Eve Lendfell

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Eve Lynn Lendfell
Eve Lendfell.jpg
This is the normally dressed Eve.
Title Awesome
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Photographing the stars
Health Healthy
Level 20
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin Island

Eve Lendfell is a female penguin who is a famous photographer and a part-time Coffee Shop employee, along with Explorer. She is known to be famous in USA, along with Aunt Arctic, Laua Auza and Alex12345a. She is the keeper of the Electricity Amulet. She is also rumored to be friends with Luce. She is one of the few known professional photographers in the USA. She also teaches the photography class at Antarctic Academy. She is also the girlfriend of Metalmanager, whom she met at the Coffee Shop.


Eve was hatched in Beachville. There were no schools in Beachville, so her parents sent her to live with relatives in Eastshield for her education. She attended the prestigious Penguin Prep and Penguin State University, as did her sister. Her teachers said that her knowledge was superior to her peers and classmates, particularly in Language Arts. When she finished her schooling, she went back to her hometown, but she wanted to go to different places to see and photograph, of course. So she got on the next flight and moved to Club Penguin Island and bought a small igloo there, which she later expanded. She has five puffles, a purple one, a white one, a red one, a yellow one, and an electric blue one that helps out with the Electricity Amulet. She is also in possession of a CyberKnow gem. Though this is an inheiritance, not an act of greed.


She is a well-known photographer in the USA. She is the keeper of the Electricity Amulet, but she trys to keep it a secret. She is very active about saving the environment. She also teaches photography at Antarctic Academy. She also has a telescope with a camera attacted to it to take photographs of the sky.


  • Her favorite drink is coffee.
  • She works part-time at the local Coffee Shop.
  • Surprisingly, she has a Snowtendo Vii which she LOVES to play. She has the games Guitar Penguin and Ultimate Penguin Band.
  • She like to eat Fishburger Helper at home and PengWay when she eats out.
  • She has an IcePod and a PadTop.
  • She actually has a beautiful singing voice, and was on Antarctican Idol.
  • Her favorite song is Move Along, sung by Pizza (band).
  • She LOVES puffles and was considering working in the local Pet Shop, but she can't stand those meanaces to society.
  • Her favorite colors are red and purple.
  • She is fascinated with Astronomy, and follows the stars closely.
  • Both of the Lendfell sisters HATE their middle names.
  • She LOVES Judgies.
  • She has beautiful cursive writing.


It's always a good thing to carry a fork with you. Just don't keep it in your back pocket.
— Eve Lendfell
Scratch a puffle and you find a permanent job.
— Eve Lendfell
It's amazing how lengthly a second can seem, when a minute appears to fly by.
— Eve Lendfell
Who ever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puffles.
— Eve Lendfell

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