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Flag of Ayetropolis
MottoThe land for wrenches, robots, and for me! ...-but mostly me!
AnthemHail, Hail, Ayetropolis!
Royal anthemN/A
National symbol
Location of Ayetropolis
A small part of the city.
Species  Robots, a few penguins
Demonym Aye-Que Minion
Membership Aye-Que's Regime
Government Autocracy
 -  EPIC WIN The one, the only, Doctor Aye-Que!
Founded Recognized as a city. 
 -  Founded January 6th, 2001 
 -  City destroyed, rebuilt January 14th, 2001 
 -  Acknowledged by the census and country as an official city (de jure) May 3rd, 2009 
 -  2004 estimate 701 
 -  2008 census 2,291 
 -  Density 176.91 (rounded)/km2 
458.2/sq mi
Currency Que ()
Drives on the Right
Calling code 010
Footnotes Double parody of Metropolis Zone and Doofania.

Ayetropolis is a city built by Doctor Aye-Que in 2001, and soon to be capital of the soon to come "Aye-Que Empire" (at least Aye-Que thinks it's coming soon). It's inhabited by a lot of robots and a few penguins.


Back in January 6th, 2001 when Rodger Aye-Que was elected mayor of Eastopolis, his brother was furious. He decided that the city of Eastopolis was not big enough for the two of them wich led him to come up with his new evil idea. He immediately started work on his new evil empire. After a few days he completed a plush model (whenever anyone asks him why, he simply said that he had a lot of felt). The day afterwards he started work on the city itself. After a few weeks of working long and hard on it, Ayetropolis was complete. He put up signs everywhere saying that Rodger Aye-Que was not allowed to enter the city. Unfortunately barely anyone wanted to enter the city, so Aye-Que just built a whole bunch of robots and they decided to live there. About a week later, Aye-Que's arch rival Tails6000 came and trashed most of the city due to Aye-Que planning to released a whole lot of Deletion Missiles on the citizens of Eastopolis. Aye-Que eventually rebuilt his city, but it has continued to get trashed ever since.


Ayetropolis is one of the most polluted cities in the USA. It covers a total of 5 miles in diameter, and there are over 50 factories. Each one produces some sort of military weapon, robot, or something else like that.

There is also a nice little gift shop that sells all kinds of wrenches to any tourists... not that there are any.


There aren't many places to visit here, and it's hard to even enter the city without Aye-Que's permission, due to it's security system. If you do manage to get in however, there are a few places worth visiting.

Robot Storage Area[edit]

Here is were Aye-Que stores robots in stasis tubes like Aye Pawns, Speedroids, and his past Tails6000 robots. If you're interested in robots then you should try and visit here sometimes.

Aircraft Area[edit]

The Aircraft Area has lots of Aircraft of which Aye-Que has constructed over the years. You're not allowed to touch them, but it's pretty interesting to view them.

The Arena[edit]

Here you can prove if you're a good fighter or not by battling various robots constructed by Aye-Que. They usually start out simple, but they start getting hard later on. There are a total of 10 robots.

Gift Shop[edit]

Here, you can purchase wrenches. Not just the usual wrench, but every kind of wrench ever made, some dating back to Khanzem and earlier! It also comes with nuts, bolts, and a free monkey wrench with every 10 Que purchase! The deals are so good, Aye-Que should give himself a promotion!

You can also buy a plush model of the city (he had a lot of felt) and stuffed talking Aye-Ques. Puffle brushes and pet supplies are also available.



Basically everyone is a villain here.


This city mass produces many mechanical things. So if for some reason you manage to afford the things that they sell in Ayetropolis, it's a really good place to buy robots and mechanical appliances. It also has a lot of Coal, Oil, and spare parts from offline robots.

Also, Aye-Que is the #1 wrench supplier on the continent. How else would he get all of his wealth?


Despite only being a city, Ayetropolis has its own evil anthem. It's still not finished though and Aye-Que claims he's working on it. Here's what he's got so far.

The tune to the anthem

There's a very evil place with a flag that bears my face.

And it's got a great secuurrity syssteeeeem!

It's free from country life, my stupid brother, and Tails' strife!

I think I'll have to give myself a prommmmmotttttiiiiion!


{Second verse!}

In the snow about an hour from the Eastopolis district,

Stands a city for wrenches, and me!

There's lots, of bots,

-And Tails there's not!



As you can see it's very short, but an expanded version might come soon.

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