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Map of Eastshield.
National name Eastshield
Country USA
Capital city Inland
Largest city South Pole City
Formation 2000 BC
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles
Other info
Population 149,781,892
Leader South Pole Council
Location Eastern USA
Alliances Antarctic Peninsula & Trans-Antarctica
Neighbours The Happyface State, Pengolia, Trans-Antarctica, Polaris

Eastshield, is a state located in the eastern part of the USA, and is the largest state in the country, in both population and size. The state is bordered by The Happyface State, East Pengolia, West Pengolia, Polaris, and Trans-Antarctica. The state's capital, is Inland, located a 46 miles northeast of South Pole City. Many penguins mistake South Pole City for being in Eastshield, but is located in an exclusive area known as the Polar District. It's three largest cities are Inland and Glassyglow. The state has a varied geography, and but has a Polaris climate all around the state.

The state's geography ranges from the King's Plains in the Northeast, which are used for agriculture and farming, the Trans-Antarctic Mountains to the southeast, which are popular for ski resorts and snow as well, The Great Forest to the Northwest, which has many flora and fauna living there.The state is one of the most geographically diverse areas in the country, which contains the highest and lowest points which are Mount Kinney, and Wett Valley. Almost 20% of the state is forested, making it very industrialized, making many parts of the state arid as well.

In 1999, the area was known has the Eastern Shield, named for the Shield Mountains, along the eastern coast,when it was colonized by a group of various penguins. In 2001, the area was admitted into the USA, as it is one of the oldest states in the country.

In 2004, the Silver Rush started,and declined the following year which set the demographic, social and economic change in the state, which started an economic boom that started in Polaris,and shaped the economy as well. Key developments made Penguville and Polaris the port and trade centers for the state before their succession in 2011. The state is the largest trading area in the country, and has eight major ports, handling more than 1,900,000 of cargo.


The state is adjacent to the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, the Pyrine Mountains, the Eastern Antarctic Ocean, Cascada Range and Shield Mountains. The state has an area of approximately 3 million square miles, and is the largest state in size.

In the center of the state lies the Shield Valley, bordered by the Trans-Antarctic Mountains to the south, the Shield Mountains to the southwest, and the Pyrine and Cascada Mountains to the southeast. The valley grows one fifth of the nation's produce, and is the second largest producer of produce after the Happyface State. To the immediate south of the Shield Valley are the King's Plains, on which Polar District lies.

The state is divided by two rivers, the Sargento River and the San Marine River, both of which run through Western Eastshield. The Sargento Valley is the watershed for both rivers, which both eventually merge into the Glassy River 56 miles northwest of South Pole City. The Glassy River allows inland cities like Inland to connect to large seaports on the coast. The point of merging also serves as the state's main water supply, which is extracted from the river by the Eastshield Aqueduct System, and an extensive network of other canals as well. It provides the drinking water for 45 million creatures living in the state, and water for farmers in the Shield Valley as well.

The Barbara Nevada, meaning "snowy peak" in a former regional dialect, are a small ring of mountains inside the Shield Mountains. They include the second highest peak of the country, at 15,785 ft. The range embraces the Yorktite Valley, which is famous for it's rock formations, and Meela National Park, in the Great Forest, home to the giant meela trees, which are one of the largest trees in the country, and the deep freshwater lake, Lake Mahoe.

38 percent of the state's area is covered by forests, as the state's pine tree population is one of the most numerous in the country. The area contains more forest than any other state in the USA. Much of the forest is located in the Great Forest, a taiga area located north of the Shield Mountains.

East of the King's Plains is the Rift Valley, which is the lowest point in the country and divides the Pyrine and Cascada Mountains.


The climate of the state ranges from tundra to polar.

Much of the state's southern area has a polar climate, with cold, dry weather all year round. Most costal areas have a tundra climate, with cold, snowy winters, and cool summers with light snowfall. The Antarctic Circumpolar Current provides slight summer fog near the coast. Western Eastshield has a taiga climate, with harsh winters and cool summers.

The Trans-Antarctic and Shield Mountains produce a rain shadow in the south creating large deserts in the southern inland areas. Here, blizzards are not produced by precipitation but are "snowstorms" picked up by wind blowing off of the mountain ranges. Blizzardville and Whiteout, the two suburbs of South Pole City, are the most heavily hit towns in Eastshield. The mountains themselves have near-perpetual stormy winter weather, and varying snowfalls and avalanches contribute to the ever-changing landscape.


The state was first settled around 2000 BC, when the descendants of Sigurd and Bacchus began to populate. Portions of modern Eastshield were controlled by Asgard, Snowprus, and Pengolia, while the majority of it's modern area used to be home to several scattered groups of penguin tribes and small city states based on riverbanks. Eastshield's first major city was Penguin City, which started early during the late age of the Babbelonian Empire. The Penguin Empire promoted agriculture and the Eastshield population density was expanded to the coastal and mountain areas that became home to many farms and small villages. In 449, Penguin City was destroyed, marking the end of the Penguin Empire. In 1465, the area was named the Eastern Shield, by a High Penguin explorer, named Matthew Greives, who named the area after the Shield Mountains, bordering the South Antarctic Ocean.

The area was settled by the High Penguins from 1060 to 1567, during the Middle Ages of the High Penguin Confederacy. After 1567, a decline started, lowering the High Penguin population, to about 1,000,000 from 10,000,000. The area had many settlements and battles during the Khanzem regime, and was fully occupied at the time. The area has been passed through the hands of various regimes. The area of present day Eastshield contained the lands of the Kingdoms of Air, Ice, and Water, and was home to a multitude of colonies under Colonial Antarctica.

In 2000, after the Colonial Antarctica War, the area was claimed for the state of Eastshield, taken from the name that Matthew Greives had earlier named it. In 2001, the state's capital was chosen, which was Inland, over the larger South Pole City, as it was instead to be the capital of the Polar District and the new nation of the United States of Antarctica.

In 2011, the Polaris SAD, when consisted of a part of Eastshield, seceded from the USA, removing Polaris and Penguville from its control.

As of October 17, 2003, Mystery Island is considered a part of Eastshield.


The state's population is estimated at 45,781,892 creatures, for the year 2009, making it the most populous state is the United States of Antarctica. This includes and increase of 1,675,500 creatures from the last census in 2004, making it one of the fastest growing states in the country. During the timeframe, international migration introduced approximately 900,000 penguins to the country, while 300,000 penguins migrated via domestic migration.

The area is the single largest single entity in the continent, and is continuing to grow. The state contains one of the largest cities in the country, Inland.The state has held the largest population in the United States of Antarctica from the country's creation in 2001.


The state contains two of the country's largest cities, which are Gemini and Inland. Each have a population of 550,000 or more.

Racial and Ancestral makeup[edit]

According to the 2006-2008 State Census report, the population is comprised of:

  • 38% Adelie Penguin
  • 25%Emperor Penguin
  • 15% Other penguin
  • 8% Tern
  • 2.48% Other species

The state has the largest Adelie Penguin population in the USA, and the third largest in the world. The total Adelie Penguin population in the state is 22,781,892.The state also has the eight largest Emperor Penguin population after the Sub-Antarctic and Emperorlands, at an estimated 11,561,221 in 2009.The state's Other penguin population is 8.7 million.The state also has the largest minority population in the USA, and the third most in the continent.

Because of Ciudad Vieja and the overpopulation of Castilla, many Castillans have immigrated to the nation, and it is said they take up 10% of the population.

Armed forces[edit]

According to the Department of Defense, the state has:

  • 1,211,342 active military personnel
    • 698,332 USA Navy
    • 287,432,USA Army
    • 251,067 USA Air Force

There were also 1,292,562 US Veterans,509,783, served in Colonial Antarctic Wars, 453,892 in the War of 2002 and 54,938 in the Great Darktonian Pie War.

The state's military forces are mainly the Air Force, Navy, Army and the Eastshield Cadets.


In 2006, 70% Eastshield residents over five spoke English at home as a first language, while 21.3% spoke Penguinian. In addition to English and Penguinian, 6.3% spoke Penglish. About 7% speak Spanish because of the Castillan immigration, and the remainder are reported to be Russian, Dutch, and German due to a few Ruscan, Batavian, and Alemanian immigrants.


A list of notable cities:

  • Polar District -- Technically, this district, which contains South Pole City, is not within Eastshield's jurisdiction, but contains land ceded by it.
  • Geattle. The fourth biggest city and one of the most popular cities.
  • Ternville. Capital of Terns, the giant city built on top of a cloud, floating high above Antarctica. Owned and funded by Eastshield.
  • Snellville. Capital of RocketSnails, well known for it's hospitality.
  • Inland. State Capital of Eastshield and second biggest city.
  • Half Pipe. Small fishing town located in the southeast portion of the state.
  • Old Town (now called Ciudad Vieja). Aboandoned after Hurricane Diana, it was rebuilt by the Castillans in 2011.
  • Presidio Invierno - a garrison built by the Castillans after Ciudad Vieja was rebuilt. It is in a remote location, and the USA does not know about it. Either way, it is not very significant and isn't a major threat of any kind.
  • Jing Jongs Island. Small island located northeast of Eastshield.
  • Glassyglow. Third-biggest city in Eastshield.
  • Outer Club Penguin. The smallest city in Eastshield.
  • Blizzardville. Located 8 miles from South Pole City, avalanches and blizzards are common here. Illustrator Keith was born here.
  • Delfinopolis Located on the coast, it's the easier access to Amery Island.
  • Mcdonalds City The Newest City in Town.
  • Snow Freezecisco. A large city located in the north, at the Snow Freezecisco Bay.
  • Snow Jose. A larger city to the south of Snow Freezecisco, and a lesser technology hub of Antarctica behind the likes of Dorkugal, Hashville, and Circuit Valley.
  • Mission Island -- A small island north of Eastshield. Founded in 1976, the population was once 10,000 before a hurricane hit the island in 1998 and forced most of the inhabitants to move. The population is about 1,500.

Notable Places out of the cities:


Eastshield is the most populous state of the USA. The state's population most lies in the northern and western parts of the state, in the cities of Inland, Glassyglow, Gemini, and Cirrus. The southern part of the state is relatively uninhabited, though more densely populated than the interior of Trans-Antarctica. Though Eastshield has larger expanses of sparsely populated land than Trans-Antarctica, it has an abundance of small towns and some villages that dot the map, and is also more densely populated than Trans-Antarctica. However, in recent years, the southern part of the state has seen some growth with two new cities, McDonalds City in the south, and Lunixham in the southwest.



Eastshield has many railway services and tracks. The famous South Eastshield Crossing ran by Antrak connects Eastshield with Trans-Antarctica as does the Trainlady which stops at Trans-Antarctica stations and the Antarctic Peninsula ones too. The Snowbournian Sleeper operated by Top FreezeRail has direct services from South Pole City to Frostborough, Ard Mhacha and Fanon City. The Acoola Express runs a service from Newton Town to South Pole City. Also there is the Eastshield Shuttle which runs non stop services to Eastshield cities that weren't covered by the South Eastshield Crossing. However thanks to the possible North Eastshield Crossing the Eastshield Shuttle could have it's day. PenguinTrain is a very popular train system and it originated from Eastshield in Cirrus. To top that all up there's the Antarctic Express which runs a Club Penguin Island - South Pole City via Freezeland.


There are more airports in Eastshield than any other state in the country. The biggest airport in the country, which is South Pole City International Airport, has more than 50 destinations across the continent, and UnitedTerra. The airport is a major hub for airlines such as SkyJet Airways and CP Airways. Most airports in the state offer commercial flights, only Blizzardville Municpal Airport and Forrest Hill Municipal Airport do not offer ant services from any airlines. Eastshield also is the leading aircraft manufacturer, with plants from Snowing and Airhail in cities such as Glassyglow.


  • The state anthem is "Do You Like Waffles?", which is also the country's Oath of Office and the Pledge of Alleigance.
  • The state motto is "Maior, melior", which means, "The bigger, the better" in Latin.

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