Enderby City

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Enderby City
Country Federal Republic of Polaris
Monuments Enderby Memorial Park
Headquarters Enderby City Hall
Neighbourhoods North Island,Royal Bay,Downsview
Mayor Jacob Reginald Enderby III
Population 7.12 million
Inhabited species Penguin, Puffle
General information
Native name Enderby City
Foreign name Civitas de Enderby
Demonym Enderbian
Founded 2006
– Founder Sir Jacob Reginald Enderby I
Time zone HFST
Summer time HDT
Area codes 633,631

Enderby City is the second-most populated city in Polaris and capital of Enderby (state). With a population of 7.12 million as of 2017, the city is also the largest in Enderby state. Greater Enderby City, the metropolitan area surrounding the city boasts a population of 9 million, comprising nearly two-thirds of Enderby state's population.

The city is considered to be the "second city" of Polaris, holding significant influence over commerce, culture, education and transportation. It is an active centre for scientific research, playing host to various defense and transportation contractors in the outer reaches of city proper. Enderby City also maintains a vibrant financial services industry, and is a major regional centre for banking. Enderby City International Airport, situated 5 miles from Enderby City's downtown core, is the second-busiest airport in Polaris by number of passengers and aircraft movements.

The city is further renowned for its cultural diversity, home to the largest Freezelandian diaspora population in Polaris, comprising 18% of the city's population, centered in the Rhysertown neighbourhood of the city.


It was first founded as the Kinship Village of Matualan in 1300 BC. Matualan wasn't important until the Penguin Empire, when it became Matulus. Matulus had the features of many Penguin Empire cities, including a forum, Telenacle temples, a market, and public baths, During the HPC, Matulus had no importance, and the only city in the area was Galpengstown, founded by a baron named Galpeng. Galpengstown was a stop on the pilgrimage route to Chetwood Telenacle, which contained relics of the High Penguin settlers from Valnor. Galpengstown thrived form many years. An earthquake destroyed the town in 1911.

Enderby City was first founded in 1982 by Jacob Reginald Enderby I, as a army camp for a local militia. The city was known as a small village at the time,and was regarded as an un-incorporated and temporary settlement, instead of a permanent one. But then, it was incorporated as a Township, after a large influx of penguins started to move and settle permanently into the city. Soon the city has munitions factries, to make arms and deletion devices.In early 1990s, political struggle in the city led the city into a state of anarchy. When the disorder was resolved, Cornelius Reinner Enderby, relative of Jacob Reginald Enderby assumed the role of mayor, and reorganized the city council. The city, which had a population of 300,l00 at the time, began to grow, into the now 5,000,000 penguin population it is today. The city bec ame well-known for it's beaches, which were known as High Class. The city had a plan to build new parks and to boost tourism, which it did over the early 2000s. The city is known for it's many restaurants and shopping malls.

During the Polarian Revolution the city was besieged by Antarctican and Free Republic Union soldiers. 2 weeks before the end of the war, the siege was lifted. Mayor Elmer Patrician had a square in front of Enderby County Courthouse built, Siege Square, with many statues. Enderby City was important during the Frosian War, because it was the last part of mainland Polaris to fall. Nathaniel B.Kratz had sent a large part of the Polarian Army to hold it, and try to stop the Puffalian army from getting to Freezeland, but this was all in vain; after the city fell, the Polarian soldiers retreated towards Freezeland to meet up with the Freezelandians, but at the Battle of Lhunfalas(just inside Freezeland), they were defeated. Another monument was erected commemorating the efforts of these soldiers, which delayed General Olaf's advance on Freezeland and may have contributed to victory in the Frosian War. The City is now an important manufacturing and high tech center for the Federal Republic of Polaris.



Enderby City is located between Piglet Sound, an inlet of the Antarctic Ocean to the west, and Lake Dryington to the east. The city's main harbor is Eliotte Harbor, Beyond Piglet Sound is the Kitsap Mountains and Olympic Peninsula. The sea, rivers, lakes and forests of Enderby City are known to be one of the most beautiful in the continent as well.

Enderby City itself is hilly, and is said to be built on seven hills,Capital Hill,Premier Hill, West Enderby, Lighthouse Hill, Princess Maria and Pangolia. The Flooringford and Mount Cook neighborhoods are built here. The first three hills run along an isthmus, connecting it to the city center. A break between Premier and Capital Hill is manmade as well.The topograhy of the city was changed by the Sammy L. Jacksville Canal, which broke off the isthmus from the mainland, making the isthmus Hill Island, connected to the area by the Bay Bridge.

Much of the city is built on reclaimed land, as it does sit on a earthquake prone zone. In 2009, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the city, almost demolishing the Bay Bridge, and destroying eight buildings. However, earthquakes are rare and are only felt once every 50 years. According to the census bureau, the city covers an area of 453 kilometers.


The City has a Class E Polar Climate, but does experience some warm temperatures due to it's close proximity of the coastline. The city is generally snowy year-round, along with some hail, and rarely freezing rain. The City experiences temeperatures at about -16°c to -41°c in the winter and -10°c to 11°c in the summer. The city has an average temperature of -3°c.



The city has mostly modern style architecture, with many sleek, glass skyscrapers, and modern office buildings. Like many cities, the city has many skyscrapers, which are mostly made of glass, or a combination of glass and concrete. The architecture in the city is continent-renowned, due to the modern-like style of the buildings.The buildings mainly house offices and corprate headquarters. The city's Outer area has mainly old, brick buildings, but is considered the historical part of the city. The city also has many stadiums, which have glass exteriors, as well as the use of stainless steel. The City has two large Gothic Telenacle Cathedrals, one of the Governance, and one of the Telenacle of Puffle'and. Many buildings were destroyed in the siege; because the AU Forces were defending the city, the architectural styles of many Ninja Archipelago countries became popular in rebuilt buildings. Castillan and Snoss architecture are the most popular, but you can see some Puffish architecture here and there.


The city has many different neighborhoods, ranging from newer neighborhoods, such as Kingstonville, which have many newer houses, and is one of the mst safest areas in the country. The city also has a diverse number of neighborhoods, each with it's own individual style. The oldest neighborhood is the Mountain Ridge Estates, which has 19th century homes, and is home to many of the city's aristocrats, and is full of mansions.


The city's most notable landmark is the Continental Tower, which sits 1,562 feet above the city. Continental Tower houses many offices and an observation deck. Enderby Square, which is a large shopping mall, and is the home of ABG, is also a famous landmark.The city is also known for the Marina Park, a large marina and public park located on the harborfront. The city also has many tall skyscrapers and many mueseums as well, such as the Hertz Museum, the Dellas Cruz Center for the Arts, the Polaris Science Center, and the Diamond Tower,which are very popular around the continent. In 2011 to suit the city's new status as capital, the Enderby Capitol Building, built in the Ligurian Renaissance Architectural Style. It is 134 feet tall and has many statues and art, including a famous fresco in the dome, called "'The Founding of Matualan'".


Canamerico Island[edit]

Canamerico Island is a small island located 1.4 miles off the coast of Enderby City's city center. The area contains an active military base, which is known as AFB Enderby. Also located on Canamerico Island is the neighborhoods of Kingstonville and Maartentown, which have both a suburban and urban feel, as it houses suburban homes, and as well as high-rise condominiums.


Glenview is the downtown area of the city, and is home to many office buildings, high-rise condos, Enderby Square and The Diamond Tower, which towers above the city. The area is known for fine dining, shopping and the performing arts as well. The area also has many shopping malls as well. The district also contains the 4 square mile Enderby City International Airport, which is the primary airport for the city.

Larkin Hill[edit]

Larkin Hill is a suburban district located south of the city. The area is the largest in population and size and area, as it houses more than 55%. The district is divided into three towns, Marquisville, Silvertown and Flemmington. The area is also filled with many suburban housing, as well as some apartment complexes . The area also contains a large industrial park, covering five square miles.0



The city has a total population of 6,783,782 penguins and puffles, making it one of the largest cities in the Polaris. The city has a population of 4,786,531 penguins, and 1,353,566 puffles. The rest is made up of a mix of Terns, Walruses. The city's main language is English, with 75% of the city's citizens speaking the language. The city is 65% Penguin, 20% Puffle and the 15% Other.


Public Transit[edit]

Enderby City is served by the Enderby Public Transit Commission (EPTC), which operates a range of bus, subways and light rail services throughout the city. The system is the fourth largest in the continent, after the bus systems of South Pole City, Club Penguin City, Torona, Calada and New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra.

The Enderby City Metro was completed in 1987, with the last two extensions having been completed in 2016. The ECM has a ridership of 750 million each year, serving 208 stations across eleven lines.

Enderail, the city's tram service, began service in 1998, serving 38 stations and 3 lines from Canamerico Island to the Enderby City Waterfront.


Enderby City has a complex network of freeways, expressways and highways. The most predominant expressway is the Hillsworth Expressway, connecting the northerly suburbs to the city's downtown core, and uses an express and collector system, with 16 lanes in total, with 4 in each carriageway. Other expressways include the Platt Expressway, which crosses the downtown area, and is used for traffic comming in from the city's west. Highway 2 also extends to Enderby City, and merges with the Platt Expressway at Mile 679. Enderby City has two toll roads, which use electronic transponders and cameras, and uses open-road tolling, which can track vehicles from exit to exit, which are the Island City Parkway, connecting Canamerico Island and Glenview, as well as the Angus Cheung Bridge.


Enderby City is the western terminus for various PARTA rail services. The busiest line operating to and from Enderby City was the Polaris Coastal Express, which operated routes to Polaris, Penguville and South Pole City.The line also connects to the Antarctic Express and the Trainlady Mini. 5 routes of the Polaris Amalgamated Rail Transit Authority or PARTA, operate out of Enderby City Union Station.


The primary airport serving Enderby City is Enderby City International Airport, located in the Glenview district of the city, and is a hub for SkyJet Airways. Prior to 2009, air passengers would need to take rail or road to the city of Polaris, which has the closest international airport. The closest airport to Enderby City, either than Enderby City International Airport is New Polaris City International Airport, located 183 miles from the city.


The city is a valuable resource for the financial sector, and contains it's own stock market as well. Enderby City also produces aircraft, located on the Jutland Peninsula, located in the east of Enderby City, and maintains Snowing and Pontrier plants. The Snowing 737-800 and the Snowing 747-400 were tested in Enderby City.

Notable Residents[edit]

Joey B lives in Larkin Hill. His house is a tourist attraction because of it'sPenguin Band memorabilia.

Governor Richard Mordell of the Polarian State of Enderby lives here, as Enderby City is currently the Capital of Enderby State.

Historic Sites[edit]

Matualan National Historic Site- Matualan was a large military base, located nineteen miles southeast of Enderby City atop Bradley Hill, a 750 ft. Hill which was formerly a thriving village and town once curing the late 1700s to early 1900s. The hill now contains a museum and also stages many battle reenactments during the summer.

Old Streetcar Stops The Enderby City Trolleys were in use when Cornelius Reiner Enderby, the mayor, decided to build a light rail system to provide affordable public transport to the citizens of Enderby City. After the construction of the New Enderby City Metro, these rails were abandoned and paved over by city crews. A museum now exists at the Enderby City Streetcar Yards located at the Enderby City Wharf. The rail yards are now a large mueseum.


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