Edwin Freezer Luge

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Edwin Freezer Luge
Born 1934
Snowman Empire, now outer Polar District, Eastshield, USA
Gender Male
Other names Scrooge
Ethnicity Dorkugese
Citizenship Dorkugese
Education Associate's degree in college
Occupation Computing
Years active 1953-Present
Notable works A Thesis on Quantum Computing for the Twenty-First Century
Net worth Untold billions
Known for Reformation
Partner Curta Jobs (business partner)
Awards Grand Cross of the Order of the Tower and the Portable Console

Edwin Freezer Luge was a pioneer in the field of quantum computing and, until the arrival of Bill Gate$, the richest nerd in Dorkugal. He used to be a blackhearted, greedy miser, but was transformed in a paranormal epiphiny and taught the errors of his ways, just in time for Thanksgiving.



In A Thanksgiving Carol[edit]

In the Technology industry[edit]


  • He was the first penguin named for a "life-changing epiphany" by the Bureau of Fiction's Commission on Morality.

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