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EscarBOI image.png
A legendary Gangsta
Title Retired Gangsta
Gender Male
Race RocketSnail
Faction Retired
Health Not the best
Level Unknown
Status Retired
Location Snowflake Valley Retirement Home

EscarBOI is an old RocketSnail who is a retired member of the UPM. He was part of the group long before Bugzy was even born, and was even the Beatle's part teacher. He currently resides at Snowflake Valley Retirement Home were he's spending his Golden Years telling stories about PWNage and the UPM to visitors.


EscarBOI was born in Colonial Antarctica on what is now Club Penguin Island. When he was a teen he led a gang of robbers who would try and steal money from the Loyalist Soldiers. No one knew where they got it all, but they were impressed. King Triskelle even gave them a party once. However one day the snail was caught, and put in a Loyalist Prison. After the war ended he was released and moved to Snellville. Eventually EscarBOI got tired of the peaceful life there, and wanted to have adventure like he had during the war. He then decided to join the new group of gangstas called the UPM. He robbed even more than he had during Colonial Antarctica, and he soon got his own outfit. He bought a Gangsta hat, put green neon lights on his shell, and even wrote Mafia on it. Eventually he became a High Rank, but sadly the snail started getting older. He was forced to retire, but he is still a very respected member. He's currently living at Snowflake Valley Retirement Home, and enjoying his retirement. Bugzy visits him frequently.


Even though he's retired, EscarBOI is still considered a Gangsta to most. Bugzy shows respect for the old gangsta and visits him as often as possible.

He's still getting used to not going to rob anywhere, but he's getting used to it. He usually eats fresh Spaghetti made and sent to the nursing home by King Snowkinian straight from Castle Bugzy's Kitchen, and watches Ice Hockey on TV.

When visitors come, EscarBOI tells them tales of his colonial adventures, UPM escapades, and all of the robberies he pulled off. He and Whoot Smackler Whoot share a friendly rivalry on who can tell the best stories. So far, it's a draw every time.


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