Eastern Shops

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Eastern Shops
Eastern Shops' Flag
National name Eastern Shops Island
Country ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Capital city PenguinCityFlag.png Penguin City
Largest city Penguin City
Formation 2010
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles
Other info
Population 3,010,000
Leader Lavender (President)
Snowstormer (Governor)
Location Eastern Shops Island
Alliances All other states of Shops Island
Neighbours Southern Shops, Central Shops, Western Shops, Freezestonia, Moon Island

Eastern Shops is the largest state on the Shopper mainland, and is the oldest of all of the Shopper states. Its capital and largest city is Penguin City. Eastern Shops has a booming natural resources sector and is best-known for it being the heart of the Mario Mountains, arguably one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Asiapelago.


Eastern Shops is shown in Blue.

Eastern Shops was discovered by Ben 100022, along with the rest of Shops Island, in 2010 when he was marooned on what could later become the Antarctic superpower. Judging by historical evidence and accounts by Ben himself, he likely landed in Eastern Shops, just north of the border with Western Shops.

This large tract of land stayed uninhabited for quite a while after Ben's landing, as many considered the terrain to be too hostile to justify settling. New immigrants often preferred to move to Central Shops or Southern Shops. The first permanent settlement was made at Port Chill, which is now part of San Vancelton in early 2011. After that, settlements popped up in the nearby areas of Penguin City. San Vancelton would soon be amalgamated as a city in its own right. Meanwhile, as the Mario Mountains were first being discovered and traversed, a settlement was established in Bro Town. Eastern Shops soon became an epicenter for the Shopper economy as a hub for natural resources and energy development; this reached its peak during the Shops Island Gold Rush.

During the Asiapelago War, Eastern Shops was invaded and was almost entirely occupied by Zhou. The state was the focal point of Shops Island's struggle against Zhouese aggression, and the entirety of the state suffered terribly. Penguin City was ravaged especially badly; they had to withstand a Zhouese siege, which they resisted fiercely. Some of the largest battles of the Asiapelago War occurred in the state of Eastern Shops. At the height of the war, Fort Celatum was established as a military base and a location to house war criminals. This area was put under the jurisdiction of Eastern Shops, although the exact reason was never clearly explained.

In 2015, oil was discovered by prospectors and drilling companies on the northern coast of the state. This part of Shops Island is considered by many to be one of the most inhospitable regions of the Asiapelago, and as such there was no form of development in the area as of yet. Upon the discovery of oil, however, the town of Horizont was established, and it still serves as a hub for Shopper oil production.


Just like the other states of Shops Island, most laws and regulations are passed by the Common Legislature in Shops City. However, some minor issues are dealt with personally by the governor. The current governor is Snowstormer, who is currently serving his second non-consecutive term as governor.

For almost a year after Shops Island's foundation, Eastern Shops did not have a governor as it was an uninhabited tract of land. Only after the establishment of Port Chill did a state government come to fruition; The first governor of Eastern Shops was Brook Edward LasVegas, appointed by Ben to oversee development of the state.

Number Name Length of term Current position in Shops Island government
1 Brook June 11, 2011 - March 6, 2012 None; Imprisoned
2 Snowstormer April 22, 2012 - August 18, 2012 Current governor of Eastern Shops
3 Welcome00 August 26, 2012 - September 9, 2012 None; Retired
4 Snowstormer September 10, 2012 - Incumbent

Cities and Towns[edit]

The following cities and towns are located within Eastern Shops:

  • Penguin City is the capital and largest city in Eastern Shops. It is considered the economic and cultural hub of the state, and is one of Shops Island's largest cities. As it is a coastal city, much of Eastern Shops' trade passes through its ports. Penguin City is also a popular tourist destination for Shoppers and those across the Asiapelago.
  • San Vancelton, also known as Port Chill, is a smaller city located close to Penguin City. It is known for its metropolitan atmosphere and a wide presence of "street" culture. It is also the state's second largest city.
  • Bro Town is a small, yet significant settlement nestled in the Mario Mountains. It is the hub for many banking, mining and military operations, and is known for its very Germanic culture and its conservative population.
  • Tomville is considered to be the car capital of Shops Island. It is located at the confluence of multiple Shopper highways, and as such it is home to multiple car manufacturing plants. Other than its role as an important way-point for motorists, the town is largely irrelevant.
  • Horizont is a mining and drilling community located on the northern coast of the state. The small town is inhabited almost entirely by miners, oil workers and their families. Services in this town are limited, and there is currently no highway access to the town.
  • Fort Celatum is a floating military base located off the southeastern coast of the Shopper mainland. Even though it is not physically a part of Eastern Shops, a minor technicality in the base's incorporation resulted in the base being put under Eastern Shops' jurisdiction. The base is also home to Level X, Shops Island's most brutal "supermax" prison.


Eastern Shops is the highest part of Shops Island. It is home to the Mario Mountains, which spans along the Penguin County border and also is home to Chilly Peaks, located in Bro Town. This state also houses the mines, and is the location of the Shops Island Gold Rush. Geologists predict there are as many as 50 million ounces of gold underground. However, most residents disregard this information, as most of the gold is said to be in the Chilly Peaks, which is tough and unforgiving terrain as it is.

Chilly Peaks[edit]

See main article: Mario Mountains

The Chilly Peaks were first found in September 2010. Many efforts to reach the tallest mountain of the peaks, Mario Mountain, claimed 5 lives and took over a year. Then, in April 2012, an undisclosed trekker made it to the top of the mountain and claimed it Mario Mountain, in honor of Mario Arkay, the vice-commander of Shops Island at the time.

The blasted summit before the recycling center was built.

Days after the first summit, many hikers and trekkers hiked up to the peak, placing strobe lights at the top in hopes to build something there. So, on Earth Day 2012, pyrotechnics experts brought explosives to the peak and blew the top off of the mountain. Then, within 2 weeks, a new recycling plant had been built, officially christened as the SIA Recycling Center.

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