Edric Forester

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Edric Forester

Edric on a mission for the EPF.
Born April 10, 1983 (1983-04-10) (age 36)
Snow Jose, Water Kingdom
Residence Snow Jose, Eastshield
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Ethnicity Francterran, Puffish
Citizenship Antarctican
Alma mater Snow Jose State University
Occupation EPF agent, high school history teacher
Home town Snow Jose, Eastshield

Edric Forester is an Antarctican Emperor Penguin of mixed Puffish and Francterran descent who currently resides in Snow Jose, Eastshield, where he works as a history teacher at his former high school. He is also a part time EPF agent, writer, mostly for some local newspapers in his hometown of Snow Jose, and is also a Class IV wall breaker at the BoF. As a schoolteacher, he often has his summers off, and enjoys going adventuring across Antarctica with some of his friends or sometimes alone. Though he lives in Snow Jose, Edric also has an igloo in Club Penguin which he occasionally visits every once in a while with his family.

Edric previously served in the Antarctican army for a number of years, including during the War of 2002, and attained the rank of sergeant first class. From his time serving in the military, Edric has become somewhat skilled with the use of many weapons, such as a gun, keysaber, and knife, but is also skilled in hand to hand combat as well. He considered joining the EPF during a short vacation in Club Penguin, but eventually settled on becoming a teacher, though he sometimes works as an EPF agent in his spare time. Edric also enjoys playing music, notably the violin, in his spare time, which he has been practicing since high school, but is somewhat rusty as he has not practiced all too often.


Edric Forrester was born on April 10, 1983, in Snow Jose, which at the time was a part of the Water Kingdom in Olde Antarctica. From a young age he began attending public school, and did somewhat well in school, getting average grades, though he sometimes wouldn't try in school and his grades would drop. He was also not very talkative and social, having few friends, and preferred books over sports, and was sometimes considered a nerd due to this. This, combined with the fact that he sometimes had problems with bullies, contributed to him becoming more depressed in his high school years, and thus he became even more drawn towards his books and topics such as history, geography, and languages than before.

In his later high school years, Edric began to involve himself in sports and became more athletic, which made him become more social and make more friends. Rather than go to college at the end of high school, Edric instead chose to join the military, partially because they would pay for his college education. He joined the military in 2001 at the age of 18, and saw some action in the War of 2002, where he was promoted to sergeant by the end of the war for bravery in combat. Edric continued to serve in the Antarctican army for a number of years after the war until 2004, when he was honorably discharged from the military. At the end of his service, he returned to Snow Jose, where he fell in love with a girl he had known since they were in high school and married her.

Edric began to attend Snow Jose State University in 2004, with his education paid for by the Antarctican military, and he began to acquire a teaching degree. He had wanted to become a teacher since high school, when he became more interested in history and languages, and saw the job as the best fit for him. In 2005, one year into his education in university, his first and only child, a daughter, was born. Edric would continue attending Snow Jose State University until 2008 when he graduated with a degree in teaching. With this, Edric got a job as a history teacher at his former high school that same year, and with his new job, he and his family were able to move out of the apartment they were living in.


Edric spends most of his time, around nine months of the year, working as a history teacher at a high school in Snow Jose, but gets most of the summer off, as there is no school in the summer. Aside from his job as a teacher, Edric also works for the EPF since joining in 2014, and has occasionally gone on missions for the organization. Some of his hobbies include reading books, writing, visiting his friends, and traveling to other places. Edric has traveled to many countries around Antarctica, and particularly enjoys traveling to Acadia, Candvia, Francterre, Puffle'and, Shops Island, Tropicalis, and the United Provinces.


He has a variety of outfits, with his main outfit usually being a dress shirt and dress pants, which he usually wears for his teaching career. Outside of teaching at school, Edric usually wears a pair of leather boots, jeans, and a t-shirt, with a leather jacket over the t-shirt, and sometimes carries a brown messenger bag where he keeps some important items. Edric also keeps a pistol holstered and a Keysaber in his jacket pocket in case he ever needs to defend himself or his family. When working in the EPF, Edric usually wears a dark EPF suit with a tie, along with a pair of dress shoes as well. He was born as a red-colored penguin, and has chosen to stay that way, with him deciding not to dye his feathers a different color.


Edric is considered to be calm and serious by most, but occasionally makes a few jokes to his friends when hanging out with them. His students usually see him as a good teacher who's not very strict and tends to make history related jokes in his classes, as history is the subject that he teaches. Some people have also found him to be persistent to even stubborn, as he usually does not give up easily in what he does. However, his stubbornness sometimes means that he finds it hard to move on from the past, and regrets many of his past mistakes. Many also consider Edric to be brave, with some of the people who served under him in the military pointing out that he exhibited bravery in battle.

Personal Life[edit]


Teaching is one of the things that Edric can do well, as he knows a lot about the subject he teaches, history, and has done it for many years. He also considers himself a somewhat good writer, and often writes stories in his spare time, along with some material for some small newspapers in Snow Jose. Edric has also mastered Card-Jitsu and is therefore a ninja, and he is also somewhat skilled in hand to hand combat, having learned it from his time in the military. However, he considers himself much better at fighting with weapons, such as a gun or a Keysaber, and some have noted his accuracy with a gun. Aside from English, which is his first language, Edric also speaks French and Spanish fluently, and knows a little Serbian and Vietnamese as well.


Edric often acts on impulse when angry, which sometimes leads him to say or do things that he ends up regretting later. This has caused him to lose some friends in the past, and is still sometimes a problem that affects his relationships. He is also somewhat stubborn, which can be a good thing in some occasions, but can also often be a negative thing. Edric has often had the problem of making the wrong friends, who would often turn out to be a fake friend. He would also occasionally put his trust in said fake friend, who would later betray his trust, which often made him bitter and angry in the past. Although he has somewhat learned who he should put his trust in and who he shouldn't, he still occasionally faces this problem.



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