East Bank City

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East Bank City
Country USA
Area 354 km²
Monuments The big coin monument.
Headquarters City Hall.
Neighbourhoods West Suburb, Northeast Suburb, East Suburb
Mayor CatZip888
Population 3,586,937
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name East Bank
Demonym East Bank
Founded December, 2006
– Founder CatZip888
Time zone PST (Peninsula Standard Time)
Area codes 88 (for northern Waffle County)

East Bank City, sometimes referred to as East Bank Town, mostly by the locals, is the largest city in the Antarctic Peninsula. The city also has the largest economy in the Antarctic Peninsula due to its location on SABER and being home to a few companies, and is often called the "Big Coin" to indicate its wealth. It is located on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula, south of the city of EmotiVille, and East Bank City is the county seat of Waffle County. For a few years, East Bank City was one of the fastest growing cities in the United States of Antarctica.


The city was founded on December 31, 2006 by CatZip888, and he wanted the place to become very well known, so he began advertising the small settlement as an ideal place for many to settle. Many penguins, seeing the advertisements and how it was inexpensive to settle there, came to the area to settle down, with many opening up their own small businesses as well. CatZip needed money to spend on the city, so he had to put a large tax on the inhabitants of the city, which made him and the city government unpopular, so the residents protested against the high taxes.

In response to this, Mayor CatZip hired Advisor Advisle, as he wanted other ideas to gain money for the city. Advisle recommended him to reduce the taxes, and told him to invest the money gained from the previous taxes to the bolstering the image of the city. This worked, as the protests stopped and more people moved to the city, wanting to earn more money. They established companies, businesses, and the city became one of the fastest growing cities in Antarctica, growing to a population of about 3.5 million by 2019, and East Bank City became the county seat of Waffle County.


The city consists of many major districts and neighborhoods.

  • West Suburb
  • East Suburb
  • Northeast Suburb


The West Suburb makes most of the money, as many companies are located there, and most points of interest are located in this district. The main road is the Crandoria Ave which cuts through the middle of the entire district. The other famous landmark is the Candy Lane, which is also located in the West Suburb, while Golden Shopping Lane, another street, is also located near the Crandoria Lane. The abundance of major businesses and companies in East Bank City has led to the city being known for earning large amounts of money by the companies in the city.


There are lots of restaurants around the whole city, and although many of them are located in the West Suburb, the main suburb, not all of them are located in the main suburb. Many of the restaurants are under construction, while many others are still considering establishing a branch in the city.

  • 2 Burger Khans - one in the Golden Shopping Lane, the other in the East Suburb.
  • Pingus Khan restaurant is going to be established in the Golden Shopping Lane.
  • Happy Day Donuts - one in the East Suburb, close to the border with the West Suburb.
  • Eastshield Fried Fish wants to establish a restaurant here, in the Golden Shopping Lane.
  • Frys Chalet wants to establish one restaurant in the coastal area of West Suburb.


The city has a major international airport named East Bank City International Airport, the largest in the Peninsula, which has flights going to many major cities across Antarctica, and is located around three miles to the south of the center of the West Suburb. The main highway in East Bank City is Highway One, which starts in West Pengolia and ends in Sub-Antarctica, and travels through the city. All gateways from the city are located in the eastern and northern parts of the city, as to the west is the sea, although there is a seaport, and to the south is the airport.

Sister Cities[edit]


  • Although the name suggests that it is located on the east bank, it is actually on the west bank of the peninsula.
  • It is the largest city in the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • The Amac Video was found on the beach of this place.

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