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Elizabeth Jennings
Something else with puffles.PNG
Title Oh snap!
Gender Female
Race Green Puffle
Faction Emily's friend!!! (SQUEE)
Health Good
Level Very High
Status Alive
Location With Emily and Parlorine

Elizabeth is Emily von Injoface's best friend and Parlorine's best friend. She is in their group, the Fashion Police.


Elizabeth was born on a very bright June second. She later grew up in a very large town, and lived in a sky scraper, and had a younger brother called Seabastian. One day, she met Emily and Eva. They weren't too sure about her being popular, resulting in ignorance for a while until she proved she was popular. Her plan actually worked on them, so they decided they needed someone else in their group. Later on, after the plan, they asked her to sit by them at lunch. So she did. They then quickly became the best of friends. Soon they decided they needed a better group, they thought theirs was lame. Emily quickly suggested the "Fashion Police" and they agreed on it. So that formed the Fashion Police. Eva thought up the rules, Emily what they should inform, and Elizabeth what they should tell the people they informed to wear. Emily silently made the club, thus becoming the group she is in now.


  • "Sooo... Emily? Are you there? Gosh, you hung up again!"
  • "Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
  • "Evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!"
  • "But... he's soooo... cute.."
  • "You're bound to like someone, Emily!"
  • "Eva, I know you don't."
  • "Oh."
  • "আ இ ண ഊ ෴ ษ ༕ ࿄ !!!!!!!"
  • "Now.."
  • "Buuuhhh...tt."
  • "Emily?????"


  • She is Emily's and Eva's best friend, she leans more towards Emily... just because.
  • She is the shyest among her group, tending to be quieter in their fights and so on.
  • She isn't as popular as Emily, or even Eva, but she is the fourth most popular girl in her school.
  • She isn't as mean as Eva or Emily, but she can tend to be mean.
    • She's much nicer than Emily AND Eva. Emily says that this is the reason why Elizabeth is surpassing Eva in popularity "right this minute". That didn't happen, as Emily is a bit naive...
  • She agrees with Emily more than she does with Eva.
  • Kiysha doesn't hate her much, she isn't really the one who yells "Fashion Police, Kiysha!" at her. Emily does.
  • Once, she tripped Kiysha, trying to show she was mean. But We already knew that.
  • She takes a liking for Ethan (duh).
  • She has helped Kiysha out of a problem more then ten times, like getting rid of a Dorkuges glasses taped to her face by Xorai or colored red by Xara.
  • Psyche said she was an unpopular dork in front of her face. She's right.


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