Elinz Plateau

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Elinz Plateau
Site of the impact of the Pumpkin Meteor
Elinz Plateau map.png
The area is highly classified.
Key details
Type Itinerod route
Level Classified, need to know only
Location Trans-Antarctica, USA
Inhabitants None

The Elinz Plateau is a barren, pumpkin-laden strip of land, on which the Itinerod Circuit passes through. Although there are no stops here, the scenery is unique and it is a haven for geologists and conspiracy theorists alike. Found between Vegeta Peak and Ohyuck Depot, it is the crash site of the legendary Pumpkin Meteor. The crater still glows orange and black from the impact.

It is no longer open to tourists or visitors, and trains can no longer stop here, as the site was classified.


Elinz Plateu was a normal, flat area about one-fifth the height of Goku Peak. It slopes downard at an unnoticable rate, appearing perfectly flat for miles. Mail trains pull through here without worry, breaking at the Ohyuck Depot for fuel and food.

Creatures and mail that passed through here paid no attention to the brown-colored, inhospitable landscape that was Elinz... until the Pumpkin Meteor impacted here on October 31st, 2009!

On the impact date, the EPF, and the PSA arrived, and investigated the scene. For a while, no one chose to deliberately hide or classify it, they just decided to not speak of it, and hoped that it would go away.

That didn't work. By November 1st, the next day, tourists had hopped on the mail trains and travelled the uneasy route just to stop and take pictures. Having broken no crime, the PSA or EPF couldn't arrest them, so the EPF chose to show up in white vans and politely "escourt" them off the premesis, saying that they were interfering with a matter of national security. Obviously, someone had ordered (through The Director) that the matter was to be hidden.

The information, and the tourists' confiscated pictures, were sealed away in a freshly classified case file, archived and stamped with a NZS seal, never to be seen by those without the proper clearence and a good reason.


This flat, barren wasteland is oddly home to thousands upon thousands of giant pumpkins, sprawling as far as the eye can see, and suddenly coming to a halt at the entry to Ohyuck Depot (that's where the crops of Fat Weeds begin), and the same as Vegeta Peak. This perpetual pumpkin patch is now the main source of all pumpkins that arrive in Club Penguin (and everywhere else) for their Halloween parties.





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