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Country United States of Antarctica
Area Antarctic Peninsula
Population 300,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Demonym Emoticon
Founded 2000
– Founder Emoticons

EmotiVille is a domed city located in the Antarctic Peninsula. It is inhabited by creatures called EmotiCons. Happy77 used to lived here, until she moved to Club Penguin.


Emotiville used to be underground, where the EmotiCon lived away from the cold. It turns out that the Emotes had built the city next to an abandoned quarry, one where metals, like iron, could be found. The Emotes began to develop sophisticated machines that brought the iron ore back to the city, where they hammered and twisted the iron into different tools. The Emotes eventually developed a thick, transparent metal insulator that could be used to shield the city from cold weather. The entire city was lifted out of the ground and onto the ice. EmotiVille began a fast-paced exporting run, trading nearby Peninsulan trading posts with technology in exchange for seafood. EmotiVille, along with Ternville, became the engineering giant of the USA, and began branching out companies, businesses, and factories all over the continent. Today, EmotiVille is a sprawling metropolis. However, due to the low population density of the Antarctic Peninsula, the city is isolated and rarely gets visitors. The only vehicles that regularly come to the city are delivery trucks, shipping packages in and out.


The whole town is divided into three sections: EmotiVille Neighbourhood, Downtown EmotiVille and Mulasta. The Neighbourhood is actually the housing district, where half the emoticons live. Very little urban stuff lies here and only town stuff is. The other half live in the EmotiVille Central, which is where the urban lies around. It is also

As being in the west of the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, one of it's famous places is the EmotiVille Dock. The dock is quite large, which is air-conditioned and the size of two average shopping malls. It lies in the very back of the EmotiVille Central. Another famous place is The Quarry, which is in the outbacks of the whole town, near the Mulasta.


Emotiville is accessible from Highway One, which runs about 2 miles from Downtown Emotiville. There is also a network of roads that travel around the city. Emotiville also has a small subway system, with lines that reach every district. The final mode of transport is by Emotiville International Airport, a small airport with flights all around the USA and a few flights to the Asiapelago, and Ninja Archipelago.

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