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Penquino Entertainment, Incorporated
Type Business hub
Predecessor CK Mall
Founded September 2012
Headquarters Vonkouver, Southern Shops, Shops Island
Number of locations 5 (offices)
Area served Antarctica; mainly Shops Island
Key people Penquino (founder, CEO)
Employees 40+ (Penquino Entertainment offices)
180+ (Business locations; e.g. Eggnog Emporium)
Est. 4,000 (Exploration Cruise Lines)

Penquino Entertainment, Incorporated (commonly known as Penquino Entertainment Inc., or simply Penquino Entertainment) is the business hub for entrepreneur Erik von Penquino. It is well known in Shops Island due to its popular holdings, Eggnog Emporium and Exploration Cruise Lines, and rose to prominence due to the popular CK Mall. It currently conducts businesses across many countries, and has risen in popularity and success at home since Eggnog Emporium was founded. Penquino Entertainement is also business partners with many other Shops Island malls and brands, large and small.


Early beginnings[edit]

The original logo.

Before the company was founded as a hub for all of Penquino's business ventures, it had a main predecessor: CK Mall. The CK Mall was founded on July 26, 2011, and became quite popular soon after. After testing in new areas, the former 15-story design was reduced to 3 stories, to keep things simple and light. That is how all of the additional malls throughout the island were built.

In February 2012, Penquino had enough money and customers to open a completely different business, Puff. Electronics. It created an entirely new line of products for the electronic world, and was also quite popular in the beginning. Some products included landline telephones, cell phones, music players and laptops.

By the time May 2012 rolled around, the CK Mall had declined in popularity quite a bit. Most customers were saying that they mainly went to the mall for the clothes, as the other things like food and toys could be bought elsewhere. In addition, the demand for new products from Puff. Electronics was a goal that Penquino couldn't conquer, as he was busy with other things in his life. Thus, the CK Mall and Puff. were sold to the highest bidders (President Chill57181 and Brook E. LasVegas), and a new, smaller series of stores, named Penquino's Custom Clothes were opened for a trial run.

With all of these businesses floating around and Penquino's busy lifestyle, it became quite clear that he couldn't juggle it all. Thus, in September 2012 he founded CK Entertainment, Incorporated to organize his remaining business holdings.

With all of the things Penquino was doing at the same time, his money, popularity and the quality of his work all plummeted. However, the founding of the company would end up being one of the smartest things he'd ever do. The first order of business for the new company was to transform its first, and at that time only business, Penquino's Custom Clothes, into an auction house (although that was short-lived as well). It had become very unpopular among citizens due to the fact that Penquino didn't spend enough time paying attention to the quality of his products or the needs of his customers. Brook sold Puff. back to the company as soon as Penquino had the money for it, but he sold it right back to a different bidder, Djf1107.

In October, the company was also said to be building an amusement park on a recently purchased island near Vonkouver, but there have been no talks of the island or an amusement park since then.


2013 was a new era for CK Entertainment as well as it's owner. In April, the name was changed from CK Entertainment to Penquino Entertainment. On May 6th, 2013, the papers were signed between Penquino Entertainment and Goldcorp, Incorporated officializing the purchase of Bapple Electronics from the latter to Penquino Entertainment. In June and July 2013, Penquino purchased Puff. from Djf and the CK Mall from Brook LasVegas (who had purchased it from Chill), after which the original CK Mall along with a few of the other locations in major cities underwent major construction, and reopened shortly after. They proved to be somewhat popular, but customers still visited mainly for the clothes.

So, rather than turning his prized possession into something it wasn't (in his opinion), he shut down the mall once again on November 21st, 2013, and opened a smaller chain called the Eggnog Emporium. The first locations, in Vonkouver, Shops City, Wizzint and Dancing Penguin City, respectively, were all opened on December 1st, 2013. Unlike the circumstances of Penquino's Custom Clothes, Penquino now had the time and the organization to pay attention to his creation, which sold clothes along with furniture, lottery tickets and seasonal items (along with the different stores rented out in each location).


In July 2014, Penquino Entertainment set and released the opening date for Exploration Cruises (aka Exploration Cruise Lines) for November 2014. It was announced that five ships will be ready for christening in November, those being the Adventure, Triumph, Treasure, Expedition, and the head of the fleet, Exploration. It was also announced that a sixth ship, the Iceberg, would be ready to sail around March 2015. The first four ships can house around 1,500 passengers, while the Exploration and the Iceberg can house 2,000 each. Since then, the cruises have been a huge success, with Exploration Cruises becoming the most popular cruises in Shops Island.

In 2016, Ye Olde Nogg was founded, and began making and selling delicious eggnog year-round. A warehouse was purchased in the Industrial Division to combine all of the ingredients, and also create and try new flavors in "Penquino's Kitchen". The eggnog is sold year-round in all Eggnog Emporium locations, along with many other Shopper businesses and anyone else willing to sell it. Along with "original", they also make vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavored eggnog as well as other flavors.

Present day[edit]

As of 2019, there are over two dozen Eggnog Emporium stores, with more consistently being planned and opened. The original four stores are located in Vonkouver, Shops City, Dancing Penguin City and Wizzint. Locations in Penguin City and Tomville were built in early 2014, while locations in Pallinn, Goberna, and CK Town opened after the end of the Frosian War. After the 2015 Shopper Economic Crisis ended, Emporiums were opened in Shiverpool and Newton Town in the USA, followed by branches in Sunset City, New Delphis and the Frosian Islands after the 2015 Shopper Statehood Referendum. Branches first opened in Acadia, Culldrome, the Finipines and the United Provinces in 2016, followed by the first branches in the HunEmpire (early 2017), Tropicalis, Munijoch and Amataria over 2017-18. In addition to more stores, it has also rumored that the company is going to announce a new fleet of cruise ships soon or re-start a cancelled theme park project.


Eggnog Emporium[edit]

The Eggnog Emporium is Penquino Entertainment's largest company in terms of revenue. It was created in late 2013, and is the spiritual successor to the CK Mall, which was founded in 2011. With over a dozen locations open and more consistently being opened, there's no sign of slowing down for the business in Shops Island and elsewhere, where it has become a popular place to hang out and have a good time. Originally opened as a smaller-scale CK Mall so CK could focus on the quality of their products, over the years the business has been able to slowly expand again. Though Eggnog Emporiums have always had many stores in each location, the food courts were small and boring until the company expanded on them across all locations in late 2015 and early 2016.

Although Eggnog Emporiums usually have many rented-out stores, they are also known for their in-house stores available in each location, such as Penquino Clothing Co., Furniture Outlet, Bapple Electronics and Emotes R Us, which all sell "quality products for fair prices". Most of their items are made in the Western Shops Industrial Division, although some are made in factories in East Pengolia. Ye Olde Nogg brand eggnog is also sold in all Eggnog Emporium locations, and has made eggnog fairly popular across Shops Island year-round.

Another of the Eggnog Emporium's unique popular services is called Pixel Penguins, which is where penguins can go in and order a picture of themselves or a penguin of any design they choose (any color and combination of clothes), and a picture of that penguin in pixel form will be made for them on-site by a professional artist within a few minutes. It was created in late 2014 for a test run, and was released everywhere shortly after by popular demand. Since then it has consistently been praised a unique and fun experience, with the ability to choose from limitless combinations every time, and the possibility to either watch the artist work or order it and come back to a Pixel Penguin after walking around the Emporium.

All Eggnog Emporiums share the same color scheme, and use similar neutral colors such as creams and beiges to remind visitors of the Emporium's namesake.

Ye Olde Nogg[edit]

Ye Olde Nogg was founded in 2016 as an excuse for Penquino to have delicious eggnog year-round, and as a way to spread his love for the drink. A warehouse in the Industrial Division is where all of the eggnog is made, and where new flavors are created and tested in "Penquino's Kitchen". The eggnog is then shipped off to every Eggnog Emporium location, and anyone else willing to buy or sell it.

In addition to Original, the company also makes Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavors year-round, along with Pumpkin and Peppermint flavors seasonally. A special kind of eggnog was made in 2018 called Kermit's Delight, which eggnog with food coloring to be Kermit green.

Other holdings[edit]

  • Bapple Electronics
  • Exploration Cruise Lines

Inactive holdings[edit]

Holdings still owned by Penquino Entertainment, but not operational for one reason or another.

  • CK Mall (closed November 2013; replaced by Eggnog Emporium)
  • Penquino's Custom Clothes (closed September 2012; replaced by Penquino Clothing Co.)
  • Puff. Electronics (Inactive since 2012; place taken by Bapple Electronics)


There are currently five Penquino Entertainment offices, all of which are in Shopper territory. The company headquarters is in Vonkouver, while regional offices can be found in Moon Island City, Tomville, Shops City and the Industrial Division.

Eggnog Emporium[edit]

This is a list of Eggnog Emporium locations, as of 2018, with their opening dates.

Location Opened
Acadia 2016
Beaksledge, Tropicalis 2017
CK Town, Southern Shops 2014
Culldrome City, Culldrome Isles 2016
Dancing Penguin City, Moon Island 2013
Dinsmarck, Ed Island 2015
Dolphinas, United Provinces 2019
Goberna, Western Shops 2014
Hunston, Hun Empire 2017
Lartu, Freezestonia 2018
Maybila, Finipines 2016
Mephing, Frosian Islands 2015
Mek City, Amataria 2018
Newton Town, Trans-Antarctica 2015
Pallinn, Freezestonia 2014
Penguin City, Eastern Shops 2013
Rio de Vatica, Munijoch 2018
Shiverpool, Antarctic Peninsula 2015
Shops City, Central Shops 2014
Sunset City, New Delphis 2015
Tomville, Eastern Shops 2014
Vonkouver, Southern Shops 2013
Winsburg, United Provinces 2016
Wizzint, Moon Island 2013


There are currently six ships in Exploration Cruises' fleet, offering cruises across Antarctica. Vonkouver is the shared port of registry for all six ships.

  • Adventure
The Adventure's home port is in Shiverpool. It mostly hosts two-week long cruises that visit various islands in the Sub-Antarctic and Weddell. One of the most notable stops is to the nation of Achadia.
  • Expedition
The Expedition's home port is Polaris City. It alternates between two-week cruises around the Ninja Archipelago (notably leaving out Snowzerland) and one-week cruises that stop in port cities of Freezeland and a few islands in Weddell.
  • Exploration
The Exploration's home port is Vonkouver, and it hosts cruises around the Shops Sea, mostly eleven-day cruises that stop at Chill Island, Goberna, Brookelas Town, Penguin City, San Vancelton, Moon Island City, Wizzint and Pallinn. This is considered the company's "signature" cruise, as it exhibits most of Shops' major coastal cities.
  • Iceberg
  • Treasure
The Treasure's home port is Penguin City. The host eleven-day cruises that have many destinations in the Asiapelago, including Amataria and Honk Gong.
  • Triumph
The Triumph's home port is located in Erikshaven, Frosian Islands. It serves cruises around UnitedTerra and its surrounding islands


  • Their official website is, however they also own a few other domains, most of which redirect to somewhere on the main site. Some of those separate domains include:
  • (redirects to the mainpage)
  • (former website for Bapple Electronics)
  • (a separate site for the cruise line)
  • (redirects to the main cruise site)
  • Most of the profit made from the businesses in the company is secretly used to fund the Jedi.
  • Penquino only founded Ye Olde Nogg so that he could get free eggnog all year, and to try to spread his love of eggnog to everyone else. Surprisingly, it's actually worked so far. Wikipenguino45 is paid a small amount of royalties every year for coming up with the name.

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