

Clovis:"Ok. Just making sure. Now tell me, what's the name of this organization, and what do they EXACTLY do with the prisoners that they purchase from you?"

Jail Warden:"They're called 'The Black Skulls'. They're an underground mafia that uses the penguins as slaves. Basically, they lease the penguin to a customer in exchange for services, such as cleaning. The money that the slave penguin earns goes to the company. That's all I know of."

Clovis:"This is corrupt! How doesn't anyone know of this? Don't those customers know?"

Jail Warden:"No. The customers think the penguin is a worker of a cleaning company. It's a complicated system."

Clovis:"Well wait, I don't think they'd call the place 'The Black Skulls'."

Jail Warden:"Well fine. In Frankterre, they're known as 'Sunshine Cleaners' in French."

Clovis:"What is their full address?"

Jail Warden:"I don't know. I don't know anything else than that."

Clovis:"That's it?"

Jail Waren:"Pretty much."

Suddenly, Clovis's EPF phone began to ring.

Clovis:"Oh crud. Looks like I have a call. Adios, amigo!"

Clovis slapped the Jail Warden with his pistol. The Warden fell to the floor, unconscious.


Director:"Agent Clovis, this is the Director! We need you at the EPF HQ immediately, so we have a helicopter coming to your coordinates right now! Go to the rooftop of the building and we'll meet you there."

Clovis and Leonardo left the room and went for the elevator.

Clovis:"Wait, Director, what's going on?"

Director:"We need you for a new mission briefing. I'm afraid that you will have to postpone your current one for now."

Clovis:"Drat! And I was already getting more information!"

Director:"Don't worry about that right now. This is more important."

Clovis:"Yes, sir."

Clovis and Leonardo reached the roof of the building and were greeted by an EPF Helicopter landing on the roof. An agent was beckoning them to hop on. Clovis and Leonardo jumped into the helicopter, which took off and flew to Club Penguin.

On Club Penguin Island, Clovis and Leonardo walked inside the EPF Headquarters to find Gary, Dot, and Dave sitting at the conference table.

Gary:"Come boys, join us. I apologize that the EPF is still a mess. The USA's recent Sequester has slashed our budget, thus reconstruction is taking some time for a change."

Clovis and Leonardo sat down.

Clovis:"Well, it does seem like the budget for the Puffle Hotel wasn't very long. Its construction only took a week, didn't it? And the EPF still hasn't been fixed in months ever since Operation Blackout!"

Dot:"Well, what can you do?"

Leonardo:"Hey Dave! You were called in too?"

Dave:"You bet I am. What we're about to be briefed on is important."

Then, the television went on, and the Director showed up.

Director:"Greetings, Agents. As you all know, tensions have been building in the Asiapelago. For a few weeks, North Joseon has increased their rhetoric of war threats to unprecedented levels. Though the news and military officials are dismissing the threats to be empty, we can never be too sure. No sign of military movement has been detected in North Joseon, and we feel that something fishy is going on. Agents Clovis, Leonardo, Dot, and Dave will be assigned to sneak into the secretive Socialist state and gather intelligence on their current plans."

Dave:"How would you like that done, sir?"

Director:"The infiltration into the country?"

Dave:"No. The gathering of intelligence, sir."

Director:"Take photos and intercept radio transmissions. All of you have the new spy phones, correct?"

Everyone nodded.

Director:"Good. For you guys specifically, we have added a sound recorder and a language translator feature. Whatever you record will be translated and sent to our central data banks via satellite."


Director:"Impressive indeed."

Dave:"Director, you have my word that we will not fail you."

Director:"You know I count on you, Dave. Since you're the only one in this room to have been on a North Joseon mission before, you will be the leader of this mission, code named 'Operation Dennis Rodman'."

Clovis:"Uh...why are we going to call it that?"

Director:"It's Classified."


Director:"Very well then. That is all I have to say. Good luck, Agents!"

Dave:"Thank you."

Dave brought Clovis, Leonardo, and Dot the Disguise Girl for a meeting at his Igloo. He had the doors locked, the window shades closed, and spoke quietly.

Clovis:"I didn't know you've been to North Joseon before."

Dave:"I've been there on a mission three times. It is extremely difficult to get in, and it's risky if you try to sneak in with a large group of agents. That's why I have always gone alone. But in this case, we will have to resort to Plan B."

Clovis:"What would that be?"

Dave:"Dot the Disguise Gal, you will have to disguise yourself as a popular male basketball player from the USA."

Dot:"That can be done!"

Leonardo:"Woah, wait, what does that have anything to do with the mission? Isn't that going to get attention?"

Dave:"Yes, it will, but that's the point. While Dot pretends to be a famous basketball star, we will act as her...I mean his...security guards. We will stay a week there posing as official guests of Kim Il Sunguin, who is a fanatic of basketball."

Clovis:"Then what? Won't we be busy 'protecting' Dot?"

Dave:"No. For a couple days, we'll make Dot get sick with the cold. That means that she will have to stay at the hotel, and our services aren't needed. We will sneak out in the middle of the night, pass the security guards, and get to the country's main military headquarters, where we'll intercept all military transmissions and take pictures."

Clovis:"Good plan. I like it."

Leonardo:"So do I."

Dot:"Same here."

Dave:"Good. Tomorrow, we will leave for Peking, Zhou, where we will go the North Joseonean embassy. From there, they will accept our passports, and the day after that, they will send us on a flight to Pyongchang, North Joseon. Or as they call themselves, the DPRJ, the Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon."

Chapter 3:Fortress of Songun![edit]

Clovis and Dave, wearing tuxedoes, walked in with Leonardo and the Dot, who was already in her basketball disguise, walked into the North Joseonean Embassy in Zhou. They were greeted at the front desk by a friendly secretary wearing formal business clothes from the 1980's. She was typing on an old, bulky computer when they entered.

Secretary:"Hwan-yeong!" (Welcome!)

Clovis:"Sorry, we don't speak Chinese..."

Dave slapped him.

Dave:"It's Korean, not Chinese!"

Clovis:"Oh, right...we're at the embassy..."

The secretary giggled.

Secretary:"Oh, it is Ok! I speak English. How can I help you?"

Dot:"Hi, I am famous basketball player Daniel Rockman. My security guards and I would like to visit your country!"

Secretary:"Of course! All we will need are all of your passports and the money for the tours and the hotel."

Dot took out her wallet and gave the secretary her passport and the money. Dave, Clovis, and Leonardo did the same.

Secretary:"We also have some paperwork for you all to sign, and then we will immediately bus you out to our specialized hotel, where we'll fly you all to the country tomorrow."

Dave:"Thank you ma'am. We'll get the paperwork done tonight."

Secretary:"Oh, here's the shuttle driver..."

The Secretary told the driver in Korean to take the travelers to the North Joseonean hotel. The driver, who was dressed in a black suit, bowed in front of the travelers, who did the same.

Shuttle Driver:"Follow me."

The Shuttle Driver took the group to the shuttle, which was a black van with nothing written on it. As they fastened their seatbelts, Dave whispered to Clovis and Leonardo:"Don't do anything stupid. The hotels are bugged."


Dave:"Bugged, as in, we'll be spied on during the stay at the hotel..."

Dot, who had gotten her own room, slipped into her pajamas as she climbed into bed. She still kept her basketball penguin disguise on since she knew there were spy cameras in the hotel rooms. As she pulled the blanket over herself, there was a knock at her door.


The knock occurred again, this time, more harder. Dot threw off her pajamas and put on her basketball uniform. She peeked through the door to see a North Joseonean general standing in front of her door. Dot panicked for a moment but she eventually calmed herself and opened the door with confidence.


The general, in a thick Korean accent, said:"Hello. May I, ask you a favor?"


General:"Listen. The Dear Leader, Kim Il Sunguin, knows of your arrival tomorrow. He is a big fan of basketball, and he wants you to visit him."

Dot:"Oh, sure, dude! I'll do it! Anything for the Dear Leader! That's why I came!"

General:"Good. In good spirits you all will be tomorrow when you come to our glorious capital, Pyongchang. Goodnight, sir."

Dot:"Good night."

Dot closed the door and sighed in relief.

That next morning, at 5:30 in the morning, several North Joseonean embassy workers banged on everyone's doors, telling them to wake up and get prepared to leave immediately. Clovis, Leonardo, Dave, and Dot quickly rushed to get themselves organized, packed their suitcases, and made their way back into the same shuttle that they arrived in- this time, they went to the Pecking Airport, where they immediately boarded an Air Goreyo flight to Pyongchang.

Air Goryo, as the national flag carrier of North Joseon, offered an old fashioned plane from 1980's Rusca as the flight to Pyongchang. While on the flight, Leonardo was scared for his life, and hid in Clovis's hat.

Clovis:"Some airline this is..."

Dave:"Welcome to North Jo...err...I mean the Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon."

Clovis:"Well, although the flight attendants are hot, I can't stand the food and the entertainment here. The food is unbearably inedible, and the only movies they are showing are propaganda songs! I mean, the in flight newspaper is a freaking English newspaper that only praises Kim Il Sunguin!"

Dave:"Again. Welcome to the Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon. Just wait until we actually get there."

As they approached the seemingly barren land that was North Joseon, the airplane eventually landed on a poorly maintained runway at the Pyongchang Airport. Once the airplane had fully stopped, Clovis looked out of the window to see the airport's only terminal. He took out his phone and took a picture of it.

Pyongchang Airport.png

Clovis:"Uh...did we just time travel back to the 1970's?"

Dave:"No. This is the Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon. Get used to it. Most buildings look like this."

Clovis:"Wow. They don't even have gates!"

Dave:"Yep. They're going to send buses to pick us up, see?"


The airplane parked in a lot with its comrades, and everyone got off the plane and into the airport. Once everyone had gotten through the customs, Dot, Dave, Clovis, and Leonardo were met by their Guides, or Government Minders.

Minder 1:"Greetings, everyone! I will be your Guide here with my partner."

Minder 2:"We are extremely grateful that you all have come to visit the Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon, the paradise for all penguins and puffles, founded by our Great Leader, Kim Il Sunguin."

Minder 1 looked at Dot, and said:"Ah, you must be Mr. Daniel Rockman, famous basketball player from USA, yes?"

Dot:"Yes. Listen, we are very tired. We'd like to go to our hotel right now since we're totally jet lagged..."

Minder 1:"Oh no, first we must take you to the statue of our Great Leader, Kim Il Sunguin! It is customary!"

Dot:"I'd love to do it, but not right now, I just want to rest..."

Minder 2:"Kim Il Sunguin first, rest later! That is number one rule here!"

The Minders rushed the group into a small bus, and they drove into downtown Pyongchang. Everyone felt as if they had time traveled back to the 1980's. The cars, buildings, primitive billboards, and clothing of the citizens seem to resemble a distant Communist Era that the rest of Antarctica had abandoned. Everyone was impressed by the large roads that Pyongchang had, but they were shocked to see that there were very little to no cars on the road. They soon found themselves in front of a giant park.

Minder 1:"Please follow us!"

Cult of Personality.png

The Minder led the group down a broad concrete path and up several concrete steps to two giant copper statues of Kim Il Sunguin and his son, Jong Arnold. As everyone approached the colossal metal statues, Minder 2 gave everyone a bouquet of flowers.

Minder 2:"Go and give these flowers to the two Dear leaders. Pay your respect and bow down to them."

Everyone walked over to the statues and laid the bouquets of flowers at their feet. Everyone bowed except for Clovis.

Minder 1:"Mistah! You must bow to the Great Leader!"

Clovis did not bow.

Minder 2:"That is an ordah! Do it now!"

Clovis looked up and he thought he saw the statue of Kim Il Sunguin look at him evilly. Clovis became stiff and tense, and he bowed rather slowly and awkwardly.

Minder 1:"Gooood! See, it wasn't so bad, wasn't it comrade?"

Clovis:"It was harder than you think."

Minder 1:"Nonsense! Now we take you to your hotel!"

The small tour bus brought the group onto a small island in the middle of the Teik-dong river in downtown Pyongchang, where there was a huge skyscraper that was their hotel. After going through a security checkpoint, much to Clovis and Dave's distaste, the bus parked in front of the hotel and everyone checked into their rooms. Clovis and Leonardo slept in one room, Dave in a second, and Dot in the third.

Clovis looked out of the window of his hotel to see the skyline of Pyongchang, which seemed to get more and more darker as the sun was setting. There seemed to be few functional lights in the city. Clovis turned on the television to hear a bunch of women singing in Korean and newsreels of Kim Il Sunguin visiting places.

Propaganda, Clovis thought. He couldn't imagine what it would be like to only be able to hear this all day. He didn't want to say anything negative to Leonardo, because he already knew that the hotel rooms were also bugged. Hence, Clovis prepared himself for bed and immediately went to sleep.

The next morning, everyone was surprised when they saw that the limousine in front of the hotel was for them. Dot, who was already in her basketball outfit, was among the most excited. As they approached the large sports stadiums, crowds of North Joseonean commoners lined the streets and waved long bouquets of fluffy pink flowers and cheered for Dot as they arrived. The limousine stopped right in front of the stadium, where there was a red carpet.

A guard opened the door, and the first penguin to greet them was...Kim Il Sunguin.

Everyone immediately came out and bowed in front of him, and he did the same to them.

Kim Il Sunguin:"Greetings, all. You are all welcome guests to the penguins' paradise known as Joseon. Come, and let's enjoy the game, Mr...."

Dot:"Daniel Rockman! Retired basketball player from the USA."

Kim Il Sunguin:"Ah yes, Good to meet you."

Kim Il Sunguin shook "Daniel Rockman"'s flipper.

Kim Il Sunguin then noticed Clovis, Dave, and Leonardo.

Kim Il Sunguin:"So who are these other guests?"

Dot:"Oh, they're my bodyguards and my friends."

Kim Il Sunguin:"Nice to meet you all as well."

Kim Il Sunguin shook Clovis and Dave's flippers as well, though he gave Clovis a very strange look. Maybe it was because Clovis's face reminded him of his brother, Swiss Ninja, somehow. Kim Il Sunguin led everyone into the stadium, which had been converted into a basketball court. Kim Il Sunguin and the foreign visitors sat together at a black table, only a meter away from the sidelines of a game that was going to happen between two North Joseonean teams.

As everyone was enjoying the game, Kim Il Sung leaned towards Dot and said:"Please, I want President Spike Hike and USA Treasurer Barrick Abanana to call me. I want to talk to them."

Dot, in utter shock, nodded and continued to watch the game.

Later that day, after the game had ended, Kim Il Sunguin treated everyone for lunch at his palace at the outskirts of the city. Everyone agreed that it was the best food they had ever had in North Joseon. Afterwards, they returned to their hotel to relax. Now, Dot would commence phase two of the operation and pretend to be sick to stay at the hotel. That night, at dinner, Dot refused to eat her dinner at the hotel and excused herself to her room. After the three finished their meals, Dave, Clovis, and Leonardo went to Clovis's and Leonardo's hotel room.

Dave:"Are you ready?"

Clovis:"Yes, but what about...."

Dave:"Don't worry, I found out where all of them are..."

Clovis:"Where are they?"

Dave walked towards the television. He unplugged the chord and turned it around so that it faced the wall. He also unplugged the radio and put it in the bathroom.

Dave:"Those are good probable places. Other than that, I doubt there is anything else. Let's get ready."

Everyone took out their gear from their suitcases and prepared for their departure. Leonardo opened the window to release a whiff of cool air breeze that chilled the room.

Clovis:"The night is cold, but our mission is hot with danger and risk."

Dave:"Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

Dave took out several ropes and grapples. He attached them to the hotel room window sill, and the three agents quietly climbed their way down to the ground level. They could see several North Joseonean guards with flashlights marching around the hotel premises in the distance.

Dave made a soft whistle noise, causing the guards to come towards their direction.

Clovis:"Dave! Why would you do that!"

Dave:"You'll see. Everyone, hide in the bushes!"

As the two guards neared, Dave quickly took out a strange black object and threw it at them. Immediately, the object exploded to release painful teargas.

Dave:"RUN! Let's go before we get caught and before the teargas reaches us..."

The three ran away quickly. They reached the bridge but did not cross it.

Dave:"It is too risky to go above. Here, everyone take these..."

Dave gave Clovis and Leonardo special magnets that they could use to cling onto the bridge and climb under the bridge, which they did. Once they fully crossed, they hid behind the shadows of the buildings.

Clovis:"So, where are we going to?"

Dave:"The military headquarters. It is only a few blocks away from here."

Dave led everyone towards a large, menacing grey building made of concrete.

Clovis:"Is this it?"

Dave:"You bet it is."

Leonardo:"I don't like it here. Why do the street lights flicker on and off...or stay dark so long?"

Dave:"It isn't to creep us out. It's because this country is too poor to supply itself enough electricity all the time..."

Dave took out some suction cup gloves and gave some to Clovis. Leonardo hopped on Clovis's back as Clovis and Dave began to quietly climb up the concrete building. After a few moments, Dave froze under a window.

Clovis:"Dave! What is it?"

Dave:"This is the window."

Clovis:"For what?"

Dave:"You'll see."

Dave threw his feet over his head as he crashed himself through the window and unleashed his deletion pistol. By the time that Clovis was able to climb into the room, Dave had deleted two North Joseonean soldiers and had the third tied up in a rope.

Clovis:"Wow. You're fast."

Dave:"You still have much to learn. This is a profession. Back in the days of the PSA, admittance was limited."

Clovis:"Can I at least do the questioning?"

Dave:"Don't need to. We're going to intercept the information right now..."

Clovis then realized that the room was a communications center, and Dave went to one of the old computers to recover recent military communications. Dave plugged the spy phone into the computer, which began to receive the data from the computer and was immediately translated and stored onto the EPF's databases. When all the downloading was complete, the spy phone beeped.

Dave:"I guess that is enough."

Clovis:"So wait, what is the point of tying up this guy?"

Dave:"Well, didn't want to delete or kill him because he didn't attack me. We'll be nice and make sure he sleeps well tonight. When he wakes, he won't remember a thing."

Dave grabbed a chair and slammed it on the soldier's head. The soldier fell unconscious.

Clovis:"That did the trick!"

Clovis untied the rope that was wrapped around the soldier and gave it back to Dave. Another mission had been complete.

Chapter 4:Desperate Measures[edit]

A few days later, everyone returned to Club Penguin all in one peace. They immediately went to the EPF Headquarters to receive a message from the Director.

Director:"Good work, everyone. The information we recovered was helpful and resourceful."

Clovis:"What have we found?"

Director:"According to the data collected, the North Joseoneans have only pulled out some of their major missiles, but no major military movement is planned. Hence, this mission is completely finished and we can safely say that all these threats are bluster."


Dave nudged Clovis hard.

Clovis:"I mean, great news."

Director:"Yes indeed. Agent Clovis and Leonardo, you may continue on with your mission with finding Gerda. Any new intel?"

Clovis:"They say she may be in Frankterre. We're going to investigate immediately."

Director:"Ah, good. I'll make sure that we'll hook you two up with a Frankterran EPF Agent when you arrive so you have some extra help. You may remember him..."

The sun was shining brightly as Clovis and Leonardo left the Charles de Gol Airport in Parie, Frankterre. A well composed penguin with a clean black tuxedo greeted them.

"Bonjour, Agents Clovis and Leonardo."

Clovis:"Well, if it isn't Agent Jean Claude."

Jean Claude:"Oui. It is I..."

Clovis:"The last time we saw each other was during the Case of the Missing Baguette. That stupid chef should have known that the stupid piece of bread was in the oven the whole time."

Jean Claude laughed, remembering the event.

Jean Claude:"So I hear you are here to find someone, am I correct? Named Gerda von Volkmar?"


Leonardo:"They say that she was sold to this illegal underground slave company known as the Black Skulls."

Jean Claude:"I am aware of their existence."

Leonardo:"The jail warden who sold her off said that the alias of the company was known as 'Sunshine Cleaners'. Does that ring a bell?"

Jean Claude:"Sort of. I have some friends who use their services. This is quite interesting; we have never received any suspicions from them until now..."

Clovis:"Oh, we'll soon crack the case soon, Monsieur!"

Jean Claude led Leonardo and Clovis to his shiny black car. They drove away to downtown Parie.

Clovis:"So do you know where they are located?"

Jean Claude:"Non. Je ne sais pas."

Clovis:"Well, where do we begin?"

Jean Claude:"Well, in truth, I am not here to help you. I originally was, but I have another important mission. I'm just here to take you to your hotel. If you want the best advice, you'll have to find Agent Sauvage."

Clovis:"Uh...I've never heard of him."

Jean Claude:"Her, not him. Her full name is Madame Antoinette Sauvage."

Clovis:"I like her name."

Jean Claude:"It fits her well. She is a renegade agent, and quite a loose cannon."

Clovis:"And she's still in the force?"

Jean Claude:"Oui. Despite her lack of complete loyalty, she's the best agent we've got here in Frankterre."

Clovis:"Wow. So where do we look for her?"

Jean Claude:"She is a lively penguin. You can find her either at any of Parie's various street cafes or dance clubs..."

Leonardo:"That sounds helpful. There are tons of restaurants, cafes, and dance clubs across Parie. How can we possibly find her?"

Jean Claude:"Well, I'll be brief. She visits the most popular restaurants and dance clubs in the city. Good luck, agents Leonardo and Clovis."

Jean Claude drove in front of the hotel, and several bellhops began to unload the bags.

Clovis:"Thank you for your service."

Jean Claude:"It's always a pleasure to help a fellow agent."


After they had settled at their hotel, Clovis and Leonardo went out to explore the city.

Clovis:"Ah Parie! Nothing beats its amazing sights, sounds and smells!"

Leonardo:"I like Parie too, but you act like you've never been here before!"

Clovis:"Ah, well Parie always brings surprises each time I come."

Leonardo:"They may not be good surprises soon once we get on this case."

Clovis:"I know. Parie is definitely not exempt from crime like everyone else."

Leonardo:"So where to first?"

Clovis:"Well, let's get something to eat. How about we go to that Boulangerie over there and get ourselves some sandwiches? I love baguettes."

Leonardo:"Sure. Same here."

Clovis and Leonardo walked into the Frankterran bakery and took their seats at a small table. They ordered two baguette sandwiches with brie. Clovis and Leonardo didn't talk to each other because Clovis was eavesdropping a conversation between one of the bakers and a Puffish customer in English.

Customer:"Excuse me, sir. I was here yesterday. Who was that woman that was chatting with you yesterday?"

Baker:"Her name is Antoinette Sauvage. Why do you want to know?"

Customer:"Oh, well she invited me to dance with her yesterday at one of the local dance clubs, but I denied, sadly. I'm only here for a limited time and I wanted to see more of the tourist sites. But man, she was attractive."

Baker:"Oui, she is a regular here. Usually comes in for breakfast. She's a nice girl."

Clovis:"Say, where can I find her?"

Baker:"That is none of your business! How dare you intervene in our conversation!"

Clovis:"I apologize. But this is of utmost importance."

The Baker did not seem convinced. He couldn't take Clovis seriously.

"Why? What for?"

Clovis:"It's classified."

Baker:"Well so is this then."

Clovis:"This is serious business! I need to know!"

Baker:"No. You don't. Now get out of my store! I have the right not to serve you!"

Clovis:"I'm not leaving until I have answers. I have the right to know."

Baker:"LEAVE! NOW!"


Suddenly, the baker pulled out a pistol and shot at Clovis several times. In a split second decision, Clovis dropped to the floor before the bullets could hit him. The bullets blasted across the room and shattered the bakery's large front window. Before the baker had any time to reload, Clovis and Leonardo already had their pistols out and they jumped on the Baker furiously. In a matter of moments after a futile struggle, the baker found himself being pinned down to the ground by Clovis and Leonardo.

Clovis took out his handcuffs and cuffed the baker.

Baker:"WHAT? Are those hancuffs?!! Wait!"

Clovis:"Yes. And you are under arrest!"

Leonardo:"For assaulting EPF Agents!"

Baker:"EPF Agents! Wait, stop! I'll tell you! I'll tell you! I'm a fellow EPF agent too! From the Frankterran division..."

Clovis:"Likely story."

Baker:"No, I'm serious! If you let me go, I'll take you to Madame Sauvage!"

Clovis:"Fine. But I'm confiscating your gun."

Baker:"You can't do that!"

Clovis:"Yes I can. You abused it, and I'm a high ranking agent. My name is Clovis Hochstadt."

Baker:"The Clovis Hochstadt?"

Clovis:"Yea. I guess you've never seen me before."

Baker:"No. Only heard about you in the paper."

Leonardo:"Don't let all that pride get to your head, Clovis. I was with you too."

Clovis:"Right, sorry."

Clovis took the baker's gun that was on the floor and put it in his pocket. He un-cuffed the baker, and they all walked out of the bakery towards the dance club that Antoinette Sauvage was at.

The Puffish customer, who had been hiding under a table, finally came out after the whole ordeal.

Customer:"So....does that mean I can't have any more coffee?"

The baker led Clovis and Leonardo through the streets of Parie towards the city center. Eventually, only a few streets down from the bakery, they had arrived at the dance club. Clovis and Leonardo could hear the music being played from outside.

Baker:"This is it."


Baker:"Any time. But you must know one thing."


Baker:"Madame Sauvage is a loose cannon. Just asking her won't win her on your side."

Clovis:"Then....what will?"

Baker:"You must impress her....by dancing!"

Clovis's eyes grew big and his heart started fluttering.


Leonardo:"Just try, Clovis. Give it all you got. If we don't win her over, we can always try plan B like we did the baker..."

Clovis:"Something I'm not fond of. She's probably more talented in combat."

Baker:"She is."

Clovis:"Well, I will do my best. The life of Gerda von Volkmar and Gottfried's happiness are in my flippers. I must not disappoint them."

Leonardo:"That's the spirit!"

Clovis:"All right, let's go. Adieu, monseiur!"

Baker:"Adieu, Clovis."

Clovis and Leonardo went to the entrance of the Dance Club, where they were met by a security guard.

Clovis:"Admittance for two, please."

Guard:"Reservations, please?"

Clovis:"We didn't order any. I'm willing to pay here."

Guard:"Sorry. We're sold out. Get lost, boys. You two don't look the partying types."

Clovis took out his EPF badge and showed it to the guard.

Guard:"I don't care. We're a clean establishment, and there's nothing for you to investigate here. Move along!"

Clovis:"You've tried my patience."

Suddenly, the Guard groaned sharply and fell to the ground, asleep. Clovis pulled the sleeping dart that was stuck on his foot.

Leonardo:"Was that necessary?"

Clovis:"Yes. It always works. Hey, at least he isn't dead. I wouldn't do that."

Clovis and Leonardo went into the dance club, where they walked into a large crowd of dancing penguins and loud music. Clovis and Leonardo started dancing wildly with everyone else. Suddenly, Leonardo jumped on Clovis's shoulder and yelled:"So wait, we don't know what she looks like!!"

Clovis:"Shoot! Let me ask someone!"

Clovis tapped one of the penguins next to him.



Clovis:"I'm looking for Antoinette Sauvage..."

The Penguin looked across the room and pointed at her. Antoinette was dancing near the DJ with a bunch of her friends.


Clovis and Leonardo danced their way progressively near Antoinette Sauvage.

Clovis:"Well, it's time to show off my dance skills....that I didn't know I possess...or didn't..."

Leonardo:"Good luck!"

Clovis Dancing.png

The music cranked up as Clovis started dancing the best he could in front of Antoinette. She didn't seem to notice at first. Leonardo immediately left Clovis and jumped onto the shoulder of the DJ. Leonardo whispered to him and gave him twenty coins. He immediately changed the song to this:

Leonardo:"I think this will fit the mood. Heheh."

Clovis:"You HAD to choose this song..."

Leonardo:"It's catchy, now DANCE YOUR PANTS OFF!"

Clovis began to dance crazily, like he had never danced before. He immediately began to gain the attention of the crowd...and Antoinette.

Antoinette:"Who's this?"

Friend:"I don't know."

Antoinette:"Let's see what he's got..."

Antoinette started dancing in front of him. Clovis tried his best to keep his cool and continued to do his moves. Everyone started cheering.

Antoinette said in French:"I challenge you do a dance contest!"

Clovis:"What did you say?"

Antoinette:"Oh. You speak English. I said, I'll challenge you to a dance contest!"

Clovis:"Challenge accepted?"

Antoinette and Clovis started dancing crazily. Eventually, the limelight fell on the two of them as the music was blasting. They had moved to the middle of the dance floor. Leonardo jumped on Clovis's shoulder.

Leonardo:"Would you like a duo?"

Clovis:"Well, like they say, two's a company, three's a crowd!"

Leonardo and Clovis started dancing next to each other. Penguins started clapping their flippers; them males were cheering for Clovis and Leonardo while the females were cheering for Antoinette. Then, as the music drew to a close, Clovis and Antoinette made poses once the music finished. There was a loud applause.

Antoinette:"You've impressed me. Is there something you want?"

Clovis:"Yes, but we must speak alone..."

Antoinette:"Oh, you want to go romantic, huh? You don't have to keep it a secret."

Clovis:"Not that. Come with me."

Chapter 5: Infiltration[edit]

Clovis led Antoinette to the outside of the building. Leonardo followed.

Clovis:"We need to speak in a private place."


Clovis:"It's a secret..."

Antoinette:"I'm getting suspicious of you, now. At first I thought it was romance."

Clovis took out his badge. Leonardo did the same. Antoinette nodded as she understood why they had come. She led them into an alley.

Clovis:"Agent Jean Claude is on a mission right now, and we've come looking for you to help us."

Antoinette:"Well, guessing on your desperation, I'm guessing you need dire help. There are few agents that can persuade me, but you and your puffle are exceptions."

Clovis:"We're looking for a missing penguin named Gerda von Volkmar."

Antoinette:"Well, that sounds like an Alemanian name...."

Clovis:"Well, she was kidnapped by the Snoss government there. Apparently, they sold her to some illegal underground slave market in Parie."

Antoinette:"Slave market? Are you sure? That must be just Snoss propaganda!"

Clovis:"No. I interrogated the jailer when I broke into the maximum prison that they had her in...She is here in Parie."

Antoinette:"Oh yes? And what is the name of this....illegal underground slave market?"

Clovis:"Their real name are the Black Skulls, but are disguised under the name 'Sunshine Cleaners'. Sounds familiar?"

Antoinette:"Both names do. I see Black Skulls occasionally graffiti painted in the bad parts of town. I hire Sunshine Cleaners to do my home, but I don't suspect anything bad from them."

Clovis:"Well, they enslave women to be free laborers and cleaners. These penguins that are running it are allegedly West Pengolians."

Antoinette:"I'm not surprised. Parts of our city are getting flooded with new immigrants as we speak. Many are coming from West Pengolia, the Melodeeves, and Slumalia."

Clovis:"Hmm. Will it be easy to track down the headquarters of 'Sunshine Cleaners'?"

Antoinette:"Oui. Now that I think about it, they do not let anyone inside the building. I usually have someone from their work come at the door to assist me. Very strange, I realize. I will help you investigate this. I want to know what is really going on."

Clovis:"Merci, Madame. You won't be sorry."

Antoinette:"All right. Follow me. I'll take you my car so we can drive there."

Antoinette drove Clovis and Leonardo into the outskirts of the city, where crowds of immigrants were living. The large apartment buildings, seeming centuries old, looked deteriorated due to their lack of maintenance. It appeared as if all the Pariesian natives and Frankterrans had left the area to live in other areas.

Clovis:"Geez, this place almost look like the slums..."

Antoinette:"The immigrants have scared the natives away, since ethnic gangs have developed. Most Frankterran natives and tourists are afraid to come to these parts anymore because they are so dangerous."

Leonardo:"Why are they so?"

Antoinette:"They're poor, and looking for a better life. They think they can get what they want by being refugees and asking us for money. But we aren't an immigrant nation. We never were. That's the United States of Antarctica. Calada. Unspoiled lands with endless opportunities. Not us. We are long established, with a solid culture. We are proud of it, yet as time goes on, we see it fade....Immigrants are fine, but they are more of a financial and cultural burden than any real benefit besides population increase."

Clovis:"Is the place nearby?"

Antoinette:"Oui. It's just around the block, but I won't park in front of it, for safety reasons."

Antoinette parked the car, and the three exited with caution. They walked in front of the building that had the "Sunshine Cleaners" logo in French. Antoinette knocked the door. A Khanz Penguin opened the top half of the door.

Khanz Penguin:"Bonjour Madam Sauvage!"

Antoinette:"Bonjour. May we come in?"

Khanz Penguin:"No need to! Our services are done right here."

Clovis:"Excuse me, but we have orders to come into the building. We have a warrant."

The Khanz Penguin grimaced at Clovis.

Khanz Penguin:"And who are you?"

Clovis:"That's none of your business. We are the EPF and we're just here to investigate an allegation..."

Khanz Penguin:"You're waisting your time! Go away! We are a respectable company and we are good to our employees!"

Clovis:"Ok then. Can we at least come visit the company's CEO?"

Khanz Penguin:"CEO?"

Clovis:"Yeah, you know! The big boss!"

Khanz Penguin:"Oh, yes. I see. Well i guess I can take you to see him at his office, but NO LOOKING AROUND WHILE YOU'RE INSIDE, GOT IT?"

Clovis:"Ok. We won't stay long. We're just going to ask him a few questions..."

The Pengolian Khanz Penguin appeared genuinely annoyed. Nevertheless, after undoing several locks, he opened the door to let the three in. He led them through a dimly lit hallway. At one point, they approached a doorway to another room, but before we could see inside, the Khanz Penguin told us to stay where we were, and he immediately closed the door and locked it. Antoinette and Clovis looked at each other. The penguins and Leonardo walked on and passed the kitchen, which was full of congregated Khanz Penguins and Slumolians drinking Cream Soda. They had stopped laughing and chatting when Clovis, Leonardo, and Antoinette passed.

Eventually, the Khanz Penguin led them to a room at the end of the building. The Khanz Penguin knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Swinger. We have some guests."

"Bring them in..."

Swinger opened the door to reveal a large Slumolian Penguin dressed in a sharp tuxedo. The room looked old and shabby like the rest of the building, but the Boss had a large desk that was carefully crafted. The only source of light in the room was a lamp on his desk.

Boss:"Welcome. Please sit down, all three of you."

The three penguins sat down as Swinger closed the door and stood in front of it.

Boss:"How can I help you three?"

Clovis:"We're looking for someone who was kidnapped. Her name is Gerda Von Volkmar."

The Boss's eyes seemed to flare for a moment, but it quickly left.

Boss:"Never heard that name before."

Clovis took out a picture of her and gave it to him. Again, his eyes seem to flare and his eyes seemed to bounce around frantically at the picture. It was clear that he recognized her.

Boss:"I don't know her. Never seen her. But she is rather pretty."

Clovis:"Very well..."

Antoinette:"We're here because Gerda's case has led to an allegation that your company is not what it seems. They say that you kidnap women and use them as free laborers for your cleaning services."

Boss:"That is total nonsense! Just propaganda made up from Frankterrans that oppose immigrants..."

Clovis:"We didn't learn this from the Frankterrans, but from the Snoss Government."

The Boss stood up and yelled:"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? We are innocent and are not involved in anything illegal! Who are you anyways?"

Leonardo:"The EPF. We got a warrant to come here."

The Boss grew very angry he approached Swinger. Swinger was holding his slapping fish.


Swinger:"Uhhh...yes sir...."




The Boss snatched Swinger's fish and started slapping him with it harshly and constantly.

Clovis:"That is enough! We don't have all day!"


Clovis chuckled.

Clovis:"We aren't going anywhere, bub."

Clovis pulled out his pistol and pointed it at the Boss.

Boss:"Woah there, agent. We can negotiate...."

Clovis:"Good. Now go sit down at your desk."

The Boss went back to his desk. He opened a drawer.

Boss:"Sure, we can negotiate....AFTER I DO!"

The Boss pulled out a machine gun and started firing ice bullets into the room. Clovis, Leonardo, and Antoinette dodged the icebullets that ravaged the room. Immediately, Clovis pulled his gun out again and started firing back at the Boss. Antoinette and Leonardo had already tackled Swinger and had him flipper cuffed.

Boss:"AAAAH! Boys! Get out here! We've got ourselves some intruders!"

Clovis shot his deletion pistol at the Boss, who was hit square in the forehead and sucked into the Cybervoid.

Clovis:"Oops. Direct shot!"

Clovis, Leonardo, and Antoinette charged at the approaching penguins, and they started to fight with them flipper to flipper, with a few moments of gunfire. The whole building was filled the sound of scuffling and grunts as several of the penguins were thrown to the ground in pain or deleted. Eventually, there were only five penguins still alive. All of them were badly beaten up, and they were tied to chairs.

Clovis and Leonardo scoured the building and slammed open several of the doors that were locked. They were surprised to see tons of women and children that were chained to their beds.

Clovis:"This is bad."

Leonardo:"Really bad. How could this have gone un-noticed?"

Clovis approached one of the female penguins.


Female Penguin:"Yes. Are you here to save us?"


Clovis deleted the chain from the penguin, as well as her comrades' chains too.

Clovis showed them a picture of Gerda von Volkmare.

Clovis:"Does this penguin look familiar to you?"

Female Penguin:"Yes! She does! I think she is staying in the room right next to us..."

Clovis ran out of the room and blasted through the locked door. There was nobody inside except a young boy. Clovis found his flippers tied up with rope, and he cut the bonds with a knife. Clovis showed him a picture of Gerda, and the kid nodded his head. Antoinette came to translate what he had to say.

Clovis:"So he's seen her?"

Antoinette:"Yes, but they took her away just recently."

Clovis:"Does he know who took her away?"

Antoinette:"No clue."

Clovis:"Drats! So close, but yet so far! Well, I guess that means we will have to interrogate the guys..."

Clovis, Leonardo, and Antoinette brought the five penguins to an empty room in the building where the main electrical outlets were. Clovis had acquired several copper wires from the building and had tied them around each penguin in a chair. The wires were all connected to the electrical switches in the room.

Clovis:"All right. Somebody here has to know where Gerda von Volkmar is. I'm holding the picture of her in front of you all so you can see."

Clovis walked up to the first penguin in the chair.

Clovis:"Certainly YOU know. Tell us."

Penguin 1:"Non! Forget it! I would rather die than tell you anything!"

Clovis:"Antoinette, pull the switch!!!!"


Clovis:"Just pull it!"

Antoinette pulled the switch briefly and all five penguins were stunned by the electrocution.

Clovis:"I'm going to ask you again, WHO DID YOU GIVE GERDA VON VOLKMAR TO??? WHERE IS SHE?!?"

Clovis pointed his deletion pistol at the penguin's forehead. The penguin simply spat in Clovis's face and screamed:"NEVER!"

Clovis blasted the penguin with his deletion pistol, and the penguin screamed for his life as he was sucked into the Cybervoid.

Clovis:"WHO'S NEXT?"

Eventually, four more penguins were deleted until the last one was left, who was Swinger.

Clovis:"Well Swinger. Looks like it's just you and me. Do YOU know where Gerda Von Volkmar is?"

Swinger:"I will not tell you anything!"

Clovis:"My patience is waning. You BETTER tell me."

Swinger:"I said NO. I will not betray my brothers."

Clovis sighed. He waved to Antoinette, who pulled the switch again. Swinger was in pain, but he looked angrily at Clovis.



Clovis had had enough. He picked up Swinger's fish on the floor, and started slapping him with it, just as his Boss had did. Swinger could not take it no longer.

Swinger:"STOP! STOP! I'll TALK!"


Swinger:"Heck no!"

Clovis continued to slap Swinger, only harder.

Swinger:"OK! OK! FINE!!!! AAAAH! I can't take the pain anymore!"


Swinger:"We sold her away, we sold her away! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!"


Swinger:"I don't know! I don't know!"

Clovis:"Yes. You. Do."

Clovis slapped Swinger again.

Swinger:"I am honest! None of us know! They didn't even give us their name or ethnicity!"

Clovis:"So you have NO idea where they're from? Didn't they have some sort of accent?"

Swinger:"Well, it just seemed Asiapelagoan..."

Clovis sighed.

Clovis:"You're useless."

Clovis punched Swinger so hard that he fell over onto the ground, unconscious.

Clovis:"All right. Let's go. We'll have to go through the city's traffic cameras then..."

Leonardo:"Wait, we can't just leave him here."

Clovis:"Why not?"

Leonardo:"He's still a penguin. Let's take him to the hospital."

Clovis:"Very well."

Suddenly, Clovis's EPF Phone rang.


"Clovis, this is the Director. We have another important mission for you. Please report to Club Penguin as soon as possible."

Clovis:"Very well."

Leonardo:"What happened?"

Clovis:"We have another mission. Let's make this trip to the hospital brief so we can catch the next flight to Club Penguin."

Chapter 6:Mission of No Return[edit]

Clovis and Leonardo had arrived in Club Penguin in good spirits. They had no idea on what was in store for them, and they were genuinely surprised when they walked in. There were several top agents, military generals, and USA soldiers standing in the EPF HQ. They all were staring at Clovis and Leonardo when they arrived.

Clovis:"Oh...shoot...I guess we aren't supposed to be here?"

Dave Hochstadt stood forward.

Dave:"No. You two are exactly whom we have been waiting for."

The Director appeared on the screen.

"Come forward, Clovis and Leonardo."

Clovis:"Greetings, Director. What is going on?"

Director:"The government of the USA and several other UAN nations, including Castilla, are requesting a very important investigation to be done."

Clovis:"This seems important. We will lay aside our mission with finding Gerda for now. It was going nowhere, anyways."

Director:"I am sorry to hear that. Well, let's get into your current mission. The UAN has recently approved of a Penguin and Puffle Rights investigation on the country of North Joseon. We are receiving intelligence from defectors, and only defectors, that the nation is starving, and worse of all, filled with brutal political prisoner camps. Such atrocities that threaten the stability of a happy life can not be tolerated anywhere, and for that we must investigate this and bring justice. We all hope that both of you have the capability and knowledge to bring these evils to light in the UAN Council."

Clovis:"Can Dave come with us?"

Dave:"No. I have another mission to do. I will not be able to help you this time."

Clovis:"Drats. Director, do you think I am ready?"

Leonardo:"You mean, we are ready?"

Director:"Yes. No doubt. Be warned though that this will be the hardest mission you will ever face. You have seen this country's pretty side, but you will soon see it's ugliness. I must caution you that if you two are caught, you risk getting sent to the political prison camps, where you may never return."

Clovis:"Yes, sir. We understand. But we will get this done."

Director:"I am entrusting you with several cameras; both regular and hidden that can also record as video."

Clovis:"You have our word, we will not fail you."

Director:"That doens't matter. Just come back alive."



Leonardo:"Can we visit Castilla before we go?"

Director:"I suppose so. Just to say your last Adieu. Then it is off to Zhou, where from there you must get access to North Joseon. Northern Zhou has is populated with North Joseonean refugees in hiding. They will help you. Good luck you two."

Clovis:"Thank you, Director."

Clovis and Leonardo saluted their leader, and walked out of the EPF HQ. They quickly made their way to King George's Island, where they flew an airplane back to their home country, Castilla.

Clovis and Leonardo arrived in Metido, Castilla, and they quickly took the train back to their hometown of Toledo. They went to see Gottfried to see how he was doing. They found Gottfried sleeping in the city's main plaza, in the shade.

Clovis:"Taking a siesta, I see!"

Gottfried:"Yes. I love Castilla now. I definitely should come here more often. People are friendly, the food is good, and the weather is welcoming."

Leonardo:"You look like you're in paradise!"

Gottfried:"Yes. I am. Though I do hope to go back to Alemania eventually..."

Clovis:"Well...aren't you interested in our search for Gerda?"

Gottfried grew serious and sat up.

Gottfried:"Most certainly."

Clovis:"We still haven't found her. The Snoss had taken her to Snowzerland, and later trafficked her into an underground slave market."

Gottfried seemed horrified and almost appeared as if he was about to faint.

Leonardo:"Don't worry, we're still on the case, Gottfried. We kept following the clues to Frankterre, where we found where she had been, but she wasn't there. They said that she was sold off to a couple penguins that seem to be from the Asiapelago..."

Gottfried:"Mein Gott! This can't be true! Where is she now?"

Clovis:"Most likely in the Asiapelago. Unfortunlately, we have to abandon the search for Gerda again because of another crucial mission- which also involves going to the Asiapelago."

Gottfried:"And what's that?"

Clovis:"Leonardo and I have been assigned to investigate a UAN Probe on North Joseonean Penguin and Puffle Rights violations. The mission is very dangerous and we risk death. This is why we came to Toledo to say our good byes."

Gottfried:"I won't let you do this!"

Clovis:"You can't tell us to go against EPF orders!"

Gottfried:"That is....without me coming along with you guys. Since you guys are going to the Asiapelago, I feel that it is right for me to assist you two. Once we complete the mission, we can immediately get going on finding Gerda- together!"

Clovis:"I don't know. You could be a risk. This mission is very dangerous..."

Gottfried:"Oh, please! I've accompanied you guys in several Hochstadt Gang adventures that were probably just as bad."

Clovis:"No, this is a completely different ball game. The North Joseoneans aren't quite the same as the Snoss. Nor are they as humane or forgiving."

Gottfried:"That doesn't matter! Please, Clovis. I must do this for you. After all, you have tried your best to find Gerda. I must pay you back."

Clovis looked away for a moment, and sighed.

Clovis:"Fine. You can come. Pack your bags immediately. I'll debrief you while we head for the train station. You may not be an EPF Agent, but you are a knight. That can at least count as some sort of usefulness."

Gottfried, Leonardo, and Clovis walked out of the Pecking International Airport in Zhou, feeling jet lagged and exhausted from the crowds of penguins and puffles they had to go through. Once they left the terminal building, Gottfried grimaced and scoffed.

Gottfried:"The air is so polluted! I can't see the sun!"

Clovis:"You don't say. Welcome to Zhou."

Leonardo:"Remember, we're here to investigate North Joseon, not Zhou."


Gottfried:"So...what is our plan? Snatch a boat and secretly sail to North Joseon?"

Clovis:"Not sure. First, we need to talk to the refugees here. They live in secrecy, but once we find them, they'll tell us how to cross into the country incognito. Always learn from the locals."

Gottfried:"Ah yes, good strategy."

Leonardo:"Clovis, did we get a rental car?"

Clovis:"No, not here. We need to take the train to a city in the Hanjuria region. It won't take very long, but that is where most of the refugees are hiding..."

Hence, Clovis, Leonardo, and Gottfried boarded a bus that took them to the train station. After purchasing their tickets, they got inside their train and immediately fell asleep. None of them woke until they had arrived at their destination, when they were woken up by a Zhouese train guard.

Guard:"Arouse! Wake up! I need to see your identification!"

Clovis, Leonardo, and Gottfried gave their passports to the Zhouese guard, who quickly flipped through them and gave them back without a word. The three then walked out of the train to reveal another large city filled with apartments, both old and new, all around.

Clovis:"From here we rent a car. We need to drive in this city's outskirts in the poorer parts of the area, where most of those North Joseonean refugees are hiding."

Thus, Clovis, Leonardo, and Gottfried waddled over to the car rental company across the street from the train station, and they quickly received their car. While dodging traffic, Clovis made his way to the less wealthier part of this Zhouese city. He eventually parked in front of a small building that was squeezed between two high rise apartment buildings.

Clovis:"We're here."

Gottfried:"What is this place?"

Clovis:"A safe house. This is where North Joseonean defectors seek refuge before they are secretly transported down south towards a boat that will take them to freedom in countries such as Malesia, where they can seek Asylum. From there, they typically immigrate to South Joseon or the USA. These houses are typically run by South Joseoneans."


Clovis, Gottfried, and Leonardo got out of the car and locked it. Clovis briskly walked to the door and knocked calmly. There seemed to be some sort of yelling going inside as Clovis waited for a response. Then, the noise died down completely by the time someone slightly opened the door and asked Clovis something in Chinese.

Clovis:"I don't speak Chinese. Do you speak English? Sprechen sie Englisch?"

Gottfried:"Asking them in German won't help!"

Clovis:"I did that for fun. Just to....lighten up the mood...."

The Penguin, who was still peeking at Clovis and Gottfried behind the crack of his doorway, said in a thick accent:"Please go away...we don't accept journalists."

Clovis chuckled, and so did Leonardo. Gottfried stood among them awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

Clovis:"Let's show him."

Clovis and Leonardo dramatically pulled out their EPF Badges and flashed them in front of the penguin. He flinched at first, but after looking closely, he opened the door fully.

Penguin:"Can I help you?"

Clovis:"We're the EPF. We're here on an important investigation."

Penguin:"Well, we have nothing to with with anything so goodbye now!"

The Penguin tried to close the door, but Clovis stopped him.

Clovis:"We are aware you are hiding North Joseoneans here. We want to interview them because we need to expose the atrocities of the regime. This is serious business."

Penguin:"Aaaah! Well why didn't you say so? Come in!"

The Penguin welcomed Clovis, Gottfried, and Leonardo inside. He led them into the room and yelled something, this time in Korean. Several penguins and puffles came out of their hiding spots and were puzzled to see the three strangers.

Penguin:"How would you like to do this?"

Clovis:"I will interview one penguin at a time. Maybe I'll do four or five at them at the most."

Clovis had interviewed four penguins before he chose his final interviewee. After reviewing the notes that Leonardo had taken during the individual interviews, there were several things that were clear. North Joseon was truly in a state of despair due to widespread hunger and an oppressive government. All the interviewees acknowledged the existence of prison camps and were aware of the dire consequences they could face if they were ever caught and sent back to their regime homeland.

As the last penguin walked into the room, he looked a bit dazzled to see that the windows had been covered by the shades, and the only source of light was coming from a lamp that Clovis was holding in his flipper. Clovis would question the North Joseonean refugee through the owner of the Safe House as a translator.

Clovis:"Please, sit down. This will only take a minute."

The refugee timidly sat down.

Clovis:"Leonardo, start a new page for this guy as usual. Oh, and prepare to tear out all the pages you took all the interrogation notes on. We need to mail them later."

Leonardo:"Sure thing."

Clovis:"So....Hello, sir. You are a defector from North Joseon, correct?"


Clovis:"Ok. I'm just making sure. What can I call you by? Do you have a name?"

Defector:"I don't want my identity to be fully exposed. Just call me Mr. Kim."

Clovis:"That sounds a bit too generic of a name, don't you think?"

Defector:"Fine. Call me Jaeing-i."

Clovis:"Sure enough. So tell me, why did you leave your homeland?"

Defector:"I wanted to have a better life. (North) Joseon is starving, as it has been for a while. My family has died of hunger, and we can hardly get by. That is why I decided to risk my life and sail to Zhou so that I do have a chance of having a good life...though I have realized that it is harder than I thought. Now, my goal is the move to the south of Joseon....where I will be safe and guaranteed freedom."

Clovis:"Well said....I'm guessing you came here the same way everyone else did, correct?"


Clovis:"But there is one thing I must ask you that I have not asked anyone else."

Defector:"And that is?"

Clovis:"How did you escape from North Joseon to Zhou?"

Defector:"Why do YOU want to know?"

Clovis:"It doesn't matter why. I am asking you."

Defector:"You take a boat. Typically with the help of some Zhouese fisherman that illegally visit (North) Joseon's northern coast. Otherwise, you just take a small rowboat or a canoe all the way cross in secret. However, the soldiers will shoot at any defectors or any intruders coming in or out of the country....unless they are bribed...."

Clovis:"Thank you for your information."

Defector:"You are welcome. Who are you anyways?"

Clovis:"That is none of your business."

Defector:"I think I should. I want to know why I was interviewed."

Clovis:"I said before, it is nothing of your interest. It's classified information."

Leonardo tore out the pages of all the interviews and placed them in a large Manila Folder.

Leonardo:"All right, it's all ready to be shipped."

Clovis:"Good. The more evidence we have, the better. Let's get ready to leave immediately for Zhou's coast. We are going to infiltrate immediately. The rest of you are excused."

The Safe House owner left the room quietly, while the Defector was grumbling to himself. Clovis and Leonardo were too oblivious to see that the Defector was holding a walkie-talkie in his flipper....

Chapter 7:Hard Knock Life[edit]

It was a cloudy and unpleasant day for a boat ride across the Taedong Channel. The waters were rough and unappealing as the wind blew wildly and coldly. The wind and waves were really rocking the small rowboat that Clovis, Gottfried, and Leonardo were crounching in.

Gottfried:"I hate this. How much longer?"

Clovis:"Not much further. We must stay as quiet as possible when we reach shore so that we don't catch any soldiers on guard."

Leonardo:"I see land!"

Clovis:"Good! Get ready everyone!"

Everyone crounched low so they could not be seen. About an hour later more of navegating the rough sea voyage, the rowboat slid onto shore. Clovis, motioned everyone very quietly to exit the boat when the coast was clear.

Clovis looked over the edge of the boat to see the barrel of a gun in his face. Clovis stood up in fear as he saw a group of North Joseonean soldiers pointing their rifles at him.

Clovis:"Gottfried! Our cover is blown!"

Gottfried:"Uh oh..."


One of the soldiers yelled something in Korean and everyone grabbed Clovis. Leonardo, and Goffried. Clovis attempted to take out his pistol and shoot them, but he was tackled immediately. There was no solution to his situation. They had no choice but to give up.

They were cruel to us. A pang of fear sprung up all around me for the first time. Ever since they had confiscated my pistol, I had been guarded by more than one soldier, unlike Gottfried and Leonardo. We were dragged to the soldiers' military quarters where we were forced to surrender our weapons. All of them. Even Leonardo had to surrender all of the weapons he had hidden in hyperspace. Then, we were questioned. Interrogated. They tried to act intimidating. But they couldn't speak English very well, so I ignored them and I reiterated that I couldn't understand them. I was not going to tell them noting. I would never do that. Why would I tell them that we were spies?

Then, we were beaten. We were beaten because Gottfried broke out the truth after a lot of pressure. I tried my best to defend myself during the beatings. I fought back myself and badly hurt some soldiers before I was tackled again. Finally, they had enough of me. The general walked in, looking professional.

"The Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon does not tolerate spies in our country. Hence, you three will all suffer the punishment of being sent to a labor camp," he said, without emotion.

I knew they existed. His Government had denied it but he did not. I was lucky that I was recording him, since they did not confiscate our hidden cameras. Yet, I was not sure if filming him was still necessary...were we going to make it out alive?

We were dragged into military transport trucks after they interrogated us. We were not alone, for we were grouped with several North Joseoneans that had attempted to flee the country. There was barely any room for me to sit, so I decided to hide under Clovis's jester hat. Everyone was looking at me because I was the only puffle onboard the truck.

As we drove off, I would occationally peek out of Clovis's hat to take a glimpse out of the back of the truck, which was guarded by two soldiers. We were going down a large but empty road in what seemed like desolate land. There were no trees anymore except for a few dead ones at the side of the road. The land around us was almost all brown and grey, with patches of snow all around. Tattered villages made of wood were dotted all around small, meager farms that were being harvested by manual labor. Most of these farms were too small to sustain the village that it was next to, so it seemed. Most of the farms we passed seemed to be mainly rice farms, and they all had one thing in common- all the fields had been dotted with a bunch of Red Flags and several female soldiers screaming what seemed like "inspirational" propaganda reassurances. Such a scene reminded me of the societies of East Pengolia, old Communist Era Rusca, and Zhou during that Cultural Revolution. But somehow, North Joseon seemed different. Something went wrong here. Why are they so stuck in the past?

As I pondered such things, I noticed that the sights of farms and villages had disappeared. The area became wild yet still grave, and with more mountains. The road we had been driving on had been a hit and miss; sometimes, the road would be relatively smooth, but other times, it was bumpy with potholes due to lack of maintainence. The road was bad now, and it prevented me from trying to sleep, because I wanted to forget about the situation. With great care, I took out an apple from hyperspace and ate it in secret, because I did not want to have it confiscated by the soldiers. I did not feel bad about eating it because Clovis already knew about my secret small stash of food.

I knew we had arrived at the camp when the truck stopped at a gate next to a guard post. It was then that I hopped out of Clovis's jester hat. Everyone was awake and fear was in everyone's eyes, including Clovis and Gottfried. A soldier came around to inspect us, and then the truck drove into the camp. When we arrived, we could not believe our eyes. The camp was built out of a large group of buildings made of cheap metal and wood. There were TONS of prisoners everywhere, and they looked horrible. All looked extremely malnourished and they were wearing dirty clothing. Their faces seemed lifeless, sad, and scared. They all watched us with their big, helpless eyes as we were escorted by the soldiers to the shanty building we were assigned to sleep in. Inside was nothing but bunk beds inside on both sides of the large room, without any mattresses. The center of the room had a long bench where prisoners could sit. Everyone, except for me, was assigned a bunk and a number of identification. Since I am a Puffle, they did not count me as a civilized creature. I resolved to sleep in Clovis's hat at night, since he allowed me.

In these prison camps, we were expected to work every day almost all day. The day after we arrived, we were all taken over to the side of a mountain where we were forced to mine. What we were looking for, I never knew. What I do know was that we did find things such as coal, quartz, and small deposits of iron. Conditions were terrible for everyone. All adults and children old enough to talk were expected to work in the mines, and the working conditions were dangerous, especially in the small tunnels and shafts. It seemed like every day that there was someone who was killed or badly hurt from the faulty machinery. To top it all off, the soldiers would scream at us and hit us if we worked too slow.

When we mined, we never ate. Only at dinnertime, maybe at around 9:30 at night, when we came back, we had scraps of food such as soybeans, rice, occationally fish, and cabbage. Prisoners would always fight over food, and it would occationally lead to some bad sights. We were fortunate enough to have some food. Many other penguins were dying by the minute and were lying around, no longer strong enough to stand up anymore. Worst of all, the executions and the many skeletons were a frightening reminder of the fragility of life.

Despite our troubles, Clovis and I were managing...though Gottfried was not. He had given some, sometimes all of our food to us when our secret stash of food had been long gone. Gottfried seemed to lose his hopeful charisma after a while. Though he appeared healthy, it was only an illusion because his armor what hiding all the weight he had lost...

They told me that I was too weak to work in the mines anymore. I know I am approaching death but I have done this so that Clovis and Leonardo may live. Though they have never mentioned anything yet, I am hoping that they have already come up with an escape plan. I just hope they have. Maybe I will not make it. But all I hope for is that they do.

Now that I can no longer go to the mines to work, I am sent daily to a "Reeducation Center", where I am grouped with a bunch of weakened individuals such as myself and we are repeatedly yelled at by soldiers. Occationally someone is slapped or kicked. I don't know what they are talking about at first because I do not speak Korean. But then, they come to me and yell at me in my native language, German. They repeatedly tell me that I am a worthless piece of junk and that I should apologise for my wrongdoings and worship Kim Il Sunguin. Are they mad? I ignore them and tell them I will not worship their "Great Leader", and they beat me. At least my armor helped to cushion some of the blows.

At night after the "Reeducation", I would dream. I would dream I was back in Alemania, with Gerda next to me. Oh, Gerda. Gerda, Gerda, Gerda! I have loved you, and I have tried to find you, but I failed!

Gerda, I will always love thee until I die here soon...

For some reason, they have stopped Leonardo and I from going to the mines. We were still doing well, but now we went to the Reeducation center. It has been so long since we arrived that it's hard for me to remember if the color of the sky was blue, or how bright the sun was. Everything has been grey now, the color drained from everything. I have given up on trying to escape now since it is too diffucult and I do not have enough strength to escape alive. Gottfried has just recently stopped going anywhere altogether, and he is bedridden.

One day, Leonardo and I tried to offer him all our food that night. He would staunchly oppose our offerings as if it was trash, though in a way it was. He wanted us to eat our own food...he would say this not in English, but in German. It seemed to us that he was becoming delirious.

"Eat! Eat Gottfried! You must!" I said.

"Nein! Es ist deine essen! Essen Sie deine essen." (No, it is your food! Eat your food.) He wouls stubbornly reply.

"Nein, du brauchst essen! Du hast viele hunger, viele durst. Essen Sie. Essen Sie für deine freunde." (No, you need to eat! You are so hungry, so thirsty! Eat for your friends.) I insisted.

Gottfried eventually consented and ate. That night we did not eat since all our food went to him. And we passed out, due to malnutrition.

That North Joseonean night seemed different, not that Clovis, Leonardo, or Gottfried could notice since they were all unconscious, not asleep. The night was different because the moon was full and large, and the stars were bright. The glow of the moon shone as if the prison camp was being shone on by a helicopter searchlight. All was still, and the soldiers were guarding at their posts as usual...

Ninja Attack.png

As one soldier stood on guard, he stared at the camp with great intensity because he needed to make sure that no one would try to escape. However, he was oblivious to what was behind him. He did not see ninja Fuut-Ga Hochstadt emerge from the shadows and smack him in the head intensely with his water tank mallet. The soldier wad down in an instant, and Fuut Ga sprung into action.

Suddenly, a siren went off, and several soldiers ran towards Fuut Ga. With great precision, Fuut Ga took out his water power card and threw it onto the ground. It began to glow, and Fuut Ga immediately thrust his weapon into the air, spewing a ton of water. Before the soldiers could react, giant fish landed on top of them, crushing them. Fuut Ga picked up his power card and stowed it away quickly and disappeared. Seconds later, he reappeared and blasted tons of water at the unprepared North Joseonean soldiers. Many of them began firing their rifles madly and randomly due to their confusion and fear.

However, Fuut Ga dodged their bullets and seemed to swiftly strike each soldier fiercely in a matter of seconds before dashing over to the next opponent.

"YO FUUT GA, WAIT FOR ME!" A voice called.

Fuut Ga stopped and looked back. Jock Hochstadt ran into the scene with his pet puffle Piper to see that all the soldiers had been defeated.

Piper:"No fair! You ran ahead of us just so you could take out all the soldiers at once before we could come!"

Jock:"Yeah. That's messed up, brother."

Fuut Ga:"It was better that way. A firefight could be bad, since it could have called in reinforcements from nearby military bases."

Jock:"I guess you're right on that. Thanks then."

Piper:"Fuut Ga, do you think they are still alive?"

Fuut Ga:"It's been a month since their disappearance. I hope they are, but we can only find out now by searching the camp. Come."

To their luck, Fuut Ga had first choosen the correct building where Clovis, Leonardo, and Gottfried were at. Fuut Ga broke the locks and the chains and slammed the doors open. Many of the prisoners had woken up, but took no heed to the strangers they saw at the door. Fuut Ga saw Clovis and Leonardo lying on the bench immediately.

Piper:"Clovis! Leonardo!"

Fuut Ga rushed towards them, and he put his flipper against Clovis's forehead.

Fuut Ga:"He's alive, but not healthy."

Jock:"There's Gottfried, sleeping in the bunk."

Fuut Ga:"Let's get them out fast..."

Piper:"Wait. Let's get them up."

Piper took out a pucket of water from hyperspace and dumped the cold liquid equally onto Clovis, Leonardo, and Gottfried. They woke up instantly.

Clovis:"Huh? Wait....Fuut Ga! Jock! Piper! You're here! We're saved!"

Fuut Ga:"Yes. How is everything? Terrible?"

Leonardo:"We're so weak. We haven't eaten a real meal since the day we were captured. Gottfried can't even walk anymore and is delusional..."

Fuut Ga:"Drats! I didn't plan this out. The only way to escape here alive is if we go into the Sensei state."

Clovis:"Can't it still be done?"

Fuut Ga:"Yes, but first we must travel back north to Mount Roku."

Clovis:"Mount Roku??? You mean the 'sacred' mountain of North Joseon where Kim Il Sunguin commanded his Resistance Army against he Japalandese?"

Fuut Ga:"Yes. Believe it or not, but the mountain has a significance long before Kim Il Sunguin. It was once source of power and a place of peace for Ninjas. We must travel there now, so that when the sunrise occurs, the sun, moon, and snow will all be and sight, and the maximum power of the elements shall be released!"

Jock:"Not to interrupt your speech, but here's some water and snacks for the three of you. You'll need all the energy you can get."

Clovis:"Say, how did you guys manage to break in?"

Jock and Piper looked at Fuut Ga.

Fuut Ga:"Long story. But maybe this will explain."

Fuut Ga took out his Ninja amulet to reveal that he had all three gems on it. Clovis's eyes grew big.

Clovis:"Card Jitsu Snow! It has arrived!"

Fuut Ga:"Yes. Let us go."

Jock let Clovis up after Leonardo got on Clovis's shoulder. Jock then took Gottfried and put him on his back. Gottfried, who was half awake, was still limp and mumbling nonsense in German.

Jock:"Gottfried is super light now...he must have lost a lot of weight..."

Clovis:"Wait. What about the other prisoners?"

Fuut Ga turned around and looked at the innocent eyes staring at him.

Fuut Ga:"There isn't anything we can do. We can't help them, even if we free them. They will be just brought back. But I do have some food for them."

Fuut Ga and Piper took out a few bananas, apples, and bags of chips and threw them all in the flood. The prisoners dived into the stockpile and feasted like wild beasts. Their eyes had become large, very lustful, and greedy. They did not even thank Fuut Ga or Piper when they silently left the building with Clovis, Leonardo, and Gottfried.

Another squadron of soldiers stood with their guns pointing at the escapees before they could escape the camp. They screamed in Korean to surrender, though none of the Hochstadt Gang understood.

Fuut Ga:"WHAAAT? We don't speak your language!"

They screamed at them in Korean.

Fuut Ga:"Jock. How about you try with Spanish."

Jock:" ¡Oye! ¡Vosotros! ¡No os entendamos!" (Hey! You guys! We don't understand you!)

The soldiers looked at each other wierdly.

Clovis:"Let's try French."

Fuut Ga:"That won't be necessary."

Fuut Ga blasted a large chunk of snow out of the ground and punched it with force at the soldiers. Those who were able to jump out of the way found themselves sucked into the ground by Fuut Ga's snow bending abilities. Luckily, only their heads were sticking out so they could breath.

Fuut Ga:"We don't have much time left. We need to get there right before the crack of dawn!"

Fuut Ga bended the snow under himself and his group so that they hovered above the ground. With great speed, they made their way into the wilderness and towards Mount Roku.

Gottfried finally woke up after feeling the splash of cool water on his beak. He sat up to see Fuut Ga, Jock, Piper, Clovis, and Leonardo all staring at him.

Gottfried:"Wie geht es Ihnen?" (How are you guys?)

Fuut Ga:"Gut! Und dich....Bist du gesund?" (Good! And you...are you healthy?)

Gottfried:"Ja. Aber ich habe wirklich hunger." (Yes. But I'm really hungry.)

Jock:"Hier. Essen Sie das. Es ist eine Tasche von Eerdbeeren." (Here. Eat this. It is a bag of strawberries.)

Gottfried:"Danke schön!" (Thanks so much!)

Clovis:"Can you still speak English, Gottfried?"

Gottfried:"Yes. I just like speaking my native language more, especially when I'm not feeling my best as of now. After sleeping, I've gained enough strength for now. Say...where are we?"

Clovis:"We're on Mount Roku. We are just about to assemble to go into the Sensei state so we can all be rescued."

Gottfried:"Oh good. Let's do that now then."

Fuut Ga:"Everyone, get into your elemental position! I will be in the middle. Jock, be on my right. Clovis, my left. Gottfried, stand behind me."

Leonardo:"And us?"

Fuut Ga:"Just stand back."

Leonardo and Piper hid behind a rock in anticipation.

Everyone was in position, and Fuut Ga looked on both sides of the horizon to see both the sun and the moon in the sky, but on opposite sides.

Fuut Ga:"The time has come! Prepare yourself boys!"

Clovis:"What do we have to do?"

Fuut Ga:"Nothing. Just get into a fighting stance. All I gotta do is this...."

Fuut Ga pulled out a large Porcyal from hyperspace.

Jock:"A Porcyal? You're kidding!"

Fuut Ga:"Nope."

Fuut Ga thrusted the Porcyal into the air so that the light from both of the sun and moon shone into it. Suddenly, the Porcyal began to glow, and a huge aura of light blasted everyone, except for the penguins.

Leonardo:"What's happening????"

Piper:"I can't tell! It's too bright to look back!"

The light slightly dimmed, and the two puffles looked back. Each penguin was now emitting a different color of light. Clovis was white, Gottfried was blue, Jock was red, and Fuut Ga was yellow. Everyone's eyes were glowing white.

Leonardo:"Their colors are supposed to represent their elements!"

Piper:"But Fuut Ga...."

Leonardo:"Is the future Sensei!!!"

Suddenly, Jock, Gottfried, and Clovis flashed and seemed to have sucked into Fuut Ga.

Piper:"WOAH! What just..."

Then, Piper and Leonardo began to rise into the air like magic, and they felt themselves spinning around each other rapidly like a centrifuge. Little did they know that the shape they were making was the Yin-Yang symbol but only in yellow in red. Soon, they too flashed, but instead of being sucked into Fuut Ga, Leonardo and Piper turned into a sword.

Fuut Ga Sensei State.png

Finally, all the transformations were complete. Fuut Ga, who was still in the Sensei State, was the last penguin standing, and he was wearing a Sensei hat. He quickly grabbed the sword that was pegged into the dirt, and he blasted into the sky like a superhero. Guided by the Senseis, Fuut Ga was unknowingly flying towards North Joseon's capital, Pyongchang.

As Fuut Ga flew in the sky like a superhero, several North Joseonean jets were approaching him, determined to strike him down. However, Fuut Ga proved to be more powerful when he blasted through one of the jets as if it was a wall. Fuut Ga retaliated from the aircrafts' bullets by blasting large quantities of fireballs at the other jets, destroying their engines. Eventually, Fuut Ga landed in downtown Pyongchang, and he was met by large groups of North Joseonean soldiers.

"Surrender!" screamed a General though a loudspeaker.

Fuut Ga, who did not hear him due to being in the Sensei State, did not comply. The Sensei State would show no mercy. Fuut Ga turned around, ran, and jumped into the Teik-dong river. All of the soldiers rushed to the scene with their guns pointed in the water, expecting Fuut Ga to submerge.

Suddenly, the Teik-dong river sprung into the air as Fuut Ga bended it out of it's course and into the city, causing major flooding. All of the soldiers had been washed away, and Fuut Ga "surfed" on the water to Kim Il Sunguin's palace. More soldiers rushed at Fuut Ga, shooting ice bullets at him. It was then that Fuut Ga grabbed his sword with both of his flippers and ran through the group of soldiers, dodging their bullets, and swinging at them. Each time the sword would cut a soldier, the soldier would be sucked into the Cybervoid.

Again, more North Joseonean soldiers arrived at the scene, but this time, they were not hesitant to shoot. Fuut Ga jumped into the air as the bullets began to fly, and when he landed on the ground, he caused a large earthquake through earthbending that knocked all the soldiers off of their feet.

Finally, Fuut Ga bended a large chunk of snow, and he blasted it at the front doors of Kim Il Sunguin's palace.

Without any further notice, Fuut Ga ran inside.

Chapter 8:The Final Fight[edit]

As Fuut Ga entered, bullets began to fly every place as the Palace Guards made a last effort to try to fend Fuut Ga off. However, Fuut Ga defeated him with the swings of his sword, blasts of fire, surges of water, and clumps of snow.

Then, Fuut Ga spotted Kim Il Sunguin and his son, Jong Arnold, running away from the scene. Fuut Ga was cornering them, and they knew that they had to fend for themselves. Jong Arnold quickly ran into a room and grabbed a female penguin...she screamed and he shoved her in front of him so that she shielded him from Fuut Ga. Kim Il Sunguin also stood behind her.

However, when Fuut Ga saw Gerda, Fuut Ga screamed in Gottfried's voice: "GERDA!"

Immediately, Fuut Ga flashed and the Sensei State was lost. Everyone was back to normal- Clovis, Jock, Gottfried, and Fuut Ga were now seperate penguins again and Piper and Leonardo were no longer a sword.

Fuut Ga:"Gottfried! Are you crazy! We almost could have defeated Kim..."

Gottfried, Leonardo, and Clovis were not paying attention to him.

Clovis:"This is what we've been waiting for!"

Clovis pulled out his pistol, and Gottfried his sword.

Gottfried:"Unhand my maiden, you scoundrel!"

Jong Arnold:"I say that she is not your girl, but mine. And she shall be the woman I wed!"

Clovis:"Oh no. I think you'll get an ice bullet to your head."

Jong Arnold:"I don't think so. I have other plans, instead."

Jong Arnold took out a large smoke bomb and threw it at the Hochstadt Gang. Immediately, the room became cloudy. Leonardo hopped on Clovis's shoulder.

Clovis:"Quickly, follow them! We can't lose track of them!"

Gottfried, not knowing where Clovis really was, followed his voice.

Fuut Ga:"Wait, what about Jock, Piper, and I?"

Clovis:"Fend off the soldiers! This won't take long!"

Gottfried, Leonardo, and Clovis barely saw Kim Il Sunguin run into another nearby room that led to a staircase. As the smoke cleared, the Hochstadt Gang could see their enemies in the distance more clearly, and likewise with Kim Il Sunguin and his son.

Kim Il Sunguin:"They're gaining on us!"

Jong Arnold:"Not for long!"

At the end of the stars, Jong Arnold broke open a hatch that led to the palace roof. He shoved Gerda outside, right after she screamed:"GOTTFRIED, HILFEN SIE MIR!" (Gottfried, Help me!)

Once Kim Il Sunguin got out, Jong Arnold slammed the hatch and locked it tight.

Jong Arnold:"Good riddance! Here comes the chopper!"

Suddenly, the hatch exploded open, and Clovis and Gottfried were the first to jump out.

Jong Arnold:"'GET TO THE CHOPPAH!'"

As the chopper hovered over the roof, a soldier lowered a ladder down to Kim Il Sunguin, Jong Arnold, and Gerda.

Clovis:"Not this time!"

Clovis pulled out his pistol and open fired at the helicopter. His ice bullets first knocked down the soldier holding the ladder, and then he shot the cockpit so that the glass shattered and hurt the pilot. Unprepared for the flying glass, the pilot flinched and pulled the helicopter away from the roof and onto the ground, where it crashed with a large explosion.

Clovis:"Swag! Yo Gottfried, did you see that?"

Gottfried:"Not now, Clovis!"

Gottfried ran up towards Jong Arnold and started a flipper to flipper combat with him.

Clovis looked at Leonardo, who was still on his shoulder.

Clovis:"Do you wanna know how to end this fight?"


Clovis pointed to his pistol, and he shot near Jong Arnold's feet. Jong Arnold jumped in surprise, and then slipped and stumbled down the roof. Right before he was about to fall off, he grabbed the edge of the roof.


Kim Il Sunguin, as old as he was, did not want to engage in any physical combat. He rose his flippers in the air and stepped back. Gottfried rushed to Gerda, sliced off the ropes that were tied around her flippers, and kissed her.

At long last, Gottfried and Gerda were reunited, and they surely had many stories to tell each other. Fuut Ga, Jock, and Piper eventually also arrived at the scene to see its positive ending.

Fuut Ga:"Clovis, it's good to see that Gottfried is reunited with his girlfriend, but the North Joseoneans are dispatching more troops here!"

Clovis:"Drats! I know why."

Clovis:"Him! Get him out of here! He's the danger to our safety. I'll activate my EPF Phone's emergency homing beacon!"

Clovis took out his EPF Spy phone. Luckily, Fuut Ga was able to recover it among with all the other belongings from Leonardo and Gottfried after they left the prison camp. Clovis turned on the phone and activated it's emergency homing beacon. A light on the phone began to flash rapidly.

Meanwhile, Jock and Piper grabbed Kim Il Sunguin as if he was being arrested and they escorted him to the stairs.


Jock:"Ok. Let's make this quick. Mr. Kim Il Sunguin, do you like bowling?"

Kim Il Sunguin:"Why yes, our country is even proud to have our own state-of-the-art bowling alley in the capital city! We love bowling!"

Jock:"Good, because we're going to play some right now."

Kim Il Sunguin:"Huh?"

Jock kicked Kim Il Sunguin in the back, and he stumbled down the stairs clumsily and he slammed into a group of soldiers that were running up the stairs. Everyone had been struck down and were all rolling down the rest of the stairs by now.


Piper:"That was awesome!"

Suddenly, the sound of gunshots and a helicopter could be heard. Clovis looked to the skies to see a military helicopter from the USA filled with Marines arrive.

Marine:"Agent Clovis! You're alive! All right, lower the ladder and let's get these boys and the gal home!"

Another marine lowered a ladder, and helped Clovis, Gottfried, Leonardo, Piper, Jock, and Fuut Ga into the large transport helicopter quickly. They flew away without hesitation, right before several North Joseonean soldiers arrived at the roof. However, by the time they arrived at the scene, all they could do was shake their flippers at their enemy.

Gottfried:"We're free!"

Gerda:"And with the man I love!"

A few weeks later, in South Pole City, Clovis and Leonardo waddled into a large auditorium where there was a large television for the Director and a podium. All of the seats were filled with other agents and a few guests- Fuut Ga, Gottfried, Jock, and Piper. Gary the Gadget Guy was standing at the podium, welcoming the two agents onto the stage.

Gary:"Agents, we gather here today in celebration. Today, we celebrate our successful mission of infiltrating North Joseon's prison camps. But this mission wasn't easy. And today, we need to recognize the brave souls responsible for making this mission a success. They risked their lives to get us footage of North Joseon's atrocities. So here they are- Agents Clovis Hochstadt and Leonardo di Tremezzo!"

Clovis and Leonardo went up to the podium to greet Gary.

Gary:"For your selfless efforts and bravery, both of you have been honored with the Force Star award!"

Gary took out the the Force Star medallions and presented them to Clovis and Leonardo. They proudly shook the flippers of Gary and several other high ranking officials. They waved at the cheering crowd that began to chant:"SPEECH! SPEECH! SPEECH!"

Clovis chuckled and walked to the front of the podium.

Clovis:"The mission we had to accomplish was ong and arduous; it turned sour, yet we still survived! The minute Leonardo, a friend of mine named Gottfried, and myself reached North Joseon, we were captured by authorities and sent to a brutal prison camp that we toiled in. Strangely enough, our mission was to discover these gulags, but we were not aware that we would be the prisoners ourselves. Luckily, we acquired tons of footage for our investigation. During our stay at the camp, we were nearly starved to death. But I need to give Gottfried the credit for keeping me alive. Gottfried gave us some of his rationed food sometimes just to keep us strong enough to walk! I really thank Gottfried for his heroism, and though he is not an agent, I would proudly share this award with him. We all stayed in the camp to the point until we were starving to death, but our luck was turned around when Fuut Ga, Piper, and Jock rescued us and saved our lives. Hence, I must also thank them dearly. Fellow agents, my advice to you is this: when the going gets rough, keep going and never give up on yourself. Persevere and think positively, even if you are at the brink of death. Thank you all, and Leonardo and I are very grateful. Thank you."

Leonardo quickly took the microphone.

Leonardo:"Wait! Before you clap, I do want to add one more thing. Before we left North Joseon, we had also finished a mission that had been our secondary priority. That priority was finding Gottfried's kidnapped girlfriend, Gerda von Volkmar. Since her disappearance, we've gone on a hunt for her that included trips to Alemania, Snowzerland, and Frankterre before we coincidentally found her in North Joseon, safe and sound. So everyone, let's clap for the successful rescue of Gerda and our accomplishment of exposing the horrors of the North Joseonean regime!"

Everyone clapped loudly in a standing ovation. Piper whistled loudly. Clovis waved on to the crowd.

Another successful mission, he thought.


Clovis and Leonardo returned to Castilla as heros and were later personally congradulated by King Carlos. Gottfried and Gerda also went to Castilla to travel around the country to relax. Gerda's kidnapping story soon became public, and Swiss Ninja was pressured by the international community to publicly apologise and grant Gottfried, Gerwin, and Gerda the ability to arrive back home to Alemania and travel the world whenever they please. Clovis and Leonardo were invited to Universities around the Antarctic to give lectures about their experiences in North Joseon. Meanwhile, North Joseon was criticized by the UAN council thanks to Clovis's and Leonardo's footage, and the hermit nation reduced its threats of war and rhetoric in great embarassment.