Eclipse (Midnight Clan)

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Eclipse Un-Masked.png
Eclipse Unmasked
Title Midnight Warrior
Gender Female
Race Pwnguin
Faction Member of the Midnight Clan
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Helping Tails and his friends
Location Crashed into Ayetropolis
Not to be confused with Eclipse, a story about Ajax Kwiksilver.

Eclipse was a warrior of the Midnight Clan, and now a ally of Tails6000. She's a PWNguin and is yellow in color.


Eclipse was born around 4,000 years ago near the time when High Penguins had colonized most of Antarctica. Her parents had died due to a disease and she was left alone. For a few years she wandered around the wilderness of Antarctica, until she found Angel Island. Here she found a old High Penguin named Ix. He took her under his wing was like a father to her. He taught her about the clan he led called the Midnight Clan, and taught her about their culture and how to become a warrior. She grew up to respect Ix and soon had become one of the most respected members of the clan.

Eclipse in her armor

Years later when she was in her teens, the Midnight Clan was at war with their main rivals, the Fists Clan. Ix promoted Eclipse to a general status, and she recieved her armor wich she was very proud of. She fought bravely to secure her clan's land, but all of a sudden the wra came to a end. The leader of the Fist's Clan, Pancamac had upset the creature known as Destruction. The creature then destroyed the clan, leaving the Midnight Clan with all of Angel Island.

More years passed, and soon their empire had expanded, and they were rivaled only by the High Penguins themselves. Unfortunatley their reign was about to come to an end. Something had disrupted the Fourth Wall, and the city of Midnight was ripped right out of the ground and sucked through a worm hole. Eclipse was frightened, and didn't know what was happening. The tension then caused everyone to pass out, and soon the city couldn't even be seen anymore.

When Eclipse and everyone else had woken up, they saw that they weren't in Antarctica anymore. They seemed to be in another dimension. Ix decided to call it the Sunset cage, and tried to make the best of it. He told everyone to simply go back to their houses, and that he would figure something out. Eclipse was worried, but did what he said.

More years passed, and the Midnight Clan had adapted well to their new environment. They had become the leaders of the Sunset Cage, and they even managed to become allies with the other creatures that inhabited the dimension. They still however wished they could go home. One day however, a scientist of the midnight Clan invented a belt that when worn could send the penguin who was wering it back to Antarctica. Ix was very pleased, and sent Eclipse and some others to scout the continent. They obeyed and were soon teleported away.



  • She's a parody of Shade from Sonic Chronicles.

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