Emperor Pengvintine

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Emperor Pengvintine
Look at him, the twisted monster who was once a pathetic, egotistical King who only wanted and still wants power, only worse.
Title Der Führer der Welt, Emperor (Kaiser) Pengvintine der groß
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Ninja, and Emperor of Snowzerland, King of Puffle'and, Major Governance Heretic, Ego Maniac, World Domination Freak, Slightly insane.
Health Old
Status Alive, but hated.
Location Ninja Archipelago
Occupation Emperor
Interests World domination
Friends Austin8310, RDA, Java Ghent, Django Ghent
Enemies Hochstadt Gang
Archetype Complete Villain

Emperor Pengvintine (Pronounced "Peng-vin-teen"), is Swiss Ninja Hochstadt when he is VERY old. Swiss became evil and took that name for his title.


For his early life, see Swiss Ninja Hochstadt.

Swiss Ninja had came up with the name the day the AU Council decided to elect a Chancellor. The Kaiser was not eligible to campaign since he was already a political leader, therefore his ego told him to disguise himself as a new penguin that would be registered as a Snoss Citizen. No one, not even the bounty hunters and the family suspected that Swiss Ninja was the seemingly promising politician named Frödel Pengvintine. Everyone fell for the trap, all for one...King Carlos Goberna II of Castilla. However, King Carlos never said anything to anyone, fearing that he could be wrong and did not want to cause controversy. Instead, King Carlos II wrote a secret letter stating the heir to the Castillan throne on December 12, 2012, the same day Frödel Pengvintine was elected into office as Chancellor of the AU.

For 18 years, Pengvintine successfully maintained his double life without getting caught. He was re-elected as Chancellor twice for the regular four year term, but his third term only lasted two years, because in 2030, Swiss Ninja was allegedly assasinated, and Pengvintine became the Chancellor of the Republic of Snowzerland, forfeiting his AU position to a member of the AU council from Lisboagal.

Pengvintine was the leading figure in the Snoss Republic during the Snoss Civil War. In the early phases in the war, he wanted the Republic's Army to be passive so that the Confederacy would win. However, things did not go as planned. King Clovis of Castilla, his brother, decided to end the war and a mass invasion of the Snoss Confederacy was done. Under Pengvintine's rule, Snowzerland was reunified. Because his plans failed, Pengvintine had a second plan....he had his army betray the Castillans that led into the deliberate slaughtering of the clueless Castillan Army in Snowzerland and the Castillan Colonies. Pengvintine also had his oldest son, Ninja Wraith, and the two Hochstadt Gang members, Dave and Bernard Hochstadt, killed. Then, with the Castillans defeated and Snowzerland reunified, Pengvintine revealed himself as Swiss Ninja and proclaimed himself as Emperor once more in front of the cheering crowd.

The few years after the War became a Golden Age Revival for Snowzerland. An atom cloning machine was created, and the Darth Cube space station, Pengvintine's new home, was built with ease. Bellina trained more with her father in the ways of the Serth, and the Snoss continued to conquer, lose, and fight in many wars. Meanwhile, production in Terninia continued and doubled under Pengvintine's orders.

The year of 2041 was unforgettable for all of Antarctica; it was the year the Dojo Raid occured in Club Penguin. That fateful winter evening, the Snoss invaded the Club Penguin Dojo, and Pengvintine killed current sensei, Spider880 in a deadly battle after his ninjas failed to protect him. Pengvintine then proclaimed himself the sensei, but he was only able to convince 10% of the Ninjas. The 90% went with his uncle, Fuut-Ga.

Then, in 2045, the Anti-Swiss Ninja Alliance went to war with the Snoss in a series of battles, during which, Pengvintine's inner self was re-awakened and he began to reflect on the deeds and actions he had done in his life. Along with Austin beside him, he began to question his harsh actions towards Fisch during the fight with Bellina. Pengvintine realized later that Fisch beat up Bellina to loyally protect him because Bellina had said she was Evil and had planned to overthrow him from birth. In distress, Pengvintine grieved for his folly and his carelessness. He knew now that death was near, but he wasn't going to die without a fight against the Hochstadt Gang to protect his life.



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Preceded by
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The Position of
Evil Sensei of Ninjas,

as held by Emperor Pengvintine

2041 - 2045

Succeeded by
Fut-Ga Hochstadt
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