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Antilles Elite Penguin Force
EPF Logo.png
Special Police Force overview
Formed 2008
Jurisdiction Antilles, United States of Antarctica
Headquarters EPF Tower
Special Police Force executives The Director, Director of the EPF
Changed Daily, Regional Commander

The Elite Penguin Force maintains a heavy presence in the city of Antilles as one of its regional headquarters. Primarily tasked with fighting villains such as mr skeltal and his evil band of miscreants, the Antilles EPF branch is one of the largest outside of Club Penguin Island or South Pole City.



Unlike the EPF branches elsewhere, the Antilles EPF operates openly within the city in order to combat its villain epidemic.


The EPF Tower at night

The Antilles EPF is headquartered in the EPF tower, an 80 story building in the city downtown. The building features two hoverbike hangars and has the ability to completely lock down in the event of an emergency.

Gear and Equipment[edit]

As with the rest of the EPF, the Antilles branch utilizes a variant of the standard EPF Phone. Derived from the 2010 model, it features additional capabilities such as a GPS guidance system for EPF hoverbikes and (as demonstrated by Ed on more than one occasion) can survive a 300 meter drop.

The EPF makes use of several vehicles to get around the city. Most common are a series of hoverbikes which can fly over buildings to get to the scene of a crime quickly. Traditional cars and helicopters are operated as well, though oftentimes Antilles Police Force vehicles may be used.

Unlike the rest of the EPF, Antilles' standard uniform consists of the EPF Suit.

Prominent Individuals[edit]

  • Changed Daily - Base commander and regional head of the EPF. Top secret clearance requires that his name be classified and to receive a daily codename.
  • Doktor - Scientist and inventor
  • The Ed - Top field agent
  • Amelia - Ed's partner
  • Kent B. Trusted - Loyal and trustworthy EPF agent


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