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Nicknames Big Vince
Title Emperor Octavian
Darth Vincenzo
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Location Level X, Fort Celatum
Fourth Wall Class IV Wall Breaker
Birth date Vincenzo Octavian
Occupation Former Chairman of the International Syndicate, former Emperor of Nexon, closeted Sith Lord
Country of residence Shops Island
Vacation homes Palatial palace
Villa in Maverick
Weaknesses No confidence,
very paranoid
Feared by Nexonans
Criminal record Various war crimes
Jail time accumulated Since November 2013
Times arrested One
Friends International Syndicate, Papa Tremezzo, Flywish
Enemies Francisco M. Shockings, Bugzy

Emperor Octavian redirects here. For the Mystery Island mutant, see Octavian.

Vince (born Vincenzo Octavian, known as Big Vince in the criminal underworld), was the chairman of the International Syndicate, Emperor of Nexon and is a closeted but immobile Sith Lord. Beside that, he used to be a manufacturer and seller of Judgies, Doom Weed and Cream Soda. He had a rivalry with Francisco M. Shockings, another high-ranking member of the Syndicate. He owned casinos and gambling dens in the USA. Vince also owned legitimate-looking fronts that are actually places where illegal Cream Soda are brewed, sold and drunk, Doom Weed and Judgies are brought in, sold and consumed, shady deals are made by gangsters and the game of poker played. He is currently 33 years old. He is also currently being held in Fort Celatum for war crimes against Shops Island.


In his normal outfits, Vince dressed in a black suit with a black shirt and a black tie. At more formal occasion, he wears a black fedora and may replace the black tie with a red one. All of his clothes are made of silk.

Vince donned a three-tiered crown and his regular outfit when he was the Emperor of Nexon.

Weapons & Security[edit]

Vince conceals a pistol (silenced and loaded with high calibre bullets) in his pocket. Two bolt-action rifle wielding High Penguins from Double Sicilia followed him the day he got elected as the chairman of the Syndicate. For his security in the current War on Gangs, Vince commissioned a classic limousine made from materials that made the limousine practically invulnerable to everything. To mock the government, he claims that his limousine and himself can only be destroyed with the T.H.I.S. missile, which reduced the assassination attempts on him to zero (before he released the statement, the Cartels and other Mafia Families attempted to assassinate him at least 5 times every 2 weeks). His security crew composed entirely of High Penguins from Double Sicilia & former SSS agents. They are a force to be reckoned with, even by the military of USA. Did I mention that Vince keeps an arsenal of weapons as his collection ? He kept a scepter that is imbued with Sith powers, a standard Sith red keysaber, and a rare black Deathsaber.

Private Army[edit]

Vince has an army of mercenaries. They lived in private-owned islands and are called to service whenever Vince needed them - such as taking over Nexon.


Vince's main goals are to become the strongest Sith in history and rebuild his own empire.


Vince ordered a palatial mansion that costed him 450,000,000 Gold Coins to be built on a private island. Vince also built the Imperial Palace of Nexon on Nexon after conquering it.

Beside that, he had a villa at Maverick, just next doors to Feey1 Pie

Imperialist Era[edit]

Self Imposed Exile[edit]

After some trouble with a corrupt EPF agent, USA and Vince declared war on each other. The war is the bloodiest war involving non nations to date, with up to 245,000 penguins dead and 100 tons of Judgies, Doom Weed and 245,000 illegally brewed Cream Soda destroyed and dumped by USA. In an unusual style, Vince decided to exile himself to Maverick for a short time. At there, he did some business, saving 500,000,000 Gold Coins into secret bank accounts. He lived there just next door to the exiled Feey1 Pie, becoming friends. That's where Vince's hatred of Swiss Ninja began.

However, this didn't last long when Nexon is in chaos. Vince, sensing a golden opportunity, began making secret plans to take over Nexon with his personal troops. In the end, he succeeded.


Days after his coronation as emperor, Vince had an idea-build a cult of personality around him. First, he unveiled a solid golden statue of himself taking over Nexon, and everyone bowed to the statue (they are still convinced that he is a deity when he took over Nexon). Soon, Vince began to publish his philosophy into books and grant himself several honors.

First, a statue (or image) of himself is ordered to be placed beside the statues or images of Governance/ToS saints on an evaluated platform, symbolizing that he has more power than saints. Vince's portrait is put into Nexon's coins and banknotes. A museum of him is also built. His birthday becomes a public festival that lasted for 2 weeks.

Finally, on 3rd September 2013, Francisco M. Shockings, the Doge of Nexon's Ducal States, crowned Vince again, but this time with a three tiered crown (like TurtleShroom), declaring him to be a divine figure.

Losing his crown[edit]

During the Plague War, Nexon was re-annexed by Margate. Due to Vince's war crimes against Margate (for making the nation of Nexon), he was thrown into a high-security prison. After the Margatians found out it was the Nexonans that plagued Shops, and after the Plague War ended, Margate transferred Vince into Shopper custody as a sign of peace between the two nations. After being transferred into Shops custody, he was taken to the brand new facility Level X, where he has remained in suffering since. At this time, nobody on Antarctica really knows where he is except for Malor Vakovlev, LMGT and Lavender. Everyone else who wonders just hear and dispel the many rumors.


Vince is a Class 4 Fourth Wall breaker. Originally, Vince was Class 3 but upgraded after making a deal with Benny.

His father is a rogue Sith, who taught Vince how to use the dark side of the Force in his early ages. Though he had forgotten about it after becoming the International Syndicate's elite mercenary. Soon after his inauguration as Chairman, he found out that in a battle, Explorer 767 & Bugzy is an equal to him, which led him to find another ability beside the arts of a Mob boss and the power of breaking the Fourth Wall. With the help of a Sith hologram, he learned the ways of the Sith again. Due to a shady deal with Director Benny, Vince can ascends to a higher Class of breaking the Fourth Wall once he breaks it enough.

Next, he is also good in marksmanship and dueling with Keysaber. Vince practiced by dueling with practice drones.

Vince's known Sith abilities included:Force Lightning, Force Destruction (allowing him to create a massive energy field and throwing it at any direction), Force Choke and Force Weapon (charging an object with the Force). This explains why his Keysaber emitted Force Lightning sometimes.

Beside that, the Sith Lord is also obsessed with Sith Alchemy and Sith Magic. The former can range from creating poisons and enchancing weapons and armours to genetically engineering and enchancing living organisms, zombifying the dead and (for master alchemists only) creating monstrous beings. The latter allowed the practitioners to channel the raw power of the Force to warp minds, alter the environment and even blasting pure dark energy at someone. Luckily, Vince didn't create any monsters.

Finally, Vince can use his Fourth Wall powers to be used in combat. This power is shown in the conquest of Nexon, where the powerful and equipped military of Margate] can't defeat the Syndicate (well the Syndicate is equally matched to the army of USA in gang wars, who can blame them?), to the extent of chasing the Margatian soldiers out.


Despite being pretty powerful, Vince still has some weaknesses. First, he didn't master Keysaber dueling (he is a Sith Lord that is better suited to using his powers without any weapons) because of his excitement for conquering Nexon. He is easily seduced by beautiful girls, which made the EPF an idea of sending some of their female agents to flirt with him. This, by far, is his most fatal flaw.

Next, he lives an extravagant lifestyle-with a total of 1 billion Gold Coins spent every year. As the Emperor/Caesar of Nexon, Vince never used a cent from taxpayers' funds. He simply used HIS OWN MONEY. He is so rich that he even paid for his "divination" ceremony with his own money (the divination is the most expensive coronation in history, costing 2 billion Gold Coins). Despite losing so much money, Vince is unaware of this, as his income every year out shadowed the money he spent.

Finally, he is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of Swiss Ninja, being an unconfident lad. Vince ALWAYS overestimated his enemies' powers to be able to defeat him, when in reality he could erase their existence. This weakness nearly costed him Nexon and some duels with Jedi masters.

Though this isn't a weakness but Vince is always paranoid about his life, his wealth, his income, his citizens, his state, his gang and other things.

Emperor Octavian can't run fast, as he gets out of breath easily.


  • Vince keeps a Minigun with infinite explosive rounds loaded (possible as he is a class IV Fourth Wall breaker), if someone wanna "fight me (Vince) and say hello to my (Vince) little friend".
  • Vince is a parody of Tony Montana, though Vince also has rackets in the Cream Soda, "protection", arms and gambling trade beside of Judgies and Doom Weed
  • He is a class IV Fourth Wall breaker.
  • Vince is the only known leader of the Syndicate.
  • In his nation, Vince's title was "Caesar" or "Emperor".