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Gender Female
Race Penguin
Occupation Mwa Mwa Penguin
Nationality Antarctican
Favourite color Maroon

Emma (or often called Emm or Emmie by her Pet Shop pals) is a young Mwa Mwa Penguin with an eye for fashion and games. Emma always won pookie contests and the hearts of any penguin waltzing into the Pet Store with the desire to adopt a pookie. Penguins loved to pick her up and take her to their igloos before she'd yell "Mo, mot without mwy twin wista!" and they'd be forced to take her introverted younger twin sister (by a few seconds in Mwa Mwa terms) with them. They spoiled the duo in treats and other goodies just as any normal Mwa Mwa would dream. The two loved playing dress up with the other pookies before disaster struck and poor Emma was taken away from her once-innocent life and the small world of toys, fashion and giggles.


Early Life[edit]

Like most pookies, she was "born" in the Pet Shop. She lived a normal Mwa Mwa life, searching for mothers, causing drama, being a diva, and sticking with her pookie pack. One day, she decided to talk to a particularly lonely looking pookie. The girl was laying down in a blue puffle bed in the corner, staring intently into the eyes of a stuffed bear. After engaging in a small chat, she found out that her name was Charlotte. Continuing the discussion, Emma found out that Charlotte liked toys and clothes just like her. Like any good, civilized and educated pookie; Emma asked Charlotte to be her sister. Charlotte jumped up at once and yelled in her Mwa Mwa lisp, "Wes, wes, of course I'll be wour wista!" From that day on, the two were inseparable.

Until, you know, the incident.


One cool day in winter, Emma woke up in a dark room with a throbbing headache. But shockingly enough, she was laying somewhere comfortable. A big red bed, to be exact. The room had cute stuffed animals, soft comfy furniture, all in her favorite color! It even had a smooth red rug with... a strange purple logo on it. A small red television sat on top of a small red drawer. She walked to the TV and underneath the screen, KKF was there in small, fine purple letters; similar to the logo on the rug. She turned on the TV and sat down in front of it on the cushion-like carpet and the screen buzzed to life. The broadcast was a message about how she was a "valued member of the Kim Karkrashian society" and "she'd be needed there for a very long time but be treated with grade-K service for her entire stay."

It wasn't like Emma knew who that penguin was, but golly, was her outfit grand!

Emma had grown respect for the penguin already and grabbed a red juice box from beside her bed. She thought of her sister with a sudden heavy pang of loneliness and looked to the door. It was painted red with white hearts on it. Though she thought it was gorgeous, she waddled to it, knowing she needed to find her sister. Little did she know, the two were further apart at the time then she could ever imagine.


  • "I'm small as salt but sweet as sugar!"
  • "Mwy giggles are fwilled with stwawbewwy bubbles of wove!"
  • "I am not going to wour iggy... Not without my wista!


  • Emma has been a proud winner of the unofficial Pet Shop-born Wittle Miss CP contest two weeks in a row. That's a huge feat in Mwa Mwa terms.
  • Emma lacks red irises because she hasn't been put under the control of Kim.

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