EPF Agents Dave and Clovis

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EPF Agents Dave and Clovis
EPF Dave Clovis.png
A tale of secrecy, suspense and lots more!
Start February 1, 2011
Prerequisites Traveling All of Antarctica, the Great Snowzerland Wars, The Race to Mars
Level Classified.
Location Club Penguin, Antarctica, Snowzerland, Nuke Island, Castilla
Rewards Clovis becomes an EPF Agent, Leonardo, Jock Hochstadt, and Piper move to Castilla, Fuut Ga gets married.
Traveling All of Antarctica The Adventures of Piper and Leonardo, EPF Agents II

EPF Agents Dave and Clovis is a story of Clovis Hochstadt becoming an EPF agent and joining his great-uncle Dave Hochstadt and Rookie on several EPF missions.


Clovis was visiting Club Penguin for the weekend since he was helping Fisch clean his igloo. He finally was done with the work and went off to explore the island a bit and catch up with old friends. He then passed by the Everyday Phoning Facility building. Clovis had not been living in Club Penguin for a while, since last time he remembered that building used to be the Sport Shop.

Clovis:"What happened to the sport shop?"

Passerby Penguin:"I don't know. Last time I remember, it was filled up with popcorn and had to shut it down. Then that Everyday Phoning Facility took it's place."

Clovis:"Um, what's it like in there?"

Passerby Penguin:"I don't know. Haven't been in there."

Clovis:"I'll find out for myself."

Clovis walked into the Everyday Phoning Facility Building.

Inside was a large stone room that had large pillars on all four corners in the building. The celing appeared to have a large rotating fan above it. All that was in the room were two cameras on opposite sides of the room, and a telephone booth that had the word Telephone written on it. No one else was in the room but himself.


Suddenly, one of the cameras spotted Clovis. The phone on the telephone booth began to ring. Clovis looked around to see if anyone would pick it up. No one came, so Clovis picked up the phone anyways. No one was there. Then, a target popped up out of nowhere nearby, so Clovis threw a snowball at it. The telephone then changed into a LCD screen.

LCD Screen:"You hit the target! Good Work!"

Clovis:"Aw, it was nothing really."

LCD Screen:"We are looking for smart and clever agents that we could use in our agency."

Clovis thought:"An agency? I never knew I'd ever be eligible. I suppose I can always try and see if I can make it."

LCD Screen:"Let's see how fast you are."

One of the large pillars in the corner of the room rose to reveal a green square.

LCD Screen:"Walk to the green square."

Clovis walked to the green square. Then, the pillar across the room rose to reveal a red square.

LCD Screen:"Run to the red square as fast as you can. Ready? Set...Go!"

Clovis dashed across the room to the red square. It only took him 6 seconds flat.

LCD Screen:"Wow! That was fast! Now lets see how well you can hide. Turning off both cameras."

Both cameras turned off.

LCD Screen:"You have 20 seconds to hide, starting now."

Clovis then hid behind a pillar near the doorway, hoping the camera near the screen would not be able to see him. Unfortunately, he forgot about Camera #1, and it eventually found him.

LCD Screen:"Let's move on to the final test. How Clever are you?"

The pillar near Camera #2 rose to reveal a blue square. The area said then: Preparing Cage Trap, as shown below.

Preparing Cage Trap EPF.png

LCD Screen:"Please walk to the blue square."

Clovis seemed oblivious to the "Preparing Cage Trap" warning, and before you know it, he was trapped behind lazer beam bars.

LCD Screen:"Oh no! You're trapped. You have..."

Clovis:"Yeah Yeah, I'm gonna get out all right!"

Clovis then spotted the power box on the other side of the room. He then threw a snowball at it, and deactivated the trap.

LCD Screen:"Good Job! Now let's add up your scores!"

The LCD Screen added Clovis's scores, and he luckily passed. The final pillar rose up to reveal an elevator the the EPF Command Room.

LCD Screen:"Enter into the elevator on your right..."

Clovis entered the elevator, and took him up to the high-tech EPF Command Room.

There was an agent already waiting for him.

Agent:"Congradulations. Since you've passed the test, you're officially an agent. Here's your Spy Phone. Welcome to the EPF."

Clovis took his newly earned spy phone.

Clovis:"So, I'm an agent for the Everyday Phoning Facility! What do I do now?"

Gary the Gadget Guy came to greet Clovis.

Gary:"No, no, that's just a cover name. The real name of the agency is the Elite Penguin Force. We are here to protect the island of Club Penguin and Antarctica and to keep them safe. Welcome. My name is Gary the Gadget Guy. I'm sure you've heard of me if you are local to Club Penguin."

Clovis:"Yes, It is a pleasure to meet you, G. I've heard about your inventions. My name is Clovis, Clovis Hochstadt. I accidentally stumbled into this place out of curiosity, but I like it here. I'm glad I joined."

Gary:"Wait, you're Clovis Hochstadt? Ah yes. I've heard about your sucess in travelling all of Antarctica. I've just finished reading Gottfried's journal about a couple days ago. I've heard you've gone through a lot of tribulation as well. I can see that you'd make an ideal agent. I'm pretty sure your great-uncle Dave should be able to help you with becoming a better agent."

Clovis:"Dave? He's an agent too? Is he here right now?"

Gary:"Yeah. Hold on, let me call him in."

Gary called Dave in to return to the command room.

Gary:"Dave, we've recruited a new agent...your nephew, Clovis!"


Clovis:"Hey Dave! I'm an agent now!"

Dave laughed.

Dave:"Haha! How were YOU able to pass the EPF test?"

Gary:"Dave, don't mock him. He did pass that test, and I have his test results to prove it. Look, at the looks of it, Clovis might even be better than Rookie, no offense. I've read how Clovis had battled Swiss Ninja in the Geek Empire and escaped from being captured. If it wasn't for him, the traveling all of Antarctica mission would have failed."

Dave:"True. I do remember that."

Gary:"That's why I'm going to appoint you the captain of your new team....Team India-Alpha-Foxtrot-Niner-Niner! You're going to be teaming up with Clovis and Rookie, and you will also train them as wel for this."

Clovis:"What's does India-Alpha-Foxtrot-Niner-Niner mean?"

Gary:"Oh. That. Well, since you're a Hochstadt, I've decided that you should join your brothers in joining the International Affairs branch of the EPF. India-Alpha-Foxtrot-Niner-Niner is the Aviation Code for the acronym I.A.F. 99, or the International Affairs Forces Group #99. That's you."

Dave:"NO! I've worked in the EPF, and even the PSA, too long to be working with agents worse than me!"

Gary:"Dave, I know they aren't as good as you are. You're so good that I want you to train them to be as good as you are. Then one day this group will be the best out there. Besides, we need Rookie off this island so badly...problems keep coming up because of him."

Dave:"Yeah. I remember. Alright then. I'll do it then."

Gary:"Wonderful. Agents, meet back here tomorrow to begin your training! We'll start out with the old PSA Mission simulator."

Chapter 1:The Training[edit]

Clovis and Rookie met back at the Command Room the next day, ready for training.

Gary:"Well, Clovis, go up the tube transport to the VR Room. You will start your mission training on the Machine that says 'PSA Missions'."

Clovis waddled into the tube transport, with G, Dave, and Rookie following him. The tube transport blasted them up to the VR room.

Clovis then walked across the VR room to the PSA Mission simulator machine.

Clovis:"So what am i supposed to do on this machine?"

Gary:"Basically, you will go through all the missions done by a professional agent from the past that were completed during the PSA."

Clovis:"OK. Is that it?"

Gary:"Yes. Do all the missions, including Veggie Villain. That one's important since it describes what happened to the PSA. Take your time, and remember that there are also some little 'extra' missions in each mission itself. Good luck."

Gary, Dave, and Rookie then left Clovis alone in the room to complete the PSA missions.

A couple hours later, Clovis returned down to the command room carrying several medals and awards that were given to him in the mission.

Gary:"So, looks like you sucessfully finished all the missions. Although, it took you longer than we expected...."


Gary:"No, it's ok. It's good that you passed. Now it's time for your final part of the Basic Agent course of your training by going on System Defender! Don't worry, since this is harder, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, Dave, and I will help you on this."


Everyone walked to system defender and began Clovis's training.

G:"Alright Clovis. Start building those cannons. I'm going to start sending in some computer bugs, alright?"

Clovis began placing the cannons on ceartain areas on the board. The cannons began shooting the bugs, some were destroyed, but several of them still were able to withstand or evade the bullets and destroyed a little bit of the system. Finally a big one came, and took a lot of hits, and since it was so big it did destroy the system. Thankfully all this was a simulation test.

Clovis:"Aw darn, I failed."

G:"Well, you basically got the concept of it, and you were even able to destroy several bots. With a little more practice, you should be able to ace it. Anyways, you passed the Basic Agent part of your training. Congradulations."

Dave:"Now we're heading for Eastshield to begin your International Affairs training. Both you and Rookie are going to have to learn this since both of you are new to this."

G:"Indeed so. A flight already has been scheduled. Good luck!"

Dave:"You too. Come on, boys."

Dave, Clovis, and Rookie left to catch their flight to Eastshield.

That next day, the Hochstadt's and Rookie arrived at the top-secret EPF Traning Base #44. It consisted of a dirt runway for airplanes, a couple of sleeping cabins, a mess hall, a shooting range, a gym, and a large electical fence that surrounded the perimeter of the base.

Dave:"Boys, welcome to EPF Training Base #44....formerly known as PSA Training Base #7 back when I was a trainee. Not much has changed here since the time I finished my training. Anyways, I'm going to be teaching you boys your basic 'how to do stuff'."

Clovis:"Alright then. What are we going to learn first?"

Dave:"Gun Handling. After that, I plan to do some military tactic skills with you."

Clovis:"I thought we were learning to be EPF agents, not soldiers."

Dave:"This is the Elite Penguin Force. In a sense we ARE like a military...more of a secret police force, though."

Dave:"Alright. You two will be sleeping in those cabins over there. Meet me in the shooting range once you've unpacked."

Fifteen minutes later, Clovis and Rookie rejoined Dave at the shooting range.

Dave:"Here, take these rifles. Don't...."

Dave handed Rookie a rifle. Rookie accidentally grabbed the rifle by the trigger and the rifle began firing uncontrollably.

Rifle Rookie Uncontrol.png




The Rifle stopped shooting, and all was silent again.

Dave:"Is everyone ok?"

Clovis:"Yes, I am. I just got scared..."

Rookie:"I'm fine. That was fun!"

Dave:"That was definitely NOT fun. Rookie, that was dangerous! Someone could have gotten killed because of your foolishness!"


Dave:"Fine, Here, Clovis, take this rifle, and hold it by it's barrel, not on the trigger."

Clovis:"Got it."

Dave carefully and cautiously handed over the rifle to Clovis.

Dave:"Good. Now, Rookie, here's your practice rifle. Once again, grab the barrel."

Rookie took it again and luckily nothing happened.

Dave:"Alright. Load your rifles with these bullets."

Dave gave Clovis and Rookie some bullets to load their rifles with.

Dave:"On my count, you will fire at the targets ahead of us. Alright?"

Clovis and Rookie:"Sir yes sir!"



Rookie had fired first, and Clovis followed after him.

Dave:"Ahh! Hey, I didn't say you could fire! #[email protected]#^$^^!!! Grr! This is going to take some work. What was I thinking? YOU TWO WILL NEED TO LEARN DICIPLINE FIRST."

Dave angrily led the two to the gym.

That night after dinner, Clovis and Rookie limped all the way to their cabin, and immediately collapsed into their beds fast asleep. Dave worked them hard...he made them do 10 pushups, but since they could hardly do any, Dave forced them to do it right until they could do 10 straight push-ups correctly. It took awhile, but they managed to do it after a lot of stress. Then, Dave made them jog around the perimeter of the base 12 times without walking. If that wasn't enough, when the two were done, Dave had already completed building their obstacle course. In it, they dodged, ducked, jumped and rolled through and past obstacles that they had to face. Dave also made them do that 12 times. Afterwards, Clovis and Rookie did weight training for half an hour....by then, dinner was to be served in the mess hall. Clovis and Rookie were very hungry and ate their salads with gusto. Dave then soon made them run around the perimeter of the base another 4 times, and then he finally brought them back again to the shooting range. Dave said that they were now ready to try again, and this time Clovis and Rookie fired their rifles at the target on Dave's command and were very accurate. Dave was finally proud, and allowed them to continue shooting for the rest of the day. He also taught them to use a bow and arrow, crossbows, pistols, and machine guns. 9:30 was the curfew for the trainees, which was when they went to bed that night.


The loud, piercing sound of the trumpet woke up Clovis and Rookie that morning around 6:30. The two tried to ignore it the best they could; Clovis wasn't a big fan on waking up early and neither was Rookie. All that changed when Dave barged into their cabin and shouted.


Clovis and Rookie shot out of their beds and saluted Agent Dave Hochstadt.

Clovis and Rookie:"SIR YES SIR!"

Dave:"Good. You boys are in for a treat today! Looks like we're going on a little field trip today to South Pole City for a little training in vehicle handling. I liked your performance and improvement yesterday, so I think today you two will be ready for this. AM I CLEAR?"

Clovis and Rookie:"SIR YES SIR!"

Dave:"Alright. First, run 4 laps around the perimeter of the base again as a warm up and meet me at the mess hall for breakfast. GO!"

Clovis and Rookie sped out the door and dashed outside beginning their run. Dave met up with the two at the mess hall again about 15 minutes later. Again the two trainees ate their waffles hungrily, once they were done, Dave took them to the Base's air strip, and boarded an agency owned private jet that took them to South Pole City.

Dave then took them to a nice section of the city where there was a car that said "Student Driver" on it.

Dave:"First, we have to teach you two how to drive. Don't worry, it's easy. Rookie, how about we go first? Clovis, you can sit down on the bench and watch if you'd like."

Dave and Rookie got into the training car and put their seatbelts on.

Rookie:"What do I do first?"

Dave:"What do you think? Use your head; turn on the engine, of course. How else are we going to turn this thing on?"

Rookie turned the key and started the car's engine.

Dave:"Alright. Switch into drive mode now."

Rookie:"Shouldn't I put it into the 'Ready' Mode first?"

Dave:"What? Rookie, there's no such thing as a 'Ready mode'."

Rookie:"No here, it's right there, see?"

Dave:"Heheh. No rookie, that's the....."

Rookie put the car into Reverse and slammed on the accelerator.



The Car slammed into the back of a building. The airbags immediately deployed and whacked Rookie and Dave unpleasantly in the face.


Dave and Rookie were unharmed, and luckily there was another Training Car availalble, and it was now Clovis's time to drive.

Dave:"Alright, Clovis. Please note that the R means Reverse. We don't want to face the same fate like Rookie..."

Clovis:"Oh, don't worry. I've driven on a Motor Scooter before. I was hoping to get a licence sooner or later. I know that D is for drive!"

Clovis turned on the car, set it into drive, and slammed the acceleration pedal. The Car dashed onto the road like a racecar.




Clovis dodged every car they came across. He at least knew that he should stay on the right side of the road....


Clovis:"Oh, why? This is so much fun!"


Dave then seized the wheel from Clovis and slammed on the breaks.

Dave:"Phew. Um...I suppose we are done with driving for today. Let's go boating now!"

Dave then drove Rookie and Clovis to the Zuidpool Ost borough of town, which was full of canals.

Dave:"Alright Rookie. Start the boat, and let's go real easy, alright? Don't worry, this doesn't have a reverse switch...."

Rookie started the motorboat and made it go forward gently.

Dave:"Alright, rookie. You're moving the boat, but add a little more pressure to it. We won't be able to go anywhere at this speed..."

Rookie flipped the switch to full throttle accidentally. They immediately began racing down the canals at a very dangerous speed. They suddenly were nearing a turn, but Dave knew they would not be able to make it since they were going too fast. Dave immediately grabbed Rookie and jumped out of the motor boat before it rammed into the brick wall.

The boat blew up into many pieces and caught on fire.

Dave:"Aw man, this is a fail."

Clovis's experience was no difference either. Clovis didn't go too fast, but he was bad at turning. He didn't slow the boat down enough, so when they turned the boat capsized. Dave almost had it with the two penguins who seemed to fail at handling vehicles....but at last there was the final and most difficult vehicle needed to learn for training....the airplane. Dave then took both of them to the airport. The penguins were going to learn to fly a plane with an old Snowsna Skyhawk aircaft...which was known for being a good training aircraft. Dave hardly knew how to handle aircraft himself, so he hired a professional. This time, he let Clovis go first.

Professional:"So...Clovis...have you ever flown an aircraft before?"

Clovis:"No, but I want to know how to! It seems awesome."

Professional:"It sure is."

Dave:"Do as the instructor tells you, Clovis. I'm just here to take notes."

Professional:"Here, first make sure you turn on the engine. Then we taxi down the runway, we'll get clearance and fly. I'll get into detail a little later."

The Professional helped Clovis taxi to the runway, who actually did really well.

Professional:"Good! Ok, let's ask for clearance and let's take off...."

Dave:"Oh great....I just hope we live..."

The Professional contacted the tower for clearance, and they had permission for takeoff.

Professional:"Alright, Clovis. Set the flaps to 80 degrees. Then, set the throttle to full. Finally, gently pull back on the steering mechanism."

Clovis did as he was told. The usual mellow Dave was a nerveous wreck and clenched onto his seat for his life. The Snowsna gained speed as it began rolling down the runway.

Professional:"Alright Clovis, gently pull up now..."

Clovis gently pulled up the aircraft, making it leave the ground and into the air. Dave was nerveous as ever.


Clovis had successfully taken off.....just the way his instructor had told him to. Dave had enough of everything already, and was hoping for the worst. He didn't expect for sucess this time....

The Instructor just gave Dave a funny look.

Instructor:"Are you afraid of flying, boy?"

Dave:"Umm...yeah I guess..."

Instructor:"You're doing great, Clovis. Now, let's learn some flying techniques and then see if we can land."

Chapter 2:The Aviatorgoon[edit]

Since the airplane was the only thing that Clovis appeared to succeed at, it became the main focus of his training. He did exceptionally well, and he had landed at the airport without any harm done. Dave didn't want Rookie to try, since he already knew it would be too dangerous. Thus, Clovis was able to get his license a couple days later of training in other aircraft, like some other prop plane types, some civil jets, and once in a Snowing FA-18 once he was comfortable at flying alone. It seemed like Clovis had a lot of potential, and even after he had earned his pilot's licence, he continued his training so that he could learn dogfighting and stunts. He soon learned everything he needed to know, and as a reward, Dave let Clovis fly Rookie and him back to EPF Base #44 again. That next day, the three met again at the Mess Hall for Breakfast.

Dave:"Well. It seems like you've found your special talent, Clovis."

Clovis:"I have?"

Dave:"Yes. You've got aviation skills that's almost comparable to Piper's. I wonder what he would say if he saw you."

Clovis:"He'd probably say:'I don't believe it. I challenge you to a dogfight!'"

Dave:"Eh, I know you can beat him if you tried. Anyways, I told Gary about your progress, and has come up with a nickname for you."

Clovis:"What's that?"


Clovis:"I like it, but isn't there already an Aviator Goon?"

Dave:"No, you're thinking of Aviator G. He's a completely different story..."

Clovis:"Oh. So what next?"

Dave:"I've taught you everything to know here in the base...so your training is done. We will practice more though. Maybe we should learn some hand to hand combat..."

Clovis:"What about learning how to handle banoyets? I'd like to try that."

Dave:"Hmm. Ok. We could. Let's head back to CP, and report back to headquarters to confirm that your training is complete."

The three penguins met up again at the EPF Command Room in CP that day after Clovis had flown them there.

Gary:"Well, I'm proud of all of you. Dave, you've been very patient with these two, and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Rookie, I've heard about your attempts to succeed...good job at that....and finally Clovis. I belive you know your nickname already, right?"

Clovis:"Yes. I like it. Aviatorgoon...it would be a name Piper would be jealous of."

Gary:"Heheh. Ok. Well, aviation seemed to be the one thing you were successful at, and you did really well at it."

Clovis:"Thank you."

Suddenly, the elevator to the Every Day Phoning Facility opened up.....to reveal Leonardo di Tremezzo and another Agent penguin.

Clovis:"Leonardo???? You're an elite puffle?"

Leonardo:"Hi Clovis. Um...No...I'm not, but I want to be. That's why I came here with a friend of Fuut Ga who happened to be an agent."

Gary:"Welcome Leonardo. Say, didn't you accompany Clovis on his trip while traveling all of Antarctica?"

Leonardo:"I did for mainly the latter part. How do I become an elite puffle?"

Gary:"Well, you have to have some sort of skill. If you succeed, you will become the first Elite Puffle for Inernational purposes since we already have an Elite Puffle for the island."

Leonardo:"Isn't his name Chirp? I've met him before."

Gary:"So I suppose you're familiar with what he does, right?"

Leonardo:"Yeah. He plays the flute to break glass and ice."

Gary:"I suppose you can say that."

Clovis:"Hey, Piper should join too! He would make an excellent Elite Puffle!"

Gary: O_O

Dave:"Actually....Piper already tried to become an Elite Puffle. Let's say it didn't turn out well."

Leonardo:"What happened?"

Dave:"Piper did apply, but then he showed everyone his skill with gunhandling. It was very impressive but it scared all the other Elite Puffles out of the Elite Puffle Training room, and they refused to work with him. However, teamwork is essential in the EPF. Because of this, Piper was disqualified and eventully that other puffle, Blast, took his place. Piper still has a grudge to this very day...."

Leonardo:"Ouch. That's too bad. Don't worry, I'm not very reckless, and I work well in teams. Sadly, I don't know any particular skill that could help me here in the EPF."

Gary:"Hmm. Clovis, Dave, and Rookie, looks like your first mission as a team is to find out how Leonardo can help us with whatever he is capable of doing. Do this mission well, because Leonardo is going to be the Elite Puffle for your team if he succeeds."

Clovis, Dave, and Rookie:"YES SIR!"

Gary:"You should meet up with PH at the EPF Puffle Training room since PH is an Elite Puffle expert."

At the Elite Puffle Training Room....

PH:"So, you wanna be an Elite Puffle, mate? Let's see what you got!"

Leonardo:"Well, I can cook...and paint...and fight if I need to."

PH:"Well...I don't know if cooking food for your crew is of great important...painting I highly doubt...and it doesn't look like you're the type who likes to fight a lot."

Leonardo:"Only in War or for self defence."

PH:"Since you're small like any other puffle, you would be good at reaching areas where us bigger penguins can't go. That's one thing you can do."

Clovis:"Hey, since Leonardo is good at art, what if Leonado should be an espionage expert who can make disguises for us out of the materials he carries in hammerspace."

PH:"EUREKA! Brilliant Idea, mate! We're going to teach you how to perfect the art of espionage!"

Dave:"And perhaps forensics as well."

PH:"That too. Well, I suppose you three can go on now while Leonardo begins his training. Your mission is complete!"

Rookie:"Yay! Our first mission is complete!"

Dave:"It wasn't actually a real full-on mission. There are more challenging missions than this."

Clovis had returned back to his home in Castilla soon after the group reported that their mini-mission was done. It was time to relax a little bit before Leonardo got completely trained and Clovis would have to embark on more dangerous missions.

Chapter 3:Castilla's Branch[edit]

In the meantime, Clovis enjoyed his time off from work by exploring the town more and played his accordeon to earn some extra money. By now, Clovis had saved enough money to buy plenty of leisure items for himself, including a TV and a comfortable couch. He was watching TV that momemt when he heard a knock at his door. Clovis opened the door to see Leonardo.

Clovis:"Hello, Leonardo! I see you're done with your training."

Leonardo:"I ceartainly am."

Clovis:"You did't have to come to Toledo just to see me..you could have called."

Leonardo:"Yes, but I want to tell you about there's an EPF branch here in Toledo, Castilla."

Clovis:"THERE IS?"

Leonardo:"Yeah. Come follow me and I'll show you. Gary sent me to tell you anyways..."

Toledo EPF Hideout.png

Leonardo led Clovis to the old abandoned building on the street of Calle del Pozo Amargo. The second story of the building lay in ruins since it was destroyed during the Castillan Civil War in 1918. The roof had totally collapsed. The building never seemed to be rebuilt yet a door with a lock on it is there. Right above the door was the Number 8. Clovis just stood there, looking at the abaondoned building.

Clovis:"This place?"


Clovis:"How...how do I open the lock?"

Leonardo:"Use your phone. The Lock is high tech and will scan your phone."


Clovis took out his phone and allowed the lock to scan it. The lock then clicked open. Clovis untied the chain and both of them entered the ruins. Inside was nothing more than what you would usually see in a ruined bulding. There was rubble everywhere, the floor was covered in stone, dirt, roof tiles, and everyday items like sofas, chairs, and other little things. Near the door was an old coat hanger, which still had survived all these years.

Clovis:"Hey, where is the secret hideout?"

Leonardo:"Below you."

Clovis looked down to see that Leonardo and him were standing on top of a medium-sized carpet that also has maintained good condition.

Clovis:"Ohh...It's below the carpet...how do I open the entrance?"

Leonardo:"Try the coat hanger."

Clovis tugged on the coat hanger, which tilted slightly and opened up the hatch that was under the carpet, and soon enough Clovis and Leonardo fell down onto a bunch of matresses. They soon found themselves in a large room that had several agents working on high tech computers, a large TV Screen for meeting with the Director, and a large conferece table in the center. Immediately, a high ranking Castillan General who doubled as a powerful EPF Commander for the country came to greet the two newcomers.

General Hermosa:"Bienvenidos, mis compañeros." (Welcome, my comrades.)

Clovis:"Oye, nunca sabía que hay un EPF en Castilla!" (Hey, I never knew that there is an EPF in Castilla.)

General Hermosa:"Well, there is. I also speak English if you like to prefer that."

Leonardo:"No, it's ok. I know Spanish very well since I know Italian. It's very similar...Spanish is probably my favorite langage anyways."

Clovis:"How did you learn Spanish?"

Leonardo:"My mother is actually from Castilla...I share dual citizenship in both Liguria and Castilla."

General Hermosa:"Me llamo General Luís Lucas Rodruíguez Hermosa, soy un General de Castilla." (My name is General Luis Lucas Rodruiguez Hermosa, and I'm a General of Castilla.)

Clovis and Leonardo:"Mucho Gusto." (Nice to meet you.)

General Hermosa gave Clovis and Leonardo a tour of the branch headquarters, which was to be Clovis's main meeting place for his job since it was closer than the Command Room in Club Penguin.

Suddenly, a beeping noise was heard, and a red light next to the Giant TV Screen began flashing.

General Hermosa:"Oye, el Director quiere hablar contigo." (Hey, the Director wants to speak with you.)

General Hermosa took out his remote and turned the screen on, showing the Director.

Director:"Congraduations Leonardo and Clovis for becoming official members of our agency. I have a real mission for your group today."

Clovis:"Lay it on us chief, we're all ears."

Leonardo:"We...don't have ears, Clovis."

Clovis, the Director, and General Hermosa began feeling the areas of their heads where their ears would be if they had any.

Clovis:"Right...none of us do...Nevermind. We're just ready for your mission."

Director:"Ok. Well, unfortunately, one of Snowzerland's SSS agents has illegaly obtained secret government leaks from the EPF. We've now lost that important information, and we need to steal it back from Snowzerland since we still need it. Who knows what would happen if the codes were to be brought into the wrong hands?"

Clovis:"Hasn't that already been done?"

Director:"Well, yes, but according to our GPS, the leaks are being stored in a computer in a secret RDA Laboratory...Swiss Ninja has yet to figure out about it."

Clovis:"We shall make haste then, chief! You can count on us!"

Director:"I know we can count on you, agent. You too, Elite Puffle."


Director:"Director out!"

The TV turned off.

Clovis:"Pues, nosotros vamos a Club Penguin a ver Dave y Rookie." (Well, we go to Club Penguin to see Dave and Rookie.)

General Hermosa:"Wait, before you go, as a token of gratitude from the King of Castilla for becoming a citizen and and agent, we have provided you a customized Eastshieldian P51 Icesting with the Castillan Air Force livery. Fly it with pride, since you are our main EPF represenative for Castilla."


Clovis In Mustang.png

Clovis and Leonardo made great time as they arrived in Club Penguin in Clovis's new Icesting. The group met at the old Mine shack and the Recycling Center.

Clovis:"So...where's this secret RDA Base located?"

Dave:"I can't belive I'm sayin' this, but it's below the Recycling Center. Apparently it's not called the recycling center but the...."

Leonardo:"RDA Recycling Center. SN once told me about building a base in Club Penguin, and this was his chance."

Rookie:"I never knew that..."

Dave placed his flipper on Rookie's shoulder.

Dave:"You learn things every day, Rookie."

The EPF group soon entered the RDA Recycling Center.

Chapter 4: The RDA Base and Swiss Ninja's Harem[edit]

Clovis and Recycling Center.png

Leonardo:"If I remember correctly, Swiss Ninja said you need to mess around with the machinery over here first...start pressing buttons randomly..."

Rookie started pressing random buttons on the machine. Suddenly, Rookie pressed the Green button twice and an identification probe shot out of the wall.

Identification probe:"RECITE YOUR NAME"

Leonardo:"Leonardo di Tremezzo."


Leonardo:"We're here to...um...balance our checkbooks..."

A hatch in the floor opened, and the agents leaped into it.

Clovis:"Hey! I am supposed to say the random excuses!"

Leonardo:"Sorry. What is a checkbook anyways? I hate finance...even since the economy has gone bad I have no care in the world for it..."

The Gang found themselves in an elevator.


Leonardo:"What should we press?"

Dave:"Let's tap in F1. Clovis, load your gun just in case there's soldiers waiting for us."

The Agents soon found themselves in a room with a tern sitting at his desk. He was wearing an RDA helmet.

Tern 004:"Hello. My name is Tern 004. I have been expecting you, Clovis, Dave, Leonardo, and Rookie."

Suddenly, a group of 7 RDA Troopers then came into view.

Clovis:"Aw come on, that's just baloney. Like a #$#$%@ Tern like you knew that we were coming."

Dave:"Clovis, we're clearly outnumbered...I don't think shooting is going to help..."

Leonardo:"Hey...is that....XTUX's BODY????? WHAT IS THAT DOING HERE?"

Tern 004:"Austin8310 asked that same question."

Clovis:"Alrighy then. If I can't stop an army with a gun, maybe I can do it with my katana! HAIIIIIIYYAAAA!!!!!"

Clovis started doing some fancy moves with the Japalandian Sword, spinning it around like a Ninja. Clovis accidentally lost grip of the sword and it flew across the room and into an RDA Clone Trooper. He immediately collapsed.

Clovis:"Oh darn, I need to work on my control...I was actually planning to attack the Tern first."

The other RDA Troopers then began helping their badly wounded comrade.

Dave:"Rookie! What are you doing???"

The Background Music Playing.

Rookie stepped over to XTUX's body on the table.


Rookie backed away, and then tripped over and fell on the lever.

Red electricity blasted through XTUX's body on the table, surging through the XTUX's deactivated body.

Reactivating. Reactivating.

"RUN!" screamed Tern004, and him and the rest of the RDA Troopers leapt into the elevator and whizzed upward.

Dave, Clovis, Leonardo and Rookie were stuck in a room with a reviving cyborg and no way out.

50 percent reactivated. 60 percent reactivated. 70 percent reactivated.

Dave brandished his gun, Clovis and Leonardo started to quiver, and Rookie was bawling.


"I DON'T WANNA DIEEEEEEEE!!!" screamed the cowardly Rookie.

"SHADDUP!" cried Dave, as XTUX's body started to shake, red sparks flying everywhere.

90 percent reactivated. 94 percent reactivated. 96 percent reactivated. 98 percent reactivated. 99 percent reactivated.

Rookie bawled harder, Clovis shook in fear, Leonardo hid behind him, and even Dave looked terrified.

Reactivated. Loading personality.

XTUX awoke. His unblinking eyes looked around.

"I'm not dead. How interesting. I was dead. Wow. Surprising. How'd I die again? Oh. Wait. It's coming back now. THE HOCHSTADT GANG."

Then he spotted Dave, Clovis, and Rookie. He gave a maniacal robot laugh.

"Perfect timing. Ah, so you thought I was dead? YOU'RE WRONG."

He tore through the metal securing rails keeping him on the operating bench, with his jetpack landed on the floor.

Dave shot several electricity pulses at XTUX with his taser. Unluckily, XTUX stuck out his flipper and absorbed the ray. Several lead bullets embedded themselves in Dave's now useless gun.

XTUX walked forward, his flippers pounding the metal floor. Rookie had passed out from terror, and only Clovis and Dave stood against XTUX.

Four more bangs from XTUX's flipper and Dave was moaning on the floor, clutching his flipper.

Clovis started screeching and banging on the elevator. Unluckily, the door was locked. Clovis dropped to the floor and fainted.

XTUX looked around and smiled. A victory! As he welded a hole through the elevator, he realized something. Scans showed FOUR life forms. Weird. Was he glitching?

He shrugged and flew up the elevator a few feet. If there was another life form, they'd get up when he left.

For a minute, Leonardo just lay there stunned. Everyone was now unconcious or dead. He could feel that this wasn't over yet and began sweating.

XTUX landed back into the room to see Leonardo waiting for him.


Leonardo gasped and jumped back.

"Hhmmph. If I've fought you in the past, I can fight you again!" he said very unconvincingly.

XTUX villainiously laughed.. He then started firing rockets from his arm, exploding near the dodging Leonardo. Leonardo then dashed to the unconcious Clovis and retrieved his gun and started firing at XTUX. The bullets simply just hit him like pebbles hitting a boulder.

Leonardo realized it was no use. "$#%@#$!!! That didn't work! I hate Robots...."

XTUX glared. Okay, play time was over. "Stop trying to play games with me, puffle. FACE MY WRATH!"

XTUX then threw and dentonated a very large bomb that blew Leonardo and the bodies of Dave, Clovis, and Rookie across the room. They fell over, and Leonardo was slammed itno a wall, knocking him out. XTUX walked across the room, and to his delight, believed that Leonardo was dead. After kicking Clovis once or twice, and throwing Dave at the wall, he then left with a grin. Two victories! This would go perfectly on his list of evil. As soon as he was gone, Leonardo got up and washed himself off in the sink down the hall. By then, Clovis, Dave, and Rookie were already dusting themselves off.

Clovis: "You OK, guys? I didn't get hurt badly. My fainting must have gained XTUX's sympathy."

Dave: "Well, my flipper is throbbing with a sharp pain. It should be gone in a couple days. Sympathy? He probably didn't view you as a threat."

Rookie:"I passed out also..."

Clovis:"Hey, where's Leonardo?"

Leonardo jumped out of the water filled sink since he was done with his bath.

Leonardo:"I'm here. I was able to play dead before XTUX could harm me."

Dave:"Alright, good. Let's get those codes and get out of here..."

Leonardo shook the water off his fur and joined his group inside the Elevator.

Clovis:"So, what was the level that the codes are on again?"

Dave:"Level F10 Apparently."

Clovis:"It's restricted."

Leonardo:"Try typing in the passcode."

Clovis:"What's the passcode?"

Leonardo:"What else? Swiss Ninja."

Clovis:"Oh. Right."


The Elevator began decending. When they arrived at Level 10, no one was there. Inside was only a bunch of shelves full of books, and a single computer.

Clovis:"Well, this is self explanatory. The codes are in that computer."

Leonardo:"YEAH. That's what Swiss Ninja wants you to think!"

Clovis rolled his eyes and walked to the computer.

Dave:"Dude, Clovis, I think Leonardo is right. Don't go on that computer; it's a trap!"

Clovis then turned on the computer, and opened the "Stolen Secret Codes" file.

Sure enough, it revealed the secret leaks stolen from the USA. Clovis reviewed the codes to check to make sure they weren't fake, and took the disk out of the disk drive.

The Agents did not look at the codes since they kept their distance from the seemingly suspicious computer.

Clovis:"Look, I got the codes. Let's go. Nothing happened."

It was true, that was the real code disk and nothing was a trick, but the unknowing agents still felt suspicious even after they entered the elevator.

Dave:"Alright, lets get out of here..."

Rookie:"Wait, let's visit Floor 12 first!"

Dave looked at the Levels on the Elevator. There was no Floor 12.

Dave:"There is no floor 12...."

Rookie disregared what he said and punched in the number.


Dave:"Oh my, there actually is a level 12..."

Rookie:"What's the password?"

Clovis:"Swiss Ninja."

Rookie punched in the password.


The elevator decended down to the lowest floor of the Base...the mystical level 12. When the gang stepped out of the elevator, they were shocked.

They were in a large undergroud cave, similar looking to the underground cave in the mine, but that was not the reason why they were shocked. Before them was a super huge jacuzzi with Swiss Ninja flirting with whole bunch of other girl penguins who were wearing their swim bakinis. Maddieworld would have beaten Swissy to a pulp if she found out about this! The Agents stepped in at the wrong time, because Swiss Ninja was in the middle of kissing one of the girls.

Clovis, Dave, and Leonardo: O_O

At first, Swiss Ninja did not notice them there. Unfortunately, Rookie was uninterested in romance and only noticed the tropical themed smoothie bar.

Rookie:"Oh yay, a smoothie bar!"

Swiss Ninja quickly turned and was very surprised and embarassed to see his enemies in his secret hideout. This was Swiss Ninja's secret hideout in Club Penguin; neither Maddieworld nor Austin8310 knew about it's existance. However, Swiss Ninja was NOT in the mood for a fight. He was in a good mood with all the concubines around him, and since he did not want to look fierce around them and ruin his fun, he decided to cool it and let them come and bask at the glory of Swiss Ninja's secret.

Swiss:"Hey, boys. Come into the jacuzzi and relax for a little..."

Dave:"Um...Is this some kind of trick?"

Swiss:"Boys, boys, boys. This is my secret hideout. I'm in a good mood and surrounded by my concubines. Do you think I am going to spoil it now? Don't worry, I won't hurt you for now unless you expose this hideout to the public. Otherwise, let us have his as our little secret, ok?"

Dave:"Fine with me. Clovis, Rookie, and Leonardo, time for a break."

Swiss:"Hop in the jacuzzi, it's real warm..."

Dave was already wearing his typical surf attire anyways, so he jumped in immediately. Leonardo liked the water and also joined Dave and Swiss as well. Clovis found this awefully suspicious, and decided not to go. Instead, he joined Rookie at the smoothie bar, which had it's own barista: she was hot, too.
Both Clovis and Rookie got strawberry smoothies.

The "Bryce" is Wrong[edit]

Rookie whispered:"Hey, Clovis, can I see the codes?"

Clovis:"Alright, Rookie..."

Clovis then took out the disk from his pocket and handed it to Rookie. Sadly, Swiss Ninja noticed.

Swiss Ninja:"Hey, brother! You brought us a DVD? Let's play it on my brand new Super huge flatscreen TV!"

An RDA Clone Trooper took the disk from Clovis's hand and placed it into the DVD Drive.

Clovis:"Aw man, we're done for..."

Rookie:"The EPF Codes are going to get exposed!!!!"

Leonardo:"Dios mio..."

The TV screen started out with static, but then began displaying binary code.

Clovis thought:"I hope he can't read that.."

The screen changed to show a homemade video...of The Director's childhood. It started out with the Director as a chick. He was still a sillouette.

Director's Mom:"Bryce! It's going to be your first bath!"

Bryce (The Director):"Wee!"

His mother picked him up and began washing him. Scrubbing him all over.

Director's Mom:"You know, it's so hard to see what part of you's clean and what isn't."

Bryce giggled.

Meanwhile, the girls in the hot tub began giggling. Swiss Ninja was not amuzed about the video, but it made him remember the time he and Maddieworld gave Bellina a bath.

A clip from the movie. The Director was always a sillouette.

It then changed to the Director's toddlerhood. He was astonishingly well behaved. Those video clips mainly showed him at Christmas time and on holidays just either thanking for his gifts or screaming with glee. Then, it changed to his first days of preschool... to his first roller coaster ride... first party... to the rebellious teenager years. There, another home video was shown. It was a clip of the Director with a couple of buddies about to do some stupid teen stunt of fail.

It cuts to see a penguion holding a shaky camera. Another tall adolescent penguin with brown skater-dude hair in a green shirt is standing to the right of a solid black sillouette of a penguin. Again, he was still a sillouette! The skater penguin puts his flipper on his beak.

Penguin:"Dude, are you SURE you want me to do this?"

Bryce/Director:"I want to know what I look like, Bit19."

Camera penguin:"We all know what you look like, Bryce. You're a black shadow."

Bryce/Director:"I don't think I am. It must be paint or something that my mother coated me with."

Bit19:"Your mom didn't do that. She says you were black as soon as you hatched out of that black egg."

Bryce/Director:"Do you know how hard it is to live without knowing what you look like? I can't tell you if my eyes are blue, black, or brown. I can't see what color I truly am, and come one, it'll be fun!"

Bit19 sighs. No use arguing with Bryce. He was a natural-born leader with a passionate work-ethic and a stubborn drive. When he made his decision, it was done. Bit19 picked up a hose attached to a water pressurizer.

Bryce/Director:"Listen. I've always been there for you, Bit. I helped you when you dealt with those boils during your molting, I aided you when your car broke down, I cheered you on in the soccer matches day in and day out. I have been selfless to you, and now, it's time you pay me back."

Bit19:"I guess you're right. All I'm saying is that it may hurt."

Bryce/Director:"Well then, I'll be ready."

Bit19 fired up the hose and shot the adolescent Director with a deluge of high-pressure water. He was flown off the screen as the camera penguin ran up to him.

Camera penguin:"BRYCE! BRYCE!"

The Director got up and shook the water off himself.

Bryce/Director:"THAT... WAS... AWESOME!"

His smile was cut short as he looked down at his sillouetted body.

Bryce/Director:"AWW, MAAAAAN!!"

From there, clips went to his first car drive... his high school graduation ceremony... all the way to his initiation into being a rookie PSA Agent.

The DVD finally ended with a final devotion that said:

Happy Birthday, Director!
Love, Mother

Little did anyone, even the agents, know that the whole movie production was FAKE and a setup in case someone did try to find the real identity of The Director. Yet...the Director later revealed her identity a few years later during Operation Blackout.

The Agents were very embarrassed at knowing that they had to risk all that trouble to save a disk that apparently "important and secret" codes that could possibly "be used to take over Antarctica".

Clovis took out the disk and put it back in his pocket and said:"Sorry you had to see that..."

Swiss:"Um, I have a feeling that I should not have. BUT NOW I CAN TOTALY EMBARASS HIM NOW!! MWAHAHAHAHA!"

Dave:"Alright, I think we've seen enough. Lets go, agents."

Leonardo, Clovis, and Rookie:"Agreed."

Chapter 5:Leonardo the Castillan[edit]

Once they left the building, they immediately returned the disk to the HQ. They sadly had to confess that SN saw the DVD, to the Director's surprise. The Director tried his best not to show emotion about the subject, but after he had finished talking to the agents he sat there worrying deeply. Meanwhile, the Agents left the HQ with a sort of "misson success". They then decided to spend the day walking through the beautiful wilderness of Club Penguin. Suddenly, they heard from a distance, a lovely couple laughing.

Clovis:"Ah, two lovebirds having a picnic in the wilderness? What else could be better than that? I wish I had a girlfriend..."

Leonardo:"Hey, I know that laugh! It's Master Fuut Ga's!"

Dave:"What? No. Fuut Ga doesn't have a girlfriend."

Leonardo:"No, I'm sure..let's check!"

Leonardo led the agents behind some bushes, only a couple feet away from the where the laughing noise was. The EPF Agents and EPF Puffle peeked to see a clearing in the wilderness. It was a beautiful meadow taht was covered in grass and patches of snow. Some wildflowers were growing. Then...they saw the two penguins lying down next to each other on a picnic blanket.

Leonardo whispered:"It is Fuut Ga!"

Fuut Ga was lying next to a girl penguin who had brownish/blond hair. Fuut Ga and her then sat up.

Fuut Ga:"Oh, Jaqueline...you do complete my heart."

Jaqueline spoke with a thick French accent:"Oh, Fuut Ga my dahrling, same here.."

Fuut Ga:"Alas...it's another great day together."

Jaqueline:"I've always treasured the times we've been together."

Fuut Ga and Jaqueline got very close together and kissed.

This was all a mouthful for the Agents, who as the loyal pet puffle of Fuut Ga and as Hochstadts, they did not know a thing about Fuut Ga's love relationship with Jaqueline. Leonardo took this extra hard, since he didn't like it when his peaceful, friendly master kept a great secret like this from him.

Leonardo:"Hi Fuut Ga! Nice to meet you Jaqueline!"

Jaqueline shrieked.

Fuut Ga:"Leoardo! Uhh..what are you doing here?"

Clovis then appeared.

Clovis:"Fuut Ga, we heard everything. Why did you hide this from us?"

Fuut Ga sighed.

Jaqueline:"Oh dahrling, who is that yellow beast right there?"

Leonardo:"Why, I'm Fuut Ga's puffle, of course. You must be Fuut Ga's girlfriend. You are very pretty."

Fuut Ga facepalmed.

Jaqueline:"Vhat? Fuut Ga, you never told me you had this yellow vermin as a pet!"


Jaqueline:"Oh my! I absolutely HATE puffles! Disgusting creatures, honestly."

Leonardo's mouth dropped. :O

Fuut Ga:"Yes, My love, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about this..."

Jaqueline:"Oh Fuut Ga...sniff, sniff..."

Jaqueline began bawling.

Jaqueline:"Fuut Ga! If you would have loved me, you would rid that savage from your household!"

Clovis and Leonardo gasped.

Leonardo:"HE WOULDN'T!"

Fuut Ga looked solemn. He loved Jaqueline, his true love. Although she hated puffles, she was a good penguin and was very nice. However, Leonardo was Fuut Ga's only companion. He did keep him company since he was lonely in that Chateau in the middle of the Great Forest. Fuut Ga had to decide...and fast.

Fuut Ga then grabbed the flipper of Jaqueline and kneeled in front of her. He then took out a box, and opened it to reveal a ring.

Fuut Ga:"Jaqueline....will you marry me???? I will rid you of your sorrows, my dear."

The sobbing Jaqueline wiped away her tears, took a look at the ring....and said...


Jaqueline immediately flung her penguin arms around her new fiancee.

Leonardo felt betrayed and was hot with anger. Clovis and Dave felt very sorry for him. The oblivious Rookie was cheering at the wedding engagement.

The couple hugged each other for a long time. Finally, Fuut Ga let go.

Fuut Ga:"My love, I must take care of buisness first."

Jaqueline:"Let it be."

Fuut Ga then turned awkwardly to Leonardo.

Leonardo frowned.

Fuut Ga:"Leonardo...I'm sorry you had to see this. I wished I could have told you...but we've gotta move on in life, alright? I'm going to get married and have lots of kids with a loving and caring wife. Unfortunately, you will have to find someone else to live with or somewhere else to reside since I will be so busy and my wife doesn't like puffles..."

Leonardo:"Ok. I...sniff understand..."

Leonardo tried holding back the tears.

Clovis:"I'll help you move. Hey, you can live with me!"

Leonardo:"No. I don't want to be dependant on other penguins anymore. I think I'll just live on my own."

Clovis:"Alright then. Please though, I'm sort of lonely. You can live in Toledo. I bet there's a house we can find for you to live there! Besides, you're a natural-born Castillan citizen!"

Leonardo:"You are a citizen too, no?"

Clovis:"I am, but not naturally. I took a test. Leonardo, our jobs would be easier to do in Toledo, trust me."

Fuut Ga:"I agree."

Dave:"Alright. We'll help you move all your stuff."

The transition went smoothly. Leonardo found a nice house near Clovis's place and the town square, and they immediately moved in. Meanwhile, Jaqueline moved into the Ninja Chateau. They planned to marry very soon, and invitations were sent out. Leonardo soon got over the whole situation, and eventually became happy with living in Toledo.

Back in Toledo, Clovis came to visit Leonardo for the first time since the move.

Clovis:"Hi Leonardo."

Leonardo:"Hi Clovis."

Leonardo was cooking up some paella with O-Berries.

Clovis smelled the aroma of the dish being cooked.

Clovis:"Smells wonderful. Can I have some when you're done?"

Leonardo:"Sure. Afterwards, let's take a tour of the town. I want to know it better."

Clovis glanced around the nicely decorated Castillan town house, which had many paintings that Leonardo made on the wall. There was also several chairs, a couch, a TV, and a computer. Upstairs was Leonardo's little puffle bed. Leonardo made a delicious Paella dish, and after they ate they went on a stroll around the historic city of Toledo.

The two of them walked through the narrow streets and visited many stores. Then, Leonardo led Clovis to the Hernández Botica...or in English, the Hernández Drugstore.

Clovis:"Hey, Leonardo, why are we going to a drugstore?"

Leonardo:"Well, let's just say I've made a friend already in Toledo."

Leonardo and Clovis entered the little Drugstore.

Leonardo:"Hola, Señor Hernández. ¿Donde está Alejo?" Hello, Mr. Boleto. Where's Alejo?

Señor Boleto:"Ay, él está aquí. ¡Alejo! ¡Tu amigo Leonardo está aquí!" Oh, he is here. Alejo! Your friend Leonardo is here!

The Penguin that was named Alejo came to greet Leonardo was a very tall emperor penguin who seemed to be both a greaser and an emoguin. His brown hair was long and wavy, and slightly covered his eyes. He wore a black leather jacket and a white T-shirt under it, and wore old sneakers.

Clovis wondered how Leonardo could have befriended such an unlikely penguin.

Clovis:"Hola....Alejo...Me llamo Clovis. Soy un amigo de Leonardo tambien." Hello Alejo...My name is Clovis. I am a friend of Leonardo also.


Clovis:"Leonardo, can you please tell me how you met this guy?"

Leonardo smiled. He was glad to tell the story.

Leonardo:"Remember the time I got that part-time job as a Graffiti Remover a couple days ago? Well, on the second day on the job, I came across Alejo spraypainting graffiti on some the walls of the houses..."

Clovis looked suspiciously at Alejo.

Leonardo:"I got mad at him for trying to make my job harder. Next thing you know it, he apologizes to me. You see, he's an emoguin and a greaser. He's had a rough childhood..."

Clovis:"OK. I understand."

Leonardo:"Anyways, I've come to befriend him."

Clovis:"Alright. I bet he can show us more of the city, maybe from other angles we've never seen before."

Alejo:"Yeah, we can. I speak English too, so it's all cool. Wanna bottle of cream soda?"

Clovis:"Nooooo thanks...I'm fine for now."

Leonardo:"Come Alejo. Give us a tour of the town, would ya?"


The tough looking Alejo led the two out of the store and into the city streets. Clovis wondered if he owned a switchblade...Castilla was known for having some greasers and hoodlums living in the streets of the city, but many of them were not as bad as they used to be because of stricter laws. Many instead liked going on Beakbook and be cyberbullies or played violent shooting video games.

Clovis leaned towards Leonardo and asked:"Is this guy the best penguin to ask for a tour of the city?"

Leonardo:"I am sure."

Alejo gave Clovis and Leonardo a good tour of the city, and had dinner at a restaurant. However, one of the kids who bullied Alejo when he was a kid was also at the restaurant, seeing him and the two strangers with him. The former bully still had a hatred for Alejo, and sought to make him suffer more. With him, the bully had a small bottle that contained a small bit of undistilled lake water that contained unhealthy chemicals. When the group wasn't looking, the bully poured the distilled water into Clovis's tea, which accidentally he took to be Alejos.

Nevertheless, Clovis unknowingly drank the dirty lake water that was poured into the tea unknowingly, since he had heavily sweetened it with sugar and honey. That night in his own house, Clovis felt sick to his stomach and really felt like throwing up.

Chapter 6:Snoss Base Blowout[edit]

Clovis had been very sleepy several days afterwards, and did not leave his house. It was already time to go to work, but he never showed up. Eventually, this concerned the Director, so he sent Leonardo to go and get him. Leonardo brought along Alejo with him to help coax Clovis back to his normal self.

Alejo knocked on Clovis's door.

Leonardo:"Clovis! Open up! Come on, you've already missed work for two days in a row! You NEED to come out of there!"

Clovis gave no reply.

Leonardo:"Oh Clovis, it's not the end of the world! Come out and stop being so lazy!"

Still, Clovis did not reply.

Alejo:"#$%@#!!! He isn't cooperating!"

Alejo then flipped out his switchblade, for he wanted to attempt to break his door.

Clovis immediately locked his door.

Leonardo:"That probably wasn't a good idea. Thanks for your help, Alejo..I'll just have someone else do the job."

Alejo:"Alright dude. Peace out."

Alejo walked off.

Leonardo:"Clovis, I'm giving you one last chance! OPEN THE DOOR OR I WILL HAVE TO USE FORCE. WE CAN DO THIS THE EASY WAY, OR THE HARD WAY. What'll it be?"

Clovis made no reply.

Leonardo:"YOU ASKED FOR IT!"

Leonardo ran back and then rammed into the door. The door only shook but did not break, and poor Leonardo only stunned himself temporarliy.

After he recovered, he walked off.

Leonardo then returned, this time bringing General Hermosa and a brown puffle with him.

Leonardo:"Alright General, take it away!"

General Hermosa knew martial arts and was trained by Fuut Ga... so he jumped up in the air and kicked the door down. Inside, they found Clovis sitting on his couch, sleeping while the TV was on. Tissues were all over the place.

Leonardo and General Hermosa: :/

Clovis woke up, startled by the barge in.

Leonardo:"Wake up, sleepyhead. You've been sick for a while and it appears your illness is has been cured."

Hermosa:"Nosotros necesitamos tu ayuda." We need your help.

Leonardo:"You'll live, don't worry. It looks like sleep was all you needed."

Clovis:"You are right, I do feel better. I shall do what you ask."

General Hermosa:"OK. ANYWAYS. Clovis, you've been sick for a long time. While you were hiding in your house, we discovered that the Snoss have built an illegal base in Flystonia!"

Clovis:"Darn, that should be dealt with immediately!"

General Hermosa:"On the other hand, we also recently invaded the Eastshieldian ghost town of Old Town and made it also our own illegal colony! Illegal to Easthshield that is, not to us."

Clovis:"Ok...Hey, you broke my door!"

Leonardo:"Don't worry, this brown puffle came to fix it up anyways. Just come to the Toledo HQ and the Director will assign our mission."

The three soon arrived at the EPF HQ to meet with the Director.

Director:"Hello Everyone. Clovis, I'm sorry to hear about what happened, but we need to move on with our mission."

Clovis:"OK. I will try, sir."

Director:"As you know, the Snoss have built a base on Flystonia. The EPF has intercepted Snoss information also, and apparently they plan to invade real soon. Your mission is simple...blow up the Snoss base."

Clovis:"OK. Are Dave and Rookie coming along?"

Director:"Yes. Fly to Flystar City and you will meet them there. Director Out. Have a nice day!"

The screen turned static as the Director went offline.

Clovis and Leonardo then looked at General Hermosa for additional instructions. Interestlingly enough, Hermosa is Spanish for "Beautiful". Indeed, unlike Clovis and Leonardo, General Hermosa had many girlfriends who adored him. General Hermosa's distinct red hair color. General Hermosa stroked his long bead for a moment and then handed Clovis and Leonardo two snowbullet pistols.

General Hermosa:"Good Luck, Clovis and Leonardo, citizens and EPF represenatives of Castilla!"

The two saluted the General and headed to the capital city of Metido to catch their flight to Flystar city.

The Agents soon congregated at the airport. Dave and Rookie had brought bombs with them, but they needed to go to town and buy some more since they didn't have enough. Afterwards, they headed for the Star River on the northern side of town. The agents got on a boat and sailed down the river to the Snoss Base, which was 5 miles away.

Fudd started running as fast as he could to catch up with the Agents before they set off down the river.

Fudd:"Wait! Let me come with you!"

Leonardo:"Hey, it's Fudd! I could use a puffle companion for the trip."

Fudd:"Hi! Can I come with you guys?"

Clovis:"Sure, hop on board."

Dave:"Clovis! He's not an agent! We can't..."

Clovis:"He's a Hochstadt Gang member. That's one good reason why he should stay."

Fudd:"I brought some dynamite with me."

Dave:"Fine. Just don't expose us!"


The Agents then launched their boat down the river and headed out of the city into the open countryside of Flystonia.

Fudd:"You know, you could be part of my pranks, Leonardo."


Fudd took out a hat similar to Director Benny's and placed it on Leonardo's head. He pulled out a black marker and drew under Leonardo's eyelids until they had thick black circles. He took quick work of combing the puffle's fur until it was straight and clean, spare one spike that stick out from the hat. Fudd then gave Leonardo a mirror to see how he looked.

Fudd:"Now scowl. Scowl a cruel, hearless, black abyss sort'a scowl."

Leonardo did.


Leonardo:"...look just like Director Benny! Jackpot!"

Clovis:"Hmmm. That could be useful, say if we need a distraction."

Leonardo:"Hehehe! I can see all the benefits from this right now!"

Dave:"Okay...'Director Benny'. Get yourselves prepared because I already see the Snoss base ahead."

The river they had been traveling down was surrounded by the common Antarctic pine trees, but mostly with the very tall wild antarctic pine trees. The metal clad Snoss Base was barely visible with all the foliage in the way.

Dave then navigated the boat back to shore and tied it up to a tree.

Dave:"Follow me. Err...Rookie...you should probably stay here and watch the boat."

Fudd:"Oh, don't worry. I'll do that. Rookie is an agent after all, let him go with you."


The Agents then reached the high metal wall of the Base. It was the only blindspot from the watchtowers...but the only problem was taht the top of the wall had bushels of barbed wire on it, which would make it hard to climb over.

Clovis:"Bah, it's not that hard..."

Dave:"Oh, yes it is, Clovis, you listen to me, I've been in more missions than you...."

Clovis took out a grappling gun and shot it up to the top of the wall. Instead, it got hooked up to the barbed wire, but he couldn't see that.

Clovis:"See? It's all hooked up. Leonardo, hop on my shoulder. We're going up!"

Clovis then pressed the recoil button, but instead of it pulling him up, the grappling hook pulled the barbed wired off the wall.


Clovis, Leonardo, Dave, and Rookie then ran as fast as they could away from the falling wire.

The wire fell onto the ground with a loud crash.

Dave:"So much for the element of surprise. Say, Leonardo, I've got an idea."

The loud crash immediately alarmed the Snoss Soldiers who were enjoying their leisure time. They sent two of them to investigate.

Snoss Soldier 1:"How the Swiss Ninja did this fall off?"

Snoss Soldier 2:"I don't know. We're in the middle of nowhere."

Suddenly, Leonardo dressed up as Director Benny jumped out of the bushes.


This caught the Soldiers off their guard.

Snoss Soldiers 1 and 2:"AAH!"

Leonardo:"Mwahahahahahahahaacough ha chough ha ha chough ha.... I was the one who destroyed your barbed wire!"


The Second Snoss Soldier stopped him abruptly.

Snoss Soldier 2:"NO! He's Director Benny! He's very powerful! I just hope he doesn't say..."

Leonardo:"Err....I don't approve?"


The ran away in fear that 'Director Benny' might do something to them.

Then, Dave, Clovis, and Rookie popped out of the bushes as "Barbed Wire Repair Guys".

Dave:"OK...good acting...but you shouldn't have scared them off. Now how are we going to get into the base now?"

Clovis:"I don't like wearing this itchy suit for nothing...."

Leonardo:"Ok. I guess there's going to be a 'Take 2'. It will be called 'Director Benny Returns'."

The Director Benny looking Leonardo and the Repair Guy dressed Agents soon were ringing the doorbell of the main entrance.

A voice of a Soldier soon said:"Identification please."


Soldier's Voice:"Go away please."

Leonardo:"I do not approve. Open this door, NOW. I have repair guys who are going to repair the fallen barbed wire."

Soldier's Voice:"Well, why didn't you say so? OK. Come in."

The Agents soon entered a super high tech room. They were greeted by the main commander of the base.

Snoss Commander:"Guten Tag. Für Kaiser Swiss Ninja!" (Good Day. For Kaiser Swiss Ninja) *Note: the phrase "For Swiss Ninja" is a common Snoss greeting.

The Agents were hesitant, but then replied: "Für Der Kaiser, Swiss Ninja!" (For the Emperor, Swiss Ninja!)

Leonardo scoffed in a magnificent Benny impersonation.

Leornardo:"Swiss Ninja only stands because I like to see him reek choas on this inferior continent. Now, I must leave."

Leonardo vanished in a very Benny-like cloud of smoke. The others were impressed. Moments later, Leonardo came up from a hill towards the plant.

Leonardo:"Guys! GUYS! You forgot about ME!"

Snoss Commander:"Who is this?"

Clovis:"This is my talking puffle. He helps with the repairs."

Snoss Commander:"Okay. Well, to get started, you will need to...."

Dave:"We will start with the base's main electical power room."

Snoss Commander:"But, why? I thought you guys were..."

Leonardo quickly said:"It's for making sure the agents don't get electrecuted when they place the wires back up."

Snoss Commander:"Oh. Ok. It's in the center of the building. There are signs."

Clovis:"Thanks, that's all we need to know."

The Agents and EPF Puffle then dashed down the halls, and barged into the Electrical Power Room.

Clovis pulled out his gun and shot down the workers in the room.


The workers dropped to the ground instantly.

Dave:"Alright, we have control of the Electrical Power Room."

Rookie:"Good Aim, Clovis!"

Dave:"Rookie, Focus!"

Dave and Clovis then started strapping bombs to the machinery and technology in the room.

Dave:"Okay. That should do it. Now. We need to climb up into the air ventilators, and all four of us should travel to and detonate all four of the Base's watchtowers in the corners of the building. That should make the whole building collapse."

Rookie:"Umm..I think I'm a little too big to fit in there. I don't like climbing in air ventilators."

Dave:"Rookie, you'll be fine."

Clovis:"OK. I already got some dynamite. I'll head for the northwest corner of the building."

Clovis climbed into the ventilation hole and made his way to the northwest watchtower.

Dave handed Leonardo some dynamite.

Dave:"Leonardo, head for the Northeast Tower of the base."

Leonardo:"Got it!"

Leonardo jumped into the ventilaton hole and headed for the notheast watchtower.

Dave:"Alright Rookie. Here's some dynamite. Go to the Southwest tower of the building. Got it? Southwest."


Rookie clumsily climbed into the the Ventilation Hole. While climing, he was making a whole lot of banging noise.


Rookie whispered:"Sorry!"

Dave finally jumped into the Ventilation Hole and sealed it. He started heading for his destination, the Southeastern tower of the base. Before he got there, he pulled out a button and detonated the Electical Power Room.


The Detonation of the Electical Power Room shook the whole building and set the room to flames. The power went off and everyone was startled.

Meanwhile, Rookie reached his destination, the Southwest tower of the base. It seemed like his mission would be a success this time, but it wasn't. While crawling, he kept making that clamoring and banging noise, and there were already Snoss Soldiers with bayonets waiting for him. Rookie peered out of the slits of the Ventilator Hole.

Soldier:"Hey! We know you're in there! Come out and surrender!"


The Soldier got his bayonet ready and thrust his banyonet into the Ventilator tunnel, which punctured through and scared the daylights out of Rookie.


Rookie jumped inside the Ventilation tunnel, which broke and fell on top of the Snoss Soldier. Rookie slid down and jumped out in a made-up Kung Fu stance.


The Snoss Soldiers only looked at him funny. Suddenly, they saw the other Watchtowers explode and collapse onto the main building. They suddenly forgot about Rookie and ran to figure out what was going on. They didn't think Rookie was a threat.

Rookie then placed the bombs inside the room and ignited them. He ran straight to the door, only to find that the Snoss Soldiers had locked it. He was trapped.

Rookie:"AAAAHHHH!!!! I'm going to die!"

Then, Rookie saw the fallen ventilation tunnel and crawled inside of it, trying to escape as quickly as he could. Unfortunately, the watchtower exploded and the ventilation tunnel with Rookie inside flew across the base and into the river.

Rookie spattered and coughed as he reached the river shore again. He was a terrible swimmer and was barely able to make it back to shore. Clovis, Dave, and Leonardo were able to escape the base before the explosions. By now, the base lay in flames.

Dave:"Well well well. Looks like Rookie survived after all. Good Job!"

Clovis:"Good Job to all of us! Mission complete!"

Dave:"Yup. I doubt any of the Snoss Soldiers survived though, sadly."

Clovis:"Yeah. Well, I don't want to ruin the fun, but our mission isn't over yet. When I arrived at the watchtower, I was able to obtain this DVD here. It's obviously a secret Snoss code or information."

Fudd:"I've got a portable DVD player. Here, hand me the disk."


Clovis handed Fudd the disk, and it began to play.

At first, the static was all that was there. Then, some music began to load. Titles followed, fading in and out like some sort of movie. The titles were in English and German.


"As directed under the blessed, immortal, and unstoppable reign of our lord, the Great Kaiser Swiss Ninja...


All of the Agents' eyes bulged in fright for two reasons.



...oh, and sing they did...


{Music begins...}
Islands, realms, and all the rest...
...soon you'll learn just who's the best...
All shall bow to Snoss Regime
When they see our greatest scheme.

Noo'clur weaponry
Noo'clur weaponry
WMDs to the left and right!

Noo'clur weaponry
Everybody soon will see!
Fire those bombs
'Till our neighbors hand their sov'reign rights!

It's his plan! Kaiser's Dream!
Using noo'clur weaponry...

{cuts to scene with large missile}
This is the big one loaded with dread.
Megatons that'll leave you DEAD.

{cuts to scene with smaller drop-from-plane bombs}
These are the ones dropped from the air.
Levelling towns and bringing dispair.

Noo'clur weaponry
Noo'clur weaponry
Weaponry! Weaponry!

This island, where nukes go,
The Kaiser's reign will make its show.

{scene shows island's governor shouting; he bears a resemblance to this}

Weapons, weapons,
Giving mass destruction!
Soon they'll be launching so let us hear the other nations

Noo'clur weaponry
Mushroom clouds
Fallout and things!

{back to nuke governor}

{cuts to scenes of governor's mistresses}
Well that's just fine!
Nuke 'em once
Nuke 'em twice
If they don't give nuke 'em thrice

Annexed to the Snoss in their horrid plight.

{cuts to propaganda poster of Swiss Ninja}
It's the Kaiser's dream!
It's the Kaiser's dream!

Weapons of mass destruction...

{scene shows very aerodynamic missile}
This is the missile that can beat any race!
Super fast and BOOM without a trace!

{raspy voice with diagrams of radioactive decay}
This is the stuff
In the nuke fallout.
Cancer, death,
Radiation's all there.

{cut to clouds covering the moon}
This is the cold that'll follow right.
Even for the poles it's a bone-chilled plight.

Noo'clur weaponry
Noo'clur weaponry
Weaponry! Weaponry!
(Weaponry weaponry!)

Nu'clur warheads everywhere...
Detterents and a weapon as well.

Hail Swiss N.-
-and his regime
All bow to his weaponry.

Mushroom clouds!
Don't forget those now!
It'll be every other realm's

S. N.'s back
-and he's singing this track so SCREAM
he'll nuke your pants off
-and 'twill be your
Noo'clur weaponry

USA make way
For a very special guy.

Kaiser Swiss
Is king and will rule you all
Everyone hail to our lord's great nukes now!

Noo'clur weaponry
Noo'clur weaponry
Weaponry! Weaponry!
Weaponry! Weaponry!

{Scene fades to the location of Nuke Island on a map. It zooms out to show a bigger and bigger picture of Antarctica.}
LA LA LAAAAAAAA- {massive explosions, pictures of mushroom clouds}

{The screen fades to black.}



The screen faded to black as the DVD ended. Everyone picked up their mouths, metaphorically, which had dropped to the floor.

A long silence fell over them...



Leonardo:"Who knows what destruction could be done with them!"

Dave:"AGREED. We better move fast. Clovis, contact the Director immediately and ask for a plane to fly us there. Ask for a plane that can land on water, alright?"

Clovis:"Got it. Of all the missions yet, this one seems the most important."

Chapter 7:Nukes Galore[edit]

Soon, the Agents, their elite puffle, and tag-along Fudd were soon dressed in their regular clothes again and Clovis was flying everyone to Nuke Island, which was located several miles off the coast of Trans-Antarctica. They soon spotted nuke island straight ahead.

Clovis:"I see it!"

Dave:"Good. Now all we need to do is land. You should quickly decend right now anyways so we don't get noticed."

Alas, it was too late, because the Snoss already spotted them. Suddenly, a group of Swisserschmitts flying right towards them.

Leonardo:"TOO LATE!"

Clovis tried dodging the incoming missles, but they were clearly outnumbred and two missles blasted the plane into pieces. Clovis grabbed Leonardo and Fudd and deployed the parachute. Rookie deployed his as well. Sadly, Dave got trapped during the explosion and fell into the ocean with the wreck.

Clovis:"Oh no! Dave!"

The Swisserschmitts then fired at Clovis's and Rookie's parachutes and both of them fell into the sea.

Swisserschmitt Commander (SQUADCOM):"We got 'em. They're dead now."

The Swisserschmitts then flew away, happy that their mission was successful. Fortunately, no one was actually killed, but a good actor like Clovis and Leonardo knew how to play dead. As soon as the Snoss aircraft had left, Clovis, Leonardo, Fudd, and Rookie popped out of the ocean water.

Clovis:"Is everyone Ok?"

Leonardo:"Yup. I'm fine."

Fudd:"Me too."

Rookie:"I'm just scared, not hurt."

Clovis:"Hey, wait, where's Dave??? Oh no..."

Clovis saw Dave's body floating with the wrecked debris of the aircraft. Everyone quickly swam to him.

Clovis:"DAVE! DAVE! Are you alright??"

Rookie:"Don't die, Dave!"

Dave was really hurt and had bad scratches all over himself.

Dave groaned loudly.

Dave:"I.....I....can't go on anymore...."

Clovis:"#^@$#@....Oh great. Dave, don't worry, you're going to be OK."

Dave:"I know....but I can't lead the group anymore...owwww...You need to take charge for now, Clovis."


Dave:"Yes...Clovis, you've got potential. Please use it, cause when I saw that you aced at flying planes, I knew that you had more than what it takes to be an ace EPF Agent like me..."

Clovis:"And the time when I led the Traveling All of Antarctica Mission?"

Dave:"Yes, Yes..Hurry Clovis! We don't have much time left! You gotta head to Nuke Island and stop those nukes before they launch! Clovis and Leonardo, you're our only hope."

Clovis now began to ponder seriously for a brief moment, and then decided to carry out his order.

Clovis:"Alright then. Fudd, take Dave to the shore of Nuke Island with us and see if you can call in backup. Leonardo, Rookie and I will try to stop the nukes."

Fudd then slipped Dave onto the broken piece of the aircraft's wing for him to float on, and began to push him to shore. Everyone was shocked when they had reached the shore of Nuke Island.

All along the coast of the island, there were HUGE nukes that were lined up with launchers.

Clovis, Leonardo, and Rookie: O_O

Fudd shielded Dave's eyes so that he wouldn't freak out at the sight of the monstrous rockets.

Clovis:"Come on, boys. Let's try and see if we can dissassemble the rocket launchers first. Watch out for the nuclear waste lying around!"

Indeed, it wasn't a pretty sight. The island was home to several non eco-friendly factories that emitted lots of smoke into the air, and there was nuclear waste everywhere.

Clovis then dashed to the several Rocket Launchers and took out his wrench and began unscrewing the bolts. Meanwhile, Leonardo observed the rocket layout.

Clovis was currenly working on the middle rocket, which was the biggest of them all. Leonardo knew that the typical Snoss would probably build the Automatic Gyro Control mechanism in this rocket, which would guide and lead the other rockets. Wherever the main rocket went, the other rockets would follow.

Clovis and Rookie continued to unscrew the main rocket's launcher, but then they could hear the countdown.



The Rockets began their engines....it was getting warmer and warmer.



Clovis and Rookie then noticed Leonardo on the main rocket.

Clovis:"¡Dios mio! Leonardo come down from there!"

Clovis shoved Rookie away from the firing rocket and climbed up the main rocket to help Leonardo get off the rocket...but it was too late.


The numerous number of rockets launched into the air, with Clovis and Leonardo trapped on the main Rocket, which was the first one planned to hit South Pole City.

Leonardo and Clovis:"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

As for Dave, it was no use for Fudd to cover his eyes, he could already hear them launch, and he watched Clovis and Leonardo fly up in the air with them. Dave had lost all his hope for saving Antarctica from the nuclear attacks, and fainted.

Clovis and Leonardo clung to the main rocket for their lives. However, they knew that if they continued holding on, the rocket would eventually hit South Pole City and they would be desintegrated from the radiation..and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians would die. They also had the option of letting go of the rocket and falling safely into the sea, but then their mission would fail and still many innocent lives would be killed....and Snowzerland would probably prevail. Yet, they knew better, and they decided mentally that they would risk their lives to stop these nukes from destroying the capital of the most powerful nation of Antarctica, the United States of Antarctica... -and that was just the first round.

Leonardo:"Clovis! Quickly, we must reach the main rocket's Automatic Gyro Control mechanism to steer all these rockets around! Wherever this main rocket goes, the other rockets will follow!"

The Agent and his Elite Puffle began climbing up the main rocket to the top, where it was bolted up by screws.

Leonardo:"Good, now open this up with your wrench! The Automatic Gryo Control mechanism should be inside. I never knew about this stuff until a brown puffle told me. Even though I don't like them much, I was bored that day and listened to what he had to say..."

Clovis started unscrewing the bolts that held the top part of the rocket while the Rockets flew over the coast of Trans-Antarctica.

Leonardo:"Hurry! Give me another wrench; I'll help!"

The agent and his EPF Puffle began unscrewing the bolts as fast as they could. The rockets were going very fast, heading towards South Pole City every minute....which was already in sight by the time they had finished unscrewing all the bolts.


Clovis removed the metal nose cone of the rocket, and revealed the Automatic Gyro control.

Leonardo:"PULL ON IT!"

Clovis and Leonardo tried pulling on it...but it wasn't strong enough, for it barely moved the rocket.

Pull up pull up.png


Then, they banged onto the automatic gyro control, and it finally got loose.

The rockets had already reached the vicinity of the large area known as South Pole City, and it seemed as if the Nukes were aiming right at the South Pole Council Building.

Clovis and Leonardo tugged a second time, but it was obviously hard to do. Suddenly, the rocket turned around completely and headed back the other way.....it missed the South Pole Capitol by 100 feet. Meanwhile, all the other rockets also turned around and began to follow the diverted main rocket again.

By now the citizens of South Pole City had heard about the planned attack, and many of them were now cheering vigorously because of Clovis's and Leoanrdo's heoric accomplishment.

However, it wasn't over yet. Leonardo and Clovis had saved South Pole City from death, but now they were heading back for Nuke Island again.

Clovis:"We can't let them hit the island....Dave, Fudd, and Rookie are still on it..."

Leonardo:"We would kill ourselves too."

Clovis sighed. "I don't think that matters anymore."


A few minutes later, Nuke Island was in view.

Leonardo:"Let's try to move the nukes as far away from Antarctica and the surrounding islands."


The two then tugged on the Gyro control again, but not as hard...and they continued straight, passing by Nuke Island.

By now, Dave was awake again and cheered with Fudd and Rookie when he saw the Nukes fly the other way again. However, the Snoss scientists, who had been tracking the progress of the rockets, were obviously not pleased.

Head Scientist:"@$#%@$!!!! Who messed up the Automatic Gyro Control?"

The group of scientists shrugged and pointed at each other.

Head Scientist:"NO ONE? Someone HAS to be responsible for messing up the #$%[email protected]#%$ Automatic Gyro Control!"

One of the scientists who was tracking the progress of the rocket then said:"Sir, sensors are indicating that the Automatic Gyro Control had it's course changed manually...not automatically."

All the Scientists: O_O

Head Scientist:"How is that possible? No one is on the main rocket!"

The other scientist then looked again at his screen and said:"Well, It also appears the rocket is carrying an unexpected exta amount of weight on it."

Head Scientist: O_O

The Head Scientist paced away for a minute and walked to the windows of the laboraty that was on Nuke Island. He looked along the coast....and then spotted the injured Dave with Fudd and Rookie.

Head Scientist:"Hmm. Looks like that those penguins survived the airplane attack after all. Call in the RDA Troopers and arrest them."

Meanwhile, Clovis and Leonardo gazed at the open sea as the rocket dashed across the sky.

Clovis:"We're far enough. Leonardo, end it here. Please."


Leonardo then pulled down on the Automatic Gyro Control and the main rocket plunged downwards into the sea...which was when Clovis and Leonardo let go. Well, actually Leonardo had to force Clovis to let go luckily. As soon as the main rocket plunged into the ocean, the others followed.

By now, this part of the ocean was very, very deep - it was probably a couple miles deep. Luckily, the nukes blasted down to the sea floor and exploded there.


The impact of the nukes were so huge, Clovis and Leonardo were blasted into the air as if they were launched out of a Whale's blowhole.

Mighty waves followed, and soon, Clovis and his EPF puffle found themselves riding the crest of a wave, a tsunami of sorts generated by the arsenal of underwater warheads. (It's a good thing this was deep water, or else tworse would have happened.) Clovis had his face in the water, like a boogieboard.

Leonardo: "We're....alive?...-and SURFING? It's a miracle! Now let's hit shore before we die of radiation sickness!!"

Clovis could not respond, hear, or see his compansion, since he was the surfboard and he was getting his beak filled with poisonous water.

(He would later contract radiation sickness, but he would, fortunately, live. Leonardo didn't get affected by this since he was riding Clovis.)

The two were thrown far onto the rocky shore of Nuke Island by the tsunami. They smashed into the rough inland and cut themselves brutally. Both Leonardo and Clovis were covered in scratches, scars, wounds, and salt water, which added a stinging pain. They were bleeding and aching, but the blood was minor because of the salt water. Clovis couldn't move, because he had broken several bones in the landing and explosion.

They needed medical help, and fast. The other Agents quickly rushed to their battered friends, who had hurt themselves immensely in saving Antarctica.




Suddenly, a group of RDA Troopers started coming over towards the Agents. Meanwhile, more Nukes assembled onto the launchers.....

Leonardo:"Oye, tengo un idea! Dave, help me shoot down those troopers but don't kill them!"

Leonardo pulled out Clovis's gun and shot down all the RDA Troopers with the help of Dave.

Everyone including Clovis then siezed the stunned troopers and followed Leonardo to the next main nuke ready to fire.

Dave:"Leonardo, there's no time for doing this cycle again!"

Leonardo:"That's why we have the RDA troopers do it for us!"

Leonardo Then pinned the RDA Trooper onto the Main Rocket.

Leonardo:"Do the same to the other troopers to the other rockets!"

The other agents did so...right before the nukes launched away.

The Scientists then realized this, and were greatly alarmed.


Head Scientist:"Swiss Ninja and I have waited too long for this momentous event to occur! Let those soldiers die for our country! I won't let those Agents' tricks stop us."

Scientist 2:"You'd rather sacrifice two penguins than those nukes! YOU BRUTE!"

The other scientists were very angry....and then one of them pulled out a gun and shot the Head Scientist in the...head. The Head Scientist was dead.

Scientist 1:"Alright guys, that lunatic is done for, let's stop our fellow citizens from being killed..."

Leonardo:"Hey, look, the rockets are being redirected! The plan worked."

Dave:"What now?"

The injured Clovis sat up.

Clovis:"We gotta get into the scientists' control center and stop them from launching the rest of the rounds of rockets."

The Agents then took out their guns and ran towards the Scientists' Control Center. They did recieve some resistance from five RDA Troopers, but they were able to shoot them down.

Like what happened to Clovis and Leonardo, the rockets were redirected into the ocean, and the RDA Troopers had escaped death.

Scientist 1:"Yes! Mission accomplished!"

Scientist 2:"Now it's time to move on to phase 3!"

Suddenly, the doors of the room bashed open to see Clovis, Leonardo, Dave, and Rookie barge into the room. Fudd just followed behind.

Clovis:"No you won't!"

Clovis then shot Scientist 1 in the head.


All the helpless scientists dropped to the ground.

Dave and Rookie threw grenades at the machinery and the scientists, which blew up once they left the room.

They then saw that the next round of nukes were still being put into place into the launchers.


Clovis:"This would be the last round since all the machinery is destroyed.....I guess we've got one option left. Destroy the nukes right here."

Leonardo:"But...we'll die..."

Clovis then pointed to a small building nearby. On the door, it read:

Emergency Nuclear Shelter

Leonardo:"Jackpot, Clovis!"

The Gang then began putting bombs onto..well..the bigger bombs.

Dave:"Wait, no...we can't destroy these nukes. That would destroy the island and we would drown to death."

Rookie:"We can disasseble the thing!"

Fudd looked around for a moment to see that all of the rocket launchers were all connected to one power generator. Fudd nudged Leonardo and showed him the power generator while the penguins were thinking of ideas. Leonardo took out a grenade and thew it at the power generator, which exploded.

Suddenly, all the power in the rockets had ceased.

Clovis:"Oops...I didn't think of that..."

Dave:"Finally, it's....it's over..."

The Agents were very tired and were in very bad condition....except for Rookie and Fudd, who had been spared this time. Rookie contacted the Director immediately since he knew that Clovis, Leonardo, and Dave needed medical help.

An hour later or so, several helicopters arrived, and picked everyone up and confiscated the remaining nuclear bombs, dropping them into the sea. Dave, Clovis, and Leonardo where then transported back to Toledo's hospital, Hospital of Tavera, to be treated.

Chapter 8:Castilla and the Vikings Unite[edit]

Clovis, Leonardo, and Dave were treated well at the hospital. Clovis had suffered from radiation sickness but was recooperating, Dave had broken a couple of his ribs, and Leonardo only suffered several stratches and bruises. They were praised, including the uninjured Rookie and Fudd, for their strong efforts of saving Antarctica. In return, the Hospital gave their three heroic patients the best treatment modern medicine could offer. They seemed to only stay in the hospital for a week before they checked out, except Leonardo, who checked out after staying three days since he wasn't seriously hurt.

Meanwhile, Dave decided to stay in Toledo for a little bit to relax and recooperate (Fudd and Rookie returned home), yet they had to attend to their duties very soon. It was when Leonardo and Dave were at Clovis's house when General Hermosa and a couple of EPF Agents from CP came knocking at his door.

Clovis opened it.

Clovis:"Hello General Hermosa. How are you, today?"

General Hermosa:"I'm doing well, thank you Clovis."

One of the EPF agents saluted him. By now, Leonardo and Dave came out to meet the General.

General Hermosa:"Antarctica is very proud of your amazing efforts and sacrifice of saving it from death. The South Pole Council extend their grattiude to you."

Clovis:"Aww, Leonardo and I worked together to accomplish this. We both deserve this."

General Hermosa:"Indeed. Also, his royal highness King Carlos extends his thanks as well for representing Casilla. He wishes to reward you very soon; he wishes to meet you two for real with your other two friends.....Jock and Piper, I believe?"

Clovis:"Yes. Shall I call them over?"

General Hermosa:"I'm afraid you can't do that."

Clovis:"Why not?"

General Hermosa:"We've recieved word that the rest of the Hochstadt Gang have been captured by Swiss Ninja's Pengolian bounty hunter...Austin8310. What a peasant he is."

Clovis:"Ay, ay, ay. Where is he hiding them?"

General Hermosa:"What?"

Clovis:"Where is Austin hiding the Hochstadt Gang members?"

General Hermosa:"Somewhere in CP. Come to headquarters immediately, everyone. I'll discuss this more there."

Eventually, Clovis, Leonardo, and Dave recieved their mission and headed out for CP.

To see how they broke Jock and Piper out, go here.

They BARELY managed to break Jock and Piper out, and brought them to Castilla since King Carlos wanted to meet them.

Alcantara Bridge.png

It was agreed that King Carlos would arrive in Toledo while crossing the Alcántara Bridge, which was where Clovis, Dave, Leonardo, Jock, and Piper were supposed to meet the King.

Piper:"Why does this King want to meet us anyways?"

Clovis:"Um...I don't really know..."

Suddenly, the sound of trumpets were heard.


Suddenly, the famous Frankterran march was being played. Soon enough, they could see King Charles Olave from the Viking Empire marching with other Vikings and even Castillan Soldiers down the road to meet the Hochstadts. Wierdly enough, there were two Castillan Soldiers who were leading the parade of soldiers and vikings with the flowing purple colored Royal Castillan banners.

King Charles Olave rubbed on his beared and said:"Good Day."

The Hochstadts, Leonardo, and Piper bowed to the King of the Vikings in respect.

Jock:"Greetings your highness. Did King Carlos invite you here as well?"

King Charles Olave:"I suppose."

Jock:"So, when is King Carlos going to be here?"

King Charles:"He's already here, my friends."



Dave:"Excuse me?"

Leonardo and Clovis looked at each other for a moment.

King Charles:"Yes. I have a confession to make. The penguin you know as 'King Charles Olave' does not exist. I am King Carlos Goberna, the King of Castilla, who had pretended to be King Charles Olave the whole time. I chose Charles since it's the English version of Carlos."

Dave, Piper, Leonardo, Jock, Clovis: O_O

King Carlos ripped off his fake Viking beard, revealing that he truely was King Carlos.

King Carlos Goberna.png

Jock:"So Castilla was ruling the Vikings the whole time?? But...why? Why did you do this?"

King Carlos:"I wanted to expirament what it would be like to rule another country as a different king. Now hearing that your nephew moved to my homeland, I decided that the Viking Empire should integrate into Castilla as well."

Jock:"Well, if you integrate the Viking Empire, you're also going to be integrating the former Snoss territories of Alemania and Frankterre as well!"

Clovis:"Oh, the irony! Swiss Ninja's old territories are now ours! Looks like what comes around, goes around."

King Carlos:"Indeed. Pues, Castilla es una tierra magnifica, no?" (Well, Castilla is a magnificant land, no?)

Clovis and Leonardo:"¡Claro que sí!" (Of course!)

King Carlos:"Jock, Castilla tiene una historia rica."


King Carlos:"Eh, I said, Castilla has a rich history."

Jock:"Oh sorry, I don't speak Spanish..."

King Carlos:"In time you will learn, I suppose?"

Jock:"I suppose."

King Carlos:"If you want, Jock, I know the Viking Empire means a lot to you. Do...you want to become the Emperor of the Viking Empire to replace me? I'm tired of trying to fake this..."

Jock:"Me? Emperor of the Viking Empire?"



Leonardo:"I know what will happen, Jock...I don't want you to end up like Swiss Ninja. It's like what a poet once said:'Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.' If you decide to wield this high position where you have all the power, I bet you that you'll get a big ego and become a power hungry monster who wants more....like Swiss Ninja."

Piper shook his head, and said:"All you Hochstadts are the same. I agree with Leonardo. Knowing you, as barbaric a viking you can be at times, keep living a humble life and stay away from the folly Swiss Ninja has been through."

Jock:"OK...King Carlos, I appreciate the offer, but I have to deny it. Castillans are Vikings too, and I see why not why we should not unite under the powerful nation of Castilla. You've got yourself a deal King Charles Olave...err...I mean...King Carlos Goberna."

King Carlos:"That is a wise and humble choice you have made, Jock."

Jock:"But...I'll have something in turn."

King Carlos:"Of course. Name your wish."

Jock:"I'd like to move to Toledo also with Piper and become a blacksmith. Swords have always been my interest."

King Carlos:"Your wish is granted. This will not cost you a penny. Anyways, your home in Albergue Plata will then be converted back into a military base again. I'll also add in a Spanish Tutor for you so that you can learn the language."

Jock:"Thank you."

King Carlos:"Te invito." (It's my treat.)

Clovis:"So this is what you called us all here for? That King Charles Olave is you?"

King Carlos:"Well, only a small part. I also came to congradulate you, Clovis and Leonardo, for your brave efforts for saving Antarctica from doom and for bringing Castilla fame once again. Dave, even though you are from Club Penguin, I'd like to congradulate you, Rookie, and Fudd as well. It was very brave of you."

King Carlos waved to one of the servants, who brought two shiny gold medals. Clovis and Leonardo kneeled and the King placed the medallions on them.

King Carlos:"Leonardo and Clovis, I award these medallions to you for your perseverance and bravery. Will your works in the future bring joy and hope to Antarctica. As for Jock and Piper also now, would you like me to appoint you all to be members of the Royal Court?"

Clovis and Leonardo:"We appreciate the offer, but we want to prefer to stay as Agents for now."

King Carlos:"Very well then."

However, some years later, Clovis did decide to join the royal court after he obtained a high position in the EPF.

Jock and Piper:"Alright. Since we know you well, we'll join your Royal Court."

King Carlos:"Very well. Nice of you two to join."

Jock:"It will be an honor to serve you now, King Carlos."

The group and the king soon crossed the bridge into Toledo, where they went to eat lunch at a fancy restauraunt. Afterwards, they began preparing Jock's new home and smith shop in Castilla.

Some time later after Jock and Piper had fully moved in to their house in Toledo, Clovis came to remind them about Fuut Ga's wedding. Jock's blacksmith shop was the entrance to his town home.

Clovis found him crafting a new sword with a hammer and anvil.

Clovis:"Hi Jock. How have you two enjoyed your new home?"

Jock:"Ah, it's very nice. Thank you. Toledo is indeed a magnificent city."

Clovis:"So, did you remember that Fuut Ga's getting married?"

Jock:"Yeah, what a shocker it is! I had no idea my brother was in love...I heard she's a puffle hater though. I suppose Piper and Leonardo can't come."

Clovis:"Oh well. I can sneak them in."

Jock:"Ok...but if you upset Jaqueline, you'll probably upset Fuut Ga too."

Clovis:"Eh. Don't worry. She's not allergic to puffles or anything."

Jock:"True. Ok...looks like my sword is done!"

Jock raised his sword in the air.

Jock Hochstadt con Sword.png

Jock:"Yes. This one is beautiful. You know, I think I'll keep this one."

Clovis:"Yes, indeed."

Jock:"So, when is the wedding going to be?"

Clovis:"In a couple days. Fuut Ga is holding it in Frostize...the new capital of the new Castillan province, Norstierra."

Jock:"Things have changed, huh? Oh well. Alright, we'll be there. Meet me here on the day of departure, alright?"


Meanwhile, back in Snowzerland, The Absurd Mission had come to a close by the time Jock and Piper had met with King Carlos. Swiss Ninja was back in his castle in his famous Throne Room, where he was listening to an orchestra playing music from other countries.

Then, a messenger came in with news.

Messenger:"You're magesty, that convict of yours...Bernard Hochstadt....he confessed about something..."

Swiss:"Confessed secret information that could be used for taking over Antarctica????!!!!!!!"

Messenger:"Um...not quite your magesty....you're Uncle Fuut Ga is getting married and he didn't invite you."

Swiss: O_O "I WASN'T INVITED???? WHAAAATTTTT????!!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! I'm his nephew!"

Messenger:"What shall we do?"

Swiss:"Send in Austin, lazy Rex, Java, and Johnathan. I have another task for them to do."

Chapter 9:Suprise Wedding Party[edit]


Clovis and Jock flew to Frostize safely with Leonardo and Piper, who would secretly attend as well. Fuut Ga was to get married at the Grand Telenacle of Frostize, and almost all of the Hochstadt Family members were there....except for the imprisoned Bernard Hochstadt and Swiss Ninja. Fuut Ga was still slightly injured from The Absurd Mission, but he was still able to walk with his crutches. He was wearing his regular Ninja suit with a tuxedo over it. As for hiding Leonardo and Piper, Leonardo was able to hide under Clovis's hat, and Piper hid under Jock's helmet. The telenacle was covered in fake flowers. The wedding cake was also there too, freshly made and dazzled with mouth watering pink and white frosting. The front of the Telenacle also had large vases full of flowers as well. Yilk was a little emotional since it was the first time that he'd see one of his children get married. (He didn't get to see Red River 2's marriage...) He felt very proud. Fuut Ga also invited Sensei, S2, and other good ninja friends from Club Penguin.

Suddenly, one of the Datacons began playing the Telenacle's organ. The wedding was about to begin. Soon enouch came Jaqueline, who was with the flower girl, walking up the aisle to the front where Fuut Ga and the priest were standing. Soon, Jaqueline was standing alongside next to Fuut Ga, with the Priest behind them.

Priest:"We have gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Fuut Ga Hochstadt and Jaqueline D'Acadia....."

The Priest went through his long speech that was done at any other wedding.

Priest:"I now pronounce you two Husband and Wife!"

Fuut Ga and Jaqueline kissed and everyone cheered and clapped.

Jaqueline:"Shall we go on to the cake, my darling?"

Fuut Ga:"Of course."

Fuut Ga and Jaqueline walked to the cake.....then they noticed what it said, which was written in blue frosting.


Fuut Ga facepalmed.

Fuut Ga:"Alright, who messed up my cake?"

Everyone looked around and shrugged.

Fuut Ga:"Oh, and where's the cake cutter?"

Suddenly, the cake cutter popped out of the cake and started cutting out a piece of cake for Fuut Ga. The blue flipper of a penguin then soon took the piece of cake out and placed it on a plate nearby.

Everyone: O_O

Clovis:"Oh boy! The cake is magical!"

Fuut Ga gave Clovis an unimpressed look and walked with his crutches towards the cake.

Fuut Ga:"What kind of cake is this?"

Suddenly, the cake exploded and splattered all over Fuut Ga and Jaqueline with Swiss Ninja and Austin8310 popping out of the cake.


Austin:"Oh..um..Swiss, it's not his birthday. It's his wedding."

Swiss:"Oh....oops...I ordered the wrong cake then...HAPPY WEDDING FUUT GA AND BRIDE!"

Swiss Ninja and Austin then pulled out machine guns and started firing. The crowd went bezerk and screamed for their lives. Fuut Ga immediately collapsed even though he didn't get hit, but because he was already hurt he didn't want to risk it anymore. Jaqueline fainted. Clovis and Jock ducked, but since Piper and Leonardo already knew what was going on, Piper pulled out his machine gun and started shooting.

Then, Java Ghent and Johnathan Wolfhunter jumped out of the large vases full of flowers and also starting shooting with their guns.

Piper started shooting back, but he seemed to miss the quick witted Bounty Hunters who had gotten used to his normal attacks.

Piper:"Alright, cousin, do you're stuff. I'll try not to hit you."

Leonardo dashed to Swiss Ninja and then jumped up into the air to kick him in the face.

The only problem was....that he didn't have any feet.

Swiss Ninja:"HA HA! You don't have any feet! You're no match for me!"

Swiss Ninja got into a fighting stance and Leonardo ran up to his foot and bit it.


Swiss Ninja sumbled back onto Johnathan Wolfhunter.

Johnathan Wolfhunter:"Ah! Watch where you're going!"

Austin:"This is pathetic! That yellow puffle is beating you!"

Leonardo:"I have a name, you know!"

Austin:"Yeah, whatever Mr. Nobody, I gotta..."

Leonardo did not take the insult lightly, and jumped into Austin and started biting him.


Leonardo:"My name is Leonardo di Tremezzo! Don't you forget it!"

Austin:"Get off of me, puffle! Ack!"



Leonardo stopped biting Austin, and Austin threw him off of himself. He suddenly realized he was surrounded. Clovis pointed his pistol at Austin's head. The Ninjas, Jock, and Dave had also surrounded him.

Dave:"Looks like the gig's up, Austin. You're in big trouble."

Austin looked around for a minute. Swiss Ninja, Java, and Johnathan had disappeared during the commotion with Leonardo.

Austin:"Hey guys, we're all friends, right?!"

Clovis:"We are?"

Dave slapped him.

Suddenly, a smoke bomb was thrown into the room, and Ausitn felt someone siezing him by the shoulder.

When the smoke cleared, the Hochstadts and the Ninjas realized that Austin was gone.

Clovis:"So close!"

Dave:"Eh, it's ok. Everything turned out ok. At least Jaqueline and Fuut Ga are ok."

Jaqueline by now had gained recovery, and discovered Leonardo and Piper.

Jaqueline:"AH! WHO INVITED THOSE RATS TO MY WEDDING! Eww! Shoo, you disgusting vermin!"

Leonardo:"Excuse me!"

Piper:"Get a life, puffle hater."

Jaqueline:"Fuut Ga! These puffles crashed my party!"

Fuut Ga was now very angry. He grabbed Leonardo and Piper and thew them out of the Telenacle.

Leonardo:"Aww man, they kicked us out! No fair!"

Piper:"Ah, whatever. Hey, we're in Frostize, wanna get a Gelato?"


Even though SN and his bounty hunters had stormed Fuut Ga's wedding, it turned out to be OK afterwards. Jock and Clovis were able to purchase another cake just in time, and everyone had lunch at the tables outside the telenacle. However, Clovis warned Piper and Leonardo to stay away from Fuut Ga, so they instead went to a nearby cafe and ate there. After the lunch the whole family watched as Fuut Ga and his Bride waved goodbye and step into the small limousine that was taking them to the airport. The back part of the limosine had the words: "Just Married" on there, with cans attatched to strings dragging along the ground. As soon as they departed, Leonardo and Piper rejoined Clovis and Jock.

Clovis:"Sorry guys you had to go through this, but hey, at least you came! You two helped stop Swiss Ninja and Austin from ruining Fuut Ga's wedding. Perhaps he'll thank you for that in the future."

Leonardo:"I suppose."

Piper:"Hmmph. Fuut Ga might not as long as his puffle hater wife is around."

Jock:"Piper! Don't wish such terrible thoughts. We'll just hope for the best that one day Jaqueline will see the good in puffles and that they're not all bad."

Clovis:"Well, time is a-wasting! Let's get going home."

Piper, Jock, and Leonardo:"Agreed."

The group soon headed for the Frostize International Airport and took their flight back to Metido, Castilla. From there, they took the train back down home to Toledo.


Clovis, Jock, Leonardo, and Piper returned home to Toledo safely. Clovis, Leoanrdo, and Dave were now heroes and their bravery to stop Snowzerland from nuking the USA would indeed become a story that many penguins and puffles from South Pole City would tell their grandchildren when they were older. Although they seemed to triumph at this moment, EPF Agents Dave and Clovis, along with EPF puffle Leonardo would soon face many many more challenges in their lives, some harder than others. Fuut Ga and Jaqueline soon went on a honeymoon to the countryside of Frankterre, and soon returned back home to the Ninja Chateau to begin their new life together. Soon after the wedding attack, Austin and the bounty hunters returned to their homes...except Swiss Ninja, who made a sidestop in Club Penguin to hang out at his secret den full of hot babes for a while to alleviate the anger at the thought of failing to bomb Antarctica and ruin Fuut Ga's wedding. Jock and Piper also started their new life in Castilla very well and attended many of King Carlos's meetings with the nation's Congress of Deputies or the royal court.

Thus, this shall be the end to the story, EPF Agents Dave and Clovis, a tile both of them have earned.