Hochstadt Family Lineage 1090-1764

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This is the Hochstadt Family Lineage from the year 1090 to 1764, which are the dates between the birth of Chavet Hochstadt (son of Jacques Hochstadt) to the birth of Signore Francis Hochstadt. The names are listed in chronilogical order, starting with Jacques Hochstadt's son, Chavet.

Chavet Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1090 - 1180

Chavet did not want to become a Sensei, and he became a powerful baron of a province in Alemania. He was known for building a strong army that helped defend the province. Chavet is the first recorded Viking Penguin in the Hochstadt Family. He later married Helga Von Dürmph, and had a son named Ruti. Chavet died of old age in 1180.

Ruti Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1157 - 1246

Ruti, unlike his father, was a much more barbaric and agressive leader. Ruti is known for conquering many Alemanian provinces with his powerful army. However, halfway through his life, he loses all the land he took. His army was crippled, but he still was wealthy. With that wealth, he built a summer castle on the island of Osterreach, known as the Hochstadt Castle, which can still be seen there today in goid condition. Ruti never got married until very late in his life, in 1245. He married to a 19 year old penguin named Aïda, who was his enslaved housemaid, and miraculously had a son, named Rudolph. Ruti died of old age like his father.

King Rudolph I Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1246 - 1301

Rudolph was born shortly before his father's death. When he died, the power went to his mother, Aïda, until Rudolph was to mature. Aïda, dispite formerly being a housemaid, was accepted as a baroness, and she became very popular among her people because of her fair rule. She too raised Rudolph like this since she knew that he would be her sucessor. When Rudolph was a teenager, he vacationed a lot at the Hochstadt Castle in Osterreach and got to know the citizens there. He eventually decided that he would live in Osterreach, and that he would unite the island under his rule so that he could become king. He went to the Holyswissian Empire's capital of Boorlin to find favor with the Emperor about the plan. The Emperor approved, and Rudolph was crowned King of Osterreach. Rudolph moved to the city of Wien and made it the capital. Rudolph made strong efforts to keep the country unified. He built a strong army of knights, archers, and footsoldiers that kept the peace and put down any resistance forces. Rudolph was also compassionate for the lower classes and heeded their requests by lowering taxes and made food prices cheaper. Rudolph also built a lavish palace that is still there today. Rudolph married a daughter of a Osterrean Lord named Gertrüde von Wald and had nine children, their first born child being Albert I Hochstadt. In 1301, Rudolph died from an unknown illness.

King Albert I Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1285 - 1308

Rudolph gave the throne to Albert I after he had passed. Albert was known for negotiating with other Ninja Archipelago nations, mostly with Frankterre. Albert also attempted to claim land in Alemania since his grandfather had ruled one of it's provinces. Sadly, he did not succeed in the land takeover. Albert Married Elizabeth Von Ingerstoll and gave birth to Rudolph II. Rudolph was about 18 years old when Rudolph was murdered by his nephew in 1308.

King Rudolph II Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1290 - 1356

King Rudolph II was a decent ruler of Osterreach. He didn't do anything special or significant, but he continued to preserve the policies that his grandfather and father put place about low food prices and low taxes. Rudolph also ensured his military's strength by improving their defence. Rudolph II married a Magyarian noble known as Anges Prög, and had a son named Rudolph III. In 1356, on a trip to Magyaria, Rudolph died of unknown causes; mostly believed to be from food poisoning.

King Rudolph III Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1334 - 1401

Rudolph III was a decent ruler, and he was the first in the family to restart a close alliance with the Holyswissia, with what today is Alemania. Rudolph secretly dreamed of its conquests and hoped in the future to gain in control of it. Thus, he married a woman named Elisabeth of Tirol, the only daughter of the Emperor of Holyswissia. Thus, King Rudolph III became also known as Emperor Rudolph I of Holyswissia and Osterreach. They had three children, the eldest being Emperor Frederick the Fair.

Emperor Frederick I Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1386 - 1478

Frederick the Fair, more commonly known as Frederick the Incredibly Handsome, was a good king of Holyswissia and Osterreach. He was known for thowing several lavish parties and was a patron of the arts that were being produced in Liguria. Frederick married Duchess Helen of Lisboagal, but recieved no land from the marriage. They had four children, the first two being Maximillian and Philip. Maximillian was planned to be emperor but he did not marry as early as expected. Philip went to Castilla island and married Princess Juana of Castle, the daughter of King Fernando and Queen Isabela of the newly unified country of Castilla. When Philip died of illness, Maximillian married Juana and Castilla was absorbed into the Holyswissian Empire, and Frederick named him as the successor. Frederick died of unknown causes.

Emperor Maximillian I Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1429 - 1519

As a youth, Maximilian was rambunctious and was not interested in ruling a country. He was rather spoiled and often attended the balls and social gatherings that his "friends" would hold. Despite his social attitude, he could not attract any women to fall in love with him. Then, when his younger brother died, Maximilian was forced to marry his brother's widowed wife. Reality had been hard hit for Maximilian, and it is known that his wife made him depressed. More stress was added when his father died, and Maximillian had to maintain Holyswissia, which now ruled over the islands of Osterreach, Alemania, and the whole island of Castilla. Maximillian had an only son named Charles, who was also his successor. Maximilian also arranged his son's marriage with Princess Juana of Eragon. Maximillian died in Osterreach due to extreme old age, which was quite an accomplishment back then.

Emperor Charles V Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1500 - 1557

Charles was born in what is now Batavia. Charles was also spoiled like his father, and he was upset when his father forced him into marriage with Juana of Eragon, who happened to be very crazy. Charles was then crowned as the second Hochstadt King of Castilla. Charles ruled the largest empire out of all of his ancestors; he controlled the islands of Alemania, Osterreach, Castilla, Liguria,Batavia, and all the colonies that those islands possessed across the Antarctic. Because of its pleasant weather, Charles resided in Metido, Castilla and made it the capital during his reign. Charles had a hatred towards the countries of Frankterre and Puffle'and and deeply rivaled them. Emperor Charles had twins with his crazy wife, Juana. There was a dispute between which of the twins were hatched first because no one had watched them when they did. Hence, they gave both of them names, Ferdinand and Philip, and Ferdinand was randomly chosen to be the Emperor of Holyswissia because he seemed to be stronger than his brother. Philip was given the position of Crowned Prince. Charles V was considered the greatest king in Castilla's history, but not in Holyswissia. Several Holyswissian barons did not like his rule, and with the help of Frankterran rebels, many of the barons demanded Charles to step down in 1556. Charles agreed, and he made Ferdinand the successor of Holyswissia and he gave Philip the islands of Castilla, Batavia and Liguria because he felt sorry for him in the end. Charles decided to become a monk in a Castillan herbal monastery, where he died a year later.

Emperor Ferdinand I Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span 1532 - 1564

Ferdinand was a decent, short lived emperor. Ferdinand had lost Liguria, Batavia, and Castilla to his brother Philip, whose descendants ruled Castilla for a while until their family line died out and was replaced by the de Borbon family. Ferdinand is well known for annexing the island of Magyaria into Osterrean control. Ferdinand married an Osterrean baroness named Elizabeth and gave birth to five children. Ferdinand was succeeded by his eldest son, Maximilian II. Emperor Ferdinand I did not like arranged marriages because of the strife that he could see between his own parents, and he allowed his son, Maximillian II, to marry a Castillan pesant girl that he had fallen in love with, named Viviana Mar. Ferdinand died of illness.

Emperor Maximillian II Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span 1549 - 1576

Maximillian II was born in Wien, Osterreach. As a boy, Maximillian went alone on a holiday with his uncle to Castilla, only to get caught in a bad storm. The ship crashed, and Maximillian was the only survivor who landed in Varcelono, Castilla. Maximilian found the help and safety of a peasant family, who raised him. Maximillian fell in love with their daughter, and he vowed to marry her. When he grew to be an adult, he made himself known to the public and his father allowed him to marry the love of his life, Vivian. The two penguins moved to Wien, Osterreach and lived peacefully there and giving birth to two sons named Rudolf and Matthias. Maximillian died of a terrible unknown illness and Vivian succeeded him temporarily until she died and was succeeded by Rudolf.

Emperor Rudolf II Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1565 - 1612

Rudolf was born in Wien, Osterreach. Rudolf was a decent child when he was raised, and he was sent to Castilla to study in rigorous and challenging educational courses for eight years, much to his distaste. Rudolf returned to Osterreach as a detached member of his family and felt distant from his parents. When he was crowned Emperor, Rudolf wanted to distant himself from politics and became a major patron in the arts and often sponsored artists from around the Ninja Archipelago, and he also sponsored many programs of Scientific development. Thus, most of his political decisions were done by his royal advisers. Rudolf had no interest to marry, which upset many of the court officials. His brother, Matthias, complained frequently, and with the help of the Council of Dukes, Rudolf was abdicated from the throne in 1612 and Matthias succeeded him. Rudolf was exiled to a castle and died unmarried and without any children.

Emperor Matthias Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1567 - 1619

Born in Wien, Osterreach, Matthias also attended the same Academy in Castilla that his brother was going to. Unlike his brother, Matthias enjoyed his time and learned quite a lot. Matthias was quite bored with his life in Osterreach because he was only a prince and secretly wished to take the throne. Matthias decided to stay in Batavia for a few years before he returned to Osterreach to become upset again because he was unhappy with his brother's negligence of his position of King. Matthias complained to the Council of Dukes that Rudolf was not doing his job, and Rudolf was removed. Matthias was crowned Emperor in 1612 with his wife, Duchess Anna of Osterreach. Matthias had two children, the eldest being Ferdinand II. Matthias died of unknown causes.

Emperor Ferdinand II Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1598 - 1637

Emperor Ferdinand III Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1622 - 1657

Emperor Leopold I Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1639 - 1705

Emperor Joseph I Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1687 - 1711

Emperor Charles VI Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1692 - 1740

Charles VI was born in Wien, Osterreach. He was spoiled rotten since he was carried from room to room, changed, bathed, and groomed by his servants. He was known for attempting to take the Castillan throne, but failed. He married an Alemanian penguin named Christina and had three children. The eldest was Charles VII, who was his successor. Charles VI continued to live a very lavish and spoiled life and died of bone issues because he was very fat.

Emperor Charles VII Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1720 - 1745

Charles VII was born in Batavia who later moved and permanently lived in Munchen, Alemania. He was also known for being a ladies man who always seemed to flirt with other female penguins at dances. Charles married an Alemanian woman named Maria Antonia and had one son, Francis. Charles VII died from a broken leg that became infected.

Emperor Francis I Hochstadt[edit]

Life Span: 1730 - 1764

Francis I was born in a city in what used to be Holyswissian controlled Frankterre. Francis attended school in Wien, Osterreach, where he met and fell in love with Archduchess Maria Theresa of Osterreach. They had their first son, Joseph II, and a daughter, Maria Antoine, and they resolved to have no more. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, Francis and his wife accidentally had one more child. Francis decided to call the egg Francis II, but he did not see the child hatch because Francis was killed when he threw a party, became intoxicated by cream soda, and fell off a balcony. Maria Theresa, who did not want to raise another child, decided to donate the child to a herbal monastery in Liguria. Francis II soon became known as simply "Signore Francisco".

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