Evil Pengy

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Evil Pengy

A bit chubby, eh? Well, don't say that. FEAR HIM!
Born Antarctica
Residence Lair of Evilosity
Nationality Antarctic
Ethnicity Little Penguin
Occupation Evil supervillain and criminal
Years active 2005-present
Employer Self-employed
Height 5.3 feet
1.0 feet (before transformation)
Weight A lot...
Known for Committing tons of crimes
Opponent(s) Pretty much everyone
Partner Wary

Evil Pengy is a villain who is constantly spamming, vandalizing and even banning (or at least attempting to) by using Wary's Bombs of Trolling. He usually fails when banning and only succeeded a few times. He also likes to commit petty crimes and prank people as well. He has been sent to jail many times but somehow is never in there for very long. He does harm to both good people AND bad people, which was at the time unthinkable. His criminal record is very long and extensive, and some people have joked that you would have to cut down an entire forest to print the whole thing.

He considered joining the Str00del Force, and joined Darktan's Army for a time, but annoyed him so badly that he got kicked out. He resided in The Darktonian Realm for a while.


Nobody knows who Evil Pengy is, why he turned to a life of crime, or why his name is so stupid. Common theories include a bad childhood, brainwashing, and doing it "just because". What is known about Evil Pengy's past is that he hatched at some point in the history of the universe. In 2004 he built the Lair of Evilosity in preparation for his life of crime and hired Wary. His first criminal act was stealing a large pizza with anchovies and shrimp on it from the Pizza Parlor at the beginning of 2005.

In 2007, he joined Darktan's Army. He was kicked out a few months later after annoying Darktan and the other members of the army.

On January 7, 2010, Evil Pengy broke out of jail after being arrested for previous crimes. He immediately began pranking people, and then got back up to his old banning antics. He was arrested 4 more times that day. He later wrote a book about these events called Why would January 7, 2010 be my most interesting day?. He was swiftly sued by Laua Auza and all copies of his new book were burned.

On June 28th, 2013, Evil Pengy escaped EPF custody and created the Evilositian Army in an attempt to destroy Shops Island. They failed on Shops, as well as Freezestonia and Moon Island, but had a more prolonged conflict on Chill Island thanks to their virtually nonexistent military.



  • He encountered Mabel once but he hid in the nearest trash can.
  • The backpack he carries contains his weapons.
  • Corai once tied him up and almost decided to feed him to a shark once, however he decided to give him to a Mwa Mwa Penguin instead as a petguin, but he escaped.
  • He is overweight, but not fat, and very sensitive about it.
  • He used to be really short, but forced Wary to make a potion, which he drank so he could tower over his new minion.
  • Nobody knows what his real name is, and some people have decided to make really weird theories about what it is.
  • He is a terrible artist, which he is also very sensitive about.