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Local Everton
Country United States of Antarctica
Monuments Famous Library, Everton Zoo, McBride Grave Memorial, Everton Motor Speedway, Everton Museum
Headquarters Everton Cityhall, Everton Police Station
Neighbourhoods Kurtis, Eli, Sanders, Anthony, Glenwood, Datterfield
Mayor Porter McBride Jr. (1962-present)
Population 3,080
rank by 2009 1,991
Inhabited species High, Adelie, Khanz, Dorkuguese, Puffles, Terns,
General information
Native name Niveis (Latin for Snowy}
Demonym Evertonian
Founded 1889
– Founder Porter McBride Sr. (1879-1953)
Time zone Trans-Antarctic Time Zone (MST - Mountain Standard Time)

Everton, is a medium-sized town located near the Sunshine Fjord, in Trans-Antarctica. It is known for it's many attractions.


Forged on the bottom of a forest, the port of Everton was founded in 1889, in Trans-Antarctica, When Porter McBride founded the town (whose original name was Niveis, which means Snowy in Latin), with his crew of venturers. This port was built by a forest by accident, as it has dangerous grounds, such as cliffs, which is of great importance to the penguins of Everton and its success, and also for its beautiful terrain of the sea, mountains, and forests. The port itself looks nice and beautiful, with their town's pastries and attractions at the medium-sized town. The main attraction is the library, which was built 131 years ago and designed by pirates, who settled down at the town, in which they loved books. Everton has a large supply of animals, which is mainly supported by animal welfare organizations, as this started in 1951. It has an abundant source of jobs such as engineering, fishing and fletching and complex crafting. During the Colonial Antarctic War, Everton was destroyed during the war. After the war ended, Everton was rebuilt into what is known as local Everton.


Everton's transportation is used by cars, and trains by the CPX Transportation company. They also use buses from transportation.


  • Famous Library - Built in 1900, the pirates who lived here until their passing, lived books, and when the library was open to the public, many raced to read books. It is still standing today.
  • Everton Zoo - Built in 1951, the zoo has a host of many animals including puffles, and squids, and much more.
  • McBride Grave Memorial - When the founder, Porter McBride died, his family made a grave in the local cemetery, and every year, his grave is celebrated as the great founder, who loved his own beautiful creation of a town.
  • Everton Motorspeedway - Known to host the YumYum 500 and the Fluffy Pro Shops NFA Night Race, this 0.533 mi (0.858 km) racing stadium, hosts these PASCAR events, in which to the locals watch the race!
  • Everton Museum - This museum hosts all of the events in the past and its founding and affiliations with other events.

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