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The Light Amulet, held by Luce
Type Secret
Effects Allows the user to manipulate that element
Source The Keepers
Location Confidential
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Elemental Amulets are ancient artifacts that allow their keeper to manipulate certain elements to their will, created and powered by The Ilúvat. The seven natural Elemental Amulets are Air, Earth, Fire, Ice, Water, Light, and Shadow. As of the early 21st century, hackers have been able to create artificial amulets, though these are not as powerful as the originals. The Amulets are being tracked by a mysterious group called Avionumbra.


Long ago, the Elemental Amulets were created by the High Penguins using The Ilúvat, the first of which was the Amulet of Light. Hundreds of amulets were created, although the majority of them would ultimately be destroyed or lost forever as a result of the rise of Khanzem and the subsequent Snowman Empire. During this time, the keepers of the surviving amulets went into exile.

Following the creation of Olde Antarctica, the keepers chose to trust the leaders of the four kingdoms with the surviving Elemental Amulets who passed them down to the most trustworthy creatures. Because of their great power, it was agreed that the amulets would be kept confidential, with only the keepers and Olde Antarctican government being aware of them. Ultimately, the keepers were angered by the greed of the rulers, and took back the amulets. King Triskelle, keeper of the Amulet of Water, personally buried the amulets underwater where no one would find them.

Several decades later, Triskelle sensed a dark power that would soon rise, and recovered the amulets. Unable to find the old keepers of the amulets, he took them to the South Pole Council to find worthy keepers. The Amulet of Air was given to Mayor McFlapp, the Amulet of Fire was shared between Ford Car and Dancing Penguin and Happyface, the Amulet of Ice was given to the Antics brothers Explorer and Fred, and the Amulet of Water was kept by Triskelle. Before they could select a keeper for the Amulet of Earth, it was stolen by Penghis Khan, who paralyzed Triskelle using Ditto A and whacked him repetitively with the Imperial Mullet. The keepers were trained, and later broke into the West Pengolian Palace at night and recovered the Amulet of Earth.

Over time, the Amulet of Light and Amulet of Shadow, which had remained separated from the rest of the original amulets, were passed down to Luce and Vesper respectively. Unfortunately, Vesper was somewhat negligent in her duties, allowing the Amulet of Shadow to be stolen by Theangol Anator, transforming him into the evil Darktan.


Amulet of Air[edit]

Amulet of Earth[edit]

Amulet of Fire[edit]

Amulet of Ice[edit]

Amulet of Water[edit]

The Amulet of Water, currently held by King Triskelle

The Amulet of Water gives the holder control over water, the ability to breathe indefinitely under water, and enhanced swimming abilities. In the ancient Valnorian language, it is known as "Mírë Nenion Ingolë", which translates to Jewel of Water Magic.

In the 1500s, the Amulet of Water was given to Caspian by Finwë, as it had no keeper at the time. Caspian kept ownership of the amulet until 1554, when he returned it to Finwë, who set out to find another keeper. Many years later, following the death of its holder, the amulet was passed down to King Triskelle after being trained in water magic by Finwë and Theangol Anator and mastering it. During the time of Olde Antarctica, it was buried in the ocean by Triskelle. After Triskelle recovered the amulets, sensing a dark power rising, he retained ownership of the Amulet of Water.

Amulet of Light[edit]

Amulet of Shadow[edit]

The Keepers[edit]

Artificial Amulets[edit]

Recently, an anonymous hacker found a way to manipulate the elemental powers and made an artificial amulet for his own, albeit less powerful than the originals. Many penguins have made their own amulets ever since. Although they are illegal in the USA, penguins still make them.

There are many keepers, mostly held now in The Hot Snow, but there are good keepers who hold government-funded and legal amulets: Eve Lendfell, who keeps the Amulet of Electricity, and the Director, keeps the Amulet of Ditto, and PogoPunk32, who keeps the Amulet of Paint.

The most recent legal, subsidized amulet was the Amulet of Steel, kept by Z max1.

However, even more recently, a Flystonian spy stole a real amulet and learned of its properties and copied its powers to make duplicates of the amulet. He made different elements out of the powers of the amulet, such as the Artificial Amulet of Life, Death, Balance, Restoration, and Leadership. The spy gave it back, reporting this statement: "I stole it just to make my own copies, but I didn't want to make harm in the balance of nature." Hence there names, they do what there name describes. They are not as powerful as the original Amulets, but they are effective. The keepers of these "Amulets of Power" are as follows:

  • Restoration- Guarded by Flystar, used by the Good Guys
  • Leadership- Guarded by Evilface, used by the Good Guys

The Life Amulet can heal penguins of minor injuries, such as scrapes and scabs. The Death Amulet can cause bad luck to cause injuries described on the left. The Balance Amulet can stop the Life and Death Amulet from working. The Restoration Amulet can restore rickety, non-living things. The Leadership Amulet gives you increased leadership skills.

Darkness Amulets[edit]

Xorai also created weak but still threatening counterfeits, these being the Amulets of Fear, extremely low-level Deletion, Dark Lava, Guano, etc. Most of these are weaker than the Artificial Amulets. Anyone who wields one of the original seven Elemental Amulets is immune to the affects of the Darkness amulets. However a wielder of an artificial amulet or another Darkness Amulet (with the exception of the Aether Amulet) is prone to the effects.

Aether Amulet[edit]

A very curious amulet, the Aether amulet is the first Darkness Amulet to be created, but has properties of the original Elemental Amulets. It is much more powerful than the normal Darkness Amulets and even every Artificial Amulet, and is considered to be as powerful as the originals. However, a wielder of any of the seven amulets would be immune to the effects of the Aether Amulet.

Non-Elemental Amulets[edit]

These amulets let the wielder have control on something that isn't an "element". This includes Fred, who wields the Amulet of Math, Fisch, who wields the Amulet of Language, Jackio, who wields the Amulet of Fighting, Zone, who wields the Amulet of Deception.

Names in the ancient Valnorian speech[edit]

The name for The Amulets in the ancient Valnorian speech is Mírë Ingolë (literally "Shining Jewels of Magic"). They all begin with Mírë and end with Ingolë, and they all literally translate to "Jewel of (Elements name) Magic".

Mírë Helch Ingolë - Ice Amulet

Mírë Nenion Ingolë - Water Amulet

Mírë Menel Ingolë - Air Amulet

Mírë Cemendë Ingolë - Earth Amulet

Mírë Ûr Ingolë - Fire Amulet

Mírë Cálë Ingolë - Light Amulet

Mírë Lómë Ingolë - Shadow Amulet



  • The Amulets' powers are kept in the The Ilúvat, which are kept by King Triskelle.
  • Many people say the amulets' names backwards. For example, "The Amulet of Shadow" is usually called "The Shadow Amulet".
  • No one is sure if the Amulet of Steel is an artificial amulet due to the fact that it was discovered on the bottom of the ocean and that it is nearly as powerful as a true amulet.

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