Evil Pengy

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Evil Pengy

A bit chubby, eh? Well, don't say that. FEAR HIM!
Born Antarctica
Residence Lair of Evilosity
Nationality Antarctic
Ethnicity Little Penguin
Occupation Evil supervillain and criminal
Years active 2005-present
Employer Self-employed
Height 5.3
Weight A lot...
Known for Committing tons of crimes
Opponent(s) Pretty much everyone
Partner Wary

Evil Pengy is a villain who is constantly spamming, vandalizing and even banning by using Wary's Bombs of Trolling. He also likes to commit petty crimes as well. He has been sent to jail many times but somehow is never in there for very long. He does harm to both good people AND bad people, which was at the time unthinkable.

He considered joining the Str00del Force, and joined Darktan's Army for a time, but annoyed him so badly that he got kicked out. He usually fails when banning and only succeeded a few times. He resided in The Darktonian Realm for a while.

Criminal Record[edit]

  • 1/30/05: Tried to roast Professor Shroomsky using Flamehopper
  • 2/3/05: Tried to drink Darktan's lemonade
  • 2/8/05: Throwing judgies in front of Explorer
  • 3/12/05: Tried to eat The Sapie Brothers
  • 4/5/05: Tricking PogoPunk to go into Fred's basement where FredX resides
  • 4/20/05: Threw oranges at Metal Explorer, got arrested afterwards
  • 5/1/07: Broke out of jail
  • 6/9/07: Threw Rockhopper overboard
  • 7/5/07: Tied Fredsworth to the Gadget Room wall
  • 9/3/07: Told Darktan to annoy Triskelle, got arrested afterwards
  • 6/2/08: Broke out of jail
  • 7/4/08: Almost banned Fred
  • 7/5/08: Almost banned Explorer
  • 7/6/08: Almost banned Triskelle
  • 7/7/08: Almost banned Winston
  • 7/8/08: Almost banned Baby N.
  • 7/9/08: Almost banned PogoPunk
  • 7/10/08: Almost banned Tails6000
  • 7/11/08: Almost banned Darktan
  • 7/12/08: Almost banned Metal Explorer
  • 7/13/08: Almost banned Sanity Penguin
  • 7/14/08: Almost banned Manny Peng
  • 7/15/08: Almost banned Mayor McFlapp
  • 7/16/08: Almost banned FredX
  • 7/17/08: Banned Penghis Khan, got arrested afterwards and the damage was undone
  • 5/17/09: Broke out of jail
  • 5/18/09: Tried to ban Penghis Khan again
  • 5/19/09: Banned Penguin Micro, got arrested afterwards and the damage was undone
  • 1/7/10: Broke out of jail
  • 1/7/10: Ate Flywish's Poritos, but was captured by Flywish afterwards
  • 1/7/10: Escaped
  • 1/7/10: Tried to eat Fierycold, but the tables were turned and Fierycold ended up eating Evil Pengy, and spit him back in Flywish's cage
  • 1/7/10: Escaped and destroyed the cell
  • 1/7/10: Shaved Corai bald, got arrested afterwards
  • 1/7/10: Escaped
  • 1/7/10: Banned Flywish, however Corai got him unbanned in a mere 3 seconds
  • 1/7/10: Almost banned Director Zenny, got arrested afterwards
  • 1/8/10: Broke out of jail
  • 1/8/10: Tried to stab Bellina with a Knicicle, but got captured by Swiss Ninja
  • 2/10/10: Tried to capture EDFan12345 but accidentally locked himself up
  • 2/11/10: Escaped
  • 6/15/10: Tried to whack Slendar with his paddle, but got attacked by one of his own Vandal Bombs and was locked in a cage of indestructible diamonds
  • 9/10/10: Escaped
  • 9/10/10: Stole PWN Missiles from Yorkay Porkay
  • 6/28/13: Escaped and launched an attack on Shops Island with the Evilositian Army
  • 10/14/16: Tried to assasinate Mcdonalds394. Got arrested.


Evil Pengy Emergency Procedure[edit]

All citizens are encouraged to follow these procedures if they ever see Evil Pengy:

  1. Get out all weapons possible.
  2. Attack Evil Pengy.
  3. Run and hide.
  4. Peek and see what happens. If Evil Pengy faints, call the Elite Penguin Force to get him captured. If Evil Pengy stays up, run to the nearest law officer.


  • Despite being in Darktan's army, Darktan hates him because he tries to do bad things to him and his army. This eventually caused him to get kicked out.
  • He was considering joining the Str00del Force before he was arrested.
  • He encountered Mabel once but he hid in the nearest trash can.
  • He has hired Wary to make inventions for him.
  • The backpack he carries contains his weapons.
  • Corai once tied him up and almost decided to feed him to a shark once, however he decided to give him to a Mwa Mwa Penguin instead as a petguin, but he escaped.
  • He is overweight, but not fat.
  • He used to be really short, but once he hired Wary drank a potion so he could tower over his new minion.
  • He once wrote a book called Why would January 7, 2010 be my most interesting day?. He was swiftly sued by Laua Auza and all copies of his new book were burned.
  • Nobody knows what his real name is, and some people have decided to make really weird theories about what it is.