Eastshield Hope Hospital

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Eastshield Hope Hospital
The cracks are from the Judoon on the Moon incident.
Eastshield Hope Hospital map.PNG
An Elevator Plaque
Key details
Type Hospital
Level It's a hospital, people.
Location South Pole City
Inhabitants Patients, Doctors and Nurses

The Eastshield Hope Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Antarctica. It was taken to the moon and brought back in the Judoon on the Moon incident.


The Eastshield Hope Hospital started in the old days of Colonial Antarctica when an old penguin, now believed to be Sensei's realtive, set up a shack on the side of a road. He offered medicine and herbal remedies for those that had been hurt or sick. He passed away peacefully at the age of 110. The shack stood unoccupied until 2001, when a penguin complained to the South Pole Council that there should be more hospitals. Somebody wrote to the council, speaking about the old penguin and his remedies. Some PSA agents investigated the shack and found a large book which contained instructions on how to cure every disease. Antarctica leaped for joy. A large hospital with three floors was constructed on the spot of the shack. It was the first 'new' hospital in Antarctica. Copies of the old penguin's book were sent to every state. There is a plaque on the front of the hospital:

This building is dedicated not to a rich penguin, not to a famous penguin, but to the humble old penguin who always helped and expected nothing in return.


There are three floors. On the 1st floor you enter the lobby, where there is a gift shop. Wards 1-20 are on this floor.

Upstairs, on the second floor, there is wards 21-40, the operating theatre, the X-ray room, the emergency room and the tea room.

On the third floor there are the doctor's offices, wards 41-50, and a balcony where patients can go to relax.

On the roof there is a rooftop garden and a helicopter landing pad.




This is a hospital! There shouldn't be any villians! But Darktan. Only he could attack the hospital.


Medicine, herbal remedies.

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