Ed Island Extraterrestrial Colonies

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Ed Island Extraterrestrial Colonies
Ed Island Extraterrestrial Colonies Flag.png
Flag of the Ed Island Extraterrestrial Colonies
National name Extraterrestrial Colonies
Country Ed Island
Capital city N/A
Largest city Moon Base One
Formation 2013
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Population 172,826
Alliances Ed Island and her Allies

The Ed Island Extraterrestrial Colonies are a series of colonies throughout the inner Solar System operated by Ed Island. By 2018, Ed Island maintains two major facilities on the Moon and is in the early stages of constructing a habitat on Venus.



Ed Island Lunar Flag.png Moon[edit]

  • Moon Base One - A large lunar base used for military and scientific purposes. There are plans to move the Oberkommando Der Reichswehr to a special command module within Moon Base One.
  • Dark Side of the Moon - Formerly an independent moonbase formed from remnants of the Wulfen fleeing the Earth following the Wulfen War, in 2015 it reunited with Ed Island and is now a major source of Helium-3.


Ed Island Martian Flag.png Mars[edit]

While Ed Island does not maintain a proper Martian habitat, Ed Islandian astronauts have been included in Antarctican and Shopper Martian programs.


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