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Not to be confused with Gothguins, an actual subspecies as opposed to subculture.

An Emoguin is a sad type of penguin, mostly spaced out from other penguins. They sometimes are so sad, that they like to walk into walls. They are not too badly hurt, but it can tear off feathers if done right. A lot have deep voices, though their voices are hard to hear as they are normally quiet. They like to sit in corners and show emotion, which makes other penguins sometimes feel sad for them, and help them.


They are into dark colours, mostly long, dark hair, which swoops over their eyes. Their beaks are lighter than most other penguins', but their feet are darker.


The main mood that Emoguins always show is sadness, although they can be angry, happy, nervous, disturbed, anxious or even jealous. Many believe them to be lazy penguins, but some are actually quite athletic, but, as nearly all Emoguins are shy, those that are don't show it.

Types of Emoguin[edit]

Your typical walking-into-walls Emoguin is called a "Type One Emoguin", they are sad, mostly about being sad. No one understands them, and this group includes those as Metalmanager. Though there are other types, such as...

  • Hap-Emoguin: A type of Emoguin that is half Emoguin and half something else. They have long hair, not necessarily black, most have brown. They are not always sad, but are equally sad and happy most of the time. A notable Hap-Emoguin is IPeng.
  • Angerguin: A type of Emoguin that gets angry easily, and not usually as sad as the rest. They don't walk into walls, at least not on purpose, but they can get angry for no reason and start throwing chairs, which they seem to have an endless supply of.
  • Burst-Emoguin: A Burst-Emoguin can have bursts of sadness, which do not happen all of the time. They can have a burst of sadness whenever, though it is never a certain pattern of when they burst.

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