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Energy Based Weaponry For Dummies is a book released in 2016 by Munijoch in conjunction with the Munijoch Vanguard Force and PULSE detailing the weaponry made by PULSE. The book details the commonly made items by the company and used by the military, although it doesn't detail in depth what the weapons can be made of without getting the Deluxe Edition version for army members. In addition, weaknesses were censored by the publisher, wanting to avoid leakage.


PULSE. Energy. Electricity. What do these all mean? It means that you are living in an era today where we can harness the power of electricity and turn it against our foes in a stunning display of power, literally! From bombs to cup holders, we detail everything you must know about this fantastic display of weaponry, and why it's superior to those silly Ed Islanders and their "plasma."

For instance, what IS PULSE about? PULSE is everything you dreamed about as a chick and more. It's Anti-EMP weaponry and vehicles capable of producing massive and wide scale destruction in a wide area for miles around. Or, you can isolate that power to completely obliterate your enemy within a small area. From PULSE Bombs, PULSE Boots, and the dreaded MJ-Dark Angel, this book covers simply EVERYTHING you need to know about the wonders of Energy Based Weaponry.

Chapter 1: Vehicles[edit]

Angels from Above, Death from Below[edit]

To most people living in Munijoch, they do not have to worry about sudden air strikes or carpet bombing. But to the rest of the Axle Power's enemies, the threat looms on a daily basis. Take, for instance, the PULSEWideWing, a custom made, anti-radar and EMP proof plane, capable of resisting thermonuclear heat and temperature spikes varying between 5,000 degrees on any spectrum! At it's heart is a PULSEReactor Engine, the workings of which we will get into in a later part of the book. When it fires, it's capable of speeds reaching Mach 4, and produces a purple flame out the back, signifying the immense heat taking place within the engine. The Plane itself can carry multiple payloads of varying sizes and quantities, such as 1,000 PULSE Bombs, or 10 PULSEGigatons. If being outfitted for combat courtesy of the Axle Powers, the plane can carry nuclear payloads as well.

In addition, we cannot forget the future of warfare: Space ships! We all know about the MJ-RAH, SOL, and LUNA ships being outfitted for current combat, but I bet you didn't know much about the MJ Dark Angel! It's the Dreadnaught Type Star Destroyer that was built only as recently as 2015, and has been under wraps for a very long time. It featured 12(!) PULSEReactor Giga Engines, capable of producing immense amounts of power. Despite the country being harsh against nuclear power, a pseudo-nuclear PULSEReactor Hybrid powers the 10 primary engines, while 2 PULSEReactors power the secondary turning engines. It's capable of having a crew of 5,000 and penguin cargo of 100,000. So far, the ship has been undergoing immense tests and simulations for the crew, but it's scheduled to begin launch in the fall of 2016.

What can be created? The Sky (or ground) is the limit![edit]

PULSE technology is limitless in the potential for creating both aircraft and underground boring machines. For example, PULSE offers a fund for young scientists to develop the next generation of aircraft powered by PULSE technology. In addition, Munijoch is researching into using PULSE's implosion technology to generate large caverns with minimal hassle, work, or danger to civilians! Such technology can even be useful in military applications. A concept developed by PULSE involves fitting a DRONE with such technology, boring under the enemy front lines, and imploding the field, creating both a large moat that both cuts off supply and the enemy from the Munijoch Vanguard Force. As you can clearly see, nothing is off limits!

Chapter 2: Guns[edit]

Supplying our Troops with lightweight, destructive ammunition[edit]

PULSE technology is easily shown to be one of the leading fronts of technology in the civilized world. But, did you know you can convert the energy emitted from PULSE Reactors to a focused blast, beam, burst and even fan of energy that can provide either as little force as a taser, or as much as a full sized artillery cannon? Such a principle has been applied to PULSE to create the PULSE line of high tech weapons. A common motto for the weapons division at PULSE is that "death is a science, an art, and a pastime," which reflects on the ingenuity that goes into these weapons! So, what are the exact weapons produced by PULSE that are in use by Munijoch? Well, the list is endless, but to sum up the basic types, let's place them into categories.

Category One: Pistols[edit]

PULSE Pistols come in a range of powers and sizes, but the most common is the aptly named PULSE Pistol, a basic pistol that has adjustable energy levels, from taser to artillery. In addition to this, such pistols are easily rechargeable through an armory station, or even through the PULSE Tactos suit itself! Other variations of this include the PULSE Dual-Shot, which consist of two pistols, the PULSE CloseShot, which is a more focused, powerful pistol variation, and many others!

Chapter 3: Bombs[edit]

Chapter 4: Space[edit]

Chapter 5: The Future[edit]

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