Ethan Dubbs

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Ethan Dubbs
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Ethan holding a megaphone at the debut of the safety video
Background information
Birth name Ethan Stuart Dubbs
Born June 5 1991 (25)
Origin Antarctica
Genres Hip hop, rap, R&B, pop, techno, urban
Occupations Rapper, songwriter, producer, singer, actor, dancer
Years active 2005–present
Labels Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts Angie Hills, DJ Crow, Cadence, Yusei, DJ Melodie

This article refers to the celebrity rapper. For the puffle that does anything for Mabel, see Ethan.

Ethan Stuart Dubbs also known as Ethan Dubbs is an actor and rapper from Freezeland. Ethan is currently 23 years old and since he was 19, Ethan has been one of the most popular rappers worldwide. While producing songs for artists in Club Penguin, Ethan also starred in many movies and currently has 5 Oscar Awards. His career first started when he joined Antarctican Idol from 14-15. He is the husband of Angie.


Early Life[edit]

Ethan Stuart Dubbs was born on June 5 1991 living in a penthouse with his family. When he was 10, he had an interest in Hip Hop and rap after watching many music videos involving those genres. He also developed a huge love for dancing influenced by Cadence. A few years later, his family moved to Club Penguin Island due to a war going on in his homeland. He was so glad to be on the island because first it was fun for him and its the island for careers. He enrolled in dance class for a couple of years and he also did singing lessons before he was a famous rapper. When he was 14, he auditioned for the show Antarctican Idol and made it through lots of rounds in various episodes. When it was the last episode, he won. He knew he had to focus on his dance career as well.


2005-2006: Antarctican Idol and busyness[edit]

When he was 14 years old, he auditioned the reality show Antarctican Idol. He won many rounds and in the last episode he won the show. It was the greatest moment of his life. Besides having a lot of homework in high school, he was stuck between dancing and school. He adored dancing, almost everyday he does it. He practices and soon, he was like a professional dancer. During that time, he focused on auditioning films, dance competitions and singing lessons. To him, it was stressful for him to do many things all at once. He tried to go slowly on it but the teachers kept urging him. Ethan's parents tried to cheer him up but he still feels like a busy bee. In 2006, he came up with a solution. He quit dance competitions and singing lessons. First he suggested himself to keep it simple and second he knew that he knows everything he learnt in his lessons.

2006-2009: Homeschool, acting and recording songs[edit]

When he was in high school, he realised that it wasn't going good for him because whenever he needs help, the teachers wouldn't help. Luckily, his parents decided to quit public school and do homeschool instead. His parents found a website that's homeschool and he loved it because the teachers online are helpful unlike the teachers at his school whose bullying him. In 2007, he provided the voice of Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney from The Simpenguins movie and won an award of best teen voice actor. In 2008, his first major screen role when he portrayed Edward Cullen in the first Romantic Fantasy movie of the Twilight Saga: Twilight. At the Oscar Awards 2009, he won 2 Oscars for best young male actor and best movie couple. He continued playing the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga which caused him to get many fan girls to be on Team Edward. In 2009, he was waddling in the Night Club one day until he bumped into DJ Crow. Ethan was excited to meet him. Soon they became quick friends. So, DJ Crow leaded Ethan to the Club Penguin Secret Sttudio for celebrities only. When they got to the Club Penguin Music Records studio, he also met Cadence much to Ethan's excitement. Cadence agreed that Ethan can sign the record label. Soon, he was an official artist but not famous for singing or rapping yet. So he spent the rest of the year recording songs and homeschool.

2009-2010: Becoming popular, Grammy Awards 2010 and Mixdowns[edit]

When it was December 2009, he released his first successful single Now which reached number 1 in the Freezeland top 100. That same day before he released it, he uploaded the song on his PengTube account EthanDubbsVEVO where he uploads his videos. In an interview, he was thinking about putting a music video to go alongside with the song and 24 hours later, it received 1,000,000 views on Pengtube. In late December on New Year's eve, he released his second single Swagger guy which reached number 1 on the USA billboard top 100. Like his first single, he uploaded the song and music video on EthanDubbsVEVO. 24 hours later, he received 1,000,000 views on Pengtube like his single Denim body jeans. Soon, he started receiving fans causing him to become even more popular. At the grammies 2010, he earned two grammies for Best new artist and Best vocal album. He also performed Swagger guy at the grammies with Meaghan and DJ Crow. He also became closer friends with Meaghan after the awards after-party and hanged out with her. In February 22 2010, he released his first studio album Mixdowns. An album featuring Denim body jeans and Swagger boy.

2010-2012: Mixdowns tour and Dreamchaser[edit]

At late 2010, he did a tour to support his album from 2010-Febuary 2012 alongside supporting acts Yusei and DJ Melodie. Many of his fans went to his concert and also played more acting roles. Soon, he became rich and he bought his own condo when he was 20 years old. During the tour, he had recorded more songs and was very buys. This time, he took it easy and was cool with it. In May 10 2012, he released his first single Tears of waterfalls featuring DJ Melodie which reached number 1 in the USA and Freezeland. The song was a universal hit like his other song Denim body jeans and the music video received 1,000,000 views on PengTube the same day. On June 20 2012, he released his second single Sorry for messing up reached number 1 in South Pole City. The next day, he released his music video for the song and 24 hours, it recieved 1,000,000 views on PengTube. Later in June 23 2012, he released his second studio album Dreamchaser featuring the two hit singles Tears of waterfalls and Sorry for messing up.

2012-2014: Dreamchaser tour, producing and Grammies 2014[edit]

At the beginning of 2013, he did a tour to support his album Dreamchaser alongside supporting act Tim and Tom. During the year besides the tour, he traveled back to Club Penguin to produce songs and to collaborate with Angie Hills. He did a lot of traveling during 2013 making this the busiest year yet. He ended the tour on December 11 2013 to release his singles for his christmas album. His hit singles were Cool christmas, Merry Christmas and Under the christmas tree were released in the same month. On December 22 2013, he released his christmas album Cool christmas with three hit singles. At the Grammy Awards 2014, he won 3 grammies for best rap artist of the year and most iconic fashion man of the year. When he was back in Club Penguin, he's working on his next album.


He released a few singles and released his album. Ethan had a daughter with Angie in May 2016. Ethan started touring in September 2016. He went on a three year hiatus with his wife Angie from 2016-2019 to work on an album trilogy.

Personal Life[edit]

He lived in a family of five including his mother Sonja Dubbs née Wilfar who works as a psychology teacher at Club Penguin University, his father Aden Dubbs who works as a DJ at the Night Club, his little brother Bill and his older sister Allie.

In 2008, he asked Tabitha Stenn to the prom and luckily she said yes. They officially became a couple after the prom but in November 2008, they broke up due to long distance relationship since Tabitha was an exchange student in Parie while Ethan was back in Club Penguin. In 2009, he dated another girl named Lucy Nagu. In 2010, they broke up because they both found someone new. That same year, he dated another girl named Angie Hills and she ended up becoming the one for Ethan. They've been dating after they've went to the senior prom together. In September 2013, Ethan proposed to his girlfriend and luckily she said yes. They got married on May 1 2014 and they went on a honeymoon from May 3-10 2014. On June 15 2014, his wife had a baby boy named Will. On May 12th 2016, Ethan's daugther Hope was born.

Ethan is a very wealthy penguin and he's one of the richest penguin on Club Penguin. He lived in a rich family ever since he was a chick.


Studio albums
  • Mixdowns (2010)
  • Dreamchaser (2012)
  • Cool Christmas (2013)
  • D.U.B.B.S. (2015)
  • Icon (2019)





  • DJ Melodie (formerly)
  • Tabitha Stenn (formerly, before dating her)


  • Angie Hills (before dating)

Quotes about penguins[edit]

  • Angie Hills: "She's cool and cute."
  • Meaghan: "Wow, she's so awesome dude!"
  • Cadence: "Oh yeah, knew her since Mixdowns!"
  • DJ Crow: " Oh right! He's my closest friend!"
  • DJ Melodie: "I used to crush on her 'cuz she's pretty *blushes*. Now I see her as a friend."
  • Gary: "I know him, he invents gadgets for the island."
  • Jet Pack Guy: "Pfft! He's too serious, like he needs to chill out. Plus, I don't wanna hear his dates with Angie!"
  • Abby: "She was my bff at high school. Even though I dated her one. Once!"
  • Yusei: "Coolest celeb puffle ever!"
  • Rockhopper: "I only knew that pirate dude when I first went into the secret studio."
  • Aunt Arctic: "I love that lady, she interviewed me many times!"


  • He is known for wearing his trademark shades.
  • He often wears golden chain necklaces, caps and carries a boom-box in his performances.
  • He's married to Angie Hills.
  • He often does duets with his wife.
  • He was once Fat in 2011 but a few months later, he was cured.
  • He became more muscular after the Penguin Band got their new looks.
  • He has two pet puffles: an orange one named Derpo and a dog puffle named Bowser.
  • He formerly had a huge crush on DJ Melodie.
  • He describes Yusei as rad and intelligent.
  • His catchphrase is "sup dude, the name's Ethan, Ethan Dubbs,"
  • He often wears his shades.
  • Sometimes, Ethan is seen without his sunglasses.
  • Their was a rumour once that Ethan was blind but it was proven false.
  • He has a niece named Julie and a nephew named Carl.
  • He is best friends to Abbey.
  • There are many fangirls that like Ethan Dubbs not including Angie who had a major crush on him before dating him.
  • He has his own arcade room in his house.
  • In an early interview, he said his celebrity crush was DJ Melodie.
  • He has collection of Hip Hop CDs in his secret wardrobe junk.