Evil Pengy

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Evil Pengy
Evil Pengy
Born Unknown
Species Penguin
Race Little Penguin
Gender Male
Height 5'3"
1'0" (before transformation)
Weight A lot...
Residence EvilositianLogo.png Lair of Evilosity
Occupation Criminal
Leader of the Evilositian Army
Years Active 2005-present

Evil Pengy is a villain who is constantly committing crimes around Antarctica, most notably banning attempts and vandalism, as well as committing petty crimes and pranking people. He has been sent to jail many times, but somehow is never in there for very long. His criminal record is very long and extensive, and some people have joked that you would have to cut down an entire forest to print the whole thing. Evil Pengy has no real sense of honor, and not even other villains are immune to his crimes. Not even his own allies are safe and are often abused verbally, if not physically.


A life of crime[edit]

Nobody knows who Evil Pengy is or why he turned to a life of crime. Common theories include a bad childhood, brainwashing, and doing it "just because". What is known about Evil Pengy's past is that he hatched at some point in the history of the universe.

In 2004 he built the Lair of Evilosity in preparation for his life of crime and had his name legally changed to Evil Pengy because he thought it would be intimidating. He eventually came to regret this, but can't change it now because he would be immediately arrested. Finally, he hired Dr. Warp to invent gadgets for him. Since he was a little penguin, he also had Warp make a potion to make himself much taller, since he didn't think anyone would take him seriously at his current height. His first criminal act was stealing a large pizza with anchovies and shrimp on it from the Pizza Parlor at the beginning of 2005.

Since then, he's been traveling around Antarctica and ruining people's days. Among his many crimes include banning attempts, vandalism, theft, kidnapping, pelting unsuspecting penguins with random objects, and shaving people bald.

In June 2009, Evil Pengy encountered Mabel and hid in the nearest trash can. Following this incident, he attempted to infiltrate the MMK and destroy it from the inside. Everything went well until he had to watch WHAT?!?, and he flipped out after a few minutes and left.

On January 7, 2010, Evil Pengy broke out of jail after being arrested for previous crimes. He immediately began pranking people, and then got back up to his old banning antics. He was captured by various forces 4 more times that day, including by Corai, who planned to feed him to a shark, but gave him to a Mwa Mwa Penguin as a petguin instead. He escaped a week later, but is now terrified of Mwa Mwas. He later wrote a book about these events called Why would January 7, 2010 be my worst day?. He was swiftly sued by Laua Auza and all copies of his new book were burned.

When the PSA was destroyed by an explosion of popcorn by Herbert P. Bear, Evil Pengy went to the Ski Village as soon as he heard and danced around in the popcorn, before some EPF agents came out of the Sports Shop and he ran away. The entire incident was recorded by a nearby penguin, who thought it was funny and uploaded it to WaddleTube. The video quickly went viral, and Evil Pengy has been attempting to get it taken down with bogus copyright claims ever since, with no success.

In the summer of 2012, Evil Pengy was captured by the EPF after being caught pouring the entirety of the ketchup and mustard bottles at the Coffee Shop into the coffee machine, taking out all the napkins and throwing them on the floor, and turning all the books in the Book Room upside down. He was paired up with Parf and remained in jail for nearly a year until escaping at the end of June 2013.

Creation of the Evilositian Army[edit]

On June 28th, 2013, Evil Pengy escaped EPF custody with his cellmate Parf. To show the world that he was back in action, he decided to nuke the rapidly developing Shops Island. When Warp's missile proved to be a complete failure, he decided to take it over instead by creating the Evilositian Army. He invited every villain he could think of, but only a few responded because nobody really likes him; Count Candula, Mailman X, Radztur, Sir Puffley, WATuDOIN, and Notta Secretagent, who in a shocking twist was later discovered to be a secret agent.

Evil Pengy's original plan was to break into the Triangle Office, ban Lavender, and use the paperwork in the office to take over. However, the Evil Blimp was quickly detected by the Shopper Intelligence Agency while on their way to Shops City, shot down, and the entire army was arrested. Using Count Candula's cursed candies, they were able to break out and hid in the wilderness of Shops Island, although they accidentally left Evil Pengy's backpack full of Bombs of Trolling behind in the SIA prison. After traversing across the island for a week, they made it to Vonkouver, where they hijacked a fishing boat and fled, arriving on Chill Island a few days later.

The Evilositian Army was easily able to take over Chill Island for a short time, but were soon opposed by Professor Prepostera's new drone, Tyler. They were forced into Chill World, were they successfully deactivated him, but were then cornered by the Chill Island Protection Force. Using a grappling hook, Evil Pengy was able to escape the CIPF agents but was stopped by a squadron of EPF agents lead by PSA and Notta Secretagent, and was arrested once again along with Candula, Mailman X, and Puffley.

The four eventually managed to break out and returned to the Lair of Evilosity. As his original backpack was confiscated by the SIA, Evil Pengy was forced to use a pink backpack Dr. Warp found at a yard sale to store the Bombs of Trolling. Unfortunately for Evil Pengy, everyone laughed at him and several pictures of him wearing the backpack ended up on the internet. Shortly after, he stole another blue backpack and began claiming that all evidence of the pink backpack was photoshopped.

Army expansion[edit]

In 2015, Evil Pengy decided to expand the Evilositian Army, and recruited mr skeltal and his second-in-command Mister Bones, and Something the So-and-So, who formed a branch of the Evilositian Army headquartered in Antilles. Not long after, mr skeltal claimed that Evil Pengy was an inept leader and the Evilositian Army would be better off under his command. This caused a heated argument which ended with that branch becoming an independent organization known as the League of Villainous Evildoers and mr skeltal taking charge.

Undeterred, Evil Pengy continued his attempts to expand the army and recruited Señor Enchilada, The Juicer, Scrubby, and Sparkly Applesauce.

Encounter with Kermit[edit]

Eventually Evil Pengy came to the knowledge of the heroics of Kermit the Frog on the Club Penguin Weekee through an anonymous letter from Constantine, and he came up with a plan to capture Kermit and ransom him back to the administration by attacking the Weekee and luring him out. In October 2017, he flew to Eastshield in the Evil Blimp with the Evilositian Army in an attempt to do just that.

Armed with his trademark Bombs of Trolling, the army began causing chaos on the Weekee, spamming and vandalizing the entire wall. The plan worked and Kermit arrived to stop the vandals, but when they attempted to ambush him, Kermit defeated them all effortlessly, forcing them to retreat. They returned the next day with some inventions hastily made by Warp in an attempt to trap him, but Kermit skillfully evaded them and they were all destroyed when Kermit turned them on the army, revealing that they were actually very flimsy. This continued for several days until October 8th, when they finally gave up. Kermit was celebrated by the users of the Weekee once again, while Evil Pengy swore he would get revenge on the heroic frog.

Assault on Acadia[edit]

One day in early 2018, Evil Pengy was bored and decided to ruin a country's day and randomly settled on Acadia after pulling it out of a hat. Afterwards, he ordered Warp to start working on fighter jets to bomb Acadia with, which underwent months of intensive testing to ensure they would be up to the task. Finally, the jets were complete and Evil Pengy gathered the Evilositian Army to wreak havoc on Acadia.

On the night of June 10, 2018, the Evilositian Army flew into Acadia and began their assault, with the squadron being personally lead by Evil Pengy. However, this wasn't an ordinary attack; the fighters were armed with large amounts of eggs and cheese, making a big mess on the mainland. At first the jets managed to escape detection by the Acadian Air Force through a combination of sophisticated cloaking devices and flying extremely close to the clouds, making it look like eggs and cheese were being poured from the clouds, causing mass confusion among Acadia's citizens.

Evil Pengy considered the attack a great success, although Mailman X, Sir Puffley, The Juicer, and Scrubby were shot down and captured by the Acadian military, along with Parf, who ended up crashing his jet on his own.

Later when asked where all the eggs came from, Evil Pengy simply responded "Don't know, either way, egg.".

The escaping members of the army later returned to Acadia to break the captured members out of jail after they had gone on trial. They were assisted by Scrubby, who had managed to use his soapy abilities to escape custody immediately after capture.


  • Villain - Since 2005, Evil Pengy has spent his life committing crimes, causing mischief, and generally ruining others' days across all of Antarctica. He is also the leader of the Evilositian Army, an alliance of villains which exists mostly to do his bidding. These are just some of the evil acts Evil Pengy is responsible for, as his true criminal record is too long to list:
    • Arson - Although Evil Pengy has never committed any large scale arson, he has burned Saraapril's garden to the ground on three separate occasions because he doesn't like her.
    • Banning - Evil Pengy almost never successfully bans anyone, but that doesn't stop him from trying. His banning attempts are countless, and he has even targeted the Masters of the Universe. His most recent successful ban was a wild puffle in 2010, but this was done on accident.
    • Contempt of court - Due to his many evil acts, Evil Pengy would obviously be arrested immediately if he stepped foot into a courtroom, and refuses to attend court. Once he was sued by Laua Auza for releasing a book titled Why would January 7, 2010 be my worst day?, but didn't show up, and also refused to pay her after she won the lawsuit.
    • Copyright violation - Evil Pengy once released a book titled Why would January 7, 2010 be my worst day?. He was quickly sued by Laua Auza, who won the lawsuit and had all of the copies burned.
    • Counterfeiting - This is one of Evil Pengy's two main sources of income, along with simply robbing banks. Evil Pengy usually switches to this method if he gets bored of robbing banks, or if he decides he needs to stay under the radar for whatever reason.
    • Couping - Evil Pengy, with the help of the Evilositian Army, managed to briefly take over Chill Island. This came after a failed attempt to take over Shops Island, in which they were captured by the Shopper Intelligence Agency before they could even get started.
    • Jailbreaking - Because Evil Pengy has been captured by various forces so many times, he has also broken out way too many times to count. It is often said that the best way to test out any prison would be to lock Evil Pengy in it.
    • Jaywalking - Evil Pengy jaywalks every single time he has to cross a road. Although this isn't necessarily a big deal, he does it anyway because it's still illegal.
    • Kidnapping - Evil Pengy, along with the Evilositian Army, attempted to capture Kermit and ransom him back to the Club Penguin Weekee's administration, but failed miserably.
    • Mischief - Rather than committing actual crimes, Evil Pengy actually spends most of his time causing mischief to ruin others' days, but still thinks he is being very evil. This includes throwing fruit at people, going surfing and pushing others out of their boats or off of their surfboards, shaving off patches of unsuspecting penguins' feathers, sending letters to random addresses informing the recipient that they just lost The Mission, and running around loudly spoiling crucial plot details and endings of recently released movies.
      In one incident, he poured the entire ketchup and mustard bottles into the Coffee Shop's coffee machine, threw all the napkins on the floor, and turned all the books in the Book Room upside down on the same day. He also once attempted to ruin a Penguin Band concert by unplugging Franky's keyboard a few minutes before they were supposed to go on. The band noticed this before they started playing and plugged it back in.
    • Pollution - Evil Pengy thinks that caring about saving the environment is for wimps, and refuses to recycle anything, ever. He enjoys emptying recycling bins into garbage bins instead, so the contents won't be recycled. Unsurprisingly, he also despises Earth Day.
    • Theft - Robbing banks is Evil Pengy's main source of income. Aside from stealing money, he often just refuses to pay for things he buys, such as ordering lots of pizza and slamming the door in the delivery penguin's face without paying. He also often steals food from people, not because he wants it, but because he wants to mess with them. His first crime ever was stealing a large pizza with anchovies and shrimp from the Pizza Parlor.
    • Vandalism - Armed with his Spam Bombs and Vandalism Bombs, Evil Pengy enjoys making a mess of things. Notable locations he has vandalized include the Club Penguin Weekee while attempting to capture Kermit, the entirety of mainland Acadia with eggs and cheese, and the Penstubal Post HQ after it published an article claiming Chill was the true leader of the Evilositian Army, although whether that particular act was actually evil or not is debatable. He also once broke into Keukenhof Castle and spraypainted several of Swiss Ninja's paintings before being chased away by some of his bounty hunters.



Although Evil Pengy seems incapable of experiencing any positive emotions, he's really just grumpy most of the time. He has a very large, but delicate, ego. Because of this, he is very sensitive when anyone points out something negative about him, like his weight (he is overweight, but not fat), any mention of his height before the transformation, and his terrible drawing skills. He gets very angry whenever someone attributes his actions to anyone other than him. He also likes being in charge and refuses to work for anyone else, and often mistreats his own allies and employees. He is easily frustrated by failures, setbacks, and minor inconveniences, and has a tendency to use food-based emalfs in these situations.


Despite being one of the most evil villains in Antarctica, he's not very creative and has an incredibly limited imagination, which usually limits him to small and petty crimes like stealing food and trolling people. His bigger schemes are almost always ideas of his associates. Although he is good at throwing his Spam Bombs and Vandalism Bombs, whenever he throws a Ban Bomb he seems to mess up and miss for some reason.


  • Bombs of Trolling - Evil Pengy's primary weapons, invented by Warp. He keeps plenty of these in his backpack at all times.
  • Evil Blimp - Evil Pengy's preferred method of transport, which he uses to get around Antarctica and terrorize its citizens. It's not very subtle and has been confiscated by various governments many times, forcing Evil Pengy to go on a recovery mission to get it back. He refuses to leave it behind and replace it because he's still paying it off.

Personal life[edit]


Aside from engaging in villainy, Evil Pengy enjoys playing competitive video games, especially Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R. because he's playable in it. His favorite opponent is Parf, since he can't remember button combinations and often idles or jumps straight into danger, making it an easy win for Evil Pengy. When playing against more skilled opponents, Evil Pengy sometimes threatens them into purposefully doing worse to make it easier for him. If he loses, he gets incredibly salty. On several occasions, he has gotten into heated arguments with a chick using the screen name of "BlockcraftKid2013" on online multiplayer; BlockcraftKid2013 has won all of those arguments.


Evil Pengy enjoys consuming foods and drinks that are banned in the United States of Antarctica, such as Judgies. He sometimes travels to Freezeland just to drink orange juice while he's there. He claims that food tastes better when it's illegal, and somehow it doesn't taste as good when taken into a country where it is legal even though it's the same item.


Thanks to his extensive criminal record, Evil Pengy has become very infamous across Antarctica, particularly with law enforcement agencies, other villains he has angered with his antics, and even the leadership of several countries.

Portrayal in media[edit]

In 2014, an app called Pie Throwing with Evil Pengy was released. Evil Pengy pops up in different locations on each stage, and the goal is to throw pies at him. Evil Pengy was offended by the app and attempted to get it taken down for using his likeness without permission to no avail.

Evil Pengy appears as a fighter in Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R., marking his debut in the series. His Final Smash summons Dr. Warp piloting the Evil Blimp and launching Ban Bombs onto the stage, instantly defeating any fighter that they come into contact with, including Evil Pengy himself.


  • Agent Dash - Following the shocking revelation that "Notta Secretagent" was actually a spy planted in the Evilositian Army by the EPF, Evil Pengy has nothing but disdain for him and is greatly insulted that he would attempt to pull something over on the "master of all evil".
  • Agent Rogue Tvarkov - Somehow, Evil Pengy found out that she is easily distracted by cheese platters, so he decided to send 100 cheese platters to her house. She spent the rest of the day distracted by all the cheese.
  • "BlockcraftKid2013" - A chick who Evil Pengy has gotten into arguments with several times during the heat of online multiplayer. BlockcraftKid2013 has won all of those arguments.
  • Brant - After the Evilositian Army's bombing of Acadia with eggs and cheese, Brant promised to capture Evil Pengy and have him executed for all his crimes. Evil Pengy considers Brant pathetic and hilarious, and after their raid joked that "Esser's got egg on his face".
  • Chibi Pengu - Thanks to an earlier encounter which left him with a fear of Mwa Mwa Penguins, Evil Pengy considers Chibi Pengu an abomination that should never have been unleashed upon Antarctica. The two often exchange insults, and Evil Pengy often suggests throwing Chibi Pengu at people as a distraction, using him to keep doors open, and other various demeaning uses.
  • Corai - Corai once captured Evil Pengy, and then gave him to a Mwa Mwa as a Petguin. This experience traumatized Evil Pengy, leaving him with an intense fear of Mwa Mwas.
  • Darktan II - Evil Pengy once snuck into the Darktonian Realm just to drink his lemonade. He was caught at the last second and barely escaped.
  • Dr. Warp - Evil Pengy has greatly mistreated Warp the entire time he has worked for him. He often punishes Warp's failures with harsh insults, physical violence, or both. He only keeps Warp around because he needs him.
  • Flywish - Evil Pengy was captured by Flywish after attempting to eat his Poritos.
  • John C. Beckson - Beckson's refusal to show fear during Evil Pengy's takeover of the Daily Egg Headquarters actually intimidated Evil Pengy, to the point where Dr. Warp added him to the list of things Evil Pengy is afraid of.
  • Judge Xavier - Evil Pengy once had an entire truckload of Judgies sent to his house to troll him.
  • Kermit - Following several failed attempts to capture Kermit and ransom him back to the Club Penguin Weekee's administration, which were all masterfully stopped by Kermit himself, Evil Pengy has vowed to get revenge on Kermit someday.
  • Laua Auza - After blatantly stealing the title of her book for Why would January 7, 2010 be my worst day?, Auza sued him, and all copies of the book were burned. Of course, Evil Pengy never showed up to court for obvious reasons, and still hasn't paid her.
  • Mabel - Besides Mwa Mwas, Mabel is possibly the only creature in Antarctica that terrifies Evil Pengy. On their first and only encounter, Evil Pengy hid in a trash can. He later tried to destroy the MMK from the inside, but failed the initiation.
  • Mayor McFlapp - On one occasion, Evil Pengy encountered McFlapp and attempted to ban him. Although the Lair of Evilosity's location is protected by the Bureau of Entropy, that doesn't stop McFlapp from messing with Evil Pengy. McFlapp messes up Evil Pengy's aim when he attempts to throw Ban Bombs, frequently causes him to catch a cold, and makes objects fall off of shelves onto his head.
  • mr skeltal - mr skeltal was originally a member of the Evilositian Army during an attempted expansion, but left after a disagreement between him and Evil Pengy over who deserved to be leader. Evil Pengy is currently attempting to find LoVE's clubhouse secret hideout to get revenge, but has been unsuccessful.
  • Parf - Evil Pengy is incredibly annoyed by Parf's stupidity and weirdness, but can't figure out how to get rid of him. He also frequently blames him for things simply on the basis that Parf is apparently a jinx. However, Evil Pengy has admitted that Parf is really good at making pancakes.
  • Penstubal - Penstubal has published multiple articles in the Penstubal Post after crimes involving the Evilositian Army, claiming that Chill57181 was the true mastermind and Evil Pengy is just a puppet leader. This greatly insults Evil Pengy, and he vandalizes the Penstubal Post HQ every time an article like this is published.
  • PSA - PSA has been assigned to many cases involving Evil Pengy, starting with recapturing him following his escape from EPF custody in mid 2013. Needless to say, Evil Pengy doesn't like PSA very much.
  • Santa Claus - Evil Pengy unsurprisingly receives coal from Santa Claus every year. Every Christmas Eve, Evil Pengy stays up late to get his revenge on Santa, with no success.
  • Saraapril - Saraapril's niceness, love for the environment, and anti-war sentiments all disgust Evil Pengy, along with the other things many penguins consider annoying about her. On three separate occasions, he personally burned her flower garden down to the ground.
  • Scrubbypingu - During the Evilositian Army's invasion of Chill Island, Evil Pengy encountered Scrubbypingu on vacation, who told him that he couldn't be on the beach because he said so. Evil Pengy responded by tossing him into the ocean.
  • Slendar - Slendar once managed to turn the tables on Evil Pengy, threw a Vandalism Bomb that failed to ignite back at him, and locked him in a cage made of diamonds.
  • Slender - Evil Pengy has previously commented that Slender's bank vaults could use some "cleaning". He later attempted a heist on one of his vaults in Honk Gong, but was caught before he could get away with it and escaped. This angered Slender, who is not particularly fond of anyone who attempts to steal his money.
  • Tyler - During the Evilositian Army's takeover of Chill Island, Tyler attempted to drive them away himself and attacked them with his lasers. Though he was unsuccessful, Tyler's efforts did ultimately allow the EPF to take Evil Pengy back into custody.
  • WATuDOIN - Evil Pengy considers WATuDOIN a coward for abandoning the Evilositian Army during a standoff against the Chill Island Protection Force, but doesn't hold ill feelings toward him and would potentially consider hiring him for jobs.



  • "Evil is fun."
  • "Drat!"
  • "Parf, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
  • "Congratulations, you did it. You made the world's first disposable airplane." (Rise of the Evilositian Army)
  • "It's not a moose you dimwit!" (Rise of the Evilositian Army)
  • "Don't know, either way, egg."

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