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Penguinsoft Entertainment
Type Video Game Studio
Effects 7/10
Source James Alfy III
Location available in Dorkugal and the USA]
Cost to buy Worth 8 Million
Cost to sell see above

Penguinsoft is a company created by James Alfy III It's first game was Ford Car and Link: The Game 2. The game was a hit, earning several coins for the small company.


Penguinsoft history dates back to August 2009 when James Alfy III had an idea, and made a videogame company. It was founded in January 2009, and released their first game in April 2010. They are currently selling several copies of the games. They are very successful. However they are looking for a new owner to boost profits, possibly Snony Computer Fun or Sega Antarctica will own them. They want Mershins-Kazooy Inc. to own them, but it is still in limbo.

Penguinsoft Entertainment had a 49% stake bought out by iConnect. A major part of the deal is the official rebranding of Penguinsoft Entertainment to Everlaunch Penguinsoft Entertainment. Everlaunch Penguinsoft Entertainment has announced that it will work closely with Penguin TV to develop video games based on popular TV shows. So far, games for The Justice Team, Dancing Penguin and G, Adventures of Tails6000, X and the City and CP Fanon: The Animated Series, have been announced. The Ford Car and Link series will also be expanded.



  • This is Link's favourite company, because they make the game you can play as Link and not Ford Car in Ford Car and Link: The Game 2.
  • No one knows why but in the middle of the third level of penguin-kabammi, the system turns off. This happens every five times you play level 3.

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