Emilia von Injoface

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Emilia von Injoface is yet another addition to the family. She is the twin sister of Chuck von Injoface, but isn't as violent as her. Like her brother, she stayed on earth when General Puff moved to the space colony.


Emilia was born a few minutes after her brother Chuck. Chuck was nice, but everyone was mean to him, because they didn't like his family. Emilia got mad at them and fiercely defended Chuck. She told Chuck that in order to stop getting others to bully him, he would have to be mean himself. Chuck listened, and it worked, so he continued to be mean to everyone, except Emilia. Eventually their mother got sick of his rudeness and sent him away to some penguin. Emilia was saddened so when her family moved to the space colony, she stayed on earth to look for Chuck who was with Flywish. She spent the rest of her life looking for him. She finally found him at Their sister's funeral. She was happy to see him but Chuck was still saddened. She later decided to stalk Flywish to know where Chuck was.


She died an old puffle. Chuck was very saddened to hear about her death and later Flywish adopted another puffle who Chuck hated dearly as Chuck hated pranks. Chuck missed his sisters stern Ness more than ever after dealing with Gruff. However he also had a large family who loved him.


  • Her great-niece, Emily is named after her.
  • She is dead, and never married or had children.
  • She and her brother Chuck, are somewhat slightly similar to Emily and Charles as twins as they both have the same name as those twins.
  • She is the reason Chuck is rude and violent.
  • Chuck deeply misses her. If you make fun of her, you will need to have an ambulance parked and a will.

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