Electro Staff

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Electro Staff
A common Electro Staff
Type Staff
Effects Pain
Source XYZ System
Location Everywhere
Cost to sell Not available for resale

The Electro Staff is a dark weapon made using technology from the infamous Planet Z. The weapon is known for being very powerful. A mere touch of its blade will give the receiver an unbelievably bad shock, equal to multiple lightning bolts. Electro Staffs are one of the only weapons that are capable of standing up to keysabers.

The staff is wielded by many evil-doers, those willing to go to great lengths to get their flippers on one of these weapons. They are known for their strong connection to dark magic.


Electro Staffs were first used hundreds of years ago by witches and wiccans who were able to harness the power of lightning into a wooden rod. They used their primitive magic skills to make it controllable. Over the following years, it was innovated, but they were still unrefined and a bulky tool only used by those who knew how to make them cheap.

In later years, unworldly beings discovered this weapon and agreed to help the penguins of dark sorcery in enhancing them. The weapons became much more powerful, while also gaining extra protection against attack. Electro Staffs have ever-since been a rare commodity used only by the most notorious evil-doers, with the exception of the Sith.


The Electro Staff is commonly used just like a sword or a keysaber, proving very effective in dueling situations. The purple electric spikes of raw energy deliver a fatally nasty shock to anyone unfortunate enough to be struck by it. The handle is clouded in red mist, which lets it contour to the liking of its user, along with providing virtual invincibility against strikes directed towards the handle. The staff is blessed with dark magic, otherwise nothing would be contained and the handle would catch on fire if the magic wasn't used to hold everything in place and give the staff its power. They come in many different forms, some of which can be double-ended and/or extended in length. Unlike lightsabers and keysabers, Electro Staffs are generally easy to wield; technically, anyone can use them.


  • Its impossible for penguins to mass produce these, without having Planet Z tech.
    • They are, however, sometimes sold on the black market for high prices.

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