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Studio album by Meaghan
Released Cancelled
Recorded 2009-2010
Genre R&B, dance-pop
Length Unknown
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Producer Childpengu1
Meaghan chronology
Singles from Electricity
  1. "Whateva!"
    Released: June 15, 2010
  2. "Almost Over"
    Released: July 27, 2010
  3. "Color Ur World"
    Released: September 7, 2010

Electricity was intended to be Meaghan's second studio album. It was announced that it would be released in late 2010. Production had started in February 2010, but in April 2010 the record label released a statement saying that the two-part album Evolution and Electricity were officially cancelled, and that more information would be released in later months.

Electricity was set to be released in August 15, 2010 in Tel Ah Phon, UnitedTerra and USA, later at several other countries in Antarctica. The recording of the album was while Meaghan was touring in "The Camouflage Tour".


I had a problem with my label. "Evolution" is now called "Electricity". I gave that name because both resemble "future".
— Meaghan stated through Chitter.

The album was supposed to be named Evolution and in January 2010 the production began, but then Meaghan's record label had a problem the next month because a producer vanished temporarily, and he had the rights to all the songs - so if they used them there was a possibility of them getting sued - she had to change the name to "Electricity" in March 2010. In Evolution, Meaghan was going to feature more artists like Katy Spitz, Happy Too and Beetle. The album was thought to include 2 known songs at the time, "Whateva!", featuring Tim and Tom and "Dance or Else: Reloaded". Meaghan said in April 2010 that most of the songs would be included in a new album. She said that "Whateva!" was now a promotional single, and there would be about 2 more promotional singles until the first single from her new album releases. She also stated that all her promotional singles would be available as iceTunes bonus tracks. On July 5, 2010, two demos were leaked onto PengTube, but they were confirmed to be only cuts of the songs.

So then in late April 2010, they archived everything and started all over again. Meaghan got her producer rights back so she could do her own music again – and got in touch with Childpengu1, DJ Crow, Cadence, Nyninyne and many more - the album was named "CandyLand".


The magazine "Penguins Right Now" wrote a publication in one of their editions, later it was posted in Meaghan's blog in her website:

"Penguins Right Now
May 3, 2010.
Scooplefarrogh, Tel Ah Phon.

Telahphonian Singer, DJ and dancer Meaghan has confirmed in a press conference that she already did the songs from her upcoming second album, which is set to release in July 2010. "Im featuring more artists, like Katy Spitz, Beetle and Happy Too. This new album will have more lyric songs and, guess what? Crow is appearing again!".

Meaghan confirmed that there will be 4 editions of the album. Silver Edition (The normal), Limited Deluxe Edition, Diamond Edition and the "Colorful Edition". This last edition will include the performances of her debut album singles at the Camouflage Tour, plus her promotional singles.

The album will be named "Evolution" and according to Meaghan, this will set the "stop" for hearing her first album, and start all over. "For me evolution is something like evolving into something new and leaving the past behind. I try to do this with my albums, leave "Camouflage" behind! Start over with "Evolution" and forget about the first one!". "Evolution" will include Meaghan's first single "Whateva!" featuring her old friends Tim and Tom Hudson, or just Tim and Tom."

The publication was written before the changes to the name were done.


In a press conference in Tel Ah Phon, Meaghan stated that the album was officially cancelled, and that there will be another album with most of the songs that were going to be featured in the now cancelled album, and it will be a big project, and it will not be cancelled.


Meaghan has never let critics or outsiders effect her work prior to this.

Apparently, someone was against the name for unknown reasons, and began to threaten those who wrote for Meaghan, unknown to her. The "indecent title" had invoked the anger of goons in capirotes, who eventually appeared in a producers room.

It was the task of a rookie Inquisitor- a new immigrant named Amy -to apprehend the producer who had the idea of naming it "Evolution". The producer, paranoid and aware of the existence of an institution as that, hid in his office and locked every possible means of entry.

Despite this, Amy somehow got in anyway and used technology unlike anything in Antarctica to apprehend him. He says he felt himself "whisked away" to a black vehicle, "that was floating", and taken to a long-condemned place and tortured with both alien and Antarctican technology, until he promised to have the name changed straight away.

He was set free and sent home in the same "floating black vehicle". When he awoke, he was in bed.

While he insists his experiences were real, and that he was abducted by aliens, or at least kidnapped by an evil group of vigilantes, most dismiss this as a conspiracy theory. Meaghan doesn't believe it either, but does believe that things sometimes come to creatures in dreams. She allowed the name change, and life went on.

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