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United Kingdom of the Emperorlands
The Emperorlands
Flag of Emperorlands
MottoEmperor Penguins Rule!
AnthemEmperor Penguins Unite!
National Animal
White Emperor Penguin
(and largest city)
Official languages English (Spoken), Phreak Speak (Spoken) and Leet (Written)
Recognised regional languages Phreak Speak in Phreakland
Species  Emperor Penguins, Emperor Puffles
Demonym Emperor
Membership UAN flag.PNG UAN
Western Union 2017 Flag.png Western Union
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  The 10th King of the Emperor Penguins KingH10
 -  The 10th Queen of the Emperor Penguins Amgirl
 -  Prime Minister KingH11
 -  Deputy Prime Minister Amgirl 2
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper House Senate
 -  Lower House House of Representatives
Independence one year after colonisation. Uninhabited land before colonisation. 
 -  Colonisation 01/12/08 
 -  Construction Finished 01/06/09 
 -  Independence 01/12/09 
 -  2018 estimate 2,700,000 
 -  2018 census 2,723,986 
 -  Density 75000/km2 
194,249.1/sq mi
Currency Circum ()
Drives on the Right
Calling code 957
The Western Union
Western Union 2017 Flag.png
Flag of the Western Union
Western Union
Treaties and Events
Summits and Conferences
Member States
Important Cities
Key People
Notable Companies

The United Kingdom of the Emperorlands is a constitutional monarchy located in a dome underwater southwest of Yow. The capital city of the country is Emperopolis. It is a developing country with a growing economy and an enormous tourist sector thanks in part to the beautiful underwater nature and the enormous underwater hills and mountains. With its picturesque mountains and beautiful natural wonders, the Emperorlands are one of the most visited countries on Earth. The country's tourism sector boomed thanks to the 2014 UGFA World Cup which it was host of.

The Emperorlands were founded by KingH10 in 2008 out of desire to create a place where he could fulfill his dreams of making the world, or at least part of, a happier, better and more welcoming place for penguins of all kinds. Being a wealthy penguin, he managed to hire a large group of penguins to help him build this country. Upon its foundation, the country immediately started welcoming new settlers but the country was not too successful and the economy stagnated. In 2010 it stopped being an attraction for immigrants due to the founding of Shops Island. The country attempted to seek allies abroad but was never given any attention.

The country is still highly isolated on the international stage. In 2017, it tried to improve relations with members of the Free Republic Union in a desperate bid to become part of the international community and get allies abroad, especially the United States of Antarctica, with whom they've had strained relations for quite a long period of time. The Emperorlands became closer to other nations in the Free Republic Union and regularly trades and negotiates treaties and deals with them. The Emperorlands, however, left the Free Republic Union after the Emperor Crisis as a result of relations with the United States of Antarctica being broken once again. It is a member state of the Western Union as of 1 April 2018.


KingH10, King of the Emperor Penguins

There used to be an ancient civilization in the location where the Emperorlands are today. Those were Ancient Snowpriots who fled their homeland and decided to create a new land underwater. This was not an easy task and a team of over 6,000 penguins had to be hired in order for this new land to be made. After 50 years they succeeded in building a city they called New Foccasia. This new civilization boomed and became distinctly separated from their cousins in Snowprus.

The civilization was a good place to live for nearly all 796 years for its existence and was branded a utopia, despite a few internal conflicts, such as a civil war between the Democrats and Autocrats, which resulted in a Democratic victory and a reestablishment of democracy inside this civilization. However, during the last few decades of its existence were chaotic and violent. It was finally destroyed by a massive earthquake on the bottom of the ocean that completely destroyed the dome and flooded the city. Out of the 450,000 penguins that lived only 35,000 survived.

The survivors organized themselves into 9 groups that all went their own ways. 4 of those groups went to Yow while 3 went to Culldrome, and 2 went to places like Club Penguin, Stoland, Penland and the Puffepelago. These peoples would become the ancestors of the present-day Penlandic, Culldrome and Yowien peoples, and it would turn out that this event changed history of the island of Snowiny on which Penland is located forever.

This area remained unsettled for thousands of years. The ruins remained underwater and the area was untouched until it was rediscovered in 2008. Until then, fish, crabs and other creatures ruled these lands, and some historians discovered that there might have been a crab kingdom in these areas due to the abundance of dead crab bodies after its rediscovery. Other than that, there was no sign of anything else major happening in these islands until the founding of the Emperorlands.

The Emperorlands were founded by KingH10 in 2008 because he desired to create a place where he could live his dreams. He built a large pyramid on the top of a pillar left from the Ancient Snowpriot times and 5 months of hard work finally yielded results as the pyramid had been built. The next step was to build a large dome that was as impenetrable as possible. After that, small huts had been built along with balls of bone where what is now Phreakland. Rory, who was helping on the project, said they needed to secure the huts so people wouldn't fall down when they were sleeping. The long and excruciating construction finally finished in the middle of 2009.

The country had a hard time seeking allies abroad and it tried to get along with the United States of Antarctica without getting too deeply involved in the affairs of the Free Republic Union. This mission failed and relations between the two countries turned sour. The Emperorlands remained isolated, but luckily for them, no countries tried to attack them and many countries weren't even aware of their existence, and so the Emperorlands could develop unaffected by things going on on the surface of Antarctica.

The Emperorlands expanded outside of the dome, drained water and set up domes where they could, and created multiple new states and cities. Starting 2017 many investors from the Western Union started pouring in and developing the country's economy and infrastructure. The nation's economy started booing thanks to the foreign investments and the country became the most invested-in area of the world. New factories opened all over the country, producing various new products that have never been seen before in the Emperorlands.

With the Emperorlands' economic boom came problems as well. Some people were opposed to this new "globalization" of Emperorlands and urged the people to resist this foreign influence. One day, a brawl happened in the Parliament in which KingH10 had to intervene in himself by coming there and forcing the military to arrest everybody involved in this brawl. Riots ensued for the next few days organized by a small group of penguins, but the situation died out and the Emperorlands dealt with its new future.

New underwater glass skyscrapers were built in the 2010s thanks largely to foreign investments. Dozens of businessmen and businesswomen started requesting offices in these newly-built glass skyscrapers and Emperopolis became one of the largest economic hubs in Antarctica. A lot of these people came from the Western Union, bringing the Emperorlands closer to WU countries such as the United Provinces, Tropicalis and Margate, the three largest and most powerful countries in it.

In 2018, the Emperorlands started cooperating closer together with the Western Union and reports say a trade deal is being negotiated between the two sides. KingH10, on 16 February 2018 during a press conference, denied that the Emperorlands were planning on joining the Western Union, stating that "neutrality is the preferred and most successful way for the Emperorlands to prosper, as we do not want to get involved in any economic or military conflicts like other countries are".

The Emperorlands has also become part of the struggle against terrorism and has successfully brought down some rebellions by fringe Phreaklandic groups who felt that Phreakland deserves its own independent state. The small rebellion that took place near Phreak City was the greatest test for the Emperorlands thus far and the fact it was successfully put down was used for propaganda purposes by KingH10's government.

On 20 February 2018, the Emperorlands made a historic decision by deciding to apply to join the Western Union. It successfully joined on 1 April 2018. On 21 May 2018, the government of the Emperorlands decided to change the flag.

Tensions have been rising for months throughout 2017 and 2018 as a result of the absolutist rule of KingH10, a ruler a minority of people despise. There have been demands for a peaceful regime change to a democracy, and protests have taken place throughout April and May 2018. The people hoped that the newly-found membership in the Western Union would finally get the international community to notice the Emperorlands and see that it is living in a fake democracy - the Western Union hasn't, however, addressed their concerns at all.


The Emperorlands have a developing economy due to the fact it was isolated for so many years and had relatively minor foreign contact. Recently, a large number of investors from the Western Union and the United States of Antarctica started pouring in and the economy started growing because of it. The country has become one of the top attractions for foreign investors and its economy is expected to become very powerful by the year 2020. The official currency of the Emperorlands is the Circum (₵), the official currency of the Western Union, which it adopted in May 2019. The former currency is the Emper (E) - there were 100 Em in an Emper. One Emper was equal to 1 USA Fish or 20 Pebbles. There were coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Em and 1 and 2 Emper, and notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Emper.

The Emperorlands has a central bank, the Emperor Central Bank in Emperopolis, as well as the Emperopolis Stock Exchange, both of which are very important for the nation despite their small size and inferiority compared to other banks and stock exchanges around Antarctica.

The Emperorlands have also secured good trade ties with the Western Union in 2017. Thanks to this, the industrial sector is booming and dozens of new factories have opened across the country, allowing for faster food, drinks and clothes production.


The Emperorlands is a very diverse country. Everybody in the Emperorlands are of foreign origin and most of those people have assimilated into the Emperorlandic culture. People in the Emperorlands come from various different backgrounds, such as East Pengolian, West Pengolian, Snowinn, Penlandic, Sowpriot, Ed Islandic, Yowien, Puffarusian, Puffalian and more. 13% of the population still identifies with their land of origin - 57% of them identify as Puffarusian, 30% as Puffalian, 6% as East Pengolian, 2% as Yowien, and 5% as other.

The main language is English but Phreak Speak is only spoken in Phreakland because at school, chicks are taught Phreak Speak and English. It is punishable by law to speak English in Phreakland or vice versa - this law is strictly enforced but is broken all the time in private. Other languages include minority languages such as Puffarusian and German, languages which are growing in popularity and whose number of speakers is growing rapidly throughout the years.


Emperopolis, capital of the Emperorlands, with over 613,000 citizens

The capital city of Emperorlands is Emperopolis, with over 813,100 citizens, making it the largest population center of the country as well. It is the main economic and political hub of the country and all government institutions are centered there. Other cities include Ice Burrows with around 415,030 citizens and Phreak City with around 297,000 citizens. The states of the country are Pyramid, Capitol, Phreakland, E Land, Domed Canal Islands and T.E.C.H.L.A.N.D.S. (Technological Emperorlands Cloud-hidden House, Lookout And National Defence System)


The country has a very rugged underwater geography and this made it problematic for dome building. There is, however, flat area in Phreakland and it has been used to make some underwater farms in order for the country to be fed with food other than fish and crabs. There is large population destiny in these plains and a big part of the population has built many towns and villages there. Emperopolis is situated in a plain located between two mountains and is sometimes in the risk of being swallowed by an avalanche in case of an earthquake.

The tallest mountain in the country is the King's Mountain. It is hiked by over 7000 penguins each year and offers a beautiful and pleasant view of Emperopolis. The mountain is quite large and rocky though, making getting to its top a significant challenge.


A chamber of the Parliament

The Government of the Emperorlands is headed by the Prime Minister. The legislative branch is divided into two chambers - the Senate, consisted of 50 seats, and House of Representatives, with 150 seats. Parties are outlawed in the Emperorlands and so there is no party rivalry. Politics is a relatively minor issue in the Emperorlands, and the King always vetoes any legislation that he believes could harm the country and always attempts to do what he thinks is best for the citizens.

The country is, thanks to the King's authority, very stable. The King very often intervenes in debates and often stops them as well. Parliament brawls erupt sometimes between the members of parliament, causing the King to immediately send his army to disperse the unrest and arrest the members of parliament that are fighting.

The country has parliamentary elections every 5 years but the King often endorses a certain candidate and the candidate usually wins due to the King's immense popularity reported to be as high as 92%.


The Emperorlands, being a nation of immigrants, has a very diverse culture. However, the King of the country called for all immigrants who come to the Emperorlands to integrate and create a brand new culture, the Emperorlandic culture. His appeal worked and 87% of the penguins living in the Emperorlands identify as Emperorlandic today. A diverse mix of cultures from all around the world was created and mashed together in this land, and most immigrants are from countries like Snowprus, Snowiny, Ed Island, Yow and Pengolia.

New citizens not only integrated into the country and its society and became "normal" Emperorlandic penguins just like the rest but they also brought their own cultural aspects into the country, such as their literature, cuisine, language and more. New citizens heavily shaped the English language in the Emperorlands, as well as the cuisine. Snowinn cuisine became a core part of Emperorlandic cuisine and is enjoyed by thousands of penguins every single day.


The main language of the country is English but Phreak Speak is also spoken in Phreakland. English has changed significantly thanks to the increasing number of foreign immigrants and the English spoken in the Emperorlands is significally different from that spoken in places like Club Penguin. Many foreign terms have been introduced, notably from the Ninja Archipelago and United Provinces. English is often written using Leet, which has become a traditional part of the English language across Antarctica.

Phreak Speak is a very complicated language spoken in Phreakland. It has several cases, genders, and a very complicated vocabulary, making it hard for non-native speakers to use. Linguists say it takes several years to master Phreak Speak and even then a lot will be missing in the vocabulary of the learner and the learner could also mix up the very complicated declensions and conjugations in the Phreak Speak language.


A bedroom in Emperopolis

The country has a unique style of architecture that can only be found in areas that are underwater. Many buildings are made almost purely out of glass, with only bathrooms being private areas. This is considered a major issue by some in the country, with some conspiracy theorists saying that the government is trying to dwell into the private lives of citizens and to know every single move they make. This, of course, has been lambasted as idiocy.

The country is known for its numerous tall buildings with windows made of hard blue glass that is very hard to break. Wood is very common in the architecture of this country and is typically used for the floors and sometimes to divide floors from each other.


Emperorlandic submarine

The Emperorlands have a very weak and feeble army force, mainly thanks to the lack of need for one thanks to their isolated underwater position. However, a big part of their defense budget goes to their navy. The Emperorlands have 18 ships and over 33,000 sailors, which also is not a big number - primarily due to the Emperorlands' weak and growing economy. This is why it mainly relies on countries like the USA and Freezeland for defense.

The Emperorlands military is headquarted in the T.E.C.H.L.A.N.D.S. where there is a military base where military exercises are regularly held and new soldiers regularly recruited into the military. It has the largest military base of its kind in the Emperorlands and is considered of great importance to the nation and its safety and security. KingH10 often visits the military base to inspect troops and make sure everything works as it should be working.

In 2017, KingH10 announced major plans to expand the navy. With the help of Freezeland, he expects 33 more ships to be built by the end of March 2018 and an additional 50,000 more sailors to be recruited. This move has been welcomed by the citizens and many people have applied to become part of the navy thanks to an effective government recruitment campaign. This naval expansion announcement by KingH10 has alerted some nations, who fear that the Emperorlands will become too powerful and will be able to hamper with trade.

Foreign Relations[edit]

  • USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica - Excellent. Relations used to be very bad between the two countries, mainly thanks to the Emperorlands' fear of the USA's might and also the USA's feeling that the Emperorlands are irrelevants. Diplomatic missions to improve relations with the United States of Antarctica in 2017 successfully worked and the two countries now have excellent relations.
  • NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces - Great. Relations between the two countries are good and the United Provinces often invests in factories and infrastructure of the Emperorlands. They have not had much contact before 2017.
  • AcadiaFlag.png Acadia - Weak. Relations between the two countries have been okay until Acadia demonstrated, in their eyes, imperialistic tendencies towards Dorkugal and East Pengolia and began constantly pestering them to join the Delphi Pact, something which the Emperorlands constantly refused.
  • Dorkugal Flag.png Dorkugal - Good. Dorkugal and the Emperorlands are partners in trade and the Emperorlands often helps out Dorkugal by giving them money when they need it. The Emperorlands also invest in Dorkugal.
  • Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis - Good. The two nations have good relations and often trade with each other.
  • Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland - Bad. Relations between the two nations deteriorated due to constant threats sent by the Snoss over the years. The two nations never went to war against each other, however, and relations are recovering.
  • ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island - Fair. The two nations have fair relations and trade often, but the Emperorlands are often worried by Shops' expansionist behavior, and were alerted when the Yowien Islands were invaded during the Great Yowien War.
  • UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra - Good. The two nations haven't had much contact due to distance but they have good relations and trade sometimes.
  • MAI.png Margate - Great. The two nations have great relations and have cooperated together numerous times. Margate helped the Emperorlands negotiate a trade deal with the Western Union.
  • Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland - Excellent. Freezeland has become the Emperorlands' closest ally and the two actively cooperate and have military exercises together. King Triskelle once sworn to protect the Emperorlands from all foreign enemies and have often helped the Emperorlands against foreign threats. The two countries have a military alliance together. The two countries often have state visits to each other.
  • PolarisFlag.png Polaris - Good. The two nations have good relations and trade often.


  • Amigopen usually visits here because KingH10 and Amigopen are good friends. This has caused a very close and intimiate relationship between Amataria and the Emperorlands.
  • KingH10's title is the King of the Emperor Penguins. He would often insert this title into his statements and state that he is the ultimate representative of all Emperor Penguins, but that is not true despite what he says and what many people actually believe.
  • The Emperorlands is still a rather isolated nation despite its recent attempts to become part of the international stage, such as by getting more involved in UAN affairs. Some Emperorlands government officials say this is for the best, as getting entangled in global alliances would cause conflict and the possible destruction of the Emperorlands.

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