Epidemic of Spam

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Epidemic of SPAM!!!
Background information
Participants Tails6000, Director Benny, random musical Sparkans
Date 10/19/09
Location Bureau of Fiction office

The Epidemic of Spam is an event where Tails is annoyed by an upsurge of spam mail. If he says the word spam multiple instances in a short lenghth of time, random Sparkans appear and start chanting. Director Benny yells at them and finally chases them around the Department, while funny chase music plays in the background.

The event[edit]

Tails was browsing through his inbox, appalled at the hundreds of spam letters he had recieved since he checked his account. Several Sparkan office workers, having nothing to do, where quietly listening to Tails mutter to himself.

"Gah, look at all of this spam." he began mashing the delete key with his flipper.

"Spam... spam... spam... spam... spam" said Tails deleting the spam in his inbox.

The Sparkans saw an oppurtunity for a cure for their boredom.

"Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam!" they chanted.

"BE QUIET!" yelled Director Benny, who was doing his daily inspection of the Departments of the Bureau.

"Sorry Benny, I've got a TON of spam. You're gonna have to tell the Sparkans to be quiet if they do it again." Tails noted, sorry for the the puffle's plight (seriously.... what kind of penguin is sorry for an Injoface?).

Tails continued pressing the delete key.

"Spam... spam... spam... spam... spam... spam... spam... spam... spam..." Tails mumbled to himself, reading his spam.

"Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam!"

"I SAID BE QUIET!" hollered Benny. "Dumb Sparkans..."

"Jeez, WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH SPAM!" yelled Tails, annoyed at his excess of unsolicited e-mail.

"Well, why don't you clean it more often?" said Director Benny, glaring at him him.

"Why do I forget?" Tails responded, rudely.

"Spam spam spam spam WONDERFUL SPAM, OH WONDERFUL SPAM!!!! OH WONDERFULLLLL SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!" said the Sparkans finishing the chant. Director Benny lost it and started chasing them around the Department of Conflict while random comedy music played in the background.

"Yeah, I need to clear my inbox more often..." Tails commented, continuing to delete his inbox contents.


  • Tails finally gets a punishment for not clearing his spam
  • The Sparkans finally find a cure for boredom by chanting spam over and over.
  • Director Benny finally gets someone to vent his anger on.
  • DJ X is STILL confused about why his audio-syncing machine always plays this music when Benny chases someone.

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  • This is a parody of the "Spam Vikings" sketch from the comedy series, Monty Python.