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Image of the Earth, courtesy of the PASA.
Star, Position Sol system, third planet
Moon(s) 1 (Luna)
Physical Information
Diameter 12,742 km
Gravity 1.0 G
Length of Day 23 hours, 56 minutes
Length of Year 365.2 days
Atmosphere .9 atm (N2, O2)
Population In the billions
Affiliation Varies
Other Names Blue Planet, Terra, Sol-III

The Earth is our planet. It's also called the Blue Planet and Terra. It has seven continents, six of which are mostly inhabited by humans and one by penguins. The things that live on Earth have completely changed its air or atmosphere. This is called a biosphere.

About 75% of Earth's surface is covered in water. The other 25% is made of rocky land in the shape of continents and islands. The Earth orbits or goes around the Sun roughly once every 365 ¼ days. One spin is called a day and one orbit around the Sun is called a year. This is why we have 365 days in a year and a leap year every four years. Earth has only one moon, known as the Moon, or Luna. Luna stabilizes the planet's spin axis and is tidally locked to the Earth, meaning that only one side of it faces the Earth at any time.


Our information comes mostly from space agencies, secret agencies, encyclopedias and catalog flags.



Continent of Antarctica.

Antarctica is the best continent of all (undeniable fact), it's very cold and covered with snow and ice. It has the most countries, the superpower and most populated country is the United States of Antarctica.

Other realms[edit]

  • It has been confirmed that there are seven other planets in orbit around the sun -- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. There was another space rock that orbited named Pluto, but that's not considered a planet anymore, but rather a dwarf planet. Poor Pluto.
    • Other dwarf planets include Ceres, Eris, Makemake, and Haumea.
  • Planets X and Y, from the plays of the same name, plus a large moon. The presence of life there is debated by astronomers.


  • Earth is one of the few places in the universe where life has been confirmed to exist.
  • A poll was made on a website titled "What is most awesome planet?", with Earth winning with 96%.
Sunset seen from Club Penguin.

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