Elite Penguin Force (TV series)

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Elite Penguin Force
Genre Animated sitcom, ironic, slapstick, Spy-fi
Format Animated television series
Created by Alfie Flippiner
Shaun Pendil
Voices of Jet Pack Guy
Dancing Penguin
Garrow Gorribix
Spy Guy Pers
Aunt Arctic
Tim Takeshidu
Luna Jessica Myers
Theme music composer Junglefood
Opening theme "EPF Theme"
Ending theme "EPF Theme" (Instrumental)
Country of origin Antarctica
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 30 (announced)
No. of episodes 600 (announced)
Location(s) Antarctica
Cinematography HDTV 1080i (2015-present)
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Penguin Animated Studios
Original channel Penguin TV
First shown in June 7, 2015 – present
Related shows Ford Car and Link
Dancing Penguin and G

Elite Penguin Force is an Antarctican animated television comedy series about the secret agents agency of the same name who get involved in sceret missions aganist villains, and many ironic/slapstick humorous situations. The series first aired on June 7, 2015 on Penguin TV, while being distributed by the production company Penguin Animated Studios. EPF was created by Alfie Flippiner and Shaun Pendil.

Series Pilot[edit]

Origins and creation[edit]


Main characters[edit]

Elite Penguin Force[edit]

  • Jet Pack Guy (Voiced by himself) — JPG is one of the three major main characters, along with Rookie and Dot. He is always seen carrying his jet pack (hence his name), his preferred form of transportation and his glasses, which he almost never takes off. Jet Pack Guy is shown to be very thoughtful and tactical. In many episodes he, Rookie, and Dot have to stop Herbert's evil plans, which are usually successful in, but at times Jet Pack Guy messes up without Rookie messing up for him and Dot.
  • Rookie (Voiced by himself) — Rookie is one of the three major main characters, along with Jet Pack Guy and Dot. He is a very incompetent agent who makes small (but usually quite costly) mistakes. He has quickly evolved into a silly character whose intelligence is lackluster but is an overall nice guy.
  • Dot the Disguise Gal (Voiced by herself) — Dot is one of the three major main characters, along with Jet Pack Guy and Rookie. She wears the color Purple and wears a blond wig. She always wears a light blue purse. She is really good in her disguises. Sometimes she can be a few smart and a few dumb. In many episodes she, Jet Pack Guy, and Rookie have to stop Herbert's evil plans, which they are usually successful in, but at times she messes up without Rookie messing up for her and Jet Pack Guy.
  • G (Voiced by Gary) — Gary plays himself in the show, but is more referred as G instead of Gary. He is a very smart scientist but with his sidekick Dancing Penguin he gets into problems, which is usually his sidekick's fault. Many running gags involve Gary; such as him drinking coffee and then DP knocks it over and it falls onto one of his machines. Another gag involves someone asking his full name, and then a gasping sound effect goes off.
  • Dancing Penguin (Voiced by himself) — DP is the sidekick to Gary the Gadget Guy in the show's sub-plots, and is shown to be very clumsy, comedic and weird. DP gets into many situations with Gary, which often get Dancing Penguin into trouble. At times he is shown annoying Gary and other characters in the show. In many episodes he say the line "You know I'm supposed to be learning something here?", usually to G, as his main goal in the show is to become a successful scientist like Gary, but never gets the chance because of all the problems he gets into.
  • David Hochstadt (Voiced by Spy Guy Pers) — A green penguin who loves to surf and bring justice. He is seen helping Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, and Dot, when they are captured by Herbert.
  • Agent T (Voiced by Tim Takeshidu) — T is one of the best agents in the Elite Penguin Force, and one of the protagonists in the sub-plots. G asks him to test out different inventions, such as the Prototype Sled and the Snowcat, but not frequently asked to do missions, unless The Sleeping Cobra is on the loose.
  • Agent LJM (Voiced by Luna Jessica Myers) — She is a top agent that is skilled at disguises. She is very smart and persuasive which makes her a good agent. She currently lives in her igloo with her many puffles. She is Dot's best friend.
  • Clovis Hochstadt (Voiced by himself) — He is Swiss Ninja's youngest brother who is a Jester. Clovis's main occupation is being an EPF agent who has sworn to stop Swiss Ninja from taking over Antarctica.
  • Nigel the Puffle (Voiced by Spy Guy Pers) — Nigel is a black puffle who works for the Elite Penguin Force. He is sometimes seen whenever Herbert is scheming, and then tries to foil his plans. He is a failing agent who is at risk of getting fired. He never succeeds in foiling Herbert's plans, but does leave Herbert with a load of injuries. When he is not attacking Herbert, he spies on the citizens of Club Penguin and sometimes even tries to pickpocket some. He is also seen at the headquarters, accidentally messing things up/breaking things across the island, spying on the pizza delivery man and other penguins. Nigel is very superstitious, and when he seems even the slightest fishy deed, he will think the penguin is evil and usually sets on a task to capture the victim. Everything he does intersects with Gary; usually affecting whatever Gary is doing. He has a different codename in every episode (e.g. Black Anaconda, Trombone Gutsy), which he says through his microphone to base.
  • The Director (Voiced by Aunt Arctic) — Aunt Arctic plays herself in the show, but is more referred as the Director, as she is the leader of the Elite Penguin Force. Subsequently, she's Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and Dot's employer and she seems to be somewhat proud of them as agents.


  • Herbert P. Bear (Voiced by Garrow Gorribix) — The main antagonist of the show - a villain who makes evil contraptions and plans. Usually most episodes focuses on Herbert and his plan, which usually involves harming the Elite Penguin Force. He is aided by his sidekick/pet crab Klutzy. He sometimes join forces with Walrus.
    • Klutzy the Crab (Voiced by Summy Sumcrab) — Is Herbert's sidekick/pet crab who doesn't talk much. He mostly makes clicking sounds, but shows co-operation with his master. Klutzy is as clumsy as Rookie and Dancing Penguin.
  • The Sleeping Cobra (Voiced by Garrow Gorribix) — An cobra-penguin who is Agent T's arch-enemy.
  • Walrus (Voiced by Garrow Gorribix) - An evil, um... walrus who makes evil contraptions and plans. He's the leader of the Walrus Crime Ring. He sometimes join forces with Herbert.
    • The Walrus Crime Ring (Voiced by Various) - An evil Walrus hacking group lead by Warlus.
  • Swiss Ninja (Voiced by Garrow Gorribix) - The Egotistical Emperor of Snowzerland, King of Puffle'and and, and is a fantastic ninja. He makes evil contraptions and plans.
  • Nightmare (Voiced by Garrow Gorribix) - An ghastly wraith that helped create the X-Virus and is crowned leader of the X-Antibodies. Alongside Lizlord and IcE, Nightmare spreads the X-Virus around Antarctica in hopes to create a new world where the mistakes of the past become undone. No one knows exactly how Nightmare formed; some claim that Nightmare is made out of gases. This theory cannot be true though, as Nightmare seems to be solid. Rather, she is composed of raw terror and hatred; she is an actual nightmare given physical form, a manifestation of everyone's deepest fears (hence his name).
  • Bugzy (Voiced by Garrow Gorribix) - He is a wanted criminal in the EPF, ranking #9 in their datafiles, charged with destructive pwnage, robbing the Pizza Parlor on numerous occasions, smuggling Doom Weeds and other foreign artifacts into Antarctica, running the gangster crime sprees, and threatening for "protection money", so that Bugzy does not need to pwn his victim. His appearance is a black beetle, with red and yellow flames tatooed to his skin, and his wings are outlined with a red flame. He is always seen wearing either a Gangster Hat, or a Black Beanie.

Secondary characters[edit]

Recurring characters[edit]




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