Ethan X

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Ethan X
Title The X puffle
Gender Male
Race X antibody
Faction His evil group
Health Good
Level Dangeros
Status Doign soemthign evil
Location His group

Like most creatures Ethan caught the X virus, Little did he know he'd make a evil one seeing as Ethan can be evil, Ethan X seems to be even more evil then Penelope and Surray put together! He seems to be the boss of the two puffles and they are rather terrified of him.


Corai managed to get this on tape


Surray: 8squeak squeak*

Corai: this is horrible! *goes to stop ethan*

Ethan: *starts coughing*

Surray: *sees if ethans OK*

Ethan: 8coughs out a X antibody of himself*

Ethan X: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! IM FREE! NOW TO CAUSE HAVOC! *grabs surray and drags somewhere*

Corai: 0_0

So it seems he has a high IQ from hoq he talked, he even questions Fred(corai) in IQ.Few know how.


He has a malitude to people he knows

Doctor Surray: He treats surray like trash, And also his boss

Penelope O'vian: Same as surray

Willie: Hes known to be scared of willie

Jal: Jal is absoulutly TERRIFIED of Ethan X

Ethan: Ethan depsises this puffle

Corai: Corai is scared of thsi puffle.


  • He is allergic to Tomatoes
  • He is scared of Willie


  • He loves cookies.
  • He often stuffs gum into Surrays mouth
  • He may seem Very evil, but hes not,Hes so-so evil.
  • Hes rumored to be Dara's puffle
  • The X-Antibody that came to capture him during the Nightmare Epic was a white puffle, so he mistook him for Surray and shoved an entire pack of gum in his mouth. Irritated, the X-Antibody left.

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