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Is it time already to give me a headache?
Title The "artistic" blue penguin
Gender Male
Race Blue Penguins
Faction Unknown
Health Perfect
Level 56
Status Hating Robert O'vian and Trickster456 and working for Abel von Injoface (hating him as well)
Location Abel's building
Birth date October 9th, 1977
Occupation Receptionist
Interests Art, including painting, poetry, theater and music
Friends Robert sometimes
Enemies Decapod
Archetype Grouchy but good
Online username Pingui55

Eduardo Flippers known online as Pingui55 is a blue penguin who works for Abel von Injoface as a receptionist and secretary.


When he was born his mother made cookies for him. Growing up he made "art". Everyone messed up his painting. He also loved culture like he does now. He used to live as a normal penguin and he also made a garden. He heard of the seasteading corporation, Von Injoface Enterprises, and liked the concept of a place where he wouldn't be ruled by government. However once he went there, he doesn't like his job at all, but he works for Abel because he needs the money for a career as an artist. Then one day Robert O'vian moved in and was so excited to meet him that he ruined his garden. That's why Eduardo always hated him. He also hated Trickster because of his stupidity.

Later, he was horrified to learn that Robert got a job as a janitor at Abel's office. He tried to convince Abel that Robert was a bad janitor, so Abel decided to test him. However it showed that Robert was a very good one, and Abel kept him, to Pengui55's dismay.


He never wears pants and only wears a brown shirt.


  • He is a parody of Squidward Tentacles from Spongebob Squarepants
  • Mandy von Injoface dislikes him because he's so grumpy, although can sometimes relate.
  • He joined Abel's lawsuit against Snowbob Circlepants and gets 50% of the profits for merchandise involving Walward Tusks.
  • Flying Dutchopper tried to eat him along with Robert and Trickster.
  • Flywish hates when he shows up anywhere, but Eduardo finds him "artistic" and Flywish is his idol. So he gets dance lessons from Flywish, and Eduardo tends to say, "Those moves are not artistic!"
  • Abel von Injoface wants to fire him but doesn't for some reason. Eduardo gets upset by this and always tries to get fired by sleeping on the job or watching TV.
  • He has a big beak!

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