Elite Penguin Force

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Elite Penguin Force
EPF Logo.png
The Flag
Agency; Special Police Force overview
Formed October 2006
Preceding Agency; Special Police Force Penguin Secret Agency
Superseding agency Extra-Planetary Federation
Jurisdiction All of the USA (legally) and covert international affairs (yeah...)
Headquarters Command Room, Club Penguin
Agency; Special Police Force executives The Director, Director of the EPF
Scientist; Commander, Gary the Gadget Guy
Parent Agency; Special Police Force Penguin Secret Agency
Child agencies Antarctic Investigation Authority
Criminal Nautical Investigation Corps

The Elite Penguin Force, commonly abbreviated as the EPF, is the main intelligence agency of Antarctica, succeeding the role of the Penguin Secret Agency. Their agents, often called Elitists, fulfill the roles of agents in intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies. Unlike their predecessor, the agency is publicly known and encourages recruitment on an international scale.


Initially, the tasks of the agency were minimal and were typically restricted to taking up serious missions and investigations that their predecessor, the PSA, was unable to handle. Following the dissolution of the said agency, however, the EPF had to step in to fill in the gaps and strengthen its power and responsibilities. On days when there were no major cases, small field operations were conducted by the agency every week or so around the Club Penguin region. Dubbed as "field ops", they remained as a way for agents to sharpen their skills while there were no major threats. This was eventually discontinued due to the increased hecticness of the agency's main cases.

Given their large jurisdiction, the EPF is known for having many responsibilities to its constituents and to themselves. The following are listed:

  • Monitor internal and external threats to the Antarctic mainland.
  • Collect data on internal or external personalities, penguins of interest, wanted criminals, etc.
  • Investigate major cases that threaten the country's interests and safety.
  • Conduct operations that protect the country's interests and safety.
  • Provide information for cases and investigations of the local and national government, the armed forces, or to agencies and offices.
  • Collaborate with other national intelligence agencies for information, multinational operations, etc.


Division classes[edit]

The Elite Penguin Force is formed by two major classes of divisions: regular and specialist divisions.

Agents in regular divisions are usually divided according to the jurisdictions of the said divisions.

Specialist Divisions are groups of agents with a highly developed specialty that operate for duty internationally. All of their main offices are located at EPF Base SW-1.

  • Anti-Terrorism Division - Agents specialized on cases which involve terrorism on a local or sometimes international scale. Known as a division of action, being at the forefront of terrorism across Antarctica. Answering to Agent Rogue Tvarkov, they are said to be dedicated to the cause of bringing peace in the island and any place that is touched by terrorism.
  • Special Groups Division - Hand-picked agents with high profile missions tasked directly from the Director known for their impeccable reputation. They are the only division that has been split into several groups, hence their title.
  • Special Intelligence Division - The leading division in collecting information that would aid the agency in missions and daily functions. Whether it be by interrogation, reconnaissance, or surveillance, they do whatever it takes to get the information needed. Lead by Agent Tux, they are widely considered to be the heartbeat of the specialist divisions. The division is primarily made up of candidates from Division Alpha.
  • Weaponry Development Division - Made up of the agency's best tech agents and engineers, primarily serving as the blacksmiths of the Elite Penguin Force. Under the thorough leadership of Gary the Gadget Guy, they are responsible for ensuring the agency remains technologically peaked in terms of weapon performance, system performance and gadget advancements.


Within their unique division, agents have specialized roles, or classes, to maximize efficiency and skill sets.

  • Comms Agent - Responsible with setting up communications and other related machinery during missions.
  • Elite Puffle- Puffles trained to perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible or very difficult for penguins to perform. Puffle Handler trains and designates each puffle their own special ability.
  • Stealth Agent - Quiet and sneaky agents responsible for espionage or moderation.
  • Tactical Agent - Agile agents responsible for field-work such as undercover work or security.
  • Tech Agent - Responsible with repairing, maintaining, and operating machinery, technology and gadgets.


Ranks indicate hierarchy and chain of command, and thus a higher rank is not always indicative of a high clearance.

  • Recruit - Rank given to new agents of the Elite Penguin Force.
  • Agent - Automatically assigned rank to agents transferred from the Penguin Secret Agency upon its dissolution and merger.
  • Elitist
  • Specialist Elitist
  • Elitist First Class
  • Master Elitist
  • Ensign
  • Officer
  • Officer First Class
  • Master Officer
  • Commander
  • Commander in Chief
  • Director


Clearances are given to restrict or grant information, thus not synonymous of a high rank.

  • Merger Clearance - Clearance exclusive to low-level agents that were transferred upon the dissolution and merger of the Penguin Secret Agency.
  • High Level Clearance
  • Super High Level Clearance
  • Super Duper High Level Clearance
  • Ultra Super Amazing High Level Clearance
  • Unbelieveably Over-The-Top High Level Clearance


List of Countries Served by the EPF[edit]

A number of other countries outside of US jurisdiction have EPF branches which were requested by the nations, including many Free Republics. Free Republics may request EPF bases in their nation to help protect it, or in some cases are forced to accept EPF branches (such as East Pengolia).

Several countries, including Shops Island, Margate and Culldrome Isles, have partnerships with the EPF, in which all three have their own secret agencies, but are influenced by the EPF.



The earliest iteration of the Elite Penguin Force was founded in November 2005 by the Director alongside what was then known as the Club Penguin Secret Agency. Due to a secret federal government order that restricted the existence of more than one state agency, the Elite Penguin Force and the CPSA were forced to merge. In order to ease suspicions of leading twin agencies, the Director sent an agent posing as the Director to negotiate the terms of merger with Gary the Gadget Guy whom she had picked as the CPSA's negotiator.

In thanks to organized negotiations, the agencies were ready to merge within a month. Thus, the Elite Penguin Force was officially founded as a child-agency of the newly founded Penguin Secret Agency.

Under the Penguin Secret Agency[edit]

While the Elite Penguin Force was officially documented as a child-agency of the Penguin Secret Agency, the Elitists were considered to hold a higher ranking than most PSA agents and most even took orders directly from the Director. Many PSA agents were unaware of the EPF's existence, meanwhile every Elitist was an agent of the PSA. The Command Room for Elitists was hidden within a cabinet in the main PSA headquarters within the Sports Shop of Club Penguin's Ski Village.

During this period the Elite Penguin Force primarily acted as an intelligence agency working behind the scenes while the Penguin Secret Agency took on the responsibilities of security and law-enforcement agencies. This made Elitists apart of the greater espionage community, though other agencies would still answer to them under the guise of the PSA.

This mutual existence continued until the systems of the Penguin Secret Agency were hacked into by Herbert P. Bear and their central headquarters in Club Penguin were destroyed by his Popcorn Bomb.

Replacing the Penguin Secret Agency[edit]

The possibility of the PSA's downfall had been considered by the Director, who had Gary install a separate intranet for the EPF just in case. She understood the EPF would need to function as backup agency if the opportunity had arisen. Following Herbert P. Bear's attack on the Penguin Secret Agency headquarters, the Director had the agency dissolved and absorbed into the Elite Penguin Force.

The remains of the Sports Shop and the old PSA Headquarters were rebuilt into the Everyday Phoning Facility and an expansion of the original Elite Penguin Force Command Room respectively, where the main headquarters of the agency remains today.

Wanted Criminals[edit]

The following is a list of criminals wanted by the EPF, in alphabetical order, along with the reasons they're wanted. They may also be wanted by other agencies.

  • Austin8310 - Acts of terrorism, murder, kidnapping, assault, property vandalism, Snoss bounty hunter.
  • Bugzy - Aiding and abetting, assault, smuggling illegal goods, vandalism, robbery, extortion, bribery.
  • Constantine - World's most dangerous frog, conspiring to commit theft.
  • Evil Pengy - Attempted banning, theft, harassment, destruction and vandalism of property.
  • FredX - Conspiring against the USA, acts of torture, child abuse, assault, illegal use of chemical substances, extortion.
  • Herbert P. Bear, Esquire - Enemy of the state, domestic terrorism, destruction of the PSA, revealing classified documents, kidnapping, public endangerment, disturbing the peace, conspiracy, assault, theft, hate crimes, property vandalism, attempted property vandalism, disorderly conduct.
  • Klutzy the Crab - Hacking the EPF mainframe, accessory to the crimes of Herbert P. Bear, assisting escape.
  • Questisbak - Terrorism, aggravated assault.
  • Swiss Ninja Hochstadt - Enemy of the state, war crimes, terrorism, murder, various penguin rights abuses, arson, assault.
  • Tusk - Public endangerment, disturbing the peace, harassment.
  • Ultimate Protobot 10,000 - Public endangerment, disturbing the peace, kidnapping, conspiracy, theft.
  • XTUX Hun - Acts of terrorism, murder, kidnapping, assault, property vandalism, Snoss bounty hunter.
  • Norbert G. Bear, Esquire - Enemy of the state, domestic terrorism, public endangerment, disturbing the peace, conspiracy, assault, theft, hate crimes, property vandalism, attempted property vandalism, disorderly conduct.

Former Wanted Criminals[edit]

The reason they are no longer wanted is in parenthesis next to their name.


  • This doesn't seem like much, but due to it being a bestseller, it ends up as a lot of coins for the EPF.
  • A famous training school of the EPF is The Academy, though agents can be trained in many other secret locations around the Antarctic.