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A Cute Artist.
Born December 28, 2008 (Laid)
January 24, 2009 (2009-01-24) (age 10)
Club Penguin Island
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names E (codename)
Occupation Artist
Years active 2011-present
Home town Club Penguin Island
Known for Being a member of G's Family

Edward (Codename: E) is one of youngest penguins in G's family.


Edward prior to his fifth birthday.

Edward was laid on December 28, 2008, and hatched January 24, 2009. Although his family is full of scientists and inventors, Edward seems to be interested in art, and says he wants to become an artist when he grows up. Although his relatives hope that he changes his mind, they love him regardless of what he chooses to do. After he started speaking, Edward received his first lab coat, per family tradition, though now he prefers to use it as a painting smock.

In January 2014, on his fifth birthday, Edward received his own special pair of glasses, known as the "Seeing Spectacles", since it was revealed that he has poor eyesight like the rest of his family.


Not much is known yet. He's still a chick, though he is showing signs of creativity. This may lead to him being an artist, although the rest of his family wishes for him to become a scientist or inventor.







  • Many predict that the new penguin would follow in G's footsteps. Others predict he would take on a new branch of science, like quantum physics or Ichthyology.
  • He is a real penguin chick, and not a Mwa Mwa Penguin.
  • He can speak English almost perfectly.
  • Flywish thinks he is an awesome penguin.

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