Esser Family

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House of Esser
Title Lord of Acadia (ceremonial only)
Race High Penguin
Level 100
Location Acadia, some outside Acadia
Occupation Varies
Friends Many
Enemies Many

The House of Esser, also known as the Esser Family, is a prominent and wealthy Acadian family, and the most powerful of the six top Acadian families. Originating from the first settlers of Acadia from Alemania, the family is highly influential in Acadia, with many members currently holding positions in the Acadian government, the most notable being the Acadian President Brant Esser. Additionally, the family is extremely wealthy, owning or being a shareholder of multiple large international corporations, and owning large pieces of land around Antarctica as well.



Originally from Alemania, the Esser family was one of the first settlers in Acadia, with Aurel Esser, who is usually considered the founder of the family, being the first recorded Esser in Acadia. The family was quickly were able to gain much power in the settlement, and records show the Essers were a prominent family, though they were far from the most powerful on the island at the time. The Essers also owned much land in the mostly rural Acadia of back then, of which many farms and villages stood on, and land which still belongs to the family today.

Eventually, after Acadia was incorporated into the High Penguin Confederacy, the Esser family, who had worked over the years to earn more power and gain favor with the more powerful families and positions, was given lordship over Acadia, and became known as the House of Esser. For years, the family ruled Acadia, and their policies helped the fiefdom prosper under their rule. The House of Esser also built up the army and navy, ensuring the protection of the fiefdom, and making Acadia one of the most powerful fiefdoms in the High Penguin Confederacy province of Mhic Lonnai.

Colonial rule over Acadia[edit]

Though the Essers originally opposed the Francterran invasion, they were allowed to remain as the lords of the province after they swore an oath to the Francterrans, who then allowed them to become the governors of the newly founded Francterran colony. Many Essers also served in the Francterran government or military, and were personally awarded with lands and titles in Francterre by the Francterran government. This branch of the Esser family lasted in Francterre until the Francterran Revolution, when they fled back to Acadia and rejoined their relatives.

After the takeover of Acadia by Puffle'and, the House of Esser refused to swear loyalty to the Puffish crown, and the new Puffish rulers of the colony ordered their arrest. However, with the aid of the populace, who were loyal to the Essers, the family escaped the colony, with some joining their relatives in Francterre, while others traveled to the High Penguin court in the capital, but the main branch of the Esser family instead traveled to Penguin Island, where they stayed for hundreds of years and became respected and influential members of society there.

Republic of Acadia and continued power[edit]

After the war, Brant11 moved back to Acadia to join his family, becoming the first Esser to step foot back in Acadia since the era of Puffish rule. Though the family hadn't been in power for hundreds of years, they continued to keep their titles for ceremonial purposes, and continued to hold much power. The three generations of the Esser family played major roles in the founding of the Republic of Acadia, including the signing of the Constitution of the Republic of Acadia, cementing their place and influence in the new Republic, ensuring they would remain in power.

In 2005, Brant11 married Jayne Dupont, the daughter and heiress of the owner of a large coffee franchise based in Club Penguin. The marriage brought wealth to both families, making both families extremely wealthy. Then in 2015, Brant11 became President of Acadia, bringing more fame and prestige to the family, and allowing them to hold almost total control over the country. To this day, the Essers are the wealthiest family in Acadia, and one of the wealthiest in Antarctica. Their ties to other powerful families allow them to hold a degree of influence outside of Acadia.


21st Century[edit]

20th Century[edit]

19th Century[edit]

  • Brant8 Esser
  • Isabelle Esser

18th Century[edit]

  • Adrien Esser
  • Irene Esser