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Eloise, cheerful and innocent as usual.
Title KKF's Hypnotist
Gender Female
Faction The Bad Guys
Occupation Mwa Mwa Penguin
Nationality Antarctican
Prize possession Havoc the teddy bear

Eloise or Ell is a Mwa Mwa Penguin who possesses the ability to hypnotize and mind-control penguins with her teddy bear, which adds to the reason why she takes it everywhere. The sociopathic two-faced cutie with a possessed toy given to her by Kait and Kolette Karkrashian works for Kim Karkrashian and wants to be just like her when she grows up. While cheerful and seemingly sweet, she's a huge pain for Kait and Kole to take care of all by themselves, as they spoil her rotten with their millions of coins. They've learned the hard way not to keep her waiting for too long, as nobody wants to run into trouble with her bad side.


Eloise's Theme

Try playing the song while reading the article.

Early Life[edit]

Like a normal mumu, Kim Karkrashian walked into the Pet Store. Out of all the Mwa Mwas chasing and swarming Kim, she spotted Eloise and knew she was the one. Eloise practically radiated. She was very cheerful, not even begging a single soul to pick her. She looked perfectly fine where she was and she was content as ever with her stuffed animals, that she was completely persuaded they were alive and engrossed in a conversation with a Fluffy the Fish stuffie, but Kim knew better. She knew never to trust the sweet ones. She strode up to Eloise, scooped her up causing her to drop her Fluffy stuffie, twirled like Tink, and retraced her steps out of the door through the mob of begging and crying pookies.

Eloise was completely silent and still seemingly happy until Kim reached her private jet. The second Kim sat her in the back room with Kait and Kole and then stepped out, Eloise exploded. The sound of her wails, screams and shouts were overpowering for the duo. After three and a half minutes, the two couldn't take it anymore. They both knew what the other were thinking and ran to grab a rather frightful looking teddy bear. The moment the fabric touched Eloise, she giggled "Havoc!" and then was as silent as a mouse as she cradled the bear in her flippers and went fast to asleep against the soft, faux feathers of her snow white boa. Kait and Kole shared an exhausted glance and knew it was going to be a long day.

Meeting Pal[edit]

When Pal first arrived in the little pastel room, he immediately laid down some rules. First, she couldn't come to his side of the room. Next, she couldn't touch his video games. Third, she wouldn't be able to play with her dolls. He wasn't even able to get to number four before he was caught in a violent tackle. She shrieked and squealed and hooted and hollered. He quickly called off his rules and grabbed the nearest pillow and began wildly flailing it all around to no avail. Eloise bit down on the pillow, shook it around with her beak, and spat it out on the ground, feathers flying everywhere. Pal screamed a shrill scream and quickly attempted climbing on top of the TV. Eloise saw this coming and hopped on it before he could, causing him to fall onto the ground. Running out of ideas, he cradled himself in the corner in a fetal position, whimpering. Eloise went silent and got down behind him in the pool of feathers, still raining down through the air. She spoke quietly: "Welcome to mwy woom."

Current Life[edit]

She spends most of her days in her crib playing with Havoc and the rest of her vast "stuffie" collection. Most of the members of the Karkrashian estate know not to fool with her.

Fighting Techniques[edit]

In her calm demeanor, Eloise normally does passive attacks. She usually uses the power of Havoc to temporarily stun or mind control her enemies, and also Eloise commonly teams up with Pal by stopping her enemies in their tracks and letting him end them. She kills in cold-blood and can can murder without a single care. She can also mind control the general public into loving Kim or use psychokinesis to throw items at opponents. When she uses Havoc's powers too much, she tends to get sleepy and faint after using a very powerful attack, such as Mass-Tranquilizer, which can cause an entire crowd to fall asleep, including her.

When upset, she tends to get more and more aggressive the angrier or sadder she gets. Eloise can use her powers to cause an enemy to attack their own allies, easily eliminating threats in large amounts. She can also make an opponent hurt themselves if she's angry enough. When sad, Eloise's powers tend to dull down and aren't as effective, but opens up to another one of Havoc's hidden secrets: hydrokinesis. She can control water from sinks, fire hydrants, fog and even tears. She can't use this power unless she's very sad or hurt.

When Havoc is taken away from Eloise and there are no other stuffed toys around to pacify her, she tends to enter her berserker mode. There are a few telltale signs of her entering said mode. First, she'll stand still. Next, she'll probably turn to you with a very blank face. Finally, her pupils will dilate into small, red stars. That's your final warning to get out of there if you value living life normally or even at all, because approximately two seconds after phase three, she'll enter phase four where she begins screaming like a wild animal and most likely beating you to death. Her speed and strength increase at least by thirty times, but it is possible to hurt her at that point, taking her out of her berserker mode.

Battles Against the Anti-KKF[edit]

Lilac Rose[edit]


  • "Mo one can stop mwe fwom pwaying wit' mwy stuffies! Mo one!"
  • "I don't tink so, Pal. T'is is still mwy woom, wemembwer?"
  • "Make mwe fwood! Wight t'is instant! Or woo'll have to deal wit' Mwister Havoc!"


  • She has a berserker mode.
  • Although she doesn't use weapons, she's very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Kait and Kole were considering buying her brass knuckles.
  • She has the usual Mwa Mwa speech impediment.
  • Since the day she was adopted by Kim, her pupils have been red and star-shaped.

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