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The Electric Hackers
Name The Electric Hackers
Type Villains
Location Roaming
Head SupperEmo
Job Walrus Crime Ring affiliate
Members SupperEmo, DK140
Headquarters Old Abandoned Telenacle

The Electrotails are close allies of the Walrus Crime Ring. They roam about performing petty vandalism, much like the Str00del Force, at the order of the Walruses back in the day. Now they work independently but are still allied with the walruses.


It was January 2010 when the walruses told Electrotail SupperEmo, the leader, to become vandals. So they did.

First they attacked Nightlife City. They broke into the Mystical Cave and stole several Card-Jitsu cards from the elderly, insulted everyone in Antarctica by hacking their radio signal, and took off with a ton of coins.

Next, they attacked the palace of TurtleShroom (penguin). They threw TSP in a broom closet and hacked the radio signal saying "THE ELECTROTAILS WILL PREVAIL!". However, Explorer 767 and Mectrixctic did a rare thing. They teamed up to save TSP.

They then directed their sights to Director Benny himself. They managed to duct tape him and cart him off. Mayor McFlapp caught wind and had TSP, E-114, and Tails6000, among others, attack the Electrotails to free Benny.

This called for drastic measures. Not even the walrus were that daring. This caused them to send PSA agents to the Old Abandoned Telenacle to investigate. They found out they were planning to attack Aquarius City Airport. Explorer 767 just so happened to be in the area when they were running across the street and he stopped them. Another attack foiled.


They now keep the walrus tradition running. While they aren't even similar to Walrus (because they're not walruses but penguins), they are still as dangerous as any walrus.

With Team Spaceship[edit]

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In an attempt to prove to their Walrus masters that the group of geeky penguins could do something worthwhile, they teamed up with Team Spaceship and flooded Lavasteam City. They then controlled the minds of a bunch of orcas to extract and steal the minerals and gold within.


  • Although they are penguins, they wear quite weird costumes, that have "ears" and a tail. In addition, the members wear little fake tusks that they tie on their faces (similar to the Santa Beard).

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